The Detention Club

David Yoo

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The Detention Club

The Detention Club Sixth grader Peter Lee in a desperate attempt to regain the popularity he had in elementary school discovers that serving detention can win him important friends much to the dismay of his over achi

  • Title: The Detention Club
  • Author: David Yoo
  • ISBN: 9780061783784
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sixth grader Peter Lee, in a desperate attempt to regain the popularity he had in elementary school, discovers that serving detention can win him important friends, much to the dismay of his over achieving eighth grade sister, Sunny.

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    One thought on “The Detention Club

    1. Doret on said:

      Peter and his best friend Drew were popular in elementary school. A day into middle school, the two realize they are no longer cool. Peter and Drew don't know how their status changed over the summer. Peter comes up with several plans to make them popular again. All the schemes fail, until Peter figures out detention is the key to popularity. Soon Peter and Drew's friendship is strained by starting middle school and losing their cool status. Peter's older sistery Sunny gets perfect grades and wi [...]

    2. Deviki on said:

      ohhhht again o low rating books on a rowI usually don't like to compare a book to another famous or highly influenced kind of books/author. But sometimes it can't be help. I really wanted to like this bookally I tried ! but honestly I think I expected too much from this book. Let's start with the obvious all we?Book Cover Yes I judge a book by its cover BITE ME!Right so the first thing that really caught my attention is the book cover and of course the title itself "The Detention CLUB". Unfortun [...]

    3. Yahya Oqaidi on said:

      This book started a week before school in the summer."I figure this story begins on the last week of summer vacation"(Yoo 5).Peter received an important thing. He will be in the same school as his sister. Which is called the Fenwick Middle School. Sunny, his sister, was not a big fan of the idea, but had to go with it.That same morning Peter received a letter stating that he will be a participant in the T.A.G (Talnted and gifted) students.The fair was suppose to make students find inventions. "I [...]

    4. Majid Marrakchi on said:

      Before school starts, Peter gets a call with good and bad news. The good news is that Peter joined the T.A.G group which is a group for talented and gifted students. The bad news is that he has to be in the same class as his sister Sunny. He detests her but he is obligated to be in class with her. Peter wants to keep his reputation of being the "King of the Class " and being popular like he was in Elementary School. Peter had a best friend named Drew. Peter and Drewwent to school expecting to be [...]

    5. Danielle on said:

      It’s a new year and a whole new ball game for Peter Lee and his best friend Drew. Once the “kings of the school” are now simply the little guys on campus at their new middle school. In Peter’s case it’s even more complicated when adding his older brainiack sister Sunny to the equation. Not only do the two siblings detest each other, but everyone at Pete’s new school idolizes her. After trying everything he can think of Pete ends up in detention with the kids he used to run from and s [...]

    6. Jessica on said:

      Kudos, first of all, to David Yoo for perfectly capturing the world of middle school. I found myself giggling out loud as Peter and Drew navigated the perils of this new school experience. From their voices, to the snark, right down to the bullies, everything was there in perfect color. I'm not kidding. It took me back to my middle school experience and, although I wasn't in the same position as Peter, I had not a single problem falling into step with these wonderful characters.The chemistry bet [...]

    7. Marvin Hatley on said:

      Are you ready for a real book that will make you laugh? Read this book called the detention club. This book is about how kids name Peter and Drew are can`t stop getting in detention because they are stealing science materials from their science class but not answer the questions their parents ask them. This book takes place at school where a kid named Peter trying to fit in and gets detention for trying to influence other kids and making friends. The main character of the story is Peter because [...]

    8. Mrslabraden on said:

      The Detention Club is part mystery and part coming-of-age story. Peter is going into middle school as a 6th grader and is confident that he will rule the school as he did with his friend, Drew in 5th grade. Peter soon finds out; however, that things that made him popular in 5th grade only make him look like a "loser" in 6th. To top it all off, Peter sister, Sunny, who is an 8th grader is the "queen" of the school making straight As and never doing anything wrong. Peter comes up with lots of ways [...]

