Just Jane: A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution

William Lavender

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Just Jane: A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution

Just Jane A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution When Lady Jane orphaned daughter of an English earl arrives in Charlestown South Carolina in she finds herself in the middle of a heated war a war not only between her former country and her

  • Title: Just Jane: A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution
  • Author: William Lavender
  • ISBN: 9780152054724
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Lady Jane, orphaned daughter of an English earl, arrives in Charlestown, South Carolina, in 1776, she finds herself in the middle of a heated war a war not only between her former country and her new home but one between the members of her own family, whose loyalties are strongly divided in America s fight for freedom Torn by family feuds, the war, a secret romance,When Lady Jane, orphaned daughter of an English earl, arrives in Charlestown, South Carolina, in 1776, she finds herself in the middle of a heated war a war not only between her former country and her new home but one between the members of her own family, whose loyalties are strongly divided in America s fight for freedom Torn by family feuds, the war, a secret romance, and her own growing need for independence, Jane struggles for the courage to become the person she wants to be just Jane.Includes a reader s guide.

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      314 William Lavender
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    One thought on “Just Jane: A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution

    1. AlixJamie on said:

      Thisokwasful. I cannot believe that someone could write this (or read this, for that matter)and be satisfied. The history of the Revolutionary War was only brought in at times convenient to the author and in ways convenient to the author. Jane was a dull, bland, goody-goody who, in some mysterious way, has everyone she meets longing to marry her. I have no idea why. She hadn't one speck of human interest in her. The dialog is stilted and so tacky I cringed, the storyline is not believable and ex [...]

    2. Lark on said:

      A young adult novel that tells the story of Jane as she begins her life in South Carolina. After her parents die when she is just a teenager, Lady Jane comes to America to live with her Uncle. She arrives in 1776 and is learning about American culture and trying to find her place within this new country that is defining its own independence.I just grabbed this book off the young adult section in the library, not knowing anything about it and I was pleasantly suprised. It is a very easy read beca [...]

    3. Olivia on said:

      This book was one of the best books I’ve ever read, it’s in a tie with Echo. Who would have thought, two amazing books in a year! I highly recommend you to read Just Jane!!!

    4. Alyssa on said:

      Despite the boring beginning, this book really brought the reality of war to me. I was able to kind of realize how much bloodshed there was for the freedom of America, and that not everyone in America was actually for this idea of freedom. "Just Jane" shows readers the struggles that civilians went through during this bloody time in history, all of it just to give us our freedom that we take for granted today. This showed me the true meaning of freedom and what it costs to have. Jane is a girl f [...]

    5. Kayla Miller on said:

      If you asked me if I would read this book again I would probably say no. In my opinion the main character is not the focus of the book; it is more the people that are around her. It focuses on the progression of other characters and them learning from mistakes rather than the main character. It also really annoyed me that she seemed to do everything right. No matter what bad thing happened everyone turned to Jane. It was like the moments when you see the lovely dovey couples in the hallway and y [...]

    6. Christine Marie on said:

      This book was definitely one of my favorites of all time. Jane is an amazing person, always wanting to help others and be a better person. Jane faces similar personal struggles as I do, and she deals with them remarkably well in a way that I could only hope to in the future. Jane goes through many terrifying events and heartwrenching situations that made me feel as broken as when I read Harry Potter and Dumbledore, Severus, etc. died. Just Jane also is great in the historical sense, as it enable [...]

    7. Elizabeth A. on said:

      IN all honesty, I thought this book was completely horrible. The main character was really stupid and couldn't take a hint at all,or just refused to listen to reason. It was also annoying how every guy she met wanted to marry her, and it was so predictable! She was always like, "Hi! I'm Jane, just Jane, and every guy that sees me wants to marry me. Everyone flirts with me, including my cousin, schoolmaster, and dying soldiers!"

    8. Barb on said:

      I realized reading this that I have a pet peeve: when an author chooses to write in the third person, then goes on to ascribe dialog to the characters that is clearly written for the sole purpose of informing the reader. I just don't understand why writers do that.If anyone can recommend a good historical novel on the Revolutionary War that'd be nice

    9. Christine on said:

      My 8th grader had to read this for school last yr. He liked it and asked me to read it. It was great. Of course living in S.C. made it that much better since most of the story takes place here in the Charleston area. If you need a historical novel for school reports this is a good one.

