Petty Magic: Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger, Temptress and Troublemaker

Camille DeAngelis

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Petty Magic: Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger, Temptress and Troublemaker

Petty Magic Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger Temptress and Troublemaker In this brilliantly imagined tale of adventure and timeless romance acclaimed novelist Camille DeAngelis blends WWII heroics with witchcraft and wit conjuring a fabulously rich world where beldames

  • Title: Petty Magic: Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger, Temptress and Troublemaker
  • Author: Camille DeAngelis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this brilliantly imagined tale of adventure and timeless romance, acclaimed novelist Camille DeAngelis blends WWII heroics with witchcraft and wit, conjuring a fabulously rich world where beldames and mortal men dare to fall in love.Evelyn Harbinger sees nothing wrong with a one night stand At one hundred and forty nine years old, Eve may look like she bakes oatmeal coIn this brilliantly imagined tale of adventure and timeless romance, acclaimed novelist Camille DeAngelis blends WWII heroics with witchcraft and wit, conjuring a fabulously rich world where beldames and mortal men dare to fall in love.Evelyn Harbinger sees nothing wrong with a one night stand At one hundred and forty nine years old, Eve may look like she bakes oatmeal cookies in the afternoon and dozes in her rocking chair in the evenings, but once the gray hair and wrinkles are traded for jet black tresses and porcelain skin, she can still turn heads as the beautiful girl she once was Can t fault a girl for having a little fun, can you This is all fine and well until Eve meets Justin, who reminds her so much of a former lover, and one night is no longer enough Eve spends and nights and days romancing Justin as her younger self, and noticing the many peculiar ways in which he is so like Jonah, her partner behind enemy lines in WWII and the love of her life Experts in espionage, Jonah and Eve advanced the Allied cause at great personal sacrifice, and Jonah lost his life Now Eve suspects that her Jonah has returned to her, and despite the disapproval of her coven, and the knowledge that love with a mortal man can only end in sorrow, she can t give him up But can she prove it s really him

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      298 Camille DeAngelis
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    One thought on “Petty Magic: Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger, Temptress and Troublemaker

    1. Miriam on said:

      I'm not rating this book because I can't say that I gave it a fair show. I realized after I got it that it was written by someone whose other book didn't work for me at all. Although I read the first 30 pages I was already predisposed to not like it. Thematically and narratively, this story was less interesting to me than DeAngelis' Mary Modern, but on the other hand it didn't present as major obstacles (plot predicated on main character making a decision that is absolutely insane, science that [...]

    2. Marian on said:

      I adored everything about this book and read it lightning fast. All I wanted to do was find a way to jump into those pages and live in the world DeAngelis created. Not only is Petty Magic beautifully written but it had an old fashioned kind of feel that reminded me of fairy tales I used to read as a child with a slightly darker, more adult edge. "Enchanting" is probably the best word to describe it.I definitely can't wait to read it again because it was just one of those stories where you need t [...]

    3. Katy on said:

      Please note: I read this in December 2010 from a copy received from Vine in exchange for an honest review.My Synopsis: An extraordinarily appealing book, "Petty Magic" jumps between the present (where Evelyn is 149 and, having fallen in love with the young Justin is going through some crazy stunts to try to keep him from seeing the "real" her while maintaining her youthful disguise as long as possible) and the past - especially during World War II, where she worked with OSE as a spy and where s [...]

    4. Michele on said:

      For some reason, likely the full title of this novel (Petty Magic: Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger, Temptress and Troublemaker), I was expecting this to be a quaint, cutesy-like little novel full of harmless, sweet witches and leaving you with a cozy feel by the end of it. I couldn't have been more wrong. While Petty Magic does indeed feature witches, it has this wonderful historical fiction like feel to it. Our witchy protagonist, Eve, is of course a witch who is 150 [...]

    5. Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~ on said:

      Being a witch has it's perks. Being able to change into a younger you at a drop of the hat is just one of them. But, how about when you find out your old love (boyfriend) is reincarnated and is out there. Well she finds him and doesn't want to let go. Even though she is a "one-night stand" only kind of witch. I found this book to be funny in some parts, boring in some others (minor flaw) and a really fast read for over 200 pages.

