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American West

American West Renowned storyteller Dee Brown author of the bestselling Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee recreates the struggles of Native Americans settlers and ranchers in this stunning volume that illuminates th

  • Title: American West
  • Author: Dee Brown
  • ISBN: 9780684804415
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Renowned storyteller Dee Brown, author of the bestselling Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, recreates the struggles of Native Americans, settlers, and ranchers in this stunning volume that illuminates the history of the old West that s filled with maps and vintage photographs.Beginning with the demise of the Native Americans of the Plains, Brown depicts the onrush of the burgRenowned storyteller Dee Brown, author of the bestselling Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, recreates the struggles of Native Americans, settlers, and ranchers in this stunning volume that illuminates the history of the old West that s filled with maps and vintage photographs.Beginning with the demise of the Native Americans of the Plains, Brown depicts the onrush of the burgeoning cattle trade and the waves of immigrants who ultimately settled the land In the retelling of this oft told saga, Brown has demonstrated once again his abilities as a master storyteller and an entertaining popular historian.By turns heroic, tragic, and even humorous, The American West brings to life American tragedy and triumph in the years from 1840 to the turn of the century, and a roster of characters both great and small Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Dull Knife, Crazy Horse, Captain Jack, John H Tunstall, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Wyatt Earp, the Hole in the Wall Gang, Wild Bill Hickok, Charles Goodnight, Oliver Loving, Buffalo Bill, and many others.The American West is about cattle and the railroads it is about settlers who came to claim a land not originally their own and how they slowly imposed law and order on these wild and untamed places and it is about the wanton destruction of the Native American way of life This is epic history at its best and popular history at its most readable.This new work is culled from Dee Brown s highly acclaimed writings, which instantly established him as one of America s foremost Western authorities Fully revised, rewritten, and edited into one seamless account of America s most famous frontier, this epic narrative, along with the introduction and a chronological table of events, etches an unforgettable and poignant portrait The American West is at once a tribute to the West and a majestic new peak for a writer whose long and successful career has been synonymous with excellence in frontier history.

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      455 Dee Brown
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    One thought on “American West

    1. Antigone on said:

      World War II found librarian Dee Brown stationed in Washington, DC. He was assigned to Army Ground Forces headquarters at the old Army War College. Here he met fellow librarian Martin Schmitt and, through the course of their service together, they bonded over a shared interest in Western history. Their duties sometimes brought them to the Signal Corps photograph files stored at the Pentagon - a treasure trove of ancient images, the most compelling of which were cached in the Indian Wars collecti [...]

    2. Chris G Derrick on said:

      This was my second read (the last was years ago now) - and overall I enjoyed it once more.Numerous different topics are touched on in the course of the book.Some of them could have been dealt with in greater detail to my way of thinking. I was left wanting to know more on several occasions.The Introduction looks at what was involved in gathering the source information required to put the novel together.A lot of work! To my way of thinking the last chapter (Law, Order and Politics) doesn't allow [...]

    3. Derek on said:

      Imagine that you own a television that can only play multiple iterations of the History Channel. Imagine also that on your dozens of History Channels, all are focused on discussing the American west. Imagine, lastly, that Dee Brown is sitting next to you with the remote control, and he won't stop changing the fucking channel. That's pretty much what American West is like.For every section that begins to become interesting, Brown almost immediately switches gears and moves onto a new subject, and [...]

    4. Elle Druskin on said:

      I really enjoyed this book even if not new. If you want a good overview of the settling of the West, the cowboys, Native Americans, soldiers, dance hall girls, gamblers, settlers, thieves, con artists and more, this is good start.

    5. Gail Strickland on said:

      Almost like watching a whole Saturday's worth of John Wayne movies.

