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Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily AS PURE AS A VIRGIN FORESTShe was white gloves and ice cream socials a nice midwestern girl who d come to the on a mission to aid the native Indians Then Corey McKinney found herself alone in the thi

  • Title: Amazon Lily
  • Author: Theresa Weir
  • ISBN: 9780553564631
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • AS PURE AS A VIRGIN FORESTShe was white gloves and ice cream socials, a nice midwestern girl who d come to the on a mission to aid the native Indians Then Corey McKinney found herself alone in the thick, steamy jungle with a ruggedly handsome bush pilot who dared her to deny what they both knew she wanted him DANGEROUS AS A JUNGLE CATHe was rotgut whiskey and bAS PURE AS A VIRGIN FORESTShe was white gloves and ice cream socials, a nice midwestern girl who d come to the on a mission to aid the native Indians Then Corey McKinney found herself alone in the thick, steamy jungle with a ruggedly handsome bush pilot who dared her to deny what they both knew she wanted him DANGEROUS AS A JUNGLE CATHe was rotgut whiskey and barroom brawls, a street hardened adventure seeker who had no time for women with lofty intentions But Asher Adams was instantly captivated by his passenger s delicate beauty and feisty spirit, and he found himself caring when it was the last thing he wanted to do.In a jungle teeming with perils, they must band together as they face the most thrilling adventure of their lives one that will bring a passion that burns hotter than the South American sun and a love as fiercely beautiful as the LILY

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      146 Theresa Weir
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    One thought on “Amazon Lily

    1. Lisa Kay on said:

      Ariel shots of the River that could conceivably have been taken by Corey’s 35mm camera from the window of Ash’s rust-bucket of a plane.[image error]★★★★★★ Loved, loved, LOVED this book! And it was a Kindle Freebie! Amazing. Originally published in 1988, I can see why this one won “Romantic Times Best New Adventure Writer Award.” I wish more authors, when offering a backlisted book for free*, had books of this caliber. Of course, Ms. Theresa Weir (a.k.a. Anne Frasier) is one [...]

    2. Crista on said:

      I am a romance junkie(just look at my reviews), and it is my belief that Theresa Weir is THE BEST KEPT SECRET of all of the romance authors out there! McNaught, Howard, and Lowell are all UNBELIEVABLE authors, but Weir belongs in that group of authors, and yet it took a listmania list from for me to even know her name. I'm making it my personal mission to recommend her to whoever will listen to me, although most of her books are out of printwhat???? I read this while on vacation in a tropical p [...]

    3. MelissaB on said:

      *** 3 1/2 stars ***Corey McKinney travels to the on a research mission for her church, which is considering funding a reserve that helped the local Native populations. She is supposed to check out the reserve and bring back a report. Her pilot to the reserve is very rough looking man who insults her and tells her she should just go home because the jungle is no place for a woman. Asher Adams is an American ex-pat who went to Brazil looking for his missing brother and has stayed ever since. He d [...]

    4. Lyuda on said:

      This was very entertaining and sweet story of two people who were drawn together by circumstances and fought the building attraction, the recognition that they are two half of each other. Corey with her Midwestern roots and safe Norman Rockwellish childhood could not be more different than Ash who grew up in abusive children homes that hardened his outlook in life. jungle setting of the story is a very well done.

    5. Saly on said:

      I enjoyed Lily. It had was set in the forests, dangerous, wild, filled with insects and tribes with unconventional customs.The hero was rude, obnoxious, crude, smoked, wasn't the most cleanliness friendly, had a tattoo but was awesome. He could be bad one moment and the next incredibly sweet. Ash came to amazon when his brother Luke went missing three years ago. Everyone believes he's dead but Ash still searches for him. Growing up the way they did on streets and in orphanages, Luke was the go [...]

    6. Anne OK on said:

      I recently stumbled across a true treasure and a gem in this older contemporary romance novel by Theresa Weir. She’s a new-to-me-author who I’ve since learned is also a Romance Writers of America RITA award winner. Weir also writes suspense thrillers under the pen name Anne Frasier. In many ways, her writing reminds me of two of my favorite authors, Judith McNaught and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Suffice it to say, I was wowed by this author and I will definitely be checking out her backlist o [...]

    7. Linda on said:

      It was suppose to be a simple trip. Exciting but simple. Chicago to Brazil, meet with the owner of a parcel of land and return to the US. With a degree in social work and one year spent in practical nursing, Corey McKinney convinced her church minister that she was their best representative to travel. If only it was that easy.Upon arrival, her bush pilot -Mister Jones- was a no-show. Instead, Asher Adams greeted her. Grumpy, ornery, sweaty, scowling, unhappy Asher Adams. Cranky, dirty, detestabl [...]

    8. Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines! on said:

      DNF on pg 50, I can't.

    9. Kathleen on said:

      Top notch!! Read this one years ago, and re-visit it occasionally. This woman can write romantic suspense. Great plotting, awesome characterization, emotionally captivating, and soooo sexy. What's not to like??

    10. Luli on said:

      You can find this review in English below.No creo que hubiese leído esta historia de no ser porque mi amiga Lyuda me la recomendó. Y estoy encantada de haberla leído. Este es uno de esos fabulosos y casi perfectos romances contemporáneos tan imposible difíciles de encontrar.Así que muchísimas gracias por descubrirme esta joya, Lyuda, de verdad. :)No creo que ni la descripción ni la portada hagan justicia a la historia. Si estás de humor para un romance ubicado en la sofocante y agobiant [...]