    9. M. on said:

      Peter and his friend Drew were big shots in grade school but now that they're in middle school, they're losers. What mattered before is just soooo last year. Add to this Peter's older sister Sunny who is first at everything, president of every club, and a musical virtuoso. The teachers love her. Peter can't compete, but he and Drew want to be popular again, whatever it takes. He and Drew become targets of the school bullies and ultimately Peter earns detention with some very unforeseen results. [...]

    10. Reading Vacation on said:

      I was excited to read The Detention Club because it is set in a middle school. I just knew that I could relate to the setting and the characters.The setting was a winner for me. I think the middle school accurately portrayed real life middle school and the dynamics of the various groups. David Yoo captured what I see in middle school day-to-day.I have never been to detention, but I imagine the teachers are pretty strict about what goes on there. For that reason, I would think the lack of discipl [...]

    11. Dalia on said:

      “The Detention Club” is a fiction novel written by the author David Yoo. The story is mainly about two boys, Peter and his best friend, Drew that were always part of the “cool kids” in elementary. When it was time to go to middle school, things were not the same anymore. At elementary school, Peter and Drew were the best at collecting mica. But, as things have become different in middle school, Peter and Drew’s classmates became too mature to collect mica. Therefore, Peter and Drew wer [...]

    12. Robbie on said:

      Title; The detention clubauthor; David Yoolexile; 880rating; five out of five stars This book is REALLY funny. It was a great read for me. I was laughing the whole time i read this book. This book is about a sixth grader named Peter Lee, and his best friend Drew. They go to Fenwick middle, and they quickly notice that they are not popular anymore. They come up with totally hilarious ways to try to get popular, which include straight jackets, cigarettes, poisonous chemicals, and starting fires on [...]

    13. Phoebe on said:

      The transition from elementary school to middle school can be bewildering, and it sure is to Peter and his best friend Drew. They can't get anybody interested in starting collections, and the popularity they enjoyed in 5th grade is now nowhere to be found. Peter's older sister Sunny is at the top of her class, and Peter, besides being incredibly irritated by her, knows he'll never be able to meet the teachers' expectations for her brother. Peter is so bothered by his status at the bottom of the [...]

    14. Ibrahim on said:

      The Detention Club is an amazing fiction story written by the distinguished author David Yoo. Peter and Drew, best friends, we're usually so cool in elementary school. They were the best mica collectors in their school, and everyone in their classes encouraged them. But now that they are in Middle school, things have changed. Peter and David's classmates all lost interest in collecting mica and became mature. His plan was to get tips of how to be cool in Middle School by his unbeloved sister, th [...]

    15. Lessa on said:

      I was actually really disappointed with this book. I thought the main character, Peter Lee, was super rude and self-centered and kind of a punk. While I do think the character and the lack of parental discipline was realistic for today's tweens, i felt that he was ultimately rewarded for his horrible behavior. My favorite part of the book was the dad and his quips, like "Is it too late to put the kids up for adoption" and "I hate you" to his son who steamed off all the tin can labels so they nev [...]

    16. Melody Bremen on said:

      The Detention Club looked like it was going to be funny, and it delivered. Basically, the story is about Peter and his friend Drew, who discover that what was cool in elementary school is no longer cool in middle school, and now they are friendless losers, and they scramble to figure out how to regain their status as cool kids. Their plans are very original. And ineffective. Some of the funniest bits are the conversations between Peter and Drew. Like this one here:“I said I was sorry. Shish ke [...]

    17. Parker Frost on said:

      One of the best books i have ever read, amazing, 'Mmmha, love it. This is a great book for kids who enjoy people loving each other a e after being haters, and teachers getting all violent with students, yea go violence, and kids making random land skiing crap.(Spoiler ALERT)" what?)Sorry the book got me so exited. For Those who have A.R in school such as the roseville city school district, this book has 9 points, i guess that's good compared to books that only give three point for 300 pages, thi [...]

