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Suzanne Corso

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Brooklyn Story

Brooklyn Story To me some people lived in the real world and others lived Brooklyn It s the summer of and Samantha Bonti is fifteen years old half Jewish and half Italian and hesitantly edging toward pure B

  • Title: Brooklyn Story
  • Author: Suzanne Corso
  • ISBN: 9781439190227
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To me, some people lived in the real world and others lived Brooklyn It s the summer of 1978, and Samantha Bonti is fifteen years old, half Jewish and half Italian, and hesitantly edging toward pure Brooklyn, even if her dreams of something are bigger than the neighborhood girls teased hair She lives in Bensonhurst with her mother, Joan, a woman abandoned andTo me, some people lived in the real world and others lived Brooklyn It s the summer of 1978, and Samantha Bonti is fifteen years old, half Jewish and half Italian, and hesitantly edging toward pure Brooklyn, even if her dreams of something are bigger than the neighborhood girls teased hair She lives in Bensonhurst with her mother, Joan, a woman abandoned and scarred in a ruinous marriage, poisoned with cynicism, and shackled by addictions and with her Grandma Ruth, Samantha s loudest and most opinionated source of encouragement As flawed as they are, they are family Samantha s best friend is Janice Caputo, a girl who understands, as well as Samantha does, this close knit community of ancestors and traditions that stand like roadblocks, this insular overcrowded little world of controlling mobsters who mold their women like Jell O and of the wannabes, the charismatic young guys who are willing to engage in anything illegal to get a shot at playing with the big boys Yet, Samantha has something Janice doesn t a desire to become a writer and to escape the destiny that is assumed for all of them in the outer reaches of Bensonhurst And it s to be had just across the Brooklyn Bridge Then comes Tony Kroon.Older than Samantha, Tony is a blonde haired, blue eyed, half Sicilian, half Dutch mobster wannabe A Bensonhurst Adonis Taken in by his adoring attention, and empathetic to Tony s own struggles with identity, Samantha is falling in love, even when she s warned never to ask imprudent questions of Tony s life Even when her family and friends warn her to stay away Even when Samantha knows she s too smart to fall this deep but the last thing she wants is the first thing to happen Unable to resist Tony s seductive charms, Samantha soon finds herself swallowed up by dangerous circumstances that threaten to jeopardize than her dreams Grandma Ruth s advice Samantha had better write herself out this story and into a new one, fast.Told from the adult perspective, this is a powerful, true to life novel of leaving the past to history and the future to fate of restoring hope where there was none, and reaching for dreams in an inspiring promise of paradise called Manhattan.

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      204 Suzanne Corso
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    One thought on “Brooklyn Story

    1. Adrianna on said:

      This is bad really REALLY bad. It's incredibly poorly written and I didn't get past 50 pages of stereotypes and harping on the same character traits.

    2. Angelc on said:

      Naive Brooklyn girl, Samantha, falls for a handsome guy and ends up moving too fast and finds herself in an abusive relationship. This isn't really the type of book I like to read, I'd recommend it to those who like a very raw, gritty read. The book doesn't gloss over any of the seedy details. Parts were very hard to read, some scenes really made me squirm.There wasn't much else going on besides Samantha's relationship with Tony, which to be honest was quite a downer. This story was tough to rea [...]

    3. Sara on said:

      When I first heard about this book It hit a nerve in me. The story is practically my life in fiction. Samantha Bonti is a girl growing up in Bensonhurst who meets a controlling man and aspires to be a writer. That's pretty much my life in a nutshell, even the growing up in Bensonhurst part. That said, I was easily sucked into the story because of it's similarities to my life. The novel so far is pretty good, I won't say great, but good. The only thing that really aggravates me so far is samantha [...]

    4. joan on said:

      I ran into the Dollar store to pick up a card, stopped by the book bin and picked up Brooklyn Story. I'm glad I only paid a dollar for this sophomoric, jejune story.I understand Ms. Corso based this on her own life. As she recounts her sessions with Mr. Wainwright, the writing teacher who unfailingly praised her articles, I find it hard to believe that this part of the story was true.There were several incidences of grammatical errors and the author's editors did her no favors. By the way, the w [...]

    5. Deetimes on said:

      2.8 - 3.0 stars--- good start but very predicable read with too many grammatical errors throughout story

    6. Maria on said:

      What I Can Tell You:As a young girl, I lived in Bensonhurst Brooklyn when I was 13 1/2 years old after my mom died. It was a big move for a young girl from Millbrook, NY and I never quite fit in. Brooklyn is like a different world and I moved out the day I graduated High School.Suzanne's Brooklyn is the real Brooklyn. It is about honor, family, tradition, silence, and rising above. Samantha is a smart, head strong girl who loves with her beloved Grandma and her ailing mom. She meets Tony through [...]