    11. Maqluba on said:

      A really great jungle love story. You could feel the humidity and the bugs and the sweat and the heat-- it really is jungle love. I really got a sense of the bad boy hero and the good-hearted heroine- they stayed true to their characters and it didn't feel forced or fake. It was the biker-boy-with-the-reverend's daughter-type of romance and I ate up every minute of it. The only aspect I didn't enjoy was the resolution to the missing/dead brother thing- I think that whole plot was unnecessary but [...]

    12. Sarah on said:

      This is the story of a young woman who travels to the to do a report on a mission for her church. Of course, things don't go as planned and her trip to the was a bit more of an adventure than she was expecting. What made this book genuinely enjoyable for me was the hero, Asher Adams. He was like, but unlike, any hero I had ever read in a romance novel. He was truely flawed, mean and gruff and vices aplenty. However, the author expertly reveals a deeper character that will make you love him in [...]

    13. Melissa on said:

      An enjoyable old-school romance novel. I liked it, but didn't love it. Still, it kept me entertained over the past few days, and given the reading slump I've been in lately that's something!

    14. Lesleya on said:

      Has just joined my list of favorites! I grew up loving romantic adventure movies and my library has been sorely lacking in that area! Loved this one. Thank you Christina for recommending this one to your book buddy who expressed her undying love for Romancing the Stone and all things Indiana Jones!!!

    15. Lara on said:

      Well, there are some moments that are a little dated, but this book has held up amazingly well. I suspect that the author was just ahead of her time. The heroine is no action heroine, and she does have quite a few preconceptions that make her judgemental. While she's acting for her church, she's not particularly religious in her language or thoughts, though her language tends to be very clean. I'd say the things I liked the least were her jumping to conclusions, his constant snide remarks about [...]

    16. Robin on said:

      Corey McKinney was chosen by her church to see if the money and supplies they were sending to aid the natives in Brazil were going to good use. She wasn't prepared to find herself alone in the jungle with handsome bush pilot Asher Adams. She also wasn't prepared for the sparks that were flying between them. Ash didn't know how he got stuck being tour guide to Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. But after saving her life in the jungle and rescuing her from a native who wants to keep her for himself, Ash begins [...]

    17. Andrea on said:

      I couldn't put this book down! The writing flowed beautifully and takes you to the with the story. I'm pretty sure I could feel the humid air and smell the plantlife. It pulls you in and keeps you there. Did I mention HOT and I don't mean the climate. Wonderful read!

    18. Shelley on said:

      I have a first printing of this book with a different cover. It is my all time favorite! Jungle, hero and a daring girl!

    19. MBR on said:

      A great contemporary romance. Loved the characters.My review: bit/bp8T5R

    20. Dee on said:

      Two-haiku review:South AmericaShe goes to check out missionMeets surly pilotInstant attractionHidden depths to charactersVery steamy sex

    21. Sammy on said:

      There was cheating in the book and I did not particularly like either the hero or the heroine.

    22. Michelle Swistak on said:

      Different romanceEasy read, keeps you interested even though you know the ending, it is a great ride getting there. I suggest you get on board.

    23. Molly on said:

      This was very entertaining and a pretty quick read. Nothing stood out particularly apart from the fact that the two main characters called the natives in the , Indians, which kind of annoyed me but i'll forgive that because this book was written in the 80's. I really enjoyed Ash and Corey's relationship because it was that 'hate turns to love' trope which was fun. Some of the things that happened between them are quick and out of no where and didn't really make much sense as to why it happened, [...]

    24. Deliasue on said:

      One a young girl, a missionary goes to the jungle to get information for a church who wants to give money to the doctor. What she finds is an obnoxious flyboy pilot, who drinks and has no morals.He is searching for his lost brother stolen by natives. They fall for one another. You must read it to find out what happens See how opposites attractIt will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    25. Leslie on said:

      Rating: BThis was a Kindle freebie not too long ago and while I had hear good things about Weir's writing, I had not read anything by her. Considering this was written over 20 years ago, it held up well. The setting, primarily the jungle, helped in keeping any dated references to a minimum.I don't think anything can prepare you for the . Pictures can give you some idea of what it is like but the vastness is something you have to experience to truly understand how remote and extensive it is. For [...]

    26. Winifred14 adem on said:

      We hear the name and only two things can be related to it one is the river and the other one is the largest online shopping destination. But apart from online shopping web solutions is also one of the largest web hosts and there is a large bulk of companies and start up's that are using this product. has always been associated with the best quality products but they also offer discount coupons for the general public .Earlier it was a misconception that the coupon system is for the lower classe [...]

    27. Anna Marie on said:

      In order to shake it up, I decided something more 'Romancing the Stone' would be good. So I went with this one and wasn't disappointed. What was even MORE fun was reading about how this book came to be! Interesting story, that.Corey is a goody-goody Midwest girl, engaged to a good boy, with a good home and family. She volunteers for her church to go to South America and investigate a mission that was asking for financial help. She thinks it will be a way to 'break out' for a little bit. She has [...]

    28. C.K. Brooke on said:

      Favorite romance EVER!Twenty-five years old and engaged, Corey is a Midwestern farm girl on an assignment from her church to visit the jungle and help out the natives there. Little does she know that her week in the will turn out to be edgier, steamier, and more dangerous than she could’ve ever expected. Asher Adams, the bush pilot flying her into the jungle, is a rude, crude, and gritty ne’er-do-well. Their personalities immediately clash… but their bodies beg to differ, as an undeniabl [...]

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