The Hunchback Assignments

Arthur Slade

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The Hunchback Assignments

The Hunchback Assignments A gripping new series combines Steampunk spying and a fantastic Victorian London The mysterious Mr Socrates rescues Modo a child in a traveling freak show Modo is a hunchback with an amazing abilit

  • Title: The Hunchback Assignments
  • Author: Arthur Slade
  • ISBN: 9780385906944
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping new series combines Steampunk, spying, and a fantastic Victorian London.The mysterious Mr Socrates rescues Modo, a child in a traveling freak show Modo is a hunchback with an amazing ability to transform his appearance, and Mr Socrates raises him in isolation as an agent for the Permanent Association, a spy agency behind Brittania s efforts to rule the empireA gripping new series combines Steampunk, spying, and a fantastic Victorian London.The mysterious Mr Socrates rescues Modo, a child in a traveling freak show Modo is a hunchback with an amazing ability to transform his appearance, and Mr Socrates raises him in isolation as an agent for the Permanent Association, a spy agency behind Brittania s efforts to rule the empire At 14, Modo is left on the streets of London to fend for himself When he encounters Octavia Milkweed, another Association agent, the two uncover a plot by the Clockword Guild behind the murders of important men Further, a mad scientist is turning orphan children into automatons to further the goals of the Guild Modo and Octavia journey deep into the tunnels under London and discover a terrifying plot against the British government It s up to them to save their country.From the Hardcover edition.

    The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade The Hunchback Assignments are tasks performed by deformed Modo for the Victorian Empire I see why Arthur Slade wins awards This is a cracking scary steampunk adventure yarn, with a hint of attraction between brave and funny teens in my beloved old London. Arthur Slade Arthur Gregory Slade born July , in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is a Canadian author A resident of Saskatoon, he was raised on a ranch in the Cypress Hills and began writing in high school.He attended the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and received an English Honours degree in His first short story was published that same year He then worked as a night auditor at a hotel Island of Doom The Hunchback Assignments, After previous assignments in London, the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Australian rain forest, this final adventure in the Hunchback Assignments series finds our hero, shape shifting, masked spy Modo, on his most personal quest. The Hunchback Assignments Without giving away plot, the Hunchback Assignments sounds a lot like what it is it is a different take on the Hunchback of Notre Dame, with our main character Moto and his special power The Hunchback Assignments Book Trailer YouTube Calling to mind elements of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Frankenstein, Slade presents a thrilling tale of an unusual and talented young man caught The Hunchback Assignments Arthur Slade He is the author of seventeen novels for young readers including The Hunchback Assignments, which won the prestigious TD Canadian Children s Literature Award, and its three sequels, and Dust, winner of the Governor General s Award for Children s Literature. The Hunchback Assignments Book Review This is a dark story The young hero, Modo, is a hunchback who is enlisted to work as a spy for a secret agency He is not operating out of freewill, and his missions may not be wholly good. Hunchback Assignments Book Review YouTube A book review of the Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade You can get a copy here or check it out at your local library Let me know your Hunchback assignments now luckeedeals Hunchback assignments now Doing this milestones essay ughh just finna do it and get it over with books topic essay literature school teachers essay kalolsavam The Hunchback Assignments All The Tropes Wiki The Hunchback Assignments are a series of books by Canadian children s and young adult author Arthur Slade Initially set in Victorian London, the books are young adult Steampunk spy thrillers, complete with Mad Lib Thriller Title, and starring Modo, the titular teenaged hunchback of the title.

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    One thought on “The Hunchback Assignments

    1. Stephanie on said:

      The first in a new series, this is the story of a hideously deformed boy with a fantastic secret, one that saves him from life as freak in a traveling show.Modo, the young boy, is rescued from a cage in the back of a gypsy's wagon by Mr. Socrates. He is then sent to Ravenscroft, a house in the country, and spends the next thirteen years inside the house with his caretaker Mrs. Finchley, an assortment of tutors, and his training master, Tharpa. Over the years, Mr. Socrates trains him in a variety [...]

