A Girl's Adventure

Chloe Thurlow

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A Girl's Adventure

A Girl s Adventure When a mysterious stranger gives failed actress Greta May his phone number she dreams of adventure and plucks up the courage to call him but the moment she enters his flat he rips off her knickers a

  • Title: A Girl's Adventure
  • Author: Chloe Thurlow
  • ISBN: 9781907761119
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a mysterious stranger gives failed actress Greta May his phone number, she dreams of adventure and plucks up the courage to call him, but the moment she enters his flat he rips off her knickers and spanks her bottom At first shocked and humiliated, Greta grows bewildered as the pain turns to pleasure, and after being tied to the bed for a thrashing, she agrees with rWhen a mysterious stranger gives failed actress Greta May his phone number, she dreams of adventure and plucks up the courage to call him, but the moment she enters his flat he rips off her knickers and spanks her bottom At first shocked and humiliated, Greta grows bewildered as the pain turns to pleasure, and after being tied to the bed for a thrashing, she agrees with rising excitement to play a game where she will win a prize if she does everything Richard demands It is the beginning of an erotic journey of self discovery, where Greta meets Dirty Bill, the water sports specialist Vanlooch, who uses oils from unusual places to highlight his portraits, and the moody Count Ruspoli who, after bedding 10,000 women, has taken a vow of chastity Can Greta save him Under Richard s firm hand Greta finds her true nature through discipline and, after meeting film director and bogwash artiste Tyler Copic, she seizes the elusive prize the chance to play the role that will change her life and put her back in the spotlight.

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    One thought on “A Girl's Adventure

    1. Lance Greenfield on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It passed what I consider to be the two great tests of good erotica: arousal and amusement.For proof of the arousal factor, you only need to read the comment that I made having read the first few chapters."As I read the first five chapters in my bed this morning, a monstrous new tower of British steel arose from my centre, which made The Shard look rather spindly. Such is the effect of Chloe Thurlow's writing upon her readers."There were so many little snippets that m [...]

    2. Michael Dunellen on said:

      Greta May - struggling young actress. She has had some success already but her career isn't going anywhere right at the moment. She is working in a shoe store to cover the bills and still hoping to land that breakout part.And then a man gives her a phone number to call.I think the story can be pretty much divided in 3 sections -* the very beginning to spending the day with Richard* the week before between that and when she leaves for the country* the part in the countryA lot of it really wasn't [...]

    3. Brandt on said:

      Erotica written by an author, a real author . . . who can write. If you want to know the plot line, there is a very useful “Book Description” above. I think reviews should focus on the skills of the author, not on recapping what the book is about. That said, A Girl's Adventure - full length erotic novel by Chloe Thurlow is a what most readers of this genre will want . . . it is a true novel with a well thought out plot, authentic dialogue and characters we can identify with – characters th [...]

    4. Christine Williams on said:

      This story takes you to so many erotic places that I defy anyone not to find something to satisfy them. It is an imaginative journey in the life of Greta, which takes her from a shoe sales assistant to a great star. She delves into her deepest desires and lives her greatest fantasies. Well written, and a page-turner, this is one well worth taking the time to read. For me the end would have been better if there was less tidying up but that is just personal preference and wouldn’t put me off rec [...]

    5. Aղցela W. on said:

      This was a pretty good book that starts off fast. This was my first time reading this author. Greta May is a failed actress when a mysterious stranger gives her his phone number. Richard is a hot sexy alpha male who I liked. This book had a lot of twist and turns that I liked. The sex scenes were hot and sexy like this book. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling.

    6. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme on said:

      A Girl's Adventure Review on The Romance Reviews.Feeling dissatisfied with life? Do you feel like you're invisible and people overlook you? What would you do when a handsome man notices you and makes you feel desired? Young and aimless, Greta May is drifting through life without a destination. At 19, aspiring actress Greta dreams of leading character roles. Instead, she is a supporting cast at a shoe store. All this changes when a handsome stranger, Richard, gives his phone number to her whilst [...]

    7. carol on said:

      Just finished this novel, the first I've read of Chloe Thurlow's novels. I have to take this as a surreal read, because the things Greta May character ends up doing with unknown people and with no mention of safety just sends out the wrong message for anyone copying in real life, and some younger people do! Not safe. Yet, there are times when young I have done what I now consider stupid and dangerous to life, limb and health!!!Greta, a dramatist through and through taking all life throws at her [...]

