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Especiales Tally se ha unido a Circunstancias Especiales y ahora est programada para vencer a la resistenciaYa hace mucho tiempo que Tally dej de ser una una imperfecta rebelde e indisciplinada Por aquel entonce

  • Title: Especiales
  • Author: Scott Westerfeld
  • ISBN: 9788484415985
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tally se ha unido a Circunstancias Especiales y ahora est programada para vencer a la resistenciaYa hace mucho tiempo que Tally dej de ser una una imperfecta rebelde e indisciplinada Por aquel entonces, ella a n cre a que los especiales eran solo un rumor siniestro y aterrador de ellos se dec a que eran veloces, atractivos y crueles como nadie Ir nicamente, el destTally se ha unido a Circunstancias Especiales y ahora est programada para vencer a la resistenciaYa hace mucho tiempo que Tally dej de ser una una imperfecta rebelde e indisciplinada Por aquel entonces, ella a n cre a que los especiales eran solo un rumor siniestro y aterrador de ellos se dec a que eran veloces, atractivos y crueles como nadie Ir nicamente, el destino ha llevado a Tally a convertirse en especial y, tras someterse a la m s sofisticada de las operaciones quir rgicas, ha perdido muchos de los recuerdos de su pasado Sin embargo, cuando la doctora Cable le asigna la misi n de acabar con la resistencia, Tally se ve obligada a escuchar una voz que le habla desde lo m s hondo de su coraz n, donde todav a laten memorias imborrables

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      365 Scott Westerfeld
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    One thought on “Especiales

    1. Trin on said:

      This disappointed me so much. I really lovedUglies and there was a lot to admire aboutPretties, but I found this to be a highly unsatisfactory conclusion. I’m still trying to figure out why it so completely failed to work for me. I think mostly it’s a case of character development: Tally goes through a lot of mental and emotional changes in these books, which makes sense, because her brain is being fucked with. In the first two books, Westerfeld took the time to explore these transitions, an [...]

    2. Beth A. on said:

      So I didn't like Tally as much in this book. Her personality has been altered by the "special" surgery, so she looks down on anyone who isn't "special" themselves. Part of the plot line is that she is supposed to overcome this, but I didn't feel she completely did.Other things that marred my enjoyment of this storyI hated the cutting aspect. Several times they talk about cutting, and how "Icy" it makes them feel. Eventually Tally quit, but only because it was repugnant to Zane, then because she [...]

    3. Beth on said:

      I can’t seem to write about this without giving away some plot elements from the first two books. So, warning: spoilers may arise.Well, Specials — the final volume in the Uglies trilogy — finally came up on my hold-list at the library! After finishing the novel I was in the middle of, I picked up Specials to wrap up all the loose ends I’d been wondering about since Pretties had ended. How would Tally fight her way out of being “special?” What new insights into our my own existence wo [...]

    4. Christina on said:

      One thing I've noticed about Westerfeld's novels is how bittersweet the endings are. Although there is still a rainbow (or fireworks) to brighten the blow, there is still death, failure, destruction. Westerfeld knows life will never have a happy ending, just a bittersweet one.Specials is no exception. Although the novel starts off slow, it quickly builds up speed, carrying you along Tally's final journey. She's now a Cutter, a Special Circumstances pet project. Cutters are stronger -and more obn [...]

    5. Jenelle on said:

      Oh Scott! I am so so proud of you! Only 2 'purchases' in the whole book! Such an improvement: like you can think for yourself, like youre curing yourself of bogus making writing! Bravo.Ok, as far as the series is concerned, this is where I'm abandoning ship. I held on this long in hope that somehow you would bring me around and show me how to like Tally, but it kind of went the opposite direction, you know? Anyway, I'm stopping here because youve given me no reason to continue. The fourth book, [...]

    6. Bethany on said:

      What happened? It wasn't the greatest series I'd ever read but c'mon! Did they give him time? It was worse the the third movie sequel that shouldn't have had a second. Where do I begin with this train wreck? There wasn't one storyline that was wrapped up. The plot was thrown together so hastily and it left more holes (and was as deep as) an 80's John Hughes film. The ONE character I thought was interesting barely featured and fizzled out pathetically so much potential! Also, the ending was the W [...]

    7. Audrey on said:

      I have ambivalent feelings about this book. It's fatally flawed in my opinion, both in tone and content. The tone is adolescent hyper-drama. which is okay I suppose since it's written for a teen audience. But, as an example of literature, it falls flat and since my interest in YA lit is exclusively how it might be used in the classroom or whether I can suggest the book for outside reading, I have to say, it's a problem. Soaking in a gossipy, soap opera loop of teenage angst and action adventure [...]

