The Next Queen of Heaven

Gregory Maguire

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The Next Queen of Heaven

The Next Queen of Heaven A delight A funny and warmhearted exploration of the sacred and the profane Washington Post Reading The Next Queen of Heaven is like hanging on to the back of an out of control carnival ride terrifyin

  • Title: The Next Queen of Heaven
  • Author: Gregory Maguire
  • ISBN: 9780061997792
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • A delight A funny and warmhearted exploration of the sacred and the profane Washington Post Reading The Next Queen of Heaven is like hanging on to the back of an out of control carnival ride terrifying, thrilling, a once in a lifetime adventure Ann Patchett New York Times bestseller Gregory Maguire who re imagined the land of Oz and all its fabled inhabitants in hi A delight A funny and warmhearted exploration of the sacred and the profane Washington Post Reading The Next Queen of Heaven is like hanging on to the back of an out of control carnival ride terrifying, thrilling, a once in a lifetime adventure Ann Patchett New York Times bestseller Gregory Maguire who re imagined the land of Oz and all its fabled inhabitants in his monumental series, The Wicked Years brings us The Next Queen of Heaven, a wildly farcical and gloriously imaginative tall tale of faith, Catholic dogma, lust, and questionable miracles on the eve of Y2K The very bizarre and hilarious goings on in the eccentric town of Thebes make for a delightfully mad reading experience as The Next Queen of Heaven shows off the acclaimed author of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Mirror Mirror in a brilliant new heavenly light.

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    One thought on “The Next Queen of Heaven

    1. Irene Ziegler on said:

      This novel is an embarrassment, the equivalent of catching Gregory Maguire picking his nose at a stop light. Too harsh? Hey, he started it. On page 332: "Hogan picked his nose and flicked it at Kirk's bouffant, where it stuck and hung like a little worm." That's pretty much the juvenile tone throughout the book. You know a book is going to be bad when the author apologizes for it in the Author's Note. "For readers who know me primarily as a writer of fantasy, the setting and subject matter (and [...]

    2. Julie Johnson on said:

      This book was fantastic and is now one of my favourites. I've even gone back to read certain sections again (something I rarely if ever do). It was a joy to read it. I loved the characters, the small town setting, the plots. This book was very real, with real-life difficulties, which made the characters crystal clear and believable. They also had very believable flaws--which made them human. Painfully so. Yet their perspectives are told with their each unique brand of humor, that what would be a [...]

    3. Susan Emmet on said:

      So who is the next Queen of Heaven? Let's see. I don't know even minutes after finishing this 1999 novel of Gregory Maguire. I loved all his other books - the Wicked series, Lost, Mirror/Mirror, etc. - but this tome is a puzzle. I laughed often and hard, albeit at often crude/lewd/rude comments and characterizations. I loved the Catholics of Our Lady in (sort of) cahoots with members of the Pentecostal Radical Radiants, but my favorites were the 70+ yo nuns, led by Sister Mother Clare; Jeremy, t [...]

    4. Beau on said:

      I consider myself a Maguire fan, based on my enjoyment of a number of previous books. Wicked, of course, but I think that Ugly Stepsister was monumentally good. This book I confess that I gave up after 100 pages. Perhaps it gets better after that, but I won't be around to find out. I'm being selfish. I didn't care about anyone in the book. I wasn't curious about what happened next. I kind of felt like I was reading about Liir, or Chabon's "Mysteries of Pittsburgh." But in the end, I felt like T [...]

    5. Terence on said:

      The only other Maguire novel I've read is his now legendary Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, 20 years ago when I was a callow graduate student at UCLA. I remember liking it more for the subversive revision of the children's classic than for any other reason. I enjoy that kind of literature - Jason & Medeia, The Looking Glass Wars, Gloriana, Or The Unfulfill'd Queen, King Jesus: A Novel, et al.When I read the blurb for this novel, I expected something along the line [...]

    6. Amy on said:

      Finished this last night and am still mulling it over. There were moments as I was reading it when I smiled or chuckled or maybe even laughed out loud at some of the quirky bits and phrases. I really wish I'd followed my sometimes-pattern of marking those spots so I could dutifully report them here, but for some reason, I didn't mark them.Let me say straight off that there were several things I really liked about this book. The main thing was how Concord Press and Gregory Maguire made it availab [...]

    7. Nicole on said:

      After reading this book, I can see the correlations between it and the back cover synopsis, but can't help feeling that the back cover was misleading. For example, Mrs. Scales does not at any point in the book speak in tongues. Also, "Christmas pageant" is the wrong term for the Christmas Eve mass debacle it depicts (there are no people, just chipped old creche statues, and I've always thought a pageant involved real people acting out somethingbut maybe I'm wrong. I could live with that.)Where t [...]

