Exile's Gate

C.J. Cherryh

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Exile's Gate

Exile s Gate Morgaine must meet her greatest challenge Gault who is both human and alien and also seeks control of the world and its Gate She will meet the true Gatemaster a mysterious lord with power as great

  • Title: Exile's Gate
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780886772543
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Morgaine must meet her greatest challenge Gault, who is both human and alien, and also seeks control of the world and its Gate She will meet the true Gatemaster a mysterious lord with power as great, or greater, than her own.

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    • Unlimited [Mystery Book] È Exile's Gate - by C.J. Cherryh ✓
      298 C.J. Cherryh
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    One thought on “Exile's Gate

    1. Joseph on said:

      Gate-time works differently than world-time -- for Nhi Vanye and Morgaine, mere moments passed between when they rode into the Fires at Azeroth and when they emerged at Morund, but for the rest of us ten years had passed.This is the final (not concluding, but presumably last) book about Morgaine and Vanye. It's the largest in the series -- in terms of word-count, it's probably double any of the preceding volumes -- and the most complex in terms of the number of POV characters and in terms of the [...]

    2. Derek on said:

      Finally, a cover that truly reflects Morgaine's striking and slightly unsettling appearance, as well as showing her in the practical and extremely functional armor worn throughout the series.I don't think this book's extra length adds much to the story. Like the previous ones, it reserves most of its action (and many really good ideas) for its last quarter. The earlier sections are deep ruminations and character analysis. While this allows Cherryh to delve into how Morgaine and Vanye create thei [...]

    3. kat on said:

      The consummation of this series, written ten years after the original trilogy, is nothing short of masterful. I am in awe of Cherryh's ability to balance complex plots and characters with carefully-chosen language of such simple beauty that it sometimes reads almost like poetry. Morgaine and Vanye have become so very dear to me that it's with a feeling of sadness that I realize I will know no more of their story.

    4. a hooded figure from your friendly neighbourhood dog park on said:

      When I was a kid/early teen, Morgaine was my other Xena bc after endless Moorcock, the broody, mysterious white-haired immortal with blinding rages & an incomprehensible past being a woman blew my mind. One might argue, all that the author has done is make one little change but let's pause and let it sink in. Morgaine is a woman in a grimdark sci-fi/fantasy blend and her storyline is pursuing her larger-than-universe quest rather than being womanly or chasing men. there is never even a /whif [...]

    5. Stephen on said:

      This is the fourth book in a series, and it's the best by far. C.J. Cherryh is a very good author, but the first three books in this series were written near the beginning of her career. This book was ten years later, and her writing has noticeably improved. It's difficult for me to explain exactly -- this book feels the same as the first three, yet it's smoother somehow. If you've read the first three Morgaine books, you need to read this one. If you're a fan of C.J. Cherryh, you may or may not [...]

    6. LOL_BOOKS on said:


    7. Dana on said:

      The best of the Morgaine books. Written almost a decade after the first three, the quality of writing is improved, and the characters better devolved, and the general story structure improved. Sadly also the last we will hear of Morgaine. A great example of a cross category series. Are they SF or fantasy?

    8. Deborah Replogle on said:

      Loved this series as a teenager, and was so glad to find she had written a fourth novel. Of course, I would be totally open to her continuing the series.

    9. Peter Carrier on said:

      "In the opal dawn, in the mist, arrows fall like black sleet on flesh and steel, and thunder on wooden shields, finding chinks in the failing defense."This passage serves as one more example of the strength of Cherryh's prose; how simple, how evocative, how unmistakably powerful it can be. At times, this dedication to description borders on poetry. At times, that description gets in the way of (or entirely supplants) the plot, but more on that later.The battle above serves to introduce two new c [...]

    10. Ken Richards on said:

      Exile's Gate begins with two riders and a world gate. One is dark and rides a pale horse, the other, pale on a grey horse. It ends the same way. This is the doom laid on Morgaine and chosen by her companion Nhi Vanye.It is a harsh and unforgiving tale, full of exhaustion, betrayal and horror. And of love, devotion and loyalty in the face of those extremities. The story resumes the quest to destroy the gates which threaten time itself on this world and on all worlds. Ten years may have passed for [...]

    11. Data on said:

      I always enjoy Cherryh's sharp insight into the human (and non-human) soul. This fourth book in the series was non-stop action, all violent and soul-draining however.

    12. Campbell Mcaulay on said:

      Exiles Gate is the fourth and final outing in CJ Cherryh's Morgaine saga; the first three stories having been published under one title, the Chronicles of Morgaine. My copy was a fairly elderly one, tatty, worn out and dogeared, having survived about six house moves, numerous car-boot-sale culls and finally being lost forever having been left on a plane at Amsterdam airport. It was recently replaced (thanks to Marketplace) with an equally tatty second hand copy. my only consolation is that the [...]

    13. Bruna on said:

      I read the other books of this saga as a young adult. I liked them very much and never forgot Morgaine, Vanye and their endless quest. I discovered Exile's Gate only some time ago - it has never been translated into my language - and I was so happy to find a new piece of the story that I read the book in one shot. Then, for the first time in all my life, I felt the need of translating the first chapter in Italian - for my own pleasure, of course, as I'm certainly not a skilled translator (as you [...]

