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Theresa Weir

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Last Summer

Last Summer He spent his lifetime running from his pastRight from the start Maggie Mayfield knew Johnnie Irish was trouble The sexy Hollywood star had returned to his hometown of Hope Texas to a hero s welcome

  • Title: Last Summer
  • Author: Theresa Weir
  • ISBN: 9780553560923
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • He spent his lifetime running from his pastRight from the start Maggie Mayfield knew Johnnie Irish was trouble The sexy Hollywood star had returned to his hometown of Hope, Texas, to a hero s welcome But for Maggie the notorious bad boy was nothing but bad news until she discovered the tragic secret behind his reckless ways, until she found the hidden sweetness in hisHe spent his lifetime running from his pastRight from the start Maggie Mayfield knew Johnnie Irish was trouble The sexy Hollywood star had returned to his hometown of Hope, Texas, to a hero s welcome But for Maggie the notorious bad boy was nothing but bad news until she discovered the tragic secret behind his reckless ways, until she found the hidden sweetness in his cynical smileShe risked her future on the promise of his loveJohnnie knew he shouldn t have come back, knew he could never forgive this stark desert town for turning its back on a boy just struggling to survive But all thoughts of revenge faded when he met widowed schoolteacher Maggie Mayfield Passionate and caring, she seemed to sense the yearning behind his cocky swagger, the pain and loneliness he had tried so hard to escape Against all reason, Maggie believed in him And now he had to find the strength to confront his demons or lose the only woman he could ever love

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      405 Theresa Weir
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    One thought on “Last Summer

    1. Crista on said:

      Oh My, Oh My, Oh My! After reading this book, I made Marketplace's day and ordered her entire backlist, which for some reason is now out of print. This author is incredible. I love love love her writing style. It has the perfect mix of humor, heartache, and characters that are real enough to make you cryd by the wayyou do! Johnnie Irish lived a nightmare growing up in the hands of an abusive, cruel, and neglectful mother. He has never recovered. He is an actor, a comedian, who uses humor to dis [...]

    2. Mary B. on said:

      This book is different in a good way. Maggie Mayfield is a widow living a predictable, albeit relatively boring, life as a drama teacher in a small Texas town. Hope, Texas has little one could call remarkableolated in the Texas desert, only one highway goes in or out of the town. The biggest excitement in the town comes every Spring when the school children put on their annual play in the old opera house. The town's only claim to fame is that they produced one of Hollywood's biggest comedic star [...]

    3. Saly on said:

      Rating 3.25I would have rated this book higher but it seemed too morose and the hero too self-destructive about his diabetes, the heroine too much of a chicken and there was too much of separation between them.They meet the first time when he comes to the town for a parade and ends up collapsing, she thinks it is drugs but finds out it isn't. He leaves and comes back almost a year later after he collapsed again and he stays for a while and they end up making love, but she is a coward and lets hi [...]

    4. Linda on said:

      Bad boy Johnnie Irish returned to Hope, Texas on a lark. His goal? To get in, get out and forget, for the last time, this miserable community where he was raised. He only cared for one person in this "nothing town in the middle of one giant litterbox." His former drama teacher, Harriet.He met up with Maggie Mayfield who was in charge of the town parade. A young widow who missed her husband immensely, Johnnie and Maggie clashed. Little did either one know but circumstances would draw them togethe [...]

    5. Lyuda on said:

      Another compelling story from the author who is becoming one of my favorite authors. The story is set in little town of Hope,Texas or as hero referred to it "Hopeless". He has a very good reason to name it this way: growing up with abusive, despicable mother in a town whose people never intervened to stop the abuse. Now he is a Hollywood actor who came when town invited him for a town celebration. The heroine, a schoolteacher and a widow, was appointed to meet him and bring him in. This is the s [...]

    6. Monique on said:

      First, let me start by saying I am generally not a fan of straight contemporary romance. So, while I was taking a chance on this book in that area, the "bad boy hiding his pain" trope was begging me to pick this one up. And I am very glad I did. Johnnie, poor and brutally mistreated in his youth, is now a Hollywood actor with major issues he keeps hidden. Maggie is a rather innocent transplant to his former small town, alone after her husband's death. Her prejudices against him collide with his [...]