    2. Beatrice on said:

      Every summer I attend San Diego Comic Con, where I often frequent the the Random House booth, and try to get as many Advanced Reader's Copies as I possibly can; and usually, I read these books withing the month, but in this case it took me a while to get to the book. Well, I finally picked this one off my shelf and decided to read it; I could not put it down! I finished it in two days (September 22-23). The back of the book does not quite do this book justice, but gives one the main idea of the [...]

    3. Alan on said:

      Reading level: Middle Grades Plus (MG+ 6 and up)Hardcover: 288 pagesWord Count: 63217Main Focus Group: BoysI haven't read much at this point in the genre of steam punk (think of H.G. Wells on steroids) but I really liked this book. Much like Alex Rider or one of the CHERUB Agents, this story revolves around a teenage boy, Modo and teenage girl, Octavia, saving the world (well in this case just London).In this, the opening book of the series we are introduced to the main players. First is Mr. Soc [...]

    4. Crowinator on said:

      "The large carriage rattled with grotesqueries -- bones of cats and pigs strung up as wind chimes, bleached bear skulls dangling from wires, and three shrunken monkey heads mounted on posts."This is where Modo is found as a child -- living in a cage in a traveling freak show, exhibited as "L'enfant du Monstre" for his hunchback and other heavy deformities. A mysterious benefactor, Mr. Socrates, rescues him from this life and raises him in seclusion, with only his nursemaid and an instructor for [...]

    5. An Odd1 on said:

      "The Hunchback Assignments" are tasks performed by deformed Modo for the Victorian Empire. I see why Arthur Slade wins awards. This is a cracking scary steampunk adventure yarn, with a hint of attraction between brave and funny teens in my beloved old London. Mr. Socrates, head of the secret Permanent Association dedicated to Britain's preservation, rescues the orphan and trains him to age 14, seeing the potential in his chameleon ability to temporarily transform his appearance. With luminous Oc [...]

    6. Sara Olson on said:

      I picked up “The Hunchback Assignments” by Arthur Slade randomly last week at the library. I was bored and feeling risky.The book is loosely, and I mean loosely based on “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo. Okay, so I haven’t exactly read Hugo’s classic, but I did read the synopsis, and I have seen the Disney movie, so I’m basically an expert now.The book is set in late 1800s England, and follows Modo – a shape-shifting hunchback who is raised in seclusion until he’s [...]

    7. Qt on said:

      3 1/2 stars; I love the "steampunk" setting, and thought it was a really neat concept.

    8. Dasha ~Made of bad materials, yet well put together~ on said:

      I read this sssooo many years ago, and can barely remember much Ah, but it was pretty unique and original read. And interesting, too. Ah, the memories come flooding back

    9. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      Reason for Reading: Arthur Slade had a new book out and I was thrilled to find out it was the start of a series. I had been wanting him to venture out into a series. Summary: Modo is an orphan taken in by Mr. Socrates and kept house-bound for the first thirteen years of his life where he is trained in body and mind. Modo is a hunchback with a terribly disfigured face which is so repugnant to look upon that Mr. Socrates does not allow mirrors in the house until he decides Modo is old enough to se [...]

    10. Arya on said:

      I really liked this book! Have you ever finished a story and felt sort of smug on the author's behalf? "Yep that was brilliant all right - ooh he is good!" That is the feeling that this book evokes. It has got everything you could wish for - a splash of romance, a dash of mystery, a thimbleful of intrigue and a whole bowl full of danger! Modo is an ugly child, saved from life as a traveling "freak show" attraction by the enigmatic Mr. Socrates. Mr. Socrates is a man high up in the hierarchy of a [...]

    11. Laura Morrigan on said:

      What if Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame worked as a secret agent for a mysterious man protecting the interests of Victorian England? This rollicking Steampunk adventure answers that question, while sweeping through a fast paced series of excitement and adventure.Modo is an ugly hunchbacked child, rescued by Mr. Socrates from a freak show, due to his amazing ability to shape shift. Brought up in a remote country house, teenage Modo is without warning flung out into the dangerous world of L [...]