    6. Chibineko on said:

      Unless you are looking for a tale along the lines of Practical Magic or Witches of Eastwick (the books, not the movies) many readers might be disappointed that this book doesn’t feature witches similar to the current fashion that is so popular. But those who are willing to give it a try will be pleasantly surprised by this book. Evelyn comes from a long line of witches. Not the type that you read about in storybooks or see in the displays at Halloween- but real witches, the type that live exce [...]

    7. Hazel on said:

      Added simply for the title. :-)This lagged a bit in the middle, and I think my interest waned because there was too much detail, but overall it's an unusually well considered paranormal novel. It starts, misleadingly, with the narrator using her powers to seduce unsuspecting men (as you do). But it soon becomes more serious, and I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to say this is history, particularly WWII history from the perspective of a witch who worked for the SOE. There are important st [...]

    8. Stephanie on said:

      I think this book needed another pass by the editor. There were sentences that didn't quite make sense, details that were difficult to follow, lots of places where the American characters lapsed into Irish colloquialisms. I'm still not really sure how some of the main story lines resolved. What happened to the protagonist's father? What happened between her parents--and where did her mother go? It was as if the author had 2000 cool ideas and tried to squeeze them all into 320 pages. And as if th [...]

    9. Mindy Conde on said:

      I started reading Camille DeAngelis' Petty Magic nearly a month ago and it has taken me that long to sludge through it. I kept thinking that I was only just starting the book because I didn't yet feel invested in the characters or the plot, only to find that I was actually a good portion in. That was rather depressing because this seemed completely up my ally: the memoirs of a humorous and seductive witch, telling her history and revealing the great romance of her life. It seemed like something [...]

    10. Annmarie on said:

      This was sort of like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society meets witches and supernatural elements (without the epistolary style). I really enjoyed it & thought it was well done and humorous, with great historical and supernatural elements. Modern day New York witch Eve Harbinger (that's just the kind of name witches have) is in the middle of her second century, but when she wants to go out weekends to have a good time and take home a handsome and/or charming fellow, she uses a [...]

    11. Elizabeth on said:

      I'm mildly OCD about finishing things, especially books, so it takes a *lot* for me to stop reading something. I made it to page 170 of Petty Magic when I found myself staring longingly at a pile of yet-to-be-read library books on my nightstand. In theory, this book is wonderful. Eve Harbinger is a 149 year old witch who can make herself look young again, and to the chagrin of her sisters, enjoys harmless one night stands with unsuspecting young men. But when she meets Justin, who looks exactly [...]

    12. Avril on said:

      Eve Harbinger is a 149 year-old beldame. She borrows magic from her sister Morven to disguise herself as a young, beautiful temptress. She recharges/rejuvenates at her other sister Helena's B & B in Blackabbey, NJ in her "elephant hide of a body" by sipping whisky gingers, eating ambrosia cake and playing Neverending Hobscobble with her nieces. But, there was a time when she didn't have to glamor her looks. a time when she was a spy for the Allied Forces during WWII a time when she fell head [...]

    13. Christine on said:

      Evelyn Harbinger is a 149 year old witch and still wants to be the young girl she was once. A little glimmer, a little glamour and she is transformed into a young girl who turns heads wherever she goes. No harm in having a little fun is there? That is until she falls in love with Justin, who is so much like her lost love Jonah that she believes he has come back to her.This alone would make a charming story. However Ms. DeAngelis throws in some WWII background and a 60 year old murder mystery and [...]

    14. Emily on said:

      While I really liked the main character and some of the writing styling, a vast amount of time was wasted explaining the setting and the history of this particular world without moving the plot along. I thought the idea of living long enough to meet your soulmate in a reincarnated form to be a very interesting concept but the author tried to spin too many webs within the main story - jumping back and forth in history, adding a cold-case murder accusation in for fun, intra-coven politics, persona [...]

    15. Ann on said:

      This book was fun! Nothing too deep, just a fun supernatural love story with some WWII history thrown in. I really liked Eve, the main character . . . she was spunky and fun to hang out with (in a literary sense). I also liked the "beldame" world of witches the author created, seems like you could mine that field for a few more books (I hope so, at least). This would be a good travel book, something to take with you on the plane to read that's not going to take up too much mental space to proces [...]

    16. Pangaea Pangaea on said:

      Marvelously clever novel. It twists and turns and had me enjoying the journey from first to last page.