    10. Catie on said:

      This is a great historical fiction novel with a strong female character and some romance. I found myself swept into the American Revolution, a very interesting time period. It was recommended by several of my female students.

    11. Kelcie on said:

      This is about a 14 year old orphan girl who is from England and is learning about the politics that are separating her uncle from her father's cousin.(This is taking place during the American Revolution)

    12. Kelly on said:

      Great book, even if it is for young adults. Gives a personal perspective on the Revolutionary War. Many sacrified everything for what they believed in, on both sides.

    13. Rebecca Radnor on said:

      Every once in a while when reading YA historical fiction, you get lucky and find a book that's both well written and historically accurate this is NOT one of those times. If what you're looking for is a book that drives home to students the fact that there were a lot of colonialists who were adamantly against breaking with England and that the conflict between them and the 'Americas' continued even after the war and that things got nasty between them, this is a good book for that. If you're look [...]

    14. Sydney on said:

      I am unsure what to rate this book. I loved it enough to stay up late reading it, but at the same time, I have read others books that I enjoyed better. I suppose since I feel 5 stars it too much, and 4 stars isn’t enough, I will have to settle with 4.5 stars.I love historical fiction, and I love historical fiction that focuses on a girl, and has romance mixed in with the historical events. This is just what I loved about this story. There is a good deal of historical information, and the story [...]

    15. Melissa on said:

      While I enjoyed the connections to my adopted hometown, Charleston, and the love story that develops slowly throughout the book ( something I had not expected when I first picked up the book), I can't give a very positive review overall. This book suffers from two generic problems. First, Jane is described as beautiful, compassionate, self-sacrificing yet strong willed, brilliant, curious, and the object of admiration wherever she goes. It's a bit nauseating being beaten over the head all the ti [...]

    16. Bethany Dunn on said:

      Just Jane: A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution by William Lavender was an okay book. One thing I didn't like about the book was that it jumped from character to character alot. It was very confusing and very distracting. Also another thing that I didn't like about the book was, Jane didn't grow as a character. She just stayed exactly like she was in the begining of the book. Other characters like Robert, Brandon, and Simon grew but they weren't really as impor [...]

    17. Colin Peck on said:

      By reading this book, students will gain a much better understanding of what the American Revolution was like for loyalists, particularly individuals who had just moved from England. Jane (a former English citizen) has to deal with the events of the war between her former country and this new country. This story brings another aspect to the Revolutionary War that students probably have not learned about in school. It illustrates the effects the American Revolution had on Britain. Since history i [...]

    18. Jordin on said:

      For the most part, this book was pretty good. I thought a lot of historical information was correct while also keeping a realistic storyline for the times. There were a few- okay, several- things that I had wished were different.(view spoiler)[First of all, Jane is like, what? Nineteen years younger than Simon? (Okay, maybe not that young, but still) He was her teacher when she was thirteen. I mean, that's pretty creepy. And then there's that other thing about Simon Um, he SLEPT with her AUNT! J [...]

    19. Lana Del Slay on said:

      Jane's journey as an English girl through the American Revolution is more political than anything. I admit I'd have liked to see more about what it meant to become a woman during that era. I allow for this omission because Lavender is a William and not a Wilhelmina. He followed, broadly, the stories of three families and their various friends. If he intended for this to be Jane's coming-of-age, he might have done better to focus on her inner life as well as the events around her. There are also [...]

    20. Linnae on said:

      Jane, the orphan daughter of a penniless Earl, is sent to America to live with her Uncle Robert and Aunt Clarissa. She arrives in Charlestown, South Carolina, to discover tensions brewing--between the Colonies and England, and also between members of her family.Jane struggles to figure out where she stands on all these issues, and as she does so, she finds inner reserves of strength.This was a good story, and Jane was a good choice for a heroine that could appreciate the claims of both sides of [...]

