Turtle in Paradise

Jennifer L. Holm

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Turtle in Paradise

Turtle in Paradise Life isn t like the movies But then again year old Turtle is no Shirley Temple She s smart and tough and has seen enough of the world not to expect a Hollywood ending After all it s and jobs

  • Title: Turtle in Paradise
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm
  • ISBN: 9780375836886
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Life isn t like the movies But then again, 11 year old Turtle is no Shirley Temple.She s smart and tough and has seen enough of the world not to expect a Hollywood ending After all, it s 1935 and jobs and money and sometimes even dreams are scarce So when Turtle s mama gets a job housekeeping for a lady who doesn t like kids, Turtle says goodbye without a tear and headsLife isn t like the movies But then again, 11 year old Turtle is no Shirley Temple.She s smart and tough and has seen enough of the world not to expect a Hollywood ending After all, it s 1935 and jobs and money and sometimes even dreams are scarce So when Turtle s mama gets a job housekeeping for a lady who doesn t like kids, Turtle says goodbye without a tear and heads off to Key West, Florida, to live with relatives she s never met Florida s like nothing Turtle s ever seen before though It s hot and strange, full of rag tag boy cousins, family secrets, scams, and even buried pirate treasure Before she knows what s happened, Turtle finds herself coming out of the shell she s spent her life building, and as she does, her world opens up in the most unexpected ways Filled with adventure, humor and heart, Turtle in Paradise is an instant classic both boys and girls will love.

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      193 Jennifer L. Holm
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    One thought on “Turtle in Paradise

    1. Rachel Reads Ravenously on said:

      4 stars! I'm reading a lot more middle grade books now for professional development, and since I had read Full of Beans and loved it a few years back, I thought I should read the book that came before it. I love this Key West setting with a group of kids in the 1930's. Turtle is disillusioned by things most kids enjoy, she doesn't like Shirley Temple and she knows she's smarter than most people, adults included. When Turtle's mother gets a new job with a woman who doesn't like kids, she's sent t [...]

    2. Jamie Ayres on said:

      I read this historical novel set in Key West (year: 1935) with my class and my daughter. Everyone LOVED the book! Turtle had just enough 'snap' in her to make her relatable and funny. You even fall in love with her rotten band of cousins. I thought it was interesting how many of my students had never seen Annie or Shirley Temple. We had access to both through YouTube . . . you can even listen to the old Annie radio shows as there were many references to these two icons throughout the book. The s [...]

    3. Tiffany on said:

      My 11yo son and I read this book together for the school parent/child book club. I give it 4 stars because it's age appropriate, entertaining, a bit educational on the history of Key West, and generally an interesting read. I'm not sure my son would rate it as highly. He loved the book throughout until we read the last chapter. The last chapter does kind of spring an unraveling of the plot on an unsuspecting child reader (hint: adult readers will probably see it coming). My son has been ranting [...]

    4. Amy on said:

      Newbery Honor BookFelt a bit forced and some things didn't ring true, but the notes at the were very interesting/illuminating

    5. Beth on said:

      When her mother gets a new job as a housekeeper for a woman who doesn't like children, Turtle must move to Key West to live with her aunt and uncle while her mother waits for her dreamer of a boyfriend to pop the question so they can finally be a family.In the meantime, Turtle adjusts to life with her relatives in Key West which includes a band of raucous boy cousins who call themselves The Diaper Gang (because they, ironically, know how to soothe fussy babies) and the surly grandmother who had [...]

    6. Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict) on said:

      Turtle has to leave her hometown to live with her aunt in Key West, because her mother is a maid and her boss won't allow children to stay with her. Turtle is pretty anxious about this move initially, because Key West is entirely different than what she's used to. Plus, there are her male cousins who are spunky and outgoing and she is surrounded by family members that she has never met. There are secrets surrounding her family and fun adventures around every corner. Turtle knows that there's no [...]

    7. Sarah BT on said:

      I'm a bit mixed on if I think this book was Newbery Honor worthy. On one hand I really enjoyed it, the storyline is great, and the author weaves together a lovely plot. On the other, I thought there was a lot that wasn't developed and the book wrapped up too quickly. The end of the book felt much different than the beginning.The setting of 1930's Key West is a unique one-I didn't know much about Key West during this time, so I learned a bit from this book. But while this is a historical novel, i [...]

