Wild, Wild Wolves

Joyce Milton Larry Schwinger

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Wild, Wild Wolves

Wild Wild Wolves Illus in full color A fascinating introduction to the world of wolves one of nature s most enduring and misunderstood creatures Wolf pack behavior body language and the meaning of howls are all dem

  • Title: Wild, Wild Wolves
  • Author: Joyce Milton Larry Schwinger
  • ISBN: 9780679810520
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illus in full color A fascinating introduction to the world of wolves, one of nature s most enduring and misunderstood creatures Wolf pack behavior, body language, and the meaning of howls are all demystified in this natural history.

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      264 Joyce Milton Larry Schwinger
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    One thought on “Wild, Wild Wolves

    1. Aaron Alexander on said:

      This is a very interesting science book that details the habits and behaviors of wolves. It describes many of the traits and characteristics of wolves and how they have changed and developed throughout the history of their species. The book gives many interesting facts that students may not have known previously. For example, did you know that when wolves wag the tip of their tail they are getting ready to attack? Or that wolves can eat the same as 100 hamburgers in a single meal? The book gives [...]

    2. Noah Miller on said:

      Noah Miller ReviewStep Into Reading: Wild, Wild Wolves By: Joyce MiltonIllustrated by: Larry SchwingerSummary:The book Wild, Wild Wolves is mostly non-fiction because it gives real information and facts about wolves. Even though, it is non-fiction there is a little bit of a story, too.There is a story about a family that was far away and the kids were scared because they hear the wolves howling in the distance. Did you know that wild wolves and pet dogs came from the same place? When people live [...]

    3. Nichole on said:

      Genre: Non-FictionAwards: N/ALexile: 570L Grade Level: 3.1Summary: This is an informational source about the lives of wolves. It teaches the wolves' way of living and allows the readers to have a better understanding of wolves. In this book you will learn about how wolves hunt, grow, and much more. In addition to learning about wolves, you will read about the importance of wolves to other groups in America. Prompt Questions:Have any of you been in the woods and heard a noise that scared you?What [...]

    4. Rosa Cline on said:

      This was a very good 'lesson' book without it being 'in your face' that you were learning. It is advanced so it was a little more than my advanced 4 year old granddaughter could understand. But I just scanned through and read her bits and pieces of it that I knew she could understand. But this book explains just about 100% of what a child could ask about these animals. Very nice book to add to any child's library that likes wolves or that is homeschooled.

    5. Jen on said:

      If this is Step 2, Step 1 in the Step into Reading series must be Dick and Jane books.Other than the writing being haltingly simplistic and choppy, this is a pretty good book. The illustrations are lovely in their slightly blurred sketch way, and I applaud the effort to combat the myths that wolves are scary and terribly dangerous or that they are just wild dogs who can be tamed. A very good intro to wolves for kids, and pretty informative without being dull.

    6. Dolly on said:

      This is a straightforward, informative book about wolves that helps to dispel some of the misconceptions about these majestic creatures. The narrative is good for beginning readers and the illustrations are colorful, showing wolves in their natural habitat and their typical behavior. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    7. Hawa on said:

      I think it was a good book because u learn that not all wolves are harmful and wolves were good friends of the native americansey took good care of their babiesey all respect for their leader and worked together their meal.

    8. Mustafa on said:

      I think that it was a great book but it didn't tell enough info. it told you about what they eat, but they do not tell you how they digest.I think it was a short book.

    9. Dalal Alfaris on said:

      Who said you cant read children's books? I learned a lot about wolves in 40 pages.

    10. Deborah Harris on said:

      AR Quiz No. 6298 EN NonfictionAccelerated Reader Quiz Information IL: LG - BL: 3.3 - AR Pts: 0.5Accelerated Reader Quiz Type Information AR Quiz Types: RP, VP

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