    21. Autumn on said:

      Good portrayal of how the war affected a British family who had moved to America, and the determination of each person to stand for what they believe in. Well-written characters. Bit romantic at times, but not overly mushy. Jane, not sure what side she should support, tries to understand the issues of both sides, only knowing, as others do, that she wants her family safe and the issues to be solved quickly to save lives. Fair accounts for each side, though more details about the motives of each [...]

    22. Bethany Shepherd on said:

      After reading the first few chapters, I was very into the book, but after awhile, it seemed to quickly frustrate me. The main character, Jane, had no development except for a few things. It seemed like the book had more of a development of the other characters which caused Jane to developme some what. This would be a good book for the younger viewers, not so much for High School students. You lose interest in the main character, and she quickly becomes very annoying. I would recommend it to youn [...]

    23. Erin on said:

      I would say more like 2.5 stars, in between liking it and it was ok. I felt a little letdown with the setting. I wish there was more "history" in the story. This really could have taken place anywhere at any given war. I wished I could have known WHY each family member was on the side the were on and what drove them in their loyalties. The secret love affair was lame, and made me not like Simon through the entire book. It also seemed strange to me that Jane always was the one to call on for opin [...]

    24. Crawford Nettles on said:

      Just Jane by William Lavender, I personally thought, was great. Set in the 1770's during and before the American Revolution, Jane, the daughter of an earl, moves to America, after her father dies and she is left with no real family in England. Without Jane knowing, tensions are growing between the British and the Americans. Jane is thrown into a war that she can not grasp and is torn between which side she is on. Just Jane is not just about her struggle between which side she is on, also there i [...]

    25. Leeann on said:

      Overall I enjoyed reading this book. However, I have issues with it that kept me from giving it a 5 star rating. Jane felt a little too perfect and the dialogue seemed often sanguine, an ill fit with the action. I especially take exception to the flippant way Simon and Clarissa brush off their affair and how Jane also seems to easily dismiss it. Simon's proposal to Jane at the end of the story seems out of place with the traumatic events Jane has just experienced. It just felt a bit contrived. T [...]

    26. Deb on said:

      This book is meant for young readers but it had me drawn in by page 27! This is my first book by William Lavender & it won't be my last. The story is more about the mental insights of the main character, Jane, who comes to this country from England as a very young teen. Instantly she is introduced to both sides of the war that is to come by family & acquaintances. She has family who want to "think" for her. Remember this is a time where being female takes a back seat, especially in the S [...]

    27. Melissa Eisenmeier on said:

      Just Jane, by William Lavender$1.89 + tax at the Parkville BookwormJust Jane, by William Lavender, is an engaging historical fiction novel for teenagers.Jane, the title character, is the orphaned teenage daughter of a British earl when she sails across the Atlantic to live with her aunt and uncle. Upon arriving in America, she finds herself in the middle of the Revolutionary War. The war has torn apart her extended family: her Loyalist uncle Robert, who she is to live with, is feuding with her c [...]

    28. J Mozzer on said:

      I'll keep this short and sweet;A timeless book with very interesting charictors that do not unroll all at once, and have many sides that will keep readers guessing. The plot is amazing, never a dull moment and full of surprising twists and turns. I loved the death's most of all, so unsuspected and tear-provoking. The one thing i disagree with, however, is when she says she is american at the end, for she really had no interest with the taxation without representation or her King, she just hated [...]

    29. Sarah K on said:

      though this is a YA fiction book, it was well written and not dumbed down at all. i appreciated the "other" side of the american revolution. i'm sure i learned this in history class, but i forgot along the way how long the war for independence really took. i just think, oh 1776but really it was much longer than that. i also didn't really consider the personal stories of WHY people may have been opposed to it, and that some people may have gone back to england because they were so opposed to bein [...]

    30. Jo on said:

      Even though I was able to get through this book pretty easily, I didn't enjoy it that much. First, I don't think the author is that good. I come across this sometimes when reading children's literature. It's like, because the author is writing for children, they don't have to put as much effort in. Which I think is a load of bull. Regardless, this isn't even a children's book, it's a young adults if I'm not mistaken. I thought there were a lot of things that were unrealistic. I did like how the [...]

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