    12. bird on said:

      I read this book in a day and really enjoyed it. If you like steampunk combined with fantasy elements you'll probably like The Hunchback Assignments. The main character Modo is a deformed hunchback with a heartbreaking story. He hates himself for the way he looks and just wants to be normal. Despite his outward appearance he has a heart of gold and I found him to be a really likable character throughout the entire book.Octavia. What a character. One minute that girl was charming a cab driver to [...]

    13. Chessa on said:

      One word: flat. No wait, I have lots more words. Dreary. Miserable. Highlights the worst of humanity while providing us with a completely unimaginative story arc. When I got to the climax of the action I couldn't possibly believe that that was all it was - I had guessed as much a hundred pages ago. Maybe this would appeal to a certain age of young boy, but I was just not feeling it. I would have abandoned it, but it was barely over 200 pages, so I slogged through it. Felt like 500 pages by the e [...]

    14. Rebecca L. Snowe on said:

      Three words best describe this book; Weird, creepy, dark. Didn't care for it much, I mean who wants to read about a weird scientist dissecting/remodeling children and making them into creepy, killing machines? Not me, although I DID read the book I know but I honestly didn't know how bad it was until I was about half way through and then I HAD to finish it to see what happened. The only cool thing about the book was Modo whose ability to change into other people was really neat.

    15. X on said:

      Okay, so it looked like it would be better than it was. Or maybe I was just expecting something more. In any event, I did find it enjoyable and exciting - though the ending was a bit lack luster - and I loved the steampunk setting. Maybe the second book will live up to my expectations a bit better.

    16. Cascata Nerina on said:

      If you want a more in depth preview: It definitely combined the classics of the Hunchback of Notre Dame (most notably in the main character) and that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (In one of the other characters and some of the plot). However, as a whole the novel was definitely original and new. A steam punk coming of age set in a world of classics. The plot itself was twisted and convoluted, and yet also straight forward. I would say that if you're paranoid it makes it a much more difficult read [...]

    17. Molly Pace on said:

      Mr. Socrates found Modo when he was four years old, hunchbacked and deformed, locked in a cage by gypsies who charged pennies to come and stare at the “Demon child.” He paid for Modo’s education and for the upstairs room where he lived hidden from the world. His only companions were Mrs. Finchley, a retired actress who served as his governess, and Tharpa, Mr. Socrates’ man who taught him hand-to-hand combat and physical fitness. It was not the most ordinary of childhoods, but then, Modo [...]

    18. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Theresa L. Stowell for TeensReadTooMysterious Mr. Socrates found a one-year-old child in the back of a gypsy cart with the label "L'Enfant du Monstre." Thinking the child was just physically deformed, Mr. Socrates turned to go; however, the toddler called out to him, and when he looked again, a reformation was taking place. This infant was able to change his facial features, so the deformity disappeared for a few moments. Mr. Socrates immediately recognized the value in this ability. [...]

    19. Lelia Taylor on said:

      The Hunchback AssignmentsArthur SladeNarrated by Jayne EntwistleListening Library, 2009ISBN 0739380206Unabridged Audio BookModo is an abandoned child in Victorian London, a child with such a fearsome appearance that no one could possibly care for him. Mr. Socrates, though, a mysterious gentleman of means, takes Modo in and raises him in a somewhat aloof fashion but with a purpose in mind. A governess and a man with martial skills are his only companions and teachers but the approval of Mr. Socra [...]

    20. Kristin(MyBookishWays Reviews) on said:

      You may also read my review here: mybookishways/2011/04/At the tender age of one, Modo is rescued from a traveling freak show by the mysterious Mr. Socrates, who takes him in and raises him to be well read and knowledgeable in the fighting arts. Deformed and never knowing his mother and father, Modo comes to rely on Mr. Socrates, the kindly housekeeper, Mrs. Finchley, and his fighting instructor, Tharpa, who was also taken in as a child by Mr. Socrates. At age 14, Modo is taken into London (his [...]