    8. Donalyn on said:

      Spending so much of my time reading epic fantasy tomes, I rarely complain that I wish a book was longer, but that is how I felt about Turtle in Paradise.The dramatic tension and emotional moments seemed crammed into the last 30 pages of the book and it left little time for readers to react or assimilate what was happening.The writing is great, though, and I think young readers will enjoy Turtle and her friends.

    9. Melanie on said:

      With lines like, "But I'm not lucky as an orphan," Turtle in Paradise packs a lot of punch into a short, sweet story. Jennifer Holm is a master at making each and every sentence count. Once you begin reading Turtle's story you won't want to stop.When her Mom takes a domestic job that doesn't allow kids, eleven-year-old Turtle is sent to live with relatives she's never met in Key West. It's 1935, and jobs are scarce. Everyone we meet is feeling the hurt of the Great Depression in one way or anoth [...]

    10. Linda on said:

      I listened to this book last week. What a sweet story set during the Great Depression. It’s hard to believe what a hardship that time was on everyone, and how much kids learned to survive. In this, we meet the spunky and very together 11 year old Turtle whose mother has sent her to Florida to live with her aunt, who already has three boys and an absent husband who is absent because the job he found is so far away. Turtle’s mother has a good job as a housekeeper, but her employer unfortunatel [...]

    11. Kathryn on said:

      I wanted very much to like this book, but I think ultimately it just isn't written in a style I am drawn to so I stopped after about five chapters. (Too many other books calling my name!) I wanted more descriptions and to feel closer to the characters' emotions. And I felt the historical details (like the Little Orphan Annie comics, etc.) were placed in too obvious a way. I do think it's worth a try as I'm sure many would like this style and the story seems interesting. It's a place and era I wo [...]

    12. Margo Tanenbaum on said:

      Jennifer L. Holm is probably best known among kids today as the author of the incredibly popular Babymouse series of very pink graphic novels about a mouse's adventures in elementary school . In Turtle in Paradise, however, Holm returns to her beginnings as an accomplished historical fiction writer. Two of her prior novels in this genre, Our Only May Amelia and Penny from Heaven, were Newbery Honor books. Set in the summer of 1935, Turtle in Paradise features a spunky and tough heroine named Tur [...]

    13. Amanda Toombs on said:

      Genre: Junior book—Historical Fiction Summary: Turtle’s mother sends her to stay with relatives in Key West, Florida while she makes money to support their family. Turtle experiences many adventures such as finding a grandmother, dealing with boys, getting rid of her cat, and find treasure. Turtle thought her life was about to change for the best but the unexpected happens.Critique:a. The greatest strength in this book is the character, Turtle. b. When I first understood that the main chara [...]

    14. Sharon on said:

      I love reading good historical fiction because I find it one of the hardest genres to recommend, and Jennifer Holm is definitely a great master of the genre. I admired the way she effortlessly wove amusing personal anecdotes through Penny From Heaven while also adding so many interesting, historically accurate details, and I think I like this book even better. If anything will finally net her the Newbery, it would be this book.Everything about this book is strong and masterful: the Key West sett [...]

    15. Michelle Isenhoff on said:

      Turtle in Paradise is just the kind of book I love to read best. Sweet and clean, well-crafted, beautiful, with a host of characters I wish I knew, and an open-armed family at the end. It claimed Newbery honors this year.Turtle grew up in New Jersey with her single mother. She’s the steady one in the family. “I think the color of a person’s eyes says a lot about them. Mama has soft blue eyes, and all she sees is kittens and roses. My eyes are gray as soot, and I see things for what they ar [...]

    16. Ellie eden King on said:

      Turtle in Paradise, is about a young girl who has moved pretty much everywhere. When her mom gets a new housekeeping job, Turtle has to move away. The reason she has to move away is her mom's boss does not like children. Without any notice she moves to Key West, Florida with her cousins. When she gets there she meets her Aunt, and her cousins: Beans, Kermit, and Buddy. Her cousins are very peculiar though, they have a babysitting business called the Diaper Gang. The purpose of the Diaper Gang is [...]

