Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!

Marcia Williams

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Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!

Bravo Mr William Shakespeare Presents the plays As You Like It Antony and Cleopatra Richard III Twelfth Night King Lear The Merchant of Venice and Much Ado About Nothing in a comic strip form

  • Title: Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!
  • Author: Marcia Williams
  • ISBN: 9781406323351
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Presents the plays As You Like It , Antony and Cleopatra , Richard III , Twelfth Night , King Lear , The Merchant of Venice and Much Ado About Nothing in a comic strip form.

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      204 Marcia Williams
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    One thought on “Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!

    1. Daisy on said:

      Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare! takes the reader through seven of Shakespeare's not-so-famous plays in a comic strip, and shows the plays in a child-friendly and comical way that many of us may not have seen before.There were good things and bad things about this book. I'm currently studying a lot of Shakespeare so looked to this to break down the storylines a bit more and basically just give me a simplified version of Shakespeare. Seeing as this is a children's book you'd think it would be quit [...]

    2. Maggie Harney on said:

      I've been in love with this book since the age of 7, when I plucked it off the rolly shelves the spring of my first grade year at the Book Fair (the greatest thing to happen to public schools ever). When you're 7, Shakespeare makes as much sense as wearing socks in the bathtub but I like to think of this as the gateway drug into my full blown obsession with the Bard. It's full of excellent pictures (I'm a sucker for humorous doodles) and is guaranteed to make a bibliophile out of any kid who rea [...]

    3. Jennifer on said:

      I got this book out for my arty dyslexic graphic novel reading son who was doing Shakespeare with a youth theatre group. He rejected it out of hand saying he didn't like the colours. I like the colours! I find the comic strip format very challenging but I enjoy Marcia Williams' work and felt I understood the plays a little better for reading this. The barracking audence round the edges is quite fun and reminiscent of medieval glosses.

    4. Bidisha on said:

      Absolutely delightful how Marcia Williams has made an adaptation totally into her own thing. If I'd heard/known of this earlier, I'd have given this to all my younger siblings and cousins as they were growing up. Actually, no, I'll just keep them (she has adapted quite a few classical works, including Chaucer's Canterbury Tales!) for myself.You'd want to, too.

    5. Mike Jensen on said:

      This is really a comic book packaged as a kid's picture book. It adapts several of Shakespeare's plays, and not very well. For Shakespeareans, students of adaptation, and those who do not know better.

    6. Angel on said:

      Lydia loves this book, I think it's slightly annoying to read. The pages are a little too busy with words and 10 pictures per page to show the progression of the scene. At any rate, I'm happy that Lydia is familiar with so many Shakespearean plays because of this book.

    7. Carlos Vallarino on said:

      Read this book and got to understand Shakespeare, did not know about Cordelia. Anthony and Cleopatra had 4 children, she was the last of the Ptolemies. One gets the whole feel of each play in this magnificent/brilliant book.

    8. Jenna Mills on said:

      I enjoyed this. It included my favourite Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, along with some other fun ones as well as a couple of tragedies. A lot of overlap between the plays and plots, which interested me even more as there were a couple included here that I wasn't very familiar with.

    9. Amber on said:

      This very humorous. The kids had a real hoot listening to it and acting some out. I love being able to introduce them to Shakespeare. It's one I would like to own.

    10. Janice on said:

      Cute. Comic-booky layout. Might have kids reading it for a while, but it really takes something away from all these plays. Seems a bit busy to get anything out of them for real.

    11. Deanna on said:

      My kids love Shakespeare. They did not like this and neither did I. This was not anything that will inspire them to love Shakespeare. The stories were confusing and the pictures distracting.

    12. Amy Hill on said:

      Very hard to follow with format and incredibly busy pages. Would be enjoyable for those who enjoy graphic novels.

    13. Jeanne on said:

      This book grabs your attention with lots of inventive, detailed drawings and actual words from Shakespeare.

    14. Niladri on said:

      Shakespeare is by no means easy to read. At least with this book, I was able to access some of his works. It still is not straightforward to read though.

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