    21. Tarl on said:

      Make that a 3.5 star rating. First off, if I remember correctly, this is a YA book, so I have to keep that mind in reviewing it. The writing is well done, and the characters are very well done. Modo's life, and him growing as a character was interesting to watch, as was Octavia's softening towards him and losing her bitchy/selfish attitude. The world for this book is actually fairly interesting, with Slade's take on steampunk to be fairly unique in some regards, especially with Hyde's formula an [...]

    22. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room on said:

      An enticing and exciting YA novel of Steampunk in Victorian England, “The Hunchback Assignments” merges factual history with the alternate universe of steam, clockwork mechanisms, mad scientists, and global conspiracy. On one hand is an upscale, rather elitist organization calling itself the “Permanent Association,” determined not only to preserve Great Britain from anarchists, but intent as well on keeping Britannia the ruler of a great and far-flung empire of Manifest Destiny. Opposed [...]

    23. Jess on said:

      I love picking up a book and immediately thinking of several kids to give it to. There's a historical setting, which is there more for atmosphere than anything else, an orphaned hunchback with a knack for rearranging his features, a benevolent (or is he?) father figure, plenty of steampunk-ish machines, a few strolls through London's sewers, plenty of action, mysterious associations and secret plotswhat more do you need? Plus, the audio version is perfectly narrated, with accents and enough diff [...]

    24. Mel Z on said:

      Arthur Slade has really done it again with this first book in his new steampunk series. Without a doubt, The Hunchback Assignments was one of my favourite books of the year - an exciting read from start to finish. Set in an alternative Victorian era, Slade takes his readers through the streets, alleys, rooftops and sewers of London. Modo, the main character, is a deformed hunchbacked boy with the ability to shapeshift - one of my favourite characters of all times. He is an amazing hero that is s [...]

    25. Jule Hack on said:

      Modo wird von einem feinen englischen Herren in Frankreich aufgespürt, der ihn dort vor der Zurschaustellung rettet. Er nimmt ihn it nach England und erzieht ihn zu einem Agenten mit Politikunterricht und Kampftraining. Denn Modo hat zwar einen hässlichen, verwachsenen Körper, aber er kann sein Gesicht und seinen Köprer in den eines anderen Menschen verwandeln. Eine Eigenschaft die grade der Gentleman sehr gut gebrauchen kann. Doch als das Empire von einer Geheimorganisation angegriffen wird [...]

    26. Christophe Ang on said:

      I'm only halfway through the book, but from what I understand it's a science/fantasy novel taking place in Great Britain during the 1800s. It follows the telling tale of a deformed hunchback from France (much like the Hunchback of Notre Dame) that has the ability to shapeshift. He is adopted by a man named Socrates who takes care of him for many years and developing him into a secret agent. When Modo, the hunchback, becomes 15, he is then appointed his first assignment and put to use from Socrat [...]

    27. Hannah on said:

      A fast-paced, fantastically-steampunky read! I hadn't planned to read the whole book in one sitting at all, but I ended up pouring through it only a few hours after I bought it! Riveting good stuff.I really do like the fact that the steampunk elements aren't thrown in as a second thought here, as so many authors are wont to do nowadays. The technology is at the heart of The Hunchback Assignments, with a sympathetic and well fleshed-out protagonist to boot. Modo is quite an interesting character [...]

    28. Kaytlin on said:

      I think The Hunchback Assignments was well written. It is an easy and fairly quick read. It had good characterization for how short the book is. Slade did well with how quickly he paced the plot. It very rarely seemed like the plot was dragging. I think the main character Modo was interesting and was written with an interesting and entertaining perspective. He sees the world with a very sheltered view but also a good education. His ignorance often gives great comic relief compared to his educati [...]

    29. Cindy on said:

      Modo was born disfigured with a hunchback and a disfigured face, but he was also born with a very special gift. The ability to twist and change his appearance to take on the looks and characteristics of anyone. This made him a very valuable person for Mr. Socrates to add to him secretive team of agents. Mr. Socrates snatched Modo from a freak show and raised him as his own. He moved him to the country side and give him a good education, and a lot of training in investigating and spying. Then he [...]

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