The Shadow and the Star

Laura Kinsale

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The Shadow and the Star

The Shadow and the Star THE SHADOWWealthy powerful and majestically handsome he is a man of dark secrets a master of the ancient martial arts of an exotic distant land Scarred by a childhood of shocking degradation he has

  • Title: The Shadow and the Star
  • Author: Laura Kinsale
  • ISBN: 9780380761319
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE SHADOWWealthy, powerful and majestically handsome, he is a man of dark secrets a master of the ancient martial arts of an exotic distant land Scarred by a childhood of shocking degradation, he has sworn to love chastely but burns with the fires of unfulfilled passionE STARLovely, innocent and nearly destitute, she is drawn to him by a fevered yearning she couldTHE SHADOWWealthy, powerful and majestically handsome, he is a man of dark secrets a master of the ancient martial arts of an exotic distant land Scarred by a childhood of shocking degradation, he has sworn to love chastely but burns with the fires of unfulfilled passionE STARLovely, innocent and nearly destitute, she is drawn to him by a fevered yearning she could never deny following her enigmatic shadow warrior into a dangerous world of desire and righteous retribution.

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      161 Laura Kinsale
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    One thought on “The Shadow and the Star

    1. Julianna on said:

      The Shadow and the Star is a very dark story that could have benefited from a few more lighter moments. Still, I was able to find a stark beauty in it's raw emotional intensity. I have to give kudos to Laura Kinsale for her willingness to tackle a topic as difficult and painful as the abuse and prostitution of children with great compassion. Having the hero be the one who had suffered this abuse makes the story rather unique to the genre. The actual abuse scenes are little more than brief snippe [...]

    2. Res on said:

      The Victorian romance where Samuel is a child prostitution survivor and a Hawaiian ninja. I can add nothing to this.No, actually, I can, because I'm afraid I didn't really care for either of the major characters.Leda comes across throughout as a little old woman. A conventional little old Victorian woman with a commonplace mind. I sympathized with her plight, yes, but I didn't see anything special about her whatsoever. Samuel apparently knows only two women his age, and the other one might as we [...]

    3. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      I love this book. Samuel Gerard is three of my favorite heroes in one: virgin, warrior, and tortured. And Leda is a unique and likeable heroine. She is principled and kind, and can see past the surface to the man that Samuel is. It's a very touching book and my only complaint is I would love an epilogue about two of my favorite characters and their life together.

    4. Crista on said:

      I love reading reviews, and there are some incredible reviews of this book, however I always seem to feel the need to voice my own opinion. here's my two cents. Just a quick synopsis. Samuel was horribly abused as a child. He is taken in by Lady Tess and Lord Gryphon from the book "Hidden Heart" and made a part of their family. He has major scars, literal and figurative, from his abuse and is horribly wounded as a man. Leda was also "adopted" and is very much alone in the world. She comes to liv [...]

    5. Ally on said:

      So, after some serious thinking, I hate this book. And I love this book.I don't hate it for many of the reasons I hear bandied aboutI could give a sh!t less about the OW, because she was rarely an "other woman". She was barely a woman. She was barely a human. She was a construct of perfection that our fractured hero needed to fool himself in to thinking he was good, pure, healthy and human. Don't get me wrong. I yelled at this book, specifically Mr. Gerard a lot. He pissed me right the hell off. [...]

    6. MissCherry on said:

      Me ha gustado mucho más que el anterior que leí de ella. En esta el personaje de la protagonista se me ha hecho moderadamente soportable, aunque ni de lejos entrañable como se me ha hecho el del protagonista. Samuel es un personaje con mucha miga y esa miga me ha faltado en Leda para que fuese perfecto. El libro va desde Londres hasta Hawai, lo que lo hace dinámico. Tiene algunas de esas escenas que no se te olvidan nunca como por ejemplo la del collar, que me ha parecido redonda. ¿Que habr [...]

    7. Lyuda on said:

      This is my second re-read of the book.Published in 1991, it still holds its awesomeness on re-read. I'm in awe of the author who created this unforgettable romance and complex characters. Please, Ms. Kinsale, come back to writing!

    8. Alex Morrison on said:

      Update 3/11/2016:Leda, our heroine, is possibly my favorite Kinsale heroine to date. She, by far, is the one that I can relate to the most and I really loved being exclusively in her head for the first half of the novel. She's a woman living on her own in Victorian London, trying to make ends meet, but because of social mores there are tough and dangerous situations that she cannot control due to economic status and being female."Here she preferred not to dally at an idle pace, but picked her wa [...]