    8. K.M. Dylan on said:

      Chloe Thurlow Writes Like an Angel A Very Naughty One!Greta May is stuck in life as an unemployed 19-year old actress. A handsome, charismatic stranger gives her his number on the London Tube - Richard. Greta makes up her mind to call and goes to see him. It's something most of us wouldn't do, but Richard's caught her at a low point and Greta is egged on by her sexy stripper roommate. The tension is nicely set up at the beginning of this erotic quest novel - what will happen next? What sexual bo [...]

    9. William O'Brien on said:

      Witty and eroticThe Morning After the Night BeforeChloe Thurlow is an author I found after stumbling across her witty and erotic blog. The excerpts from her books are a pleasurable tease and tempted me to look further. I started my foray into her work with A Girl's Adventure, a novel that reveals to the failed actress Greta May that the road to success is paved by the strong hand of discipline. There is plenty of spanking, public nudity, ponyplay and, well, most things erotic. But it is underpin [...]

    10. Dave Rhinehart on said:

      if you were to stumble across this accidently you may be a little shocked at some of the saucy goings-on in A Girls Adventure. for people seeking out a little risque nighttime reading , the book will not disappoint. erotic, playful, sensual, at times maybe a little perverted! but never dull. beautifully written, a journey of sensual and erotic discovery that has you wondering where the line between fiction and the writers own experiences cross-over. highly recommended!

    11. Julia on said:

      W.H Auden once wrote, “Every man carries with him through life a mirror, as unique and impossible to get rid of as his shadow.” A mirror has power over people because the reflections we see in the mirror are often not the objective reality. For Greta May, the protagonist of this novel, a mirror is a symbol of who she imagines herself to be. At the beginning of the novel, she wants to be an actress but fails at it and has to work in a shoe store. She isn’t confident in herself, she’s year [...]

    12. Elodie Parkes on said:

      5 Stars Exceptionally well writtenChloe Thurlow writes exceptionally well. What she writes might not be for everyone and certainly this book pushes the boundaries. It’s BDSM erotica and so isn’t required to have that much characterization, or a happy ending. Strangely though, the fact that this extraordinary ‘adventure’ Greta May (the main character) experiences gives her confidence, and she achieves the success as an actress she longed for, is something of a happy ending. There is chara [...]

    13. Natalie Gibson on said:

      Chloe Thurlow has written one of the most brilliant pieces of full length erotica I have ever read. It is also one of the most disgusting. This is not a romance. There are secretions, sticky and sour-sweet, sweating, and odors. The sex here is real and physical, biological. It is not the frilly love scenes with innuendoes instead of description. It is shameful how arousing it was, but this is not porn. This is erotica with style. The first 3/4 of the book reminded me of The Story of O, but for t [...]

    14. Ashen on said:

      This was a fantastic and entertaining book to read, which is always a wonderful plus when reading books in this genre. Chloe Thurlow is an excellent descriptive writer who is not afraid to take the reader into vividly sexual scenarios and yet still leave them entertained and interested in the characters and the storyline.Greta May is the kind of girl we all were, once upon a time, and when we encounter her, life is a little less than what she'd hoped it would be. Then things change in a dramatic [...]

    15. Sonya Dodd on said:

      This novel is amazing! Forget Fifty Shades or any other erotic novel out there which is repetitive and not worth reading after the first sex scene.This writer knows how to add spice and keep it going. The main character Greta May, a would be actress discovers a love of sex and debauchery which takes her into another world. The characters are all individuals but together paint a decorative and lurid scene.There is plenty of sex in this book and it is not for the faint-hearted but it is not cheap; [...]

    16. Shiralyn on said:

      This story is filled with erotic fantasy and desires. Greta is introduced into the world of kinky perversion breaking her own sexual boundaries, she allows herself to be dominated.Fiction is fiction, it can be believable but it doesn't have to be and I found both of these arguments in this book and that is a good thing not a bad thing because I read fiction for a reason, to escape reality and to be taken into a world far from the norm. Chloe Thurlow managed to do that for me.This book isn't for [...]

    17. Debbie Scott on said:

      I bought this book expecting the same old thing, girl meets boy, they live happily ever after with a bit of kinky sex thrown in but that is nothing to what i got.Chloe takes Greta on a wild journey of self discovery covering many scenarios that are rarely touched in erotic novels and did them very accurately. It shows that a great deal of thought and research went into this work, The character of Greta is witty and playful and you read the book wanting her to succeed in her ambitions.A Girl's Ad [...]