    8. Zoë on said:

      I really want to enjoy every book I read; that's the whole reason I pick them up in the first place, because they sound interesting. However every once in awhile you hit a dud, and The Next Queen of Heaven by Gregory Maguire is one book that just never got my attention, let alone kept it. The book is the story of the town Thebes, full of eccentric characters including Mrs. Scales who becomes a little crazy after being knocked on the head by a Catholic statue, her daughter Tabitha who rebels agai [...]

    9. Rosa on said:

      Picked this up in my local Border’s going out of business sale, knowing nothing about author Gregory Maguire, and figuring the paperback would do as light-hearted entertainment on one of my upcoming plane trips across the Pacific. I was a little nostalgic for one of those pleasures Kindle has robbed me of: Finishing a paperback on a trip and being happy to leave it behind as a surprise for the next guest to inherit your hotel room or for the housekeeper, or the barista making my coffee each mo [...]

    10. John on said:

      I think my 3-star rating of this book may be a bit generous as I sit down to write this review. I had to force myself to finish reading this story mostly out of curiosity as to how it would end. And, now that I am finished, admitedly, I find myself asking, "So what?"A collection of wacky characters and their inter-related life stories are the backdrop of the storyline that includes a three-time divorced mother (Mrs. Leontina Scales) who is a member of the 'Cliffs of Zion Radical Radiant Pentecos [...]

    11. melydia on said:

      While I was reading this, I was really enjoying it, but now that I look back, I can't quite figure out what it was trying to do. There's a lot of humor and a fair bit of tragedy, but not a whole lot of story. A woman goes mad when she gets clonked on the head by a statue of the Virgin Mary. A trio of gay men befriend a gaggle of elderly nuns. A teenage girl is self-righteously angry but also rather hilariously dumb. A man with HIV gets ill. People mistreat each other. A man is hopelessly obsesse [...]

    12. Rebecca on said:

      This was a neat read at Christmas for several reasons. First, it begins with a protestant parishioner who gets knocked on the head accidentally with a Catholic statuette of Mary and begins speaking in tongues right around Christmas time. (Ha! I just love this plot device.) Second, this book is free through Concord Free Press; all they ask is that you donate to a charity of your choice. This is also a beautiful representation of the Christmas spirit, and I applaud their efforts. I do think the ma [...]

    13. Nely on said:

      Gregory Maguire is known for his retelling of children's stories (i.e. The Wizard of Oz, The Little Match Girl, etc.) This is the first of his novels that I see that he has come up with a purely fictional story. I must confess that I did have some trouble with the amount of characters in this novel and I found myself more than once trying to get a grip on what was happening because I had one of the characters mistaken. It did get a little easier to read after a while, especially once I got the c [...]

    14. Jessica on said:

      Years ago I read "Wicked" by this author and thought I'd give this one a try when I stumbled across it at the library. It was a pleasant surprise that much of this book takes place during Christmas, as that wasn't mentioned on the back cover. While it does take place during the holiday season, it isn't a part of the story itself and only serves as more of a background for certain events, such as Midnight Mass in a Catholic church.This book was lighthearted, easy to read, and sometimes so goofy a [...]

    15. Wileyacez on said:

      Very, very different from the Gregory Maguire that I'm used to. I've been a huge fan of his dark, twisted, deep takes on the fairy tale and children's classics ever since Wicked was published. It comes as no surprise that Maguire has things to say that can only be said through telling a different type of story. This feels closer to an attempt to make some sense of certain topics--being a gay man who is deeply religious, small town life, the travesty of the AIDS epidemic, what family means, growi [...]

    16. Naomi on said:

      I'd like to give this 2 1/2 stars. It was a decent story and entertaining read although I thought it was uneven and didn't fulfill its potential. It could have been really good if he had just developed it some more and used some of the interesting characters he introduced only to ignore for the rest of the book.After being impressed by Wicked and The Ugly Stepsister, I have been consistently disappointed by Gregory Maguire, especially since his concepts for each novel have been so original. This [...]

    17. Blair on said:

      I swear Maguire has some other people writing stuff and putting his name on it. I understand that an author will not always hit it out of the park but it is an even 50/50 with this guy. Still trying to figure out what he was trying to accomplish with this book. No resolution, thin plot-line, just a bunch of stuff that happens with really weak dialogue. It feels like this is a short story he had stashed away somewhere, needed something to turn into the publisher in between "Wicked" books, fleshed [...]