    9. Nefise on said:

      I am a little bit hesitant towards the author due to one of her book I read. Although, aforementioned book is one of the best known and loved one, I had issues about romance part about it. Therefore, I was not sure if I liked it.However, I liked the book immensely, unfortunately, I can’t say that I loved it. Again, the romance factor made me feel this way.I think, I can’t express enough how much I liked both plot and narrative. I have a tendency and curiosity about Japanese culture, it might [...]

    10. Susan on said:

      So, I was scared to read this because even I, who read these books like it's my job, balk at the idea of a romance novel about a ninja in Victorian England.I liked it though, really liked it, because it has excessive use of the word "sir" in endearing and romantical moments, and because the heroine is a bit of a priss, but not annoyingly so.My problem is that Kinsale has left some key literary devices to my imagination, and I've got a very cynical one, imagination that is, so I don't appreciate [...]

    11. LuvGirl on said:

      I cannot deny that this book was well written. LK knows how to tell a story and write interesting characters. I wasn't blown away by this book however. It had it's moments of greatness that made me smile and tear up, but it failed to keep me clued to the pages. I found myself being anxious for it to come to it's conclusion towards the ending when the sword storyline took precedence over the romance. I was also hoping for Samuel to reassure the reader that he wasn't in love with Lady Caroline any [...]

    12. Erika on said:

      Not going to read this. Originally I wanted to because I really would love more books with virgin heroes -- just a break from the masses of manwhores.My reason why I am not going to read:(view spoiler)[ Unfortunately, after reading a dozen reviews, I found multiple references to the hero obsessing over and fantasizing about an OW for 3/4 of the book. Not for me. (hide spoiler)]

    13. Andrea (Catsos Person) is a Compulsive eBook Hoarder on said:

      ~3.70~HRBC BOTM February 16-29, 2016 theme--Late VictorianThis was a good reading experience of a very different sort of HR!I'm looking forward to reading more from this author!

    14. Melissa on said:

      Laura Kinsale is a goddess. Do I really need to write more of a review than that? ;) She can take the craziest sounding premise -- in this case the love story of a former child prostitute/white Hawaiian ninja and a prim and proper Victorian Englishwoman -- and spin something deep and rich and emotionally truthful out of it. Complex characters, beautiful prose, heart-wrenching emotion, exotic locations, a bit of adventureassic Kinsale, in other words.This novel is a follow-up to The Hidden Heart, [...]

    15. Ridley on said:

      Not really sure why this is some sort of classic. The ninja bits are as ridiculous as they sound. The ninja intrigue at the end vastly overshadowed the romance and bored the shit out of me, leaving me skimming through the final 50 pages or so. It wasn't a bad book, but I could easily put it down to play Bejeweled for a bit without feeling any sort of urgency to get back to it. I never became invested in the romance or the intrigue.

    16. Luli on said:

      Me estaba encantando esta historia. Un romance muy pausado, unos protagonistas cautivadores y un escenario de lo más original y novedoso.Mr. Gerard es guapísimo y con un físico que roza la perfección. Es callado y distante pero también es observador y educado. Y tiene un pasado más que oscuro.Leda es atractiva y tímida y acérrima defensora del decoro y la formalidad y además está a un paso de convertirse en una “sin techo”… así que cuando el apuesto Mr. Gerard le ofrece una solu [...]

    17. Lea's Audiobooks Hensley on said:

      Narrated by Nicholas BoultonContent: A+ Narration: A-It’s finally here. I’ve been talking about The Shadow and the Star since I first discovered Laura Kinsale’s plans to release her books in audio format. In case you haven’t heard (which is doubtful if you hang around AudioGals), this is my favorite Kinsale book, so much so, that it also ranks as one of my all-time favorite historical romances.Through Nicholas Boulton’s performances of Kinsale’s titles, my appreciation for her writin [...]

    18. Ania on said:

      This book was amazing! Exactly the quality of story telling I've come to expect from a Laura Kinsale book. She never disappoints. The ending could've been a bit "more" but other than that, I LOVED IT.Leda, the heroine is great, brave and a true woman of honor in every sense of the word while Samuel is the kind of self-tortured, quiet, mysterious hero that you can't help but want to give him a giant hug and still jump him at the same time, all the while helping him get rid of his inner demons. He [...]

    19. Sally on said:

      Oh look. Another 5 stars for a Laura Kinsale book. My brains not at full power at the moment so I don't really have anything intelligent to say. I loved this book (what a big surprise). I love how it's again different. Plenty of interesting plot, gorgeous writing and wonderful characters. I am a sucker for damaged heroes and this one certainly is. AND IT HURTS. I want to give him a great big hug. And I hate the villain from The Hidden Heart EVEN MORE. I didn't think it would be possible.