    7. Kim on said:

      I'm surprised at all the positive reviews for this book. Yes, it's a nice coming-of-age story and shows the horrible effects of abuse and sexism, but it was very difficult for me to finish. The plot was slow and very predictable, and the story wasn't well-written at all. The author kept coming back (probably dozens of times) to the image/theme of Samantha crossing the bridge into Manhattan constantly. It seemed to be featured in almost every paragraph. The characters didn't have any depth and th [...]

    8. Ann Frohoff on said:

      This book had me from start to finish. Compelling, heart-wrenching and honest. Tony was such a douche bag & brings back memories of putting up with shit because of being young and in love (too young to know better no matter what people say) and hoping someone will change. This story is one of conquering adversity and ripped at my heart when the deaths came along, calling many of my own ghosts to return. Well done, Suzanne! I look forward to The Suite Life!

    9. Terri on said:

      Hard to believe Ms. Corso found a publisher for this predictable, one dimensional, juvenile effort. Give this one a pass.

    10. Simi Sunny on said:

      I can understand Sam's pain. She does not get a lot of love from her mother. The only people who are with her when she's having a hard time are her friend, her grandmother, and her priest. And then, Tony comes into her life. Sam though her life was complete when she has a boyfriend but, in reality, no. And it's not just Sam who is suffering from an unhealthy relationship. Her friend Janice was suffering from that, too. I'm glad the author addresses unhealthy relationships. And I'm also glad that [...]

    11. Race Bannon Berns on said:

      Despite a couple of graphic scenes, I thoughtthis read like a Young Adult novel. Verybasic, almost childish in some respects,pretty much high school age writing.And maybe it is all true, but I was surprisedthat EVERY SINGLE typical mobster & girlfriendsituation happened to HER. Geez, youcould almost predict what would happen next along the way.Not very good.

    12. Andrea on said:

      You know a book is great when you can relate, visualize the scenes and actually feel like you're a part of the story. Awesome read and what makes it also interesting is that the story-line is loosely based on the author's own life growing up in Brooklyn.

    13. Mcvalens on said:

      Sorry. This feels like a junior high school project. The dialogue is stiff and I don't like the characters. done.

    14. Brian Reynolds on said:

      Great read Great read , great story where you see the Brooklyn upbringing back in the day of when the mob was around

    15. Ashley on said:

      Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically AmazingBrooklyn Story by Suzanne Corso is the story of Samantha, a young girl growing up in Brooklyn in the late 1970s, desperate to escape across the bridge into what she knows will be a better life. But then, at 15, she meets Tony, a local Brooklyn Boy with ties to the local mob.I was intrigued by the idea of this book, but unsure what to expect. The book mirrors experiences in the authors own life- growing up in Brooklyn and living [...]

    16. Renia Carsillo on said:

      I gave it 100 pages, but had to put it down. The attempt at translating a Brooklyn-Italian accent to the page was clunky and obnoxious. The main character talks about how poor she is at least once on every pageI wanted to like this book and I feel bad giving any book one star, but this one is badly in need of an editor. I think there's a decent story there, but it's buried under a lot of garbage.

    17. Virginia Campbell on said:

      Suzanne Corso's semi-autobiographical novel, "Brooklyn Story", offers a "slice" of the savory pie that is the world-within-a world called Brooklyn, NY. Samantha Bonti is young, smart, pretty and waiting for the moment she crosses the bridge into Manhattan and into a better life. Living in poverty with her caring grandmother and addict mother, Sam turns her life experiences into written stories that she hopes will lead to her dream career as an author. Her mother was born Jewish and later convert [...]

    18. Cassandra (The book & movie dimension blogger) on said:

      --Full, non-spoiler review courtesy at Book & Movie Dimension a Blog--Here this is a book that showcases the sweetness of life but is no stranger to the disappointments in life. Its a blunt novel of those held aspirations in life that easily be lost when we let ourselves forget ourselves. An eye-opening novel with some beauty. Have to recommend so much outright. Don't believe would disappoint a reader who picks it up.Samantha Bonti is a young woman living in Brooklyn during 1970's when its a [...]

    19. Michael on said:

      The time is the late '70s and Samantha Bonti is a fifteen-year-old, living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. She dreams of someday becoming a writer and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to become a success in Manhattan.Samantha, "Sam" is half-Jewish, half-Catholic and lives in a predominantly Catholic, Italian neighborhood. She is sometimes shunned by these neighbors. Luckily, when she begins high school, she meets Janice Caputo on the bus stop. Janice is a senior at the school and street savvy. She becomes [...]

