Toute Allure: Falling in Love in Rural France

Karen Wheeler

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Toute Allure: Falling in Love in Rural France

Toute Allure Falling in Love in Rural France After saying goodbye to life as a successful fashion editor in London Karen Wheeler is now happy in her small village house in rural France Her idyll is complete when she meets the love of her life h

  • Title: Toute Allure: Falling in Love in Rural France
  • Author: Karen Wheeler
  • ISBN: 9781849530668
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • After saying goodbye to life as a successful fashion editor in London, Karen Wheeler is now happy in her small village house in rural France Her idyll is complete when she meets the love of her life he has shaggy hair, four paws and a wet nose

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      235 Karen Wheeler
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    One thought on “Toute Allure: Falling in Love in Rural France

    1. Veronica Bell on said:

      Really enjoyed this. Made me want to visit France again. I felt great sympathy for the author and how she dealt with her romantic woes and was so open with readers. It is tough to make yourself vulnerable like that, knowing some will likely judge you. Well-written, with a real bonus in the dog storyline. (Of course, I am a major animal-lover.)

    2. Lynne Patrica Housman on said:

      Great readWarm, funny and Frank book about the author's life in France. The setting, author's thoughts & feelings are described so engaging that she becomes an 'old friend's.

    3. Jacqueline on said:

      This is the second book about her life in Poitou-Charentes, France, a life that is very different from the glamour of the London fashion world she has left behind. In Tout Sweet: Hanging Up my High Heels for a New Life in France we left Karen nicely settled into her new community having almost finished the renovations of her village house and we find her hoping to meet someone special to share her life with. She is finally over the Ex and there are a few friendly faces she has bumped into, so sh [...]

    4. Peggy on said:

      About 1/4 into this book, I thought I probably wouldn't finish it.I had a couple of objections:1) what initially felt like far too much name-brand mention (Prada, etc) of shoes, makeup, purses, perfume.2) I'm not a 'dog person,' so for my liking, there was too much DOG in this book3) The author, a Brit, lives in rural France but socializes almost exclusively w the expat community.I kept reading for several reasons:1) There are stretches of really good writing in the book2) I ended up objecting t [...]

    5. Ashleigh on said:

      I enjoyed this much more that the first instalment as there was a noticeable absence of the author's well thought out 'poetic' metaphor's. I notice that some have said they found the constant talk of her dog to be annoying but I much prefer this - tales of their walks across endless greenery, for example - as I find it to be far more interesting than the trials and tribulations of her love life. Where the first was littered with her constant pining for her ex-boyfriend (boring, at best) and her [...]

    6. Hazel on said:

      I purchased this book after reading good reviews and took it down to the beach with me. After reading it for about twenty minutes I turned to my sister and asked her if I could read her a passage. I could not believe how something so poorly written could have been reviewed so favourably. My sister was equally unimpressed. The writing style is so unsophisticated, it detracted from any enjoyment I could have had from the story. Terrible! This may suit well for an extremely easy bit of light readin [...]

    7. Betty C. on said:

      The themes of this second book in a series were not as attractive to me as the first one's: a dog focus, endless line dancing drama, and a more-than-unlikely romance with a Portuguese construction worker had me wondering, at times, what this British fashion journalist was indeed doing in rural France. But Wheeler's writing and story-telling are still compelling, and I found myself immediately buying the follow-up, Tout Soul, just to see what happens next.

    8. Cyndi on said:

      Not as good as the first one but still enjoyable. This one focused a bit too much on her dog, Biff. Curious as to what happens with her relationship with the Lion, though. Doesn't seem like a great boyfriend so far. Have to read the 3rd one now.

    9. Jen White on said:

      The second instalment of life in France doesn't quite measure up to the first book but I still very much enjoyed it. The story line is looser in this book and there is a lot of focus on Dogs and dancing. I also missed some of the characters from the first book.

    10. Kate on said:

      This was ok until the entire paragraph on the bloody dog, if this chick was my friend forcing the stupid dog on everyone and everywhere she went we'd not be friends

    11. Carolyn on said:

      Not as great as her two previous books, but definitely a good read!

    12. Leah Polonenko on said:

      Really really disappointed in the ending! Seemed almost like Wheeler just gave up and didn't really know how to end it. Very disappointed !

    13. Lara Stanley on said:

      Highly recommend this and its prequel Tout Sweet, delightful books!

    14. K on said:

      A bit too much dog talk for me - a bit like children, if they aren't you own, they are not particularly interesting to read about.

    15. Stephanie on said:

      light read, and overall enjoyable but her chatty unsophisticated writing style and predictable plot kind of spoilt it.

    16. Lynn Hutchinson on said:

      Funny, self-deprecating book about a woman's move to France.

    17. Janet on said:

      It was a good read, I like dogs:-). Found it a bit repetitive in places.

    18. Gary on said:

      Not quite as good as Tout Sweet but still an entertaining read. Way, way, way too many references to "la danse country""line dancing" for my liking; but I still enjoyed it!

    19. Kristen on said:

      I could have done with A LOT less line dancing and a lot more Portuguese neighbor.

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