    18. Nina on said:

      I did not finish this book. It's just too juvenile and negative. All the characters do is swear at each other and think the most unkind things. I don't even want to keep it on my home bookcase, that's how turned off I am. The funny thing is, I've liked Maguire's other books. There are a couple of sentences here and there that are funny, but most of it is complete rubbish. For an example.meone comes to the door.e teenage daughter tells her younger brother to say "f'you" to whoever it is. When the [...]

    19. Becca on said:

      Being an Upstate NY native and having the good fortune to pick up The Next Queen of Heaven at the precise time of year during which it is set, I found this book wonderfully atmospheric and hilariously familiar. Everything about it rang true. I can't believe that readers complain that the characters are over-the-top or stereotypical; I know every single one of these people. Perhaps the book is just too niche to find a wide audience, and hence the low rating, but I loved reading a book about chara [...]

    20. Kyrie on said:

      Greg Maguire is channeling Christopher Moore and doing a better job than Moore. It's nothing like Maguire's other books - it's not a take off on a fairy tale, and despite the title, it really isn't a take off on Mary, Mother of God, although her Son's church's feature heavily in it. It's about a three-times divorced mom who gets hit on the head by a statue of the Virgin Mary, in the church basement. Don't ask me why Mary was on top the refrigerator, maybe she was looking for a snack? Mom gets kn [...]

    21. Alia on said:

      Again, I wish I could do half stars, because I think my rating is more like 3.5 stars than 3. It was an interesting book, but very unlike Maguire's other writings. The characters were all normal small-town people dealing with maybe not-so-normal problems, like a woman being hit on the head by a Virgin Mary statue and going into a sort of coma. The book leaves you with the impression that maybe things will be okay for everyone at the end, but it doesn't tie things up too neatly or in ways that wo [...]

    22. Susan in NC on said:

      I got to page 100, and even though a few of the characters stirred my interest (Sister Alice and the elderly nuns), and there were some funny lines, I just couldn't bring myself to care about or like any of the other characters. They came across as hollow caricatures of various white trash types ("slutty, foul-mouthed teen", "flaky, ineffective religious-freak mother", "sensitive, probably gay baby of the family", etc.). Another reviewer here called this book "exceedingly tedious" and that sums [...]

    23. Andrea on said:

      The humor of this story is the slice of life humor that comes from a heart that can live a life and laugh at the stuff that life presents to that heart. This is a story with a big heart for all those that inhabit this small town in upstate New York. Gregory Maguire has created a world that is so real, rather than that of Wicked and his other fantasy books. I could imagine these things happening on an ordinary winter day in any small town in North America. Brilliant change of pace for Maguire and [...]

    24. Connie Marshall on said:

      this book was free online with the stipulation that you donate to a charity of your choice and log the donation amountand the charity's name on their website for tracking purposes and then pass the book on to someone after reading it and recording your name in the back of the book. It was different than any of his other books I've read but was perfect for the chilly damp weekend.

    25. Rick on said:

      Although this is a departure for Maguire, and for those of you who know him from his WICKED books, it was still a great read and refreshing to see him step away from the familiar magical realism into more conventional realism. Highly recommended for its unique cast of characters, inspired setting, and the questions it asks about life.

    26. Veronica on said:

      Hmm, this one was a little odd. I was at least 2/3s of the way through before I knew I would finish it, and think that if a 'must read' alternative had shown up, I would have given up. I'm glad I did persevere though, as I did find it improving. That said, though I liked the direction the characters took, I felt that their stories were incomplete.

    27. Heidi on said:

      I've never disliked a Gregory Maguire book before but I didn't like this book. New characters were being introduced as far as halfway into the book who had little or nothing to do with the storyline. The main characters themselves were almost all completely unlikeable people. And while I am not a fan of a tidy ending, I do need to at least feel like there has been some kind of resolution.

    28. Joey Alford on said:

      This story has me when mother said to teenage daughter, "let's talk about hymen integrity". But even with hilarious and witty dialogue, it often waxed and waned my interest. This not being the fault of the author, as I often over obligate my mind, I give four stars to anything that makes me laugh out loud. In public. For no visible reason.

    29. Paula on said:

      Couldn't even past the first 100 pages. Lots of nonsense that didn't relate to the storyline oh wait, I couldn't even figure out the storyline in the first 100 pages!

    30. Staci on said:

      This writing style was choppy to its own flow for me as a reader. I found myself rereading for influence as well as comprehension. I struggled to find the author's message.

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