    20. Wendy Hines on said:

      Samantha Bonti never knew her dad. She saw him once when she was six but he immediately pushed her away. She's raised by her mom, who has her addictive habits and her grandmother, whom is very opinionated, yet encouraging. Samantha is half Jewish and half Italian and poor. She doesn't fit in well at school, so she is intrigued when Janice Caputo, a girl several years her junior and wealthy, takes her under her wing.Samantha wants to get out of town and make something of herself, hopefully a writ [...]

    21. Carol on said:

      In Brooklyn Story by Suzanne Corso, a half Jewish and half Italian girl, Samantha Bonti comes of age. She lives with her wise and loving Jewish grandmother and her mother. Her mother is depressed, sick and addicted and offers very little to her daughter. They are on welfare but Sam dreams of buying things for her mother and grandmother after she is a writer. But first she has to make it through high school. Her best friend, Janice Caputo, unfortunately introduces her to Tony Kroon. He is very ha [...]

    22. Megan on said:

      I really, really enjoyed this book, but it was one of those that you feel guilty reading because of some of the language and content. I kept thinking "I should really stop reading this", but I couldn't. There was bad language, but it didn't seem that bad because it fit perfectly with the story. There are some books that seems to just throw in language for no reason, but everything about this book felt so real and natural. And yes, I know "you can justify anything" which again is why I feel guilt [...]

    23. Val Wilkerson on said:

      I think this should be read by all teenage girls. Samantha is a teenage girl, living with her mother who chain smokes, drinks, is on welfare, and her delightful grandma who always encourages Samantha and gives her undivided love. Her father has never been on the scene. Typically Sam would like to have new clothes, verses the thrift shop buys that grandma alters for her, she would like to have a bedroom of her own, she shares hers with grandma, and she would like to be popular, its not that she i [...]

    24. Joyce on said:

      Brooklyn Story is the story of Samantha Bonti's life from the age of 15 to 19 while growing up in Brooklyn. There were some really good aspects to the book---I found the descriptions of the traditions and lifestyles fascinating. Much of the plot revolves around Samantha's relationship with her boyfriend. I found it interesting although some of the sex scenes were too graphic for my taste. However, it seemed to fit with the overall plot. Samantha was admirable in how she pursued her dream of writ [...]

    25. Tracee on said:

      It is amazing what this girl has gone through and come out normal & successful. I know I couldn't be that strong, especially at that age. I'm glad to hear it will be a movie because I could picture everything so well. The writing is so descriptive and I love the details like the song lyrics/mentions, the clothing, etc One thing I questioned was how confident the narrator was. Teenage girls seem to question every decision they make, so I wondered if Samantha really had that much confidence in [...]

    26. Vanessa Booke on said:

      The Brooklyn Story by Suzanne Corso is a deep and thought provoking read. Semi-autobiographical this book focuses on Samantha, a fifteen-year-old living in Brooklyn who dreams of becoming a writer but falls short because of the relationship she's in. I found this story extremely sad. Samantha is caught up in a vicious cycle of abuse and although it leaves you with a glimpse of hope, the overall tone is a little depressing. The Brooklyn Story is well written and I enjoyed Corso's writing style wi [...]

    27. Ghada on said:

      in August, 1978, Samantha, "Sam" Bonti, is a fifteen-year-old living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. She dreams of someday becoming a writer and crossing the Bridge to become a success in Manhattan.Sam is half-Jewish, half-Catholic, in a neighborhood that is predominately Catholics of Italian heritage. Sometimes she is shunned in this Italian neighborhood. Luckily, as she begins high school, she meets Janice Caputo, a senior at the school. Janice is street savvy and becomes Sam's best friend. and that [...]

    28. Bea on said:

      This book was interesting enough and I read it straight through since I have a cold anyway. It just wasn't anything new. A young girl falls in love with a mobster-type guy, and even though everyone warns her about him and she sees what happens to other women who date men like him, she thinks their relationship will be different. She wants to be a writer and change her life, move to Manhattan from the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge and she has some intelligence and drive. It seems like she cou [...]

    29. Sara on said:

      I picked this up because it had Brooklyn in the title, and I will always read anything about that fascinating NYC borough. Across between a Sweet Valley High novel and the Goodfellas flick, Brooklyn Story is a coming of age novel set in Brooklyn's Bensonhurst neighbourhood in the late 1970s and 80s. The Brooklyn Bridge is used as a metaphor throughout the novel as the only way protagonist Samantha Bonti, as aspiring writer, can escape her broken-down family, poverty, the mob and abuse.This was a [...]

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