Circle Mirror Transformation

Annie Baker

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Circle Mirror Transformation

Circle Mirror Transformation Thanks you guys I think this was a really really great start Five lost people come together at a community centre class to try and find some meaning in their lives Counting to ten can be harder than

  • Title: Circle Mirror Transformation
  • Author: Annie Baker
  • ISBN: 9780822224457
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thanks, you guys I think this was a really, really great start.Five lost people come together at a community centre class to try and find some meaning in their lives Counting to ten can be harder than you think Over six tangled weeks their lives become knotted together in this tender and funny play.

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      252 Annie Baker
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    One thought on “Circle Mirror Transformation

    1. Eric on said:

      I read this play, "Circle Mirror Transformation" by Annie Baker today, and I loved it!The action of the play takes place during a six week acting class held at a community center. The characters consist of a teacher and her four students: a teenage girl, a former actress brushing up on her craft, the teacher's husband, and a recently divorced carpenter. Aside from the actress, Theresa, none of the students are actors.The action starts with an acting exercise, the purpose of which the audience or [...]

    2. Jyotsna Hariharan on said:

      I'm trying to write a play right now about misfits in a comedy club and this play was recommended for inspiration. This is my favorite kind of play, in that it has so many elements that intrigue me and attract me to theatre -naturalism, unexpected humour, characters spilling innermost thoughts and fears when they don't even realize they're doing it, a meta -commentary (in this case, about theatre itself and about the 'roles' we play and how 'all the world's a stage") and one character just wonde [...]

    3. Rachel Yong on said:

      What a damn producible play! It's fun to read older Annie Baker after seeing all her recent works. In the spirit of life repeating. utterly fascinating to see where some of her throughlines began. Also, I spent a summer doing exactly this, so it really hit home.This is probably one of my favorite plays of hers, even if only for the last pages

    4. Jasia on said:

      Quietly tugs you into a very naturalistic world, then surprises you with its innate theatricality. Its power is in its slow, subtle pacing and the myriad tiny but affecting ways in which character is revealed. Heartbreaking and hopeful.

    5. Will Ginn on said:

      Annie Baker's play, Circle Mirror Transformation, is the best piece of contemporary drama that I have read since discovering the works of Sarah Ruhl in college. And I say that with a sense of delighted surprise because it was not the first Baler piece that I have read. Last summer, I read her critically acclaimed play, The Flick, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2014. Although I thought that it was a wonderful piece to read about the quotidian doldrums of life, specifically for those who find the [...]

    6. Gracie Lloyd on said:

      This is unlike any play you've ever read before. Five people, one improv class in Shirley, Vermont. No matter who you are, you will not regret reading this. Once you start reading, you will develop a connection with almost all of the characters. This is because these aren't just random characters; These people are you and I. They deal with love, heartbreak, success and failure. If you choose to dive into this world of improvisation and interaction, you will soon realize that this is simply a pla [...]

    7. Callie Rose Tyler on said:

      Absolutely loved this funny yet realistic play about people. Marty is teaching a very small community theater class in a small town. Her pupils include her husband, a older divorced man, a pretty and single 35 year old woman, and a 16 year old girl that just wants to get the part of Maria in her high school production of West Side Story. Marty basically has them play a bunch of improv games with hilarious and awkward results.As the play progresses we get a ton of insight into these people. The i [...]

    8. Lukas Woodyard on said:

      I would really love to see a stage production of this play. Pauses are so important in this play because I agree with Baker: this play would be a satire. But each little vignette is full of life that kinda places you where the actors in the play are atey're waiting to discover something. I am on an Annie Baker kick, and she seems to be great at capturing naturalist elements in her play. I think my favorite part of the play is the ending.I would want to see this show just to see the ending.

    9. Alex on said:

      This is the first Annie Baker play I've read, and I'm definitely going to be reading her other plays. I loved Circle Mirror Transformation. It was exciting, touching and relatable, and I'd absolutely love to see it performed some day. The very last scene is pure genius.

    10. Leila on said:

      Felt like I was in a dream while reading it it is an incredibly captivating play with a diverse and complx range of characters

    11. CM on said:

      A well structured and sometimes tender play about an adult creative drama class. Every scene here is either exercises of the class or small talks during the breaks. Characters and scenes are so life-like and naturalistic that it's almost impossible to find them engaging in the first two-thirds. Yet, we get to know more of these characters and get more involved with them. The last scene is memorizing and effective, very much redeeming the whole play.Clever. No wonder Ms Baker got the Genius grant [...]

    12. Kayla Kumari on said:

      loved this even though it rudely took me back to every improv and theater class I've ever taken!!!!

    13. Julie H. on said:

      Taking its name from one of the many exercises actors engage in as part of the process of learning to be "present" on stage, Circle Mirror Transformation is a super clever play about five actors ranging in age from 16 to 60 engaged in a theatre workshop at the local community center in Shirley, VT. The audience meets these individuals through a series of drills and exercises and, with only one exception, each character is introduced by another character telling his/her story. What makes this pla [...]