    8. Ariel on said:

      WHAT A FANTASTIC FINALE! WOW!I read Uglies at the beginning of this year and really enjoyed it later on I read Pretties and was really disappointed. It took me a while to get around to Specials, but boy am I glad I did because I enjoyed it so much!It had all of the action, emotion, moral dilemma, character development, and great story-telling as the first one! I won't say too much more since I'm planning a review video, but I was so happy with this finale to the trilogy! YAY!

    9. Jeanna on said:

      Finally I have finished this series (I have politely deleted the adjectives that I considered adding to describe "series"). And even though I only spent about two hours on this one, skipping entire pages and frequently entire chapters, part of me still thinks that it was an hour too long. If you are interested in this series, simply use the formula below and insert the suggested words into the blanks for each different book:1. Tally doesn't like or feels out of place being ____.2. Tally gets rop [...]

    10. Valerie on said:

      I have only commented on on a couple of books I've read, but this one really bothered me. (I still liked it enough to not stop reading, hence the three stars.) By the time I finished all three, I felt I had been lectured to and virtually yelled at about how awful a people we currently are and how horrifying our lifestyle is. Even though I am more than twice the age of the target audience (:-), I think the target audience is well equipped to understand a more nuanced approach to the obvious mess [...]

    11. Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤ on said:

      Alright, let's get this over with.******Spoilers ahead******Soooooooo, we catch up with Tally who we know has been carted away back to New Pretty Town after Special Circumstances raids The Smoke - again. Tally wakes up and is nowwait for itwait for itA SPECIAL!!! I know!!! I was in utter shock too!!! sarcasmTally is an extra speshul Special with the Special Circumstances agency. Try saying that three times fast. She has a super dooper new skeleton, super strong muscular muskles, and triangular s [...]

    12. ✨ k i t k a t on said:

      No, this book wasn't for me at all.I started off flying through it, then it went to plodding along, then it went to snail pace, im surprised i even managed to finish it, i started reading it may 3rd, its now may 30th, took me nearly four weeks - which is rare. Tally annoyed me 90% of the time, to be honest - i don't think i liked a single character in this anymore, maybe i just got bored of the series i just didn't enjoy this one very much did start to pick up but i still didn't care for the end [...]

    13. Jess on said:

      And you thought that horrendous bubbly crap was over Ha, just kidding! Now we're all icy. (Whoopee-doo-daa.)I was well aware that I was most likely going to be disappointed with this finale because it is a truth universally acknowledged that a trilogy never wraps up well. But this ending was just so underwhelming, it puts Specials is on a whole new level.The writing, which I can only describe as crude, hasn't improved at all since the first instalment. Who edited this?! The characters remain unb [...]

    14. Phoenix2 on said:

      So, Tally was ugly, became bubbly and now she's icy. We found her as special this time around, working with the Cutters, a special unit of the SC, with Shay as the leader. Okay, the plot wasn't that good. I mean, the main idea was to make Zane special, and so he had to prove that he worth being special. But for me, and I don't know if it was something that the book tried to pass through as well, it was more about Tally finding Tally again. And, to be honest, I like David more than Zane, but that [...]

    15. Ben on said:

      this series of books caught my interest when i read a review by another member who seemed to have tastes similar to my own. so i was a little surprised when i realized it was young adult fiction but seeing as i am always looking for what may be the next great dystopian work i decided to give it a go. for the record i started out with the first in the series, uglies, but a week or so later i had torn thru the first three which seem to be the trilogy. there is another in the series but the charac [...]

    16. Liv (Оља) on said:

      So, first of all, here is a quick review: Plot- it was rather interesting and there were some really action packed parts. On the other hand, I did not support some decisions made by Tally (even though I did understand them). It could have been much better. 3/5Characters- Tally has a totally new personality (which is always cool reading about), Shay is super crazy once again, David is a bae (even though there were AGAIN only few scenes featuring him) 4/5 Romance- I guess the romance was there? We [...]

    17. Violet on said:

      COUNT AS TWO BOOKS! Tally has been transformed into a strong, mean person like the specials she saw when she was an ugly and pretty.Everything is perfect, Shay and Tally are friends, the privileges of being a special type of special (a cutter), and she can have any crazy surgery she wants.When she helps Special Circumstances bring the Smoke down, her life as a pretty and ugly clash with her current life, making her decide if she should follow orders or fight for the places and people that bring [...]

    18. ★ Jess on said:

      Note: I am considering this book the finale of a trilogy, because Extras was an un-planned addition.It is finally time for me to deal with Specials, the final book in the trilogy that began with Uglies. I have put off this review for a couple of days, because I honestly dont know how I feel about this one. I think the main problem for me, is the fact that Specials is the conclussion to a trilogy, yet it certainly did not seem that way when I was reading it. Allow me to explain: The Hunger Games [...]

