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Wracked An unnamed man is woken from his deathly slumber by disturbing and violent images to find himself in a world ruled by ancient evils Touched by a dark power he finds his way to the town of Yellow Live

  • Title: Wracked
  • Author: Louis Puster III
  • ISBN: 9781449977283
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • An unnamed man is woken from his deathly slumber by disturbing and violent images to find himself in a world ruled by ancient evils Touched by a dark power, he finds his way to the town of Yellow Liver where he discovers people without hope Who is this mysterious dead man Will he use the terrible power lurking within him for good or ill

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    • Ø Wracked || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Louis Puster III
      109 Louis Puster III
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    One thought on “Wracked

    1. L. on said:

      Wracked is not a book for someone looking for a lighthearted fantasy. From the first page you are in a world of darkness, where the dead, or undead, walk and human kind has either bowed under their oppression, or struggles to stay alive in a cursed world. Wrack wakes with no memory of who he is, save for flashes of a violent past and is left to figure out what he wants to make of his new "beginning". Standing at a crossroads he can choose whether to return to his old self, a man that seems to ha [...]

    2. Stephen Pellicer on said:

      Written by a friend so there may be some bias. This is a fantasy novel that really likes to step out a bit and reinvent some tropes while still maintaining the allure of classic fantasy. Terribly mysterious and has a good balance of resolving items and leaving many open ends. The heroes are nice and muddled especially the protagonist. This stems not only from his confusion on his origin, but also in his actions. The supporting cast are very archetypical with the most interesting role reserved fo [...]

    3. Ingrid on said:

      Overall the characters were interesting and the storyline kept me reading until the end of the book. It seemed like the book was a series of chapters cut out of a larger book. The first page started out as if it was in the middle of the story, and it didn't really have an ending, there just seemed to be nothing else written down.The author contacted me, and indicated that this book was the first episode in a series. I look forward to reading future books!

    4. Colin on said:

      Excursions into the world of fantasy novels are chancy, at best. There are many tropes to that would be simple to follow, easy outs to take in both a story and literary sense, and the urge to either create a world that sits just barely on the surface, or one that is so broodingly dark and deep as to be almost incomprehensible. Puster tackles this with a relish that makes it clear he both knows and loves his subject matter. The manner in which the world building occurs is very similar to that of [...]

    5. Jenna Whittaker on said:

      The beginning of Wracked drew me in immediately, and I was fascinated by this story until the end! The writing is fantastic; compelling characters with their own unique voices, descriptions that made me feel like I was really there, and a plot that kept me questioning until the end.The action scenes are interspersed with calmer scenes, which is very good pacing. The descriptions are just wonderful, and the way that the author shows the environment and the character’s thoughts and feelings so v [...]

    6. Robin Almond on said:

      Puster’s book was an interesting read. I guess since I love reading sci fi/ fantasy books from authors like Mercedes Lackey and so on, I expected too much. I must say though the book did keep my attention. I do like the character Wrack and how he is able to focus on the minuet details of his surroundings. I do wish the story had a bit more detail; it makes me as a reader able to create that world. When I can create that world in my head I feel like a part of the story. I do like that this book [...]

    7. Zach on said:

      This was a very well written book. It's dark, and I instantly felt drawn into the world, but without the multi-page descriptions of every scene or item. The author does a brilliant job of conveying a scene efficiently and vividly. The story feels epic, and while I've ready read the second book, I'm (less than) patiently awaiting the third book in the series. It's that good. I highly recommend taking some time to at least read through the first book. I feel pretty confident in recommending it as [...]

    8. Ialexandrian on said:

      Wracked moved very smoothly while I read it, and was descriptive in painting a picture. It also showed the feelings and personalities of the characters in a personal way.

    9. Johnette on said:

      I got Wracked, Desecrated, Shadow of the Pyramid, and Flayed at Anachrocon 2016 from the author's table. I enjoyed Wracked, but the flash backs were a little hard to understand. Since it is the first book in the series it should make more sense as I read each subsequent book.

    10. Brandon Baggett on said:

      There have been many great dark fantasy novels that have come to light in the past few years. This is not one of them. The key thing that all of the notable have is the ability to summon emotion- love, fear, hate, anger- and this one fell considerably short of any of those. This book lacks the very essence that makes bound pages into a work of art. After analyzing this book for far more time than I should have, I have narrowed it down to three key reasons that this book is not worth the time or [...]

    11. Elizabeth Ehlen on said:

      It’s hard to sort things out when you wake up with a mouth full of dirt, and quickly ascertain it’s from your own grave. Fortunately someone fills him in on his name, but why is Wrack here, exactly, and more importantly, who is he? How did he come by the strange powers he has, and will he ever be sure if he is a good guy or a bad guy?Wracked is the first in the Saga of Ukumog and leaves you with far more questions than answers - which is excellent for setting up a sequel, obviously. It is a [...]

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