The Ladykiller

Martina Cole

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The Ladykiller

The Ladykiller George Markham has a nasty little hobby one that erupts into an orgy of vicious sexual depravity Patrick Kelly is a hard man His one soft spot is his daughter and when she falls victim to the Grantl

  • Title: The Ladykiller
  • Author: Martina Cole
  • ISBN: 9780747240853
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • George Markham has a nasty little hobby, one that erupts into an orgy of vicious sexual depravity.Patrick Kelly is a hard man His one soft spot is his daughter, and when she falls victim to the Grantley Ripper, Kelly wants revenge.The DI in charge of the case is Kate Burrows She feels for Kelly but her growing involvement with a known villain is putting her career at risGeorge Markham has a nasty little hobby, one that erupts into an orgy of vicious sexual depravity.Patrick Kelly is a hard man His one soft spot is his daughter, and when she falls victim to the Grantley Ripper, Kelly wants revenge.The DI in charge of the case is Kate Burrows She feels for Kelly but her growing involvement with a known villain is putting her career at risk As the forces of law and order and London s underworld converge in a huge manhunt, Kate fears she ll lose everything she s ever cared about to the ladykiller.

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      213 Martina Cole
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    One thought on “The Ladykiller

    1. Mo on said:

      Wow. Another new author. Thanks Elaine!!Kate Burrows is a DI (Detective Inspector), the Filth to some. I really liked her. She was strong, independent, sassy, stood up for herself and didn't really take any shite from anyone.Patrick Kelly, one step away from being a gangster. Tough, hard, rich, respected, feared.Oil and vineger maybe. But there was an attraction. Eventhough she was an Old Bill, a Filth, he trusted her somehow.Christ, the "bad guy" - what an evil, sadistic bastard he was. Yes, ap [...]

    2. Jenny Hilborne on said:

      This is an excellent book which grabbed me from the very first chapter. The author has developed her characters so well that even the very bad ones - even the exceedingly awful George Markham, are likable. All throughout this book I wanted to give it a 5, however, without including any spoilers, I found the ending a little weak, which left me disappointed. Even so, I will definitely read more books by Martina Cole.

    3. Ribbon Sixx on said:

      George Markham has a nasty little hobby.He pursues it in secret, behind closed doors.But now George's little hobby is becoming an obsession,one that erupts into an orgy of vicious sexual depravity.Patrick Kelly is a hard man - the most feared in London.His one soft spot is his daughter, Mandy.And when she falls victim to the sadistic rapist nicknamedthe Grantley Ripper,Kelly wants revenge - with or without police help.The DI in charge of the case is Kate Burrows.It's a tough job and one that's a [...]

    4. Cphe on said:

      What I enjoy about the books of Martina Cole are her fast paced plots and great characters, especially the women characters. The hunt for the serial rapist/killer of Grantley takes a back step to the relationship between DI Kate Burrows and her involvement with the shady but quite delicious Patrick Kelly. The novel isn't quite the police procedural which I first thought it would be.I enjoyed the style of writing, the seediness and grittiness of these novels and the underbelly of a darker England [...]

    5. Denise on said:

      My favourite Martina Cole book. A gripping page-turner, the story has stayed with me for 20 years as I read it when it was released in 1993. I have recommended this book to many friends over the years who also loved it, Martina gained quite a few new fans on the strength of this book and who continue to read her books to this day. I no longer own a copy of this book, but I intend to buy another to read again.

    6. Mary Corbal on said:

      Realmente merecería cinco estrellas, pero es una historia demasiado cruda para mí, no tanto como Secretos de una asesina, pero casi. La trama está muy bien, así como los personajes y todo lo demás, pero me resulta demasiado dramática.

    7. CarolynStorer on said:

      3.5 StarsAudiobook: A well narrated story that was both disturbing and intriguing in equal measure. My first Martina Cole book, which will definitely not be my last.

    8. Joseph - Relax And Read Reviews on said:

      "What's bred in the bone comes out in the blood."I was 'pressed' into reading this book by my dear wife who has practically devoured it on a recent holiday and who without divulging any details has spent all holiday telling me what a great book she was reading.Finally I gave in and read 'The Ladykiller', this being my first Martina Cole book ever. Now I know that my wife didn't exaggerate at all when she praised this book so much and I'm so glad to have read it myself. ​Written in the third pe [...]

    9. Kelly Furniss on said:

      Warning-You need a strong stomach for this book!.I have read a lot of Coles latest work but have many times seen this mentioned as one of her best books and I now agree and was not disappointed.This author has such a style of writing that keeps you wanting to read on & on and I truly could not put this book down over Christmas.Cole is my trusted author I can always rely on for a good read. I have never found myself wanting to skip pages/chunks of her books there is just too much suspense!.Af [...]

