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Megan Hart

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Everything Changes

Everything Changes In Tempted Anne gave in to her passion for both her husband James and his friend Alex Now it s time for Alex s side of the story When Jamie tells Alex he wants him to sleep with his wife Alex thi

  • Title: Everything Changes
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook
  • In Tempted, Anne gave in to her passion for both her husband, James, and his friend, Alex Now it s time for Alex s side of the story When Jamie tells Alex he wants him to sleep with his wife, Alex thinks it will only lead to trouble Sure, Alex thinks Anne is hot and they ve talked about sharing a woman before, but that was a long time ago Before Jamie knew what Alex reaIn Tempted, Anne gave in to her passion for both her husband, James, and his friend, Alex Now it s time for Alex s side of the story When Jamie tells Alex he wants him to sleep with his wife, Alex thinks it will only lead to trouble Sure, Alex thinks Anne is hot and they ve talked about sharing a woman before, but that was a long time ago Before Jamie knew what Alex really wanted.Still, Alex can t resist the pleasure of being with Anne and with Jamie.

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    One thought on “Everything Changes

    1. Kristen on said:

      Solid 3 StarsEverything Changes is Alex’s POV of Tempted. This novella gives some insight into Alex’s character (who is bisexual) and his psyche during his summer fling with his best friend, James (heterosexual friend he’s been in love with for years) and James’ wife, Anne (he fell in love with her in Tempted). I loved Alex in Tempted and though his character is riddled with arrogance and flaws, there’s also a vulnerability that not only was endearing but broke my heart, too. He just w [...]

    2. Adrienne on said:

      I've just finished this and have to confess that this story has left me speechless, that's really the only way to describe the intensity of the emotion that pours through these pages. Anyone who's read Tempted will know the story of Anne Jamie and Alex, this is their story told by Alex. If your read Tempted and loved it you have to read this. Once again the story told in Tempted has come back with full force and more, and my heart is breaking for all of them!

    3. Rose on said:

      Initial reaction: Ahh, this is one of those times when I wish a companion short story would've been incorporated into a main novel because it clarified a few things, but not nearly enough. It manages to stand on its own to a degree. This short story/novella was penned from Alex Kennedy's perspective during the events of Megan Hart's erotic novel, "Tempted." I appreciated the eye of insight from Alex's perspective, and the steamy scenes were well written, but in the end, for me, it still felt lik [...]

    4. Izengabe on said:

      Portada engañosa donde las haya. Si (como yo) estáis buscando el refrote perdido entre Alex y Jamie (a-arfs), os adelanto que no lo vais a encontrar xD la novella es una vuelta sobre Tempted desde el POV de Alex. Está bien escrito y los personajes tienen profundidad, una lectura muy agradable. Aunque hay una cosa que no me cuadra en toda esta historia: Alex, hijo, te andas con remilgos a la hora de (view spoiler)[ zumbarte a Jamie, y mira que tenías al muchacho (y a una servidora LOL) beggin [...]

    5. Tez on said:

      WARNINGS: Homophobic/biphobic slurs.(view spoiler)[SPOILER: The only rule was that Alex wouldn't fuck Anne. So what happens? She goes to his hotel, and he fucks her. The one thing Jamie said not to do, they did. Anne may not have known the rule, but Alex did. Disrespectful. (hide spoiler)]

    6. Kindling Micky on said:

      2.5 starsThis just didn’t really add anything to the story, a story I enjoyed. It didn’t feel like a true alternate POV. Onwards to the next book, hoping to read more of Alex.

    7. Alma (aka Mrs. Rhaw) on said:

      Kissing someone isn’t the same as being kissed. It is still a kiss I know. The mechanics are the same: his tongue intertwines with yours, you feel his breath merging with yours, your lips touch, yet it is different, being kissed feels different.Reading about Alex, Anne and James from Anne’s POV in Temptedwasn’t the same as seeing the same story through Alex’s eyes. Everyting was familiar, yet different. I'm glad that Megan Hart didn't give him this voice in Tempted. It wouldn't be right. [...]

    8. Holly on said:

      What a fabulous follow up to Tempted!! Tempted was one the most 'real' books I have read in a long time! A real look into why the fantasy of a third person in a relationship should stay just that, a fantasy!! This short story was Alex's point of view, and it was very insightful! I love Alex and this story gave you a little better view into Alex's head! I cannot wait to start Naked, bring on more Alex!

    9. Dαɴιjα on said:

      A very condensed version of Tempted, only now through Alex's eyes.Warning: A lot of mentioning of Tempted ahead, so if you haven't read it and you're planning to, you should probably not read this.Everything changes. My thoughts about Tempted in particular. I went into it believing it was just the first part of the story about Anne, Alex, and Jamie. This definitely fooled me, so Tempted didn't have a an impact on me as it would have had had I known Tempted was all Anne, Alex, and Jamie would get [...]

    10. Hilcia on said:

      A look at events that happened in Hart's Tempted from Alex's point of view. Written in broad strokes without much detail and very little emotion, this short piece didn't do much for me personally except to reiterate my initial thoughts about Jamie and Anne as two self-centered people who use and hurt Alex to please themselves. A sad story that I did not find erotic -- that goes for Tempted as well as Everything Changes. Also note that the cover with two males on the cover is extremely misleading [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      This was really good being able to read this story from Alex's point of view. I was hoping for a little bit more action, but it was still pretty good. I am looking forward to reading Naked!