    18. Emma Rider on said:

      Get ready to rock your panties off with Thurlow's A Girl's Adventure! 5 stars This novel opens your senses to a naughty-naughty tale. Starring Greta who craves to be a submissive. One day her curiosity entangles with the dominant hero. Richard, having a hard hand, and aces up his sleeve, is brutal and sexy, during this ride I loved and hated him. Chloe writes lots of detail so you can envision every single sinful moment. This book will curl your toes until you can't feel them anymore. Buckle you [...]

    19. Garrard Hayes on said:

      This is not my usual genre, but I‘m totally blown away. Professionally written, immediately absorbing and engaging, I forgot that I was reading erotica until Greta’s panties were ripped off. I became so hot on my commute that I couldn't read it on the train. Chloe Thurlow caught me completely off guard with her easy reading style, and face paced sexual tension. My heart raced as Greta explored her fantasies and let all her inhibitions go wild. A fantastic page-turner to the last page. I want [...]

    20. Kudakwashe Muzira on said:

      AMAZING - Chloe Thurlow reminds me of the erotic genius Anais Nin. She writes with the same eye for literary detail, but has her own style, totally contemporary, fast-moving, very readable. A Girl's Adventure is about an actress who wants to be a star but lacks discipline. Then she meets a stranger on a train and the whole dom-sub story unfolds in a page-turning bonanza that left me breathless - and eager to get my next Chloe Thurlow book. Amazing

    21. Carol on said:

      This author writes imaginative eroticism with clear crisp dialogue and believable characters that stretch your boundaries. I just love how she wielded her pen to reel you into the dark alternative lifestyle with accomplished zeal. I hope we learn more about these people in further books they hold your interest and it would be a shame not to resurrect their persona with the options Miss Thurlow could engage in. My first book from this author and I thirst for more.

    22. Shelby on said:

      This is NOT romance. This is a fantastic story of a young actress who learns about herself, what she wants and needs in life, and how to achieve it - all from a mysterious stranger who gave her his phone number! The story was well written, which is always appreciated! I really liked reading about her journey to womanhood and accepting who and what she is!

    23. R.M. Simoné on said:

      Let me start at the beginning on what I saw opening up this bookis author can WRITE. Felt it immediately she has a very unusual, SOLID LITERARY style and drew me in immediately to this story.Now WARNING. This is one hot, underline, hot read. This is a no holding back exploration of this main character Greta's sexual CANDY LAND. Nothing is held back. This is going to take you on a RIDE, adventure into the land of erotica, casual sex, bdsm, a now time of options and the world of Greta’s mind, bo [...]

    24. Angela Ford on said:

      Chloe Thurlow is an author I came across through her blog which enticed me. Ms. Thurlow is an excellent writer. She is not afraid to take her readers into vivid sexual scenariospush the boundaries and entertain you along the way. Her descriptive writing pulls you into the story and her realistic characters keep you there, turning the page.A Girl's Adventure is a great title for the story of a young aspiring actress, Greta May. After so many supporting roles of the beauty being killed off, she dr [...]

    25. Pam on said:

      A delightful erotic read that kept me engaged till the end. Greta was an extremely fun loving and curious girl who accepted an offer of adventure from a total stranger. It changed her life forever.This book was fun to read, extremely hot, and had me guessing until the end. Chloe Thurlow is a very talented author and certainly piqued my interest throughout the entire book. I was constantly wondering how she would bring all of it together and she didn't disappoint me. It was a fun and fantastic re [...]

    26. Petronela Ungureanu on said:

      Erotica comes in many forms and it seems to me that the secret of good erotica is that it has to be literary, well-written without vulgarity. Chloe Thurlow is a writer who achieves this in an extraordinary way and the sheer power of her prose left me breathless. A Girl's Adventure is one adventure I did enjoy and I will be seeking out more of her books in the future.

    27. Karen Latham on said:

      Chloe writes erotica in a way that makes you part of the story, and it was great to read erotic fiction that had a proper story! Greta May is a girl who knows what she likes, and knows how to get it. It was lovely to read about a strong, sexual woman having fun and being in control.

    28. Dennis on said:

      If it can be said, this is the classic Thurlow, the book everyone who adores Thurlow should read. Funny, curious and a good read, highly recommend for lovers of erotic fiction.

    29. Michelle on said:

      Excellent bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so.Shelley MA

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