    7. Kay on said:

      Bad boy actor, Johnnie Irish, returns to his hometown where the past haunts him. Straight laced, widowed school teacher, Maggie, couldn't give a rat's *ss about his super star status. She knows he is bad news and does not want to be another notch on his bed post. After several encounters, there is more to Johnnie than she thought but she is still weary of trusting him.So, this is more than a cute, little, light contemporary romance. This book actually surprised me with some deep issues. Johnnie' [...]

    8. Jennifer on said:

      I loved this book. So many authors try to write bad boy heroes, but they are too afraid to actually give their characters real flaws. Johnnie Irish is a train-wreck, a gifted comedic actor with terrible demons that drive him forward on a self-destructive path due to a really awful childhood. He isn't magically or instantly redeemed. Throughout the book, he messes up over and over again and his good intentions are often not enough. But his innate sweetness and vulnerability come through so clearl [...]

    9. Becky on said:

      Johnnie Irish had a horrible childhood and has been running from it in a very destructive way. Becoming a famous comedic, handsome actor, he can hide his past and pain. Beyond his better judgement, Johnnie agrees to go back to his hometown for their Homecoming Parade. Johnnie does not want to let down his audience by showing nothing but his "true" image as bad boy. Maggie Mayfield is a young widow who has made Hope her hometown. She is a school teacher and in charge of the drama department for t [...]

    10. Kay on said:

      Wow. Just wow. Funny. Sad. Sweet. Bittersweet. This author knows how to tell a story with depth of plot and character. It kept me reading and reading, wanting to find out how it all ends, yet dreading the end because, honestly, I had no idea what was going to happen to these well drawn story people. I could only hope it was going to end well. [You'll have to read it to find out for yourself.] This is the first novel I've read by Theresa Weir. It was first published in 1992, but don't let that ke [...]

    11. Rachel Lynn Sterling on said:

      Very interesting, very realistic romance. Not your typical hero. The author allows us to see the good, the bad and the ugly and I still grew to love him anyway. The heroin is a normal, fairly intelligent, a little insecure woman. Their worlds intersect many times and their relationship grows in many different ways. Many developments were unexpected. It’s not a sweep you off your feet romance; it’s more of a slow progression. After much turmoil is does eventually end up with a HEA. It kept me [...]

    12. Rebecca Graf on said:

      Looking for a romance read that will pull at your heart? This is the one for you. I found myself emotionally invested in this book. I cried. I screamed. I went from wanting to hug characters to ripping their hearts out. Great writing.The characters were easy to connect with and allowed me quickly into their thoughts which helped with the emotional investment. Everyone has secrets as this story points out quite well.A great romance with so many other things going for it. You need to add this book [...]

    13. Lisa on said:

      This story has the making to be quite intense if there was less separation of Maggie and Johnnie. I like that their story took place over a long period, but it left many details out. Johnnie's character needed time to figure out his feelings and work through some of his demons. Maggie had to learn to trust her feelings and stop expecting him to disappoint her. The detail I missed the most was Maggie telling Johnnie how she felt after they'd slept together. I wanted him to explain what he was say [...]

    14. Gail on said:

      I liked the story overall, it was just about 20% longer than it needed to be. The sexual tension built up, then they're together, then apart, then together, then apart, then together, thenon and on. After a while, it became so frustrating that I just wanted to scream "get it together or stay the *&^% away from each other!!!" The ending was rather abrupt, once you finally get to it. It was a Kindle freebie, so I didn't have anything invested in it, and for that "price" it was an adequate dive [...]

    15. Luisa Rivas on said:

      I loved this book! I like books where the characters have dark sides, like Johnny, who comes from such a fractured childhood, and Maggie, who sees herself as a boring person living a boring life. No one can predict the chemistry that can come up between two persons, and these two had it. At one time I was frustrated and was wondering if these two clumps were ever going to get their act organized, but getting there was the good part. If I felt like banging their heads together, that means the aut [...]

    16. Saphrina on said:

      I downloaded this book thinking that I'd give it whirl, and what a whirl. Tortured is the right word for Johnnie Irish. This book had a floating, ethereal quality set against an almost unlikely backdrop. Regardless of the reference to the time setting or publishing date, it's a story that transcends with flawed characters that find their redemption through the choices they make allowing for a HEA but without the typical plot signposts miles before.I'd definitely consider reading another offering [...]

