The Old Girl Network

Catherine Alliott

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The Old Girl Network

The Old Girl Network Why didn t anyone warn her that that path to true love would be filled with potholes Dreamy scatty and impossibly romantic Polly McLaren is a secretary in an advertising agency but the day a strang

  • Title: The Old Girl Network
  • Author: Catherine Alliott
  • ISBN: 9780747243908
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Why didn t anyone warn her that that path to true love would be filled with potholes Dreamy, scatty and impossibly romantic, Polly McLaren is a secretary in an advertising agency, but the day a stranger on a train catches her eye, her life changes for ever This American Romeo, who s recognised her old school scarf, begs Polly to help him find his missing Juliet Over an iWhy didn t anyone warn her that that path to true love would be filled with potholes Dreamy, scatty and impossibly romantic, Polly McLaren is a secretary in an advertising agency, but the day a stranger on a train catches her eye, her life changes for ever This American Romeo, who s recognised her old school scarf, begs Polly to help him find his missing Juliet Over an intoxicating dinner at the Savoy, Polly agrees to play Cupid St Gertrude s girls must, after all, stick together and her investigations begin The last thing she needs now is trouble from the men in her lifeke Harry Lloyd Roberts Polly s madly attractive but infuriatingly elusive boyfriend It s he who goads her into turning detective on the grounds that it might give her something to do for a change Not to mention distract her from his own lustful pursuits and Nick Penhalligan Polly s rude, arrogant and ridiculously demanding boss, who s not best pleased that her mind is everywhere but on her job But even he gets entangled when the old girl network turns into a spider s web of complications, deceit and finally, love.

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      192 Catherine Alliott
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    One thought on “The Old Girl Network

    1. Debbie Viggiano on said:

      This is a book that's been on my shelf for years. I periodically read and re-read it just to experience the wonderful glow it gives from laughing out loud. I can't understand why readers download and then slag a book off. Why don't they 'Look Inside' before downloading? Alliott's humour and style is obvious from page 1. She is entertaining, damn witty, and writes a clever and enjoyable read each and every time. Yes, her books are lightweight, but isn't that the point of reading this genre? It's [...]

    2. Rachel on said:

      I normally wouldn't give a star ranking to a book that I couldn't read past pg.4 but this was so terrible and so offensive from practically the first word that I'm comfortable doing it. Definitely skip this one!

    3. Goddess Of Blah on said:

      Blonde, SERIOUSLY dumb secretary. Tall, dark, handsome rich boss. Mills & Boon.DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. SO DUMB IT HURTS.JUST SHUT UP. YOU'RE STUPID MORE PLEASE! YOU DUMBIf it wasn't my job to review this sh*it I would read emThis book is about a bimbo who tries to convince us that she doesn't like tall, dark handsome rich men but prefers her selfish horrible blond boyfriend. In the end she does fall for the clichéd tall, dark handsome rich boss (as do most of Catherine Alliott's heroine's). The b [...]

    4. Dimples88 on said:

      This was one of the funniest books I've ever read! I couldn't put it down until late at night, and I was often laughing out loud as I read it. However, some parts of the book are really sad and poignant, so it's not just a laugh-fest.The heroine of the book is totally loveable and funny. The plot is fantastic and you keep wondering what's gonna happen next. A really great book, and I can't wait to read more books by Ms Alliot. 5 stars!

    5. Jenn on said:

      I was wondering if her writing would be anything like Marian Keyes or Jenny Colgan. And as much as I find Alliott is nothing like any of the other Brit writers, I enjoyed this one. One girl gets herself all wrapped up in a missing person's case (she isn't a PI either) and things get messed up tremendously from there.

    6. Lisa Marie Jolley on said:

      I have the audio version of The Old Girl Network, and it is my "go-to" audiobook when driving or just needing something lighthearted and funny. I've listed to it at least 12 times through. Catherine Alliot is my type of author.

    7. Anastasia Adams on said:

      I want to meet Catherine Alliot and hug her and be friends with her because this woman is truly amazing. This book was extremely funny and just makes you view life in positive funny way even when all is gloom.

    8. Ira on said:

      I bought this book at Changi Airport. At first, I just want to spend the rest of my money at some cheap english fiction, turned out that I had choosen the right book :D This book is so funny :D I think it's the beginning era of chicklit :D

    9. Sarah Goode on said:

      Was lent this book by my boss at work. Had lots of funny moments in it. A Chick lit worth reading.

    10. Donna on said:

      Hilarious, found myself laughing at loud (not good when working at night and everyone on the ward asleep)!

    11. Skaistė on said:

      Smagi ir lengva knyga. Ne kažkas atimantis žadą, sujakiantis protą ir jausmus, bet galintis prajuokinti ir netgi įtraukti kūrinys. Manau, kada nors imsiuosi ir tęsinių

    12. Medha on said:

      It had been a really long time since I read such a funny book. The main character Polly and her fantasies are very realistic and hilarious. :)

    13. Halena Frick on said:

      Loved it. It was funny!!! The only reason it wasn't a 5 was a thought it was a little long and then finished abruptly.