    14. b piercegeary on said:

      A very simple yet thorough exploration of a very small group of people who seldom meet for very short periods of time. I loved the light critiquing of theater itself and some of the stereotypes that are used without being to the detriment of anyone.The intentional pauses slowed my reading down to a speed much more apposite for a close reading. This allowed me to soak in the significance of the minutiae. I would love to see this performed because the degree to which the cast has to rely on each o [...]

    15. Christine on said:

      Apparently the most produced play in the United States at this moment. That makes it a must-read. Too bad it doesn't live up to being the most produced play in the US. Of course, I understand why theaters are so anxious to do it - it's cheap, it's attractive to actors (and requires a range of them -- a young girl, two 30 somethings and two 50 somethings) and there are some minor personal emotions/drama to be rung out of it. But would I consider this an important play? Nope. It gets the three sta [...]

    16. Casey Joiner on said:

      Just read this play yesterday after a professor recommended it. It just so happened that my encounter with this play took place literally two minutes after my class had just finished counting to 15 with our eyes closed, so I probably couldn't reasonably recreate my experience for another reader. That being said, I identified strongly with the play, though it didn't necessarily change my life. I enjoyed it, I recognize the cleverness of the craft, and I would recommend it to someone merely becaus [...]

    17. Art on said:

      Full Disclosure: I have just appeared in a local production of this play (as James). When I first read it, I was not that impressed. However, having it read it again countless times and spoken the lines on stage, it is truly an amazing play. During our first performance, the cast was so surprised at how much the audience laughed. We also made people cry. Respecting the pauses, as Annie Baker implores actors to do in her introduction to the play, was really a challenge. It's a true to life portra [...]

    18. Joshua on said:

      I applaud Annie Baker for pulling back the veil on common theatrical practices and treating her characters with such respect. However, the uber-naturalistic elements here stall and thwart the storytelling in frustrating ways. We've cashed in our chips to create something that feels SO true to life it lacks any real theatrical drive. Her other plays are able to capture that same naturalistic sensibility without sacrificing their sense of "event", which I think makes them stronger examples of util [...]

    19. Chris on said:

      While I appreciate the surreal-ness of taking actor exercises and putting them on stage, there is too much of a familiarness in this structure. These are people but we know these people, too much so. we don't know these people from real life but from stage. Baker excels at letting us know these people through details, but these are also characters we recognize in the first seconds of the play. Sadly they aren't deepened beyond these at any point.

    20. Lillian on said:

      Annie Baker uses the setting of an 'adult creative drama' class to explore and excavate the depths of her character's emotions. Having been a drama student myself it's quite funny to watch the characters do these exercises. They don't know how deep they'll wind up digging or what the point of it all is, but maybe that's for the best I'm always interested in what monologues are in a play, so for my fellow actors there's one monologue in here for a middle aged woman.

    21. Jack Becker on said:

      Absolutely incredible. As someone who's been a part of an experimental theatre workshop similar to the one in this play, I think that Annie Baker nails what it's like to be in such a group, and the way she lets the story of these characters unfold in gentle subtext took my breathe away. I would love to see it performed, as the act of reading the play itself was already transporting.

    22. Amanda on said:

      I loved this play. A very gentle approach to the things we as humans tend to cope with. The themes of broken relationships, our expectations of ourselves and others, and a human need for intimacy are woven into the story in an extraordinarily delicate way, illustrating Ms. Baker's ability to say so much with so little.

    23. Nicolas on said:

      This was a bit of a letdown. I like the concept (students and teach meet together for an acting class over a series of weeks), but I don't think it worked as well as it could have. Not much in the way of character development, and I didn't find it particularly interesting. The drama felt a little forced. I did, however, love the ending. I thought that had real power.

    24. Ian Hrabe on said:

      Annie Baker is a master of subtly and tactfully making you feel every emotion your body is capable of feeling. What's so great about Circle Mirror Transformation is that it reads like a collaboration between the writer and the actors in that the writing is brilliant and there is so much room for the actors to stretch out and improvise.

    25. Kathleen Coudle-King on said:

      Liked it a lot. Didn't love it. Enjoyed her other play, Body Awareness more. The spareness of this play is appealing, but that also was where it ultimately fell short for me, too. I can imagine leaving the theatre going, "That was good," and then not thinking about it much, unlike Body Awareness which would cause some good conversation post-show, I think.

    26. Amy on said:

      Nothing much happens in this play. There are no wars, no torrid love affairs, no orphaned children - and yet a lot happens. The kind of stuff that happens to regular people every day. This is, in some ways, about theatre. It is a great character study and would be a challenge for actors. Audiences would probably leave the theatre thinking that not much happened, but yet intrigued by what did.

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