    17. Eileen Corbett on said:

      Turtle is an 11 year old girl growing up during the depression. Turtle and her single mom often struggle to get by. Turtle is sent to live with family when her mother's live-in housekeeping job does not allow children. Turtle arrives in Key West and is immediately surrounded by family members she has never met before and lots of adventure. Archie, one of Turtle's mother's boyfriends tells Turtle that everyone has a dream. Turtle thinks all of her dreams have finally come true, and maybe they hav [...]

    18. Keilani Ludlow on said:

      This is a really cute little story. I hadn't realized that it was YA lit when I checked it out, which is not an issue because I read a lot of YA lit, but I did start it expecting a more adult reading level so it took me a minute to adjust my expectations. However, once I did, quite enjoyable. Turtle (a young girl) is sent to live with an aunt and her family in Key West when her mother gets a live-in job and can't bring Turtle along. It is during the great depression. Turtle's mom is a dreamer, T [...]

    19. Sana Maria Soufi on said:

      Turtle in ParadiseBy Jennifer HolmRealistic Fiction208 Pages4/15/13This story is about a girl named Turtle who lives with her poor mother who works as a maid in different homes. Turtle is a tough girl, she has to be to put up with her mother who is always getting her heart broken by men. One day, Turtle is shipped off to her aunt's house in Florida. Turtle hopes to be greeted by lush fruit trees and beautiful sea waves. Instead she comes to a beat up old town. Staying here she hopes to recover a [...]

    20. Tara on said:

      Life isn't like the movies, and eleven-year-old Turtle is no Shirley Temple. She's smart and tough and has seen enough of the world not to expect a Hollywood ending. After all, it's 1935, and jobs and money and sometimes even dreams are scarce. So when Turtle's mama gets a job housekeeping for a lady who doesn't like kids, Turtle says goodbye without a tear and heads off to Key West, Florida, to stay with relatives she's never met.Florida's like nothing Turtle has ever seen. It's hot and strange [...]

    21. Timothy on said:

      A perfect little gem. Reading Turtle in Paradise is like watching an Olympic gymnast's routine on the balance beam. The distance Jenni Holm takes us may be short, but the quick steps, dramatic acrobatics, the flawless balance of it all will leave you in awe. She makes it seem so simple. You will laugh on cue, cry on cue, and love every minute of it. It's over far too quickly, but of course she sticks the landing.

    22. Celine Kim on said:

      The story until the last three chapters were awesome. It got my interest and made me keep reading it. But the last 3 chapter was bad. BAD BAD BAD.

    23. Mhedish17 on said:

      This work is a historical fiction piece about family, fitting in, and overcoming hard changes. An 11 year old girl named Turtle is sent to Key West to live with her cousins when her mo gets a housekeeping job that doesn't allow her to bring children. Her cousins and their friends have a group called the Diaper Gang (called so because they offer to babysit for moms in exchange for candy because no one has much money to spare). The story is about adventure, treasure, friendship, and family and eve [...]

    24. Astrid Lim on said:

      I like the story, the setting of Key West Florida in 1930s, the crazy characters including the witty but lovable Turtle. Everything about this book feels just right - but unfortunately a bit too short, so I feel the ending is a bit of a rush and I'm still longing to hear more about Turtle's story. But it deserves the Newbery, though! :)

    25. Erin on said:

      Read this with my son going into 2nd grade - it's part of his school district's One Book, One Community. It's geared for 4th graders and I agree that content wise, many of the topics went over my son's head. However, we both loved the story - wonderful characters and a great story to cover topics including the Great Depression, poverty, family and attitudes towards life.

    26. Suzanne on said:

      Turtle in Paradise is just the kind of book I love to read best. Sweet and clean, well-crafted, beautiful, with a host of characters I wish I knew. Plus my son recommended it to me "Mommy it's really good. You will love it. It's kind of funny and a little sad."

    27. Nicole Lamb on said:

      Junior Book Critique #12Turtle in ParadiseBy: Jennifer L. Holm1. Junior Book Genre: Historical Fiction2. Brief Summary: After taking a job as a housekeeper for a tough old lady that does not like kids, Turtle’s mother is forced to send her to live with her sister down in Key West, Florida. Turtle is a strong-willed and tough girl and after her surprising her aunt in Key West she finds herself in an environment that she is totally unfamiliar with and with family she has never met! This coming o [...]

    28. Angelina Lyn on said:

      I love this book and my teacher Mrs.Dodd showed me this book and I am loving it so far I think people should read it!

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