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William Martin

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Citizen Washington

Citizen Washington THE MAN In bloody battles on the western frontier he lost often than he won In love he was drawn to another man s wife He wanted to be rich but first he had to become free And in the heart of a most

  • Title: Citizen Washington
  • Author: William Martin
  • ISBN: 9780446607858
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • THE MAN In bloody battles on the western frontier he lost often than he won In love, he was drawn to another man s wife He wanted to be rich, but first he had to become free And in the heart of a most extraordinary age, the citizen named Washington became a symbol for his people, his time and forever THE LEGEND William Martin brings to life the flesh and blooTHE MAN In bloody battles on the western frontier he lost often than he won In love, he was drawn to another man s wife He wanted to be rich, but first he had to become free And in the heart of a most extraordinary age, the citizen named Washington became a symbol for his people, his time and forever THE LEGEND William Martin brings to life the flesh and blood man behind the frozen face on the dollar bill A meticulously researched novel that intermingles extraordinary historical characters with brilliantly imagined fictional ones, CITIZEN WASHINGTON unfolds through the words of those who loved Washington, feared him, and tried to betray him A story of war and peace, faith and doubt, public politics and personal secrets, CITIZEN WASHINGTON unravels the last riddles of Washington s life and captures the essence of the man who changed the meaning of freedom.

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    One thought on “Citizen Washington

    1. Peter on said:

      The Author essentially does a “360” on Washington, telling us about him from the perspective of those who knew him from each of their own, unique perspectives, including characters both historic (Jefferson, John and Abigail Adams, Lafayette), and every day citizens like his personal slave, a warrior Indian and Dr. James Craig, his private physician.The beauty of the book is in the excellent job Martin does of getting inside the heads of each of these narrators so that we really feel we know [...]

    2. Jim C on said:

      This book is is classified as historical fiction but I believe there is more truth than fiction in this novel. In this book, we get an outsider's look at George Washington from his childhood days to the day he died. Each character shares their observations of the man. The historical fiction part comes into play as there are several made up characters as well as well known characters like Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.This was an interesting way to pen this book. Sometimes history can be a li [...]

    3. Khadija on said:

      I got this at a museum bookstore, (was it Valley Forge?) and it was a great find. Told from the perspective of several people in George Washington's life - his personal slave, an early rival, his wife and a couple others, it is a unique look at a familiar character. I found it very interesting and an informative and enjoyable read.

    4. Janellyn51 on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. I wouldn't go out of my way to read a book about Washington, but for the fact that I enjoy William Martin's books so much. Citizen Washington didn't disapoint at all. I had read a book not too long ago about the Founding Fathers, so I was somewhat familiar with Washington's bearing and people's perceptions of himat he didn't say a lot, listened muchd it was all about his reputation, and honor. The book is well written with characters that you care about. I was really [...]

    5. LemonLinda on said:

      This is another great blend of fact and fiction giving us George Washington, the young man trying to find his way in the world, the young officer blindly leading a militia against the French and the Indians, the young statesman realizing that the yoke of the British must be cast aside, the more established soldier as General of the Continental Army, the president of the Constitutional Congress uncovering how the new nation was to be governed, the first president feeling his way with dignity and [...]

    6. Thomas on said:

      This is a well constructed, fictionalized biography of George Washington. The premise of the book is this: Hesperus Draper, publisher of a Republican newspaper, calls in his nephew Christopher in 1800 and tells him to find out what was in the letters from George to his wife, Martha. Martha burned the letters after her husband's death. Hesperus wants to find something to make Washington look bad,and therefore the Federalists and John Adams, running for reelection as President, just as bad.Christo [...]

    7. Gerry Connolly on said:

      Citizen Washington is William Martin's impressive novel of George Washington's life from modest plantation owner to towering revolutionary icon. A very human series of narratives and accurate history.

    8. Debbie Floyd on said:

      This was such a good historical fiction, the author does justice to the historical events in the struggle for independence with Washington at the center of it all. The story of Washington's life is told from the perspectives of historical figures Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Lafayette, etc as well as ordinary individuals both friend and foe. He shows how Washington was a great man, but not a god as sometimes history portrays him. He was a man who made decisions some of which were mistakes, howeve [...]

    9. Serena Gulledge on said:

      An engaging tale of Washington's life as told through those who knew him. While some aspects of the story are largely fictional, it's a great read if you're an American history buff. William Martin maintains the voices for each narrator, and Washington brilliantly comes to life on the page. Highly recommended.

    10. Lynne Radcliffe on said:

      Loved this novel about George Washington. William Martin uses the letters and interviews of the people that knew and worked with Washington to tell a story of the man. I have always enjoyed reading about our first president and this historical fiction gave a snap shot of Washington that I found interesting. The format of this book worked extremely well for me.

    11. Elaine Cougler on said:

      Citizen Washington is masterfully crafted by William Martin. The format of remembrances by individuals being bound together by a descendant of one of the players, and then pushed back a few more generations by putting the manuscripts in a safe, is absolute genius. Martin knows his craft and has created a balanced, insightful and intriguing account of Washington and his times. A great read.

    12. Vicky on said:

      It is scary to me how much of my reading seems to be tied to movies and tv ;D I've had this book a long time, and I always get it out and read it around the 4th of July. This time I was watching "John Adams" on HBO, and since the docudrama is really crap, I got this book out again to read and make me feel better. An exceptional novel, much of it is historically based, and is in a format that really makes the people and history of our country come alive. Each section is narrated by someone who kn [...]