    6. Lauren Hiebner on said:

      Brown’s book is a readable overview of the American frontier from the 1860s to the 1890s. It is filled with maps, photographs, and stories that help describe the culture of the frontier. The book tends to perpetuate the stereotypes and myths of the frontier(women, Indians, cowboys, etc) and falls short in that it lacks analysis on the significant impact the frontier experience had on economic, social, and political future of the U. S.

    7. Ralph on said:

      "American West" is the synthesis of Brown's and Schmitt's three earliest books--"Fighting Indians of the West," "Trail Driving Days," and "The Settlers' West"--and in the introduction he tells how they researched and wrote those books during and just after World War II, while the both of them were stationed in Washington D.C as Army librarians. Also in the introduction, Brown tells how the American West has morphed from a reality into a myth, and even a metaphor. But he points out, "Today it has [...]

    8. Corey on said:

      Pioneers, Spaniards, frontiersmen, trappers, soldiers, outlaws, Native Americans collide in the American West. I focused on the tribes and Native Americans like Geronimo, Cochise, Victorio who lived in the southwest and the historical parts taking place in New MExico like the Lincoln County War and Billy the Kidd. Dee Brown is known for Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee which everyone should read.

    9. Jonathan on said:

      I'm don't have a particular interest in American history. I knew that Dee Brown wrote Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee and I loved the film. There is nothing actually wrong with this book. I just didn't get on with the style of writing. For me if you want to hear about the history of the West then watch Ken Burns' documentary series.

    10. Scott on said:

      Great read, and a good intro into the American West. Not an exhaustive study or history of the era, but good starting point and pretty much all you need, if you just have a passing interest in the subject. The book does focus alot on Native Americans and their wars and interaction with the settlers, soliders and ranchers. Overall a facinating glimpse into a facinating era of American history.

    11. Eric Molicki on said:

      We head out west in a month and this has provided a good general 30k foot overview of western history. The writing is dated, but the photos are excellent and the right amount of detail is given most of the time to keep the flow moving.

    12. Fraser on said:

      This was a really interesting read, stripping away something of the mythology of the pioneering west as filtered through folk tales and Hollywood.Very enjoyable read, and looking forward to more of the same.

    13. Sherri Anderson on said:

      What a snooze. Hard to keep awake reading this book. A few interesting facts but it was the stories never heard before about famous people that kept me going what? Where did you get that fact. Made me wonder how much was made up.

    14. Annette on said:

      This western primer tells the stories of Native Americans, settlers, cowboys, miners, and ranchers. The narrative explains in a straightforward manner the conflicts, struggles, and conquests that led to settlement of the West. lj

    15. Cathy on said:

      Really liked my first foray into American history, but just as I was getting interested in a particular subject the next chapter would go elsewhere. This I found a little frustrating. Will read more from this Author in the future

    16. Jeroen in UK on said:

      Very interesting book and a nice compliment to the other Wild West book I just read. Can wait for this Summer

    17. Jarred on said:

      Vividly written book that covers the major stories and themes of the history of the American West.

    18. Dan Sullivan on said:

      I use this book as a text for my History of the West course that I teach in a high school setting. Brown covers much of the experiences with a wealth of photos.

    19. Pedro Plassen on said:

      Great introduction on the American West history. In the end you think how America can preach Democracy and Freedom knowing what they did to the Indians.

    20. Gerardo Bastian on said:

      I like the theme of this book is an unparalleled history Where it has an unexpected outcome very good

    21. Ryan on said:

      I love Dee Brown books. They are very well written in the way that you can really imagine what it must have been like to live during an era of American expansion into the West.

    22. John Scaife on said:

      A workmanlike history but lacks the compelling engagement of Brown’s masterwork Bury my heart at wounded knee.

    23. Erick on said:

      I like this book because it deals with the story but my striking is complicated because I remember the story

    24. Ramona on said:

      Is really nice to read entertaining and interesting books has fascinated me from beginning to end.

    25. Leo on said:

      Something of a disappointment after the brilliant Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It seemed a bit thin and lacking in momentum.

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