    17. Jolie on said:

      I loved this book. It was the type of book that I remember reading in HS.I felt bad for Johnnie because of his issues (past and present). Maggie May, well I couldn't help but picture Rob Stewarts song of the same name. She was very sympathetic and was not a pushover.I also liked how the author lengthened the story to encompass a couple of years. So it wasn't meet, screw, fall in love, get married. There was so much more in between.Will I read this book again? Absolutely!!Will I reccomend this bo [...]

    18. Lhenry on said:

      LOved the quirky loveable and tormented characters in this story. The plot basically just followed the relationship between Johnnie and Maggie who really are a good match. Their problems were based less on the cliched misunderstanding and more on each character making assumptions about each other without really understanding the deeper feelings. I found them both sweet and endearing. One of the final scenes that takes place in the hovel Johnnie grew up in was very unexpected and emotional as was [...]

    19. Jill on said:

      A little annoyingThe story was ok. I enjoyed the read but got annoyed by how poor the communication was between Johnnie and Maggie. They were adults acting like hormone crazed middle schoolers. Johnnie had a reason for his behavior but Maggie was a well adjusted adult, she should have just communicated more and the story would have still flowed fine. It's how the author wanted it to unfold but it annoyed me a bit. I would read a young adult novel if I wanted the "what is he thinking about what I [...]

    20. Angie Chris on said:

      I loved that this book took place over years and not weeks. Maggie May does not want to like the bad boy actor but can't seem to help herself. Johnnie English is searching and doesn't want to admit that he was found something good in Maggie. They circle each other, connecting and backing off for a while in such a sweet, gut renching way. The main characters are well drawn but I didn't get to know the secondary ones as well. I wasn't sure where they were going to end up which is always a plus. It [...]

    21. Lauren on said:

      3.5 to 3.75a bit dated= cassette tapes, panty hose, test tube pregnancy test, the town having problems with an unwed pregnant woman. However, these things were easy to get past. I liked that Maggie & Johnny weren't just sunshine and rainbows. Maggie had to overcome her assumptions towards Johnny, and he had to work on taking better care of himself. the book implied that the relationship would always take work. i appreciated that piece of realism.

    22. Kathleen Crowell on said:

      I know it is an older book, but I had trouble getting past the dated imagery. That being said, I thought the book had it's good points. Similar to the other TW book I read, I enjoyed the characters coming together after some personal struggle. Didn't quite believe in Johnnie as the big movie star--was a little too rednecky for me. Hated his name the most! I might have given this story a 2.5 star rating if it were an option.

    23. Klaudyna Z. on said:

      I liked this book. It was really sweet. The only thing that bothered me was that sometimes I just wanted to shake Maggie and yell at her to tell Johnnie how she really feels. Because I think a lot of hurt could have been saved.But overall I loved the book and I thought the ending was perfect.

    24. Jennifer on said:

      I downloaded this one free on Kindle and it was a decent romance. I thought it was a little longer and more drawn out than necessary. There were a few twists with the male lead having diabetes (which I thought was overdone a bit, especially because he is so self-destructive about it) and the female lead being a young widow. Overall, good for a freebie.

    25. Ruth on said:

      At first I thought it was going to be a typical quick-read, borderline cheesy romance (I'm not judging, I read them all the time!). As I read on I was pleasantly surprised with the character development and plot. I'm going to try another Theresa Weir book soon!

    26. Angie Neal on said:

      Was skeptical because this was a free e-book, but I'm so glad I decided to read it. I could not put this book down. Finished it in one night. I love Maggie and Johnnie's characters and loved that I was emotionally drawn in to the story.

    27. Daisy on said:

      I loved this contemporary read. Like always, I like how the author writes her characters with flaws. To me it makes me love the characters more knowing it's not another story with perfect characters having a HEA. I recommend this book for anyone who wants a true romance.

    28. MBR on said:

      I absolutely adored the story of Johnnie Irish's struggles to find love and peace in his life haunted by nightmares of his life as a child in Hope, Texas. This book packs a punch of emotions and I highly recommend it to all romance book lovers!My review: bit/debuWL

    29. Whitney Oaks on said:

      I really liked this book, obviously, but wish that it had ended differently. I was hesitant to read this at all, since it is a romance. I don't usually read romance, but this was surprisingly pleasant and a quick read. Hopefully, I can add a few more of TW's books to my to-read list.

    30. Jenn on said:

      Gym reading, aka I got this free or really cheap on the Kindle. This was alright. I didn't love it. The sex scenes were horrible. I mean, this was the opening to one of the sexy time sentences, "After he achieved full penetration" Really? Ug.

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