    20. Cassandra Dexter Colby on said:

      Un libro que me ha hecho llorar. Laura Kinsale sabe crear unos personajes que nos llegan al corazón. alacamaconunlibro

    21. Nani on said:

      4 estrellas.Pero para mí, una gran decepción, en cuanto al personaje de Samuel. No tiene nada que ver con el aspecto de su introducción al mundo de las artes marciales. Sino en como ha tratado a Leda durante casi todo el libro, ha sido cruel, insensible, egoísta, como un niño mimado que no se salía con la suya. Leda, ha sido un amor, con sus tonterías sobre como comportarse en la sociedad, me hacía mucha gracia sus comentarios. Pero siempre ha sido una persona firme en sus creencias (lo [...]

    22. Dαɴιjα on said:

      In January, 2015 I fell in love with a book, a book so beautiful it was more than enough to make me a fan of the author who wrote it. Since Flowers from the Storm I've only read three more novels penned by Laura Kinsale, in part because knowing I still have several of her books left to read comforts me, and in part because I'm a bit of a chicken -- Ms. Kinsale's books are beautifully written, but not always easy to read. In all honesty, I started reading The Shadow and the Star way back in May. [...]

    23. Kat Desi on said:

      Actually good stuff except I was expecting some epic romance story with all those high rates but then I didn't get it. So there

    24. Naty Levin on said:

      Una vez más me cruzo con uno de esos libros que no se puede dejar de leer ni un segundo. Incluso si la historia avanza lentamente por momentos, incluso si me sobró un poco de toda la cuestión oriental y algunas descripciones. La tensión enorme entre Samuel y Leda y la intriga por saber cómo iban a salir del atolladero emocional en que estaban metidos me tuvo enganchada leyendo. Muy buena historia, totalmente recomendable aunque le haya encontrado algunos puntos flojos. Porque me faltó una [...]

    25. Ashley on said:

      Revising on 1/27/2016. I pretty much became obsessed with this book after I read it, after I found myself still thinking about it for days after having written the review below. I'd initially said it was a 4.5 star read. I've reread parts of this book so many times in the last month that there's no way I could give this anything less than a full 5 stars. My objective self knows it's not nearly as perfect as a book like Flowers from the Storm, but I love it just as much: white ninja, Tiffany neck [...]

    26. Wendy on said:

      The dream team of Laura Kinsale and Nicholas Boulton have pulled off another coup! I'm not sure I would have enjoyed this half as much if I had just been reading it, Ms. Kinsale, talented and clever as she is, writes very complicated stories that send one on an emotional roller coaster, much more enjoyable when read by the wonderfully talented, velvet voiced, versatile Nicholas Boulton.Samuel Gerard is a fabulously handsome, clever, talented but emotionally damaged young man after a childhood of [...]

    27. Margaret on said:

      This is the second Kinsale which grabbed me hard and wouldn't let go. (The first was Flowers from the Storm.) Samuel Gerard has been brought up in Hawaii by a family of English aristocrats who rescued him from childhood abuse; trained by their Japanese butler in the ways of the ninja, he wants nothing more than to marry his foster sister and live chastely with heruntil he meets Leda Etoile, a young and proper London woman who has fallen on hard times. The plot is on the bizarre side (hey, it's K [...]

    28. Kathylill on said:

      This really is a bizarre book but nonetheless I LOVED IT. I don't think anybody else could have written this story as good and convincing. This is a fairy tale regency romance with some heavy elements of Japanese martial arts mythology featuring a scarred virgin alpha-male hero from Hawaii and a very prim and proper orphan seamstress from London. It really has everything what some might not like about bodice ripper romance novels from the 90es: that cover with a half-naked Fabio-lookalike that y [...]

    29. MashJ on said:

      Based in Victorian England and Hawaii but featuring a slightly bizarre Japanese subplot. About a seamstress and an entrepenuer. The hero has had a horrendous childhood and his difficultly in getting over his experiences is totally comprehensible whereas this is an area where many romance authors really fail- they either don't like the characters to suffer enough to make it realistic or they find difficulty in translating the experiences to the page. Laura Kinsale didn't fail at all and yet she m [...]

    30. Summer on said:

      This book became very close to being on my 'hero is a jerk' shelf. That, among a few other quibbles kept this from being a 5 star book. But really Laura Kinsale's writing has impressed me again, especially with how ridiculous the plot is. For starters, the hero is a blond Englishman by birth who has grown up in Hawaii and is a fricking NINJA! Laura Kinsale seems to like creating highly original romance heroes and heroines. However, I found the writing well done and worthy of at least 4 stars, re [...]

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