    14. Juliana Graham on said:

      This is actually a really funny book - thoroughly enjoyed it, ideal if you're looking for a light read to cheer you up or after having read something a bit darker!

    15. Flavia Sugnu on said:

      This book was hilarious.!.Had me in stitches all night LOL (that wasnt good cz it was a skl nite and i was spose 2 be sleeping.!.)Fluffy chick lit but fantastically written and delivered.!.

    16. Choi Tang on said:

      Very funny, got very distressed many times, I want to move to the country.

    17. Louise Ludbrook on said:

      I loved the twist in this book. Very good. Would re-read.

    18. Mimi on said:

      I go to a little thrift store with a "buy four books, get one free" promotion and absentmindedly picked up The Old Girl Network to meet the quota. Wow, am I ever glad I did. This book was heartwarming, hilarious, exciting, and full of unexpected twists and turns. Alliot brings her characters to life with such perfection. The protagonist, Polly, was such a goofball at times and I saw some bits of myself in her. But I digress. If you're looking for a romantic comedy type novel with a little myster [...]

    19. Louise Phillipson on said:

      When I got to the grammatical mistake on page 7 or so - that was it. Into the paper bin it went. Up to that point it didn't look very good anyway.Can't believe I saw 'loose' instead of 'lose' in a published book. Appalling.

    20. Lindsay Hogg on said:

      This book is rather dated having been first published in 1994. The character Polly is quite irritating at times and the story fairly predictable.

    21. JudithAnn on said:

      While reading this book from 1994, I realized that I had already read its sequel a few months back, although I didn’t know at the time that there was a prequel. That book was Going Too Far and I liked it so-so. Enough to give it 3 stars, but it was less than I normally give Catherine Alliott books.The problem was the main character, Polly. She’s a headless chicken: she gets herself in awkward situations, mostly because she’s embarrassed and lies, then needs to lie further to get herself ou [...]

    22. John Marsh on said:

      Polly is a city girl. In search of love. Has a boyfriend Harry who is a not really a caring person. Polly is good at lying and especially to herself but at heart is, in spite of the lies, quite straightforward. When a stranger on a train spots Polly's old school scarf and begs her to help him find his missing Juliet, Polly agrees. The last thing she needs now is trouble from the men in her life, like her elusive boyfriend, or her boss who is also drawn into the web of complications and finally l [...]

    23. Bunnyhugger on said:

      I read this in the early 1990's and found it hilarious and somewhat affirming. If the last part sounds strange, it may make more sense to think of the time period - it was the dawn of chicklit, and I'd never read anything like this before. A modern female protagonist who is trying to make it in the world but messing up in all sorts of embarrassing and comedic ways - but who still survives the humiliation to continue another day? Polly seemed very human and I could feel better knowing that howeve [...]

    24. penelopewanders on said:

      Different cover on mine. This was apparently written before chick-lit was quite so prevalent, so maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I'd read it before. I did enjoy it on the whole, especially as Alliott goes over the top with daydreaming fantasy outcomes and with a class we're working on the play Ernie's Incredible Illucinations, which deals with those type of fantasies coming true. So I was delighted to pounce on one of Alliott/Polly's examples for my class.Stop here to avoid spoiler:What I [...]

    25. Bev Taylor on said:

      finding true love is a piece of cake - as long as u r looking for someone else's true love . polly is young, scatty and impossibly romantic, she works for an arrogant and demanding boss and has a boyfriend who is never there when u need him then she meets a stranger who recognises her old school scarf and her life is changed. am american he wants her to find his missing fiancee h/e the old school network turns out to be a spider's web of complications and deceit and everything polly cares about [...]

    26. Kathy Chung on said:

      The book have potential but it was too long winded for me.Dont really like the characters especialy the heroine, Polly, who is potrayed as pretty empty headed girl. Goshe must have been sex starved or something to imagine her fellow commuter are potential lovers.Not only that, she also gone gaga over a guy who treats her like dirt.The other heroine, Rachel, was a selfish *ahem ahem*. everything in this book just does not sound "real" enough for me eventhough it's just a story.

    27. Nicola Mccallum on said:

      fluffy guilty pleasure of a book. a one day read for when u dont want to use ur brain but could do with some hilarity. captures an image of a certain side of london in the early 90s and some of the trials of singledom in your twentieseit dressed up in rosetinted, sloaney context. for all its cliches, the heroine remains refreshingly funny in an unselfconcious wayver going to win any literary awards but worth a read if u fancy a light pickmeup of a read.

    28. Karschtl on said:

      Am Anfang war es etwas lahm, wurde zum Ende hin aber doch immer spannender, auch wenn man irgendwie wußte, wie es enden wird. Nichtsdestotrotz sehr unterhaltsam, wie Polly von einem Fettnäpfchen ins Nächste tritt. Gibt es ja immer wieder in solchen Frauenromanen, dass dem Liebespaar einige Hindernisse in den Weg gelegt werden, bevor sie sich dann schließlich kriegen. Sonst wäre das Buch ja auch nach 100 Seiten zu Ende, hier aber unterhält es die Leserin mehr als 400 Seiten lang.

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