    12. Jennifer on said:

      After finishing Tempted, the story of Anne, Jamie, and Alex's three-way romance that held unexpected emotional, somewhat twisted depths - I was left so unsatisfied by knowing only Anne's perspective throughout the book. Sure, Anne as a character I was committed to, and I cared about the resolution she received, but what about Jamie? What about Alex? WHERE WAS THEIR RESOLUTION?!?!Cue book 2, this book, where we get to hear Alex's side of the story, from inside his own head. And for all the lack o [...]

    13. Michele on said:

      I am simply crushed all over again by "Everything Changes." Megan Hart has completely captured me and made me fall in love with a storyline that I never thought I would get into. I am into this. Big time!! Not gonna lie . . . I just logged into and damn near bought every last book Megan Hart has ever written after reading this one. I am so impressed with her writing style, her narrative voice, her punctuation, her flawless subject/verb agreement. The confident ease with which she writes hooks m [...]

    14. Disneygal on said:

      This is Alex's point-of-view of the book "Tempted", where Alex engages in a three-way affair with his best friend James and James' wife Anne. It's a novella - a bit more than a short story, but not a full blown book. To clarify, there is no m-m action, but it's obvious that James is using this three-way that he came up with as a substitute. Seeing Alex have sex with his wife (all but actual penetration) is almost as good as having sex with him (James); except that James will never admit it. He's [...]

    15. I ♥ Bookie Nookie (bookienookiereviews.blogspot.com) on said:

      I should start out by saying that if you plan to read this short story, you should definitely read Tempted first, otherwise you might be a little lost b/c large parts of the story are omitted in this short story--told from Alex's point of view.I was so happy to discover this short story detailing Alex's feelings about his summertime tryst with Anne and Jamie. (Thanks Stephanie) This short story answers a lot of questions regarding conversations and happenings between Alex and other characters wh [...]

    16. Mechelle Miller griffin on said:

      I was really glad to read Alex's Pov. The real story here, besides the actual attraction between the two guys. Is that Alex has never had a real relationship with a woman beyond sex. His heart opened up and its tragic that they can't be together, they can see into each others soul. Jamie and Anne do really love each other and have a great relationship, but there is something lacking and he can't see when he doesn't notice small things that he should. Plus Jamie wants to have a threesome just so [...]

    17. Pauline Allan on said:

      This novella consisted of the scenes between Jaime and Anne from Tempted, only from Alex's point of view. I don't feel like it really gave me any more insight into Alex's character. It was as if Ms. Hart told me things already knew. I guess I'm saying that she did such a nice job in Tempted, even though that book was soley from Anne's point of view, of telling us the nuances of Alex's character. I was disappointed. I really wanted Jaime and Alex to hook up. I felt like it was unfair for Alex to [...]

    18. *P*u*r*p*l*e* Masochist on said:

      This is a short story and the plot is the same like in Tempted, but it is told from Alex's point of view. 3 stars, because it was just T O O S H O R T and because I craved for that kiss more than anything and in the end it wasn't satisfying at all. It could have been way much better, but some things did become clearer, so you definitely should read it before Naked (Alex's novel.)Because sometimes doing what was best for someone you loved was more important than taking care of yourself. Because s [...]

    19. Katie on said:

      Okay I had such a bleak feeling after finishing Tempted that I was going to find something really fluffy to read to get it out of my brain, but instead I decided to read this little novella to shed some more light on the story. It helped a lot - even though it was still sad, I think it was enough closure on the parts that had been troubling me that I don't feel quite so much like I was punched in the gut - so, yay for that.

    20. Karrie on said:

      Well, while I loved this story, it wasn't what I was hoping for. I was hoping that Alex had his own happy version of this three-way love affair. Alas, that is not what we get in this "other person" view of Megan Hart's novel, Tempted. I hope that she brings back these characters in happy cameo appearences like she has in the past with some of her other characters. All in all, I loved this book because it let us relive this story a little more, happy or not.

    21. Dallas on said:

      This is a short novella that should be read immediately after reading the novel Tempted as it gives Alex's perspective about the entire situation. It really shed a lot of light on the events and why things played out like they did. I have read three Megan Hart novels and this novellad I will read more!

    22. Melissa on said:

      LOVED this!! Hearing Alex's POV after reading Tempted really helped me understand him more. And it walso kind of sadI like Alex and I really enjoyed this little quickie of a book. I will def continue on to read more of her stuff =)

    23. Mimi Smith on said:

      3.5 starsThis is Tempted from Alex's POV. After reading this I have 3 things to say.1. I love, love Alex2. I think James is a wimp and undeserving3. I think Anne is an idiot for her choiceIf only the end was different

    24. AerinLuvs on said:

      I read this after TEMPTED otw it would be too short! I knocked off a star because it was a little too short, but it is a novella and I enjoyed it. I guess I wanted more!

    25. Laura on said:

      Basically, Tempted from Alex's POV. It's interesting to see his side of things, but I still prefer Naked to Alex's past.

    26. Marisa on said:

      Kobo library. More of the same but told from Alex’s POV this time. It was just like reading the intense parts twice, but still good.

    27. Nicole on said:

      I really love this story and how I couldn't of put it down if I wanted to.

    28. Steph on said:

      I loved this summary of Tempted from Alex's POV. I loved him so much in Tempted and I only love him more now. My heart is literally breaking for him. I respect him so much for choosing to leave Anne and Jamie even though it was killing him to walk away. Was it the right thing to do? Probably yes. Does that make it any easier? No I doubt that it does. Alex is one of my favorite Hero's of all time. There was just something about him that I fell in love with.Even though this Novella was really shor [...]

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