    10. Jennifer on said:

      So good that I was on edge walking down the street afterward George Markham a man you'd see everyday walking down the street

    11. Mandi on said:

      One of Martina Cole's best reads! I couldn't put it down. Some very violent parts!Well written!

    12. Kerrysullivan on said:

      i really enjoyed this it was complex with out being confusing and i loved how it weaved together

    13. Nick Walton on said:

      My favourite of all the Martina Cole novels grabs you from page 1.

    14. Book Addict Shaun on said:

      Another mammoth read from Martina and another - in my opinion - five star book. An unputdownable read that I have just spent the last two hours finishing, and that's the thing about Martina's books. They keep you reading long into the night, 1.30am to be precise. I was looking forward to this book because readers often name it as one of her best books, and so far it is one of the best books of hers that I've read. The story focuses on the Grantley Ripper, DI Kate Burrows and Patrick Kelly who is [...]

    15. Gigi on said:

      I've fallen in love with Martina Cole's writing, hoping she'll gain a following in the United States. "The Ladykiller" centers around the hunt for a serial killer which takes place in the gritty world of the Britsh underworld of crime. One of the most powerful forces in this crime world is Patrick Kelly, and his young daughter becomes on of the vitims of this deranged rapist/killer. His determination to spearhead the hunt for the killer, using his connections and power brings him face to face wi [...]

    16. David Roberts on said:

      I am reviewing the serial killer novel The Ladykiller by Martina Cole which is a very good book which I bought from a car boot sale. This novel was published first in 1993 and is a decent at around 630 pages. It is set mostly in London and like a lot of Martina's books has a kind of unlikely romance between a police officer and a gangster with also competition from a former love who had an affair and is desperate the get the police officer called Kate. She also has a daughter who is trying to ki [...]

    17. Jim McGrath on said:

      There are different genres of crime fiction. In terms of telling a gritty realistic British crime story from a woman's perspective Martina Cole is the best in Britain. I've read most of her books but I keep coming back to The Ladykiller. It's the best serial killer novel I've ever read. Martina really gets inside the mind of her killer and is not afraid to show how much pleasure he derives from his crimes. Too often this aspect of a killers motivation is overlooked. Yes, they might feel compelle [...]

    18. Mandy Slater on said:

      I really enjoyed The Ladykiller - full of action and suspense. The only downside to it in my opinion was that the author was continually changing points of view - even within scenes - and whilst this perhaps gave a greater insight into more characters it resulted in just a slightly confused read. Perhaps there was just too much explicit detail some of the time and so I felt the novel might beeven more effective if it were developed more psychologically.Nevertheless good characterisation and also [...]

    19. June Jones on said:

      Wow, when I first saw the thickness of this book 819 pages, I was a little daunted, but it flowed beutifully, easy to read, exciting, following the progress of a sexually deparaved little man George, who got his sexual kicks through murderering young women, you felt a litttle sorry for him, as his childhood stank, his mother was also depraved, and picked on poor little George, from aged 3yrs of age. Ther was also some romance in the form of Kate a DI, and Patrick, the local hard man. wouls throu [...]

    20. Donna on said:

      This is my first Martina Cole book, and I loved it! I loved the way the characters were developed through the book, and there is something about Cole's writing that makes you want to keep reading and reading!The plot was interesting and wasn't only about George Markham and his 'interesting' hobby. There was Kate Burrows, the DI, and Patrick Kelly the known villain. There were also Georges victims and their families. What a interesting book, made better by Cole's writing! A definite recommendatio [...]

    21. Tanti on said:

      Unlike Two Women, this book is a disappointment. The characters are not well developed and not convincing enough. Some parts are so annoyingly repetitive, which only make the book way too thick than it should be, but do not help to improve the plot at all. And after a few chapters i felt like screaming whenever someone said, "Let me make you a cuppa" or "I'll just make another cuppa."

    22. Sharon on said:

      Easily. of the best books I've ever read.a gripping and disturbing journey into the mind of a depraved sexual predator.It gives the reader a creepy understanding into the mindset of a killer.I could not put this book downd it is the only book, to date, that I will probably read a second time.

    23. Fiona Castelli on said:

      She knows what she is writing about, here we have a lady who has seen the dark side of back streets and can give you the feeling to be there too. Martina Cole is possibly the very very best writer of London Underground Thugism

    24. Heather on said:

      creepy, chilling bookother of Martina's pageturners. .is book introduces the lady detective, Kate Burrows, who features in other books of Martina Cole. this book is not for the faint hearted warned.

    25. Catherine on said:

      I never been so intrigued and engrossed by such a book! Much better than The Business also by Martina Cole

    26. Sharon Singh on said:

      This book started me on the path to buy all of Martina Cole's novels. Stunning amidst the gore and brutality.

    27. Julia Carton on said:

      One of her 1st books very good and the follow up one is good too

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