    17. Mika on said:

      Loved it! Different style of writing than I'm used to but I didn't want it to end.

    18. Nova Walsh on said:

      I really wanted to like this one but I found it very hard to follow and couldn't get interested enough in the characters. Skimmed the last half.

    19. Jdance4eva on said:

      Couldn't get past page 55. Started off as a read I thought I'd really enjoy but I could never commit to reading it for more than ten minutes at a time. The details while whimsical became overbearing and distracting. Don't mind a choppy style which often keeps the story fresh but it seems that the story was taking too long to grab me and allow me to become invested in any character. Sorry about this because I was really looking forward to the ride.

    20. Patricia - Lady with Books on said:

      When I first cracked open Petty Magic by Camille DeAngelis, I had a strong sense of déjà-vu. It was so similar to The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston (which I just finished) that I had to give the cover the hairy eyeball just to make sure I was holding the right book. Both books have main female characters that are witches and immortal. Both authors interpret “immortality” as aging more slowly than a normal human, so that the main female characters are both in their elder years in th [...]

    21. Meg Elison on said:

      Clever, but unoriginal. Author DeAngelis clearly got a great deal out of her time in Ireland. The use of dialect in this is creative and engaging, the character is easy to hear. The voice, however, is muddled when we depart from anything but Eve's direct discourse. The description of this book from every outlet describes it as a "timeless romance," which is a nice way of saying that it offers nothing new. PETTY MAGIC offers us the lovelorn and doomed witches of PRACTICAL MAGIC, with the jealousy [...]

    22. Kelly Houser on said:

      I adore revisionist history. When I picked this book up on a whim and read the description, I was tickled. This book combined revisionist history, witches, magic, and true love. Just a few of my very favorite things!I enjoyed this novel. It was an interesting take on witches and witchcraft. I loved the extended lifetimes of the “beldames” and their family members. I found it hysterical that the witches travel “by loo.” Think Harry Potter and traveling by flue, but instead of a chimney, i [...]

    23. Judie on said:

      I gave this book 3 stars, but only begrudgingly. I like the *genre* of the book the magical elements, and so *parts* of this book were kind of fun to read. But other parts, not so much.Let me say that the author's attempt to make a 149 year old woman sound believable as a 20-something American girl fails miserably. Firstly, the way she talks is in no-way American she uses English words (like "loo" for bathroom, "jumper" for sweater, "trainers" for sneakers, "mobile" for cell phone, "quim" and "n [...]

    24. Chelsea on said:

      Miss Evelyn Harbinger is a witch. But not the warty-nose and pointy-hat kind. Evelyn is plain, with the same insecurities as everyone else. Oh, and she's over 140 years old, can travel through toilets, and can do magic. Set during both world wars, Eve is hired by various agencies to work as a spy. During this time, she meets her soul mate Jonas, who's life eventually ends due to wartime causes. However, years later, Eve meets Justin, a split-image of her former love. Could it be possible that Jo [...]

    25. Denise on said:

      4.0 out of 5 stars Changes everything you thought you knew about witches, September 29, 2010This is a lovely book about 149-year-old beldame Evelyn Harbinger, a witch who uses her power exactly as prescribed and allowed by her coven --"By magic I shall do no harm, except in defense of myself or another." Eve uses her abilities to transform herself into a young woman each night and then goes about using her charms and wiles on unsuspecting human men. She's adventurous, lonely -- and greedy!Told i [...]

    26. Joanna on said:

      A very enjoyable book that rides the line between historical fiction and whimsical fantasy. There are witches here, and an entrancing fantasy world associated with them including historical buildings that coexist with current buildings and a mostly female society centered around covens. But there's also WWII stories told here as the protagonist joins a British spy unit and uses her powers to help provide intelligence to the Allies. And a bit of romance, though mostly of the star-crossed variety [...]

    27. Shannon on said:

      The plot, characters, and magic system of this novel are definitely imaginative. However, I can't really find it in myself to give this book more than three stars. This book flips between the Eve's past and present as it tells the tale of her past love and his present reincarnation (or has he really been reincarnated?). I found that I preferred reading the present more than the past. That was after struggling to actually get interested in the book. I really couldn't sympathize with the main char [...]

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