    19. Edward's Ghost Engine (also known as.......... Jinky Spring) on said:

      What a negative book!I truly disliked the Special Tally, because not only was she an asshole but because I really liked her in the previous books. I know it wasn't her fault she got turned Special but stillThe plot was full of intrigue and action, but the parts that disappointed me most were when Tally was a bitch to all her old friends, not to mention what she did to Zane I found it even more annoying when she (view spoiler)[on more than one occasion, refused the cure to being Special-minded in [...]

    20. Christina on said:

      I really liked the first book, and I liked the second book a little (although it seemed repetitive), but I was disappointed with this one. I have a hard time knowing how to rate it! On the one hand, the story is very creative. It was fascinating to read from a 'super human' point of view with Tally scaling walls and jumping up trees. However, she is no longer someone you can relate to - or even like! You pity her because all of her choices lead to more heartache and disaster (for her and everyon [...]

    21. Rory on said:

      Specials is the conclusion of a trilogy; the Uglies series technically extends to a fourth novel, Extras, but the story follows a new girl and not Tally Youngblood, the perspective character of the first three books. However, there was no satisfying conclusion to be found in Specials, as it seemed like the same story recycled for the third time.That's not to say there weren't enjoyable parts. Westerfeld knows how to write action sequences, and despite my frustration with the story, I could occas [...]

    22. Kat on said:

      I've been in geek denial lately when it comes to my reading habits but I'll go ahead and say itI like YA sci-fi! Ok?! Not high-fantasy space and other worlds stuff, but near-future dystopian sci-fi. "The Adoration of Jenna Fox", "Unwind", "The Hunger Games"l stuff that I've read lately and enjoyed. So naturally I figured it was time to finally read the popular Uglies trilogy. A lot of the teen readers in my library are into it, so I gave it a try. Ok, so this is totally nerdy, but I'd compare my [...]

    23. Ariana Mcmillan on said:

      Personally I think “Specials” was a great book, the only thing I did not enjoy was the ending. The book’s ending made me a bit angry, I understand Westerfeld’s style, his endings tend to leave you with a few questions which urge you to read more, but this book being the last of the trilogy I was very disappointed. I’m not the type of reader that loves cliffhangers and I would have prefered a much more explained ending. I hope in his next book “Extras” he tells a bit about Tally and [...]

    24. Sami on said:

      ****MANY SPOILERS!*****This is one of my favorites out of the whole trilogy! I found it really hard to make it through without getting teary-eyed when Zane died ecspecially since I could almost feel Tally's pain the way Westerfeld wrote about it and since Zane had had the surgery so Tally wouldn't be disgusted with her anymore. I found it interesting when Maddy found a cure for being special but Tally once again fought her way out of it. It was a big shocker to me when the person saving Tally fr [...]

    25. Maria on said:

      3º livro desta saga. Esperava mais, muito mais. Achei que era mais do mesmo. Inicio parecido com os anteriores, enrola, enrola e o final idênticos aos 2 primeiros. Tenho o 4º para ler mas não fiquei com vontade, quem sabe um dia

    26. Nigham on said:

      The second and third books are far much better than the first one with more Twists, Turns and Tricks!

    27. Briana on said:

      Original/full review here: thebookpixie/2009ReviewScott Westerfeld concludes his remarkable trilogy with his final installment, Specials. (Yes, I said TRILOGY. In my opinion, Extras was merely an after thought.) With Tally now a Special, she has even more power to change the course of events in her life and in the world. And she does.Specials was even better than its two predecessors, Uglies and Pretties, though they too, were great. Westerfeld continues to do an excellent job developing his cha [...]

    28. Emily on said:

      Series review (of the first three books anyway):This series wasn't my favorite. The books were fun in places and the concept was certainly good and brought up interesting topics and issues, but I really didn't care for the main character, which kind of ruined it for me. The ending was also quite unexciting. The writing style was very unsubtle and not the best, IMO (although it did improve slightly over the course of the three books). They might be fun books to just breeze through and enjoy witho [...]

    29. Davyne DeSye on said:

      Excellent conclusion to the Uglies trilogy.The biggest reason I liked this book is because in Uglies, we are inside the (untampered with) mind of Tally, who is a pre-16-year-old who has not yet had the operation on her 16th birthday that makes her a Pretty; in Pretties, we are inside the mind of Tally again – only this time after her operation… which has done more than change her appearance to make her Pretty.In both these books, you learn that there are basically three types of people in th [...]

    30. Oksana on said:

      DNF at 59%Well, this book was annoying. I struggled with it for three days, but I just couldn't. While I generally enjoyed Uglies and Pretties, Specials was slow, boring and full of a bunch of either flat or completely unlikable characters.After her operation to become a Special, Tally now acted and sounded like a robot. Honestly, there was now nothing about her anymore to make me care enough. I also never actially liked Shay from the very beginning of the series, but here she was just insuffera [...]

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