    18. Ubalstecha on said:

      Peter and Drew thought they were popular. At least they used to be in Grade 5, but something happened over the summer. Their classmates have moved beyond collections and are more interested in the social scene. Peter and Drew are now the outcasts of the school. But Peter comes up with a plan to make them popular again. It involves them getting into trouble and joining the detention club.This novel is slow to get going. This may be do to the painfully embarrassing situations the two friends get i [...]

    19. mandyfujita on said:

      I felt like Peter Lee was being dragged through the trenches trying to be popular at Fenwick Middle School. I felt sorry for him and his best friend Drew Newmark. Things started getting ugly when Peter becomes so desparate to have friends that he frames kids to get a detention so they can join his club in room 12. I'm not sure if this is being overly creative or the child is psycho, but I guess the author is trying to show how desperate a six grader can be.

    20. Rad on said:

      FUNNIEST BOOK OF THE YEAR.I really loved the dynamic between Peter and Drew, especially how they kept going on about "thinking outside the box." That's a perfect example of a successful inside joke used in a middle grade novel!It's odd, because it takes a really long while before the titular club even gets started - and even then, it's not really the main focus. But I suppose it's a catchier title than "PETER VS. SUNNY." (Hmmm, maybe not.)

    21. Mr. Hutchinson on said:

      This book was given to me the author, David Yoo. It has a great note to our book club in the front pages, thanking us for working with another of his stories,from the Guys Read Funny Business anthology.As I teach 6 th grade and this story begins with the crazy transition between elementary and middle schools, I would surely hand this book to any of my new students. I look forward to yearling some of my Guys Read member's opinion on the story.

    22. Carly on said:

      The transition from elementary to middle school can be hard. You're so desperate to fit in and will try anything. When your sister is the smartest in middle school the teachers assume you will be too. There is more homework, notes, and people. What will they do to fit in?? I think it would be a great book for 5th and 6th graders.

    23. Kristin on said:

      Stupid pointless book about kids who used to be popular in elementary but are now losers in middle school. Supposedly these kids wind up in detention after a stunt to regain their popularity. However, after 100 pages, I have yet to see anyone in detention, when the hilarity I would assume is supposed to ensure.

    24. Byung Yoon kim on said:

      This book is really good. He was once a popular kid in elementary school. However, he lost his popularity when he became a middle school student. He did activities that other student would not do. Later on he tries to get back his popularity. He realized that the solution was to get detention. On the other hand he has a sister who is very intelligent and achieves a lot of school certificates.

    25. Erynn on said:

      Middle-school is awkward and painful. And David Yoo in The Detention Club captures it faithfully. The protagonist, Peter Lee, is an insecure jerk but he has his moments. I found myself chuckling along with his escapades. And I appreciated the subtle nods to Korean culture- like Sunny practicing the flute for hours on end and preparing for the SAT's 3 years before she has to take them.

    26. Nada Raitab on said:

      The book , "The Detention Club", by David Yoo is an amazing book. Even though I'm a girl, I liked this story , but the book is mostly for boys. Because Peter , the main character , mostly talks about boys ina detention class. I would mostly recommend this book to middle school boys and to students who are interested in boys adventures during class . This book is full of adventures.

    27. Jenney Zhang on said:

      This is an exciting drama that happens to two boys name Peter and Drew. They try to be popular and king of the school. But, it actually happened the opposite they expected. It's an awesome book. Everyone should read it!

    28. Sorrawud on said:

      Students who are having troubles making friends in middle school should read this book. They will know they are not the only ones in the world that they are left out. It is also a funny book, you can see how the main characters try to become popular.

    29. Tracy Wymer on said:

      Solid writing, but the slow pacing detracts from the semi-interesting characters. The word "detention" does not show up until around page 100. David Yoo's venture into middle grade falls short of impressive.

    30. Carla E. Stamper on said:

      There should be a sequel of this bookThis book was amazing and I have to know if there's a second book coming anytime soon. I LOVE The Detention Club. Anybody who wouldn't want to read it is crazy!

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