    13. Krista on said:

      This novel is a story of Washington told from the perspective of several characters who each have a distinct voice, so it rarely drags like some historical novels can do. It's one of maybe three books that everyone in my family has read and liked.

    14. Jackie Kenney on said:

      Sometimes a little too dry, but I enjoyed the building of the portrait of our first president. And from the time he crossed the Delaware I couldn't put it down. Wonderful descriptions of life in the period and the changes in thinking, and the rising patriotism of those around him.

    15. Fay Fawcett on said:

      I really enjoyed reading about Washington before he became president. To find out he was just like all of us, Scared to make the wrong decision, but not taking the advice of others. The book is full of things we did not know about Washington and our country in its babyhood.

    16. Michael Kott on said:

      This book was a great undertaking I'm sure but was well researched and written. Fills holes in on Washington's life. Best book I read all year. Don't know why I waited so long, my copy was getting yellow pages. We can sure use a Washington today!

    17. Jack on said:

      Truly enjoyed this book. As a history buff, this novelization of Washington's life is greatly entertaining, as well as informational. Great stuff.

    18. Kara Mayfield on said:

      I love this author's books. He does historical fiction so well!

    19. Sean on said:

      Instead of being a typical third-person biography, supported by sterile excerpts from historical documents, Citizen Washington is a fictional account, as told by a local reporter who is doing a story on Washington's life. The reporter, hunting down information like a detective and working in the days immediately following Washington's death, interviews the people who knew Washington personally and he gradually builds up the story of Washington's life, seen through the eyes of those who knew him. [...]

    20. Linda on said:

      William Martin chronicles the life and career of our first president through the voices of various people who were close to Washington. The story begins in 1799 shortly after Washington has died. An ambitious reporter sets out to write Washington's biography, portraying him not as a national hero but as the flawed and all too human man he was. It took me a little while to get into this novel, but enjoyed it overall. I learned some interesting bits of American history, thanks to Martin's careful [...]

    21. Melissa on said:

      It took me a while to get through this book, it was very detailed. I thought the last two hundred pages were the most interesting. I thought that the way the author had the story told from the different interviews of the people that knew Washington provided a unique perspective to the Washington story. It is the type of book that after I put it down, I have been thinking about it all day. Great for students of American history.

    22. Erik on said:

      This was more straightforward history than Martin's other books. This was classic historical fiction, putting a face on a real person living through real events in history. Martin does it very well. Martin deftly juggles multiple narrators providing multiple viewpoints, one working off the other. I do not think it was terribly exciting and was going to give it just three stars, but it was quite well executed. Washington's life is recounted from his teen years to his death.

    23. Linn on said:

      I thought this was a really interesting take on Washington - it was historical fiction - (although fact filled ) portraying him through interviews with different people in his life - from the viewpoints of slaves - his wife - political friends and enemies - Native Americans - many perspectives - no matter if his life was shaped by circumstance or choice - it was an important in shaping our country - an wonderful take on Citizen Washington - the man who would not be king.

    24. Carmel on said:

      interesting to me because its a fictional version based on fact of how George Washington the man was. Not the war hero, not the president, but the man. as a husband, as a father, as a farmer. from different points of view, including from a slave, a fellow soldier, his wife, his kids. book. again though, there is some strong language and some allusions to sex. again, I appreciate it for the more wholesome parts of the story.

    25. Leelan on said:

      Only a few chapter in and I am really enjoying it! The words and images just flow by. This looks to be a very enjoyable book.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Very well written. An easy and fun read. I don't think I have ever read a book written this way. Washington is described through the eyes and opinions of others. You never "hear" his side of things only his reactions to others or their memories of his words and actions. I may keep my eyes open for more books by William Martin.- Leelan

    26. Robin on said:

      I enjoyed this book. It is the first time I've read a book about such a powerful founder of America. The book is narrated by a young reporter. He interviews many people who have been in Washingtons' life from the day he was born to the day he died. It is a collection of recollections from each person. This man fought tooth and nail for the Independence, Liberty and Freedom of America.

    27. Albert on said:

      A wonderful historical novel that tells the story of our first president without making him as grandious and un reachable a figure as so many others have. Citizen Washington is an apt title as it paints George Washington the citizen, the farmer, the husband and father well before the president and through the eyes of those around him. Friends and foes.

    28. Patricia on said:

      Excellent portrait of our first President through the eyes of everyone who knew him. The entire narrative is done in interview style after Washington's death as a young reporter tries to capture who the real Washington was. Very dense, fact-filled and detailed it was a lengthy read but very worthwhile.

    29. Lynne on said:

      Creatively written life of George Washington told by a cast of mostly real characters of history. He was a man of honor, duty and strength of character. He saw the cecessity of action and carried it through to the end. He never quit. I especially enjoyed Part 5: The President and the Precedents. He was the First and it mattered!

    30. Natalie on said:

      I loved the history that came to life in this novel. I loved it, but the language is crude and distracting at times. But the I loved the way the story of George Washington is told. It is amazing what a great man he really was. Not perfect, but perfect for the role he played in history. We are lucky we didn't end up with a dictator. Awesome book, but beware of the language.

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