    14. Lisa Feld on said:

      I really wanted to love this book. And honestly, there's a lot here to love, if you've enjoyed the Morgaine Saga up to this point: another adventure with very different worldbuilding and politics from the ones we've seen in the previous trilogy, Vanye growing to become a more equal partner and deepening his relationship with Morgaine, plus some tantalizing details about Morgaine's origin and upbringing. And a supporting character very similar to Vanye in some ways, who acts as a foil to show tha [...]

    15. Nenya on said:

      This book was better on reread, because the whole Chei plot made a lot more sense when I'd watched the qhal/human interactions over the course of three different books set on three different worlds. So did the length, and slightly different feel, when I knew it was a sequel written ten years later! I'm also both slightly confused and a good bit intrigued by the further revelations about Morgaine's backstory here. I want to know more, and more about how gates work from a sci-fi POV. And feel we n [...]

    16. Sleepseeker on said:

      I love this whole series of books. I read them when I was in Middle School and I still love them today. This is the last book in the series but we never got an ending to these books and after all these years I doubt we'll get another book in the Morgaine Saga. Even though these books were never given an ending, I would still recommend them to anybody to read. I love all her books in this series and I love the two main characters and the building relationship between the two of them. This book is [...]

    17. Linda on said:

      I don't like this book *quite* as well as the previous books, but it's still a good read. I might give it 4-1/2 stars, given the option. As usual, the characters are interesting and the plot mind-bending in a fun and Cherryh sort of way. I don't like the ending of this book as well as the others. Although it is a window into the two main characters, it's not a nice one. And Cherryh often ends her books with a poignant epilogue that is missing from this book. Just because I don't like it as well [...]

    18. Mark on said:

      There is a plot, but it is merely a structure to drape the book over. (Morgaine and Vayne, liege and vassal, ride from world to world to destroy the reality threatening teleportation Gates. They leave behind chaos and suffering from undermining the societies built around the Gates.) The story is all Vayne's struggle between duty, honor, friendship, and love while coping with Morgain whose mission overrides any concerns of mercy or warmth or truth. The effect of telling the story from Vayne's poi [...]

    19. Dan on said:

      Very welcome sequel to the first 3 books. I thought the first three were perfect in their closure with Roh and Vanye. this one has famiklar elements, Morgaine always the observed, we're never inside her head (adds to the tension) her "thees and thous" when speaking with vanye in Andurien, and the 'couplish' relationship the two main protagonists have. I was sad that there was no feeling of closure here, it seemed ready-made for a to-be-continued. At least her oriigns are revealed here. Loyalty, [...]

    20. Vanessa on said:

      This particular series is one of Cherryh's best and I like everything she writes. None of the books are really complete on their own, which I suppose is why each gets 4 stars from me rather than 5, although I probably enjoyed these books more than some of the books I've given 5 stars. I wish there were more books in this series. There easily could be, and I'm not sure why she decided not to take this series any further. Cherryh hints at a connection to her Alliance-Union universe that would have [...]

    21. Sarah G. on said:

      It's definitely evident in this book that Cherryh's storytelling skills improved in the ten years between its publication and that of TMS 1–3. Although it's a great story and a great follow-up to the first three books, there are certain points where it almost seems as if Cherryh is making fun of herself and/or the fantasy genre. It's pretty subtle, though, because Cherryh is good at that. Definitely my favorite book of TMS.

    22. Nick on said:

      Alas, I was hoping for a different ending. The sentimentalist in me was ready for dessert, a fire, and a cosy castle after so many miles on the road, so many bruises to the body, and so many wounds to the heart. But the story ends only to begin the cycle again, and so the myth endures. And of course that's the only way a tale like this one could wrap up. A great work of fantasy to set alongside The Lord of the Rings and Narnia.

    23. Cathy Purchis on said:

      This was the second time I've read this book, and although I couldn't remember the details, I did know one thing for certain about how it ended. And yet I was so anxious about the characters at one point that I had to stop reading. (view spoiler)[ I really should feel like having Vanye's "pattern" stored in the gate so that he gets rejuvenated every time he goes through is a cheat, but I guess I am too fond of these characters to want to see him grow old and die on Morgaine. (hide spoiler)]

    24. Frank on said:

      Read it fresh from the press. The faint smell of ink, the crackle of a spine losing virginity. Hot blonde, sword, world gates to close. It took me years to keep my writing as derivative of this Science Fiction Confection. Out of print for a long time, even prowling the shelves of used book store. I think the three are back in an omnibus edition.

    25. Travis on said:

      really unsatisfactory attempt to wrap up the major story lines of this saga. Biggest book of the series and yet the one where the least amount seems to happen.No feeling of a resolution, just more that Cherryh lost interest or didn't know what to do next. Shame as it's one of my favorite works of hers and I wished she'd do more with these characters.

    26. Jared on said:

      Interesting characters and premise but each book is EXACTLY the same. I read them all expecting something to finally happen in the overall story, but it never does. If you've read one of the four you've read them all an it's honestly like deja vu after that.

    27. Justjeanette on said:

      I first read this many, many years ago I have Michael Whelan's limited edition of the cover hanging at home I still want to see more of these two, I re-read Exile's Gate, in particular, every 2 or three years still.

    28. Steve on said:

      Best of the series I thought. Struggled with the previous 3 books but persisted with them because their CJ's. Many questions answered in the last chapters about Morgaine's origins which helped the rating.

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