Strangers In Paradise, Pocket Book 2

Terry Moore

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Strangers In Paradise, Pocket Book 2

Strangers In Paradise Pocket Book The second Strangers In Paradise pocket book finds Katchoo following David to California where she comes face to face with Darcy Parker When Darcy makes Katchoo an offer she can t refuse Katchoo tran

  • Title: Strangers In Paradise, Pocket Book 2
  • Author: Terry Moore
  • ISBN: 9781892597298
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second Strangers In Paradise pocket book finds Katchoo following David to California where she comes face to face with Darcy Parker When Darcy makes Katchoo an offer she can t refuse, Katchoo transforms from prey to predator and begins to spin a web of her own This book features 5 pages of Jim Lee art to open the story, hero style Also included is the most popular SThe second Strangers In Paradise pocket book finds Katchoo following David to California where she comes face to face with Darcy Parker When Darcy makes Katchoo an offer she can t refuse, Katchoo transforms from prey to predator and begins to spin a web of her own This book features 5 pages of Jim Lee art to open the story, hero style Also included is the most popular Strangers in Paradise short story ever the Xena parody, Warrior Princess.

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      335 Terry Moore
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    One thought on “Strangers In Paradise, Pocket Book 2

    1. Aldi on said:

      I thought maybe I was missing something the first time I tried these books.Turns out I really wasn't. I find very little to like here. All the characters are walking stereotypes. All the men are sleazebags or rapists except for the token one who's a Nerdy Nice Guy (TM) and the one who's a Fatherly Good Cop (TM). The Sassy Streetwise Starving Artist Heroine With Anger Issues (TM) has a secret hidden past involving prostitution, the mob, and a cardboard Evil Hot Villainess (TM). Yawn. Everybody, a [...]

    2. Jessica on said:

      Haven't read the first volume, but managed to get the gist of it. I had no idea about the crime syndicate stuff, so that surprised the hell out of me.Loved that Death cameo.

    3. Stephen Arvidson on said:

      In the second of six Pocket Book collections, fans of Strangers In Paradise see Katchoo trailing David to California where she comes face to face with her ruthless ex-employer, Darcy Parker. Darcy, who we learn has intensely incestuous love for her brother David, blackmails Katchoo into helping her as devises a nefarious scheme to infiltrate the White House. Unaware that Francine and Det. Mike Walsh are hot on her heels, Katchoo gets help from an unexpected foe in bringing down Darcy’s empire [...]

    4. Quentin Wallace on said:

      Another good volume of a very original comic series.In this one we see some comedy where the nontraditional comic world of SIP crosses paths with more traditional comics, as well as a Xena tie in! The main part of the book however focused on the apparent wrap up of the Katchoo political thriller plot. There's also some backstory given as we see the girls in high school. That's balanced out by a flash forward, where we see the girls ten years from the present. It sounds like a lot of jumping arou [...]

    5. John Wiswell on said:

      As a kid, whenever I had cotton candy bubblegum it would be so delicious that temples would ache and I'd screw my knuckles into them just to alleviate it while I continued chewing. That is what the best parts of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise does to me as an adult. Twice I punched in the air at how dead-on his writing had gotten.This book is in every way a sequel to the first, with Francine and Katchoo settling into new digs, but still haunted by the manipulative pimps that once destroyed [...]

    6. Printable Tire on said:

      Another fucking awful collection of comics, and this is only volume 2! While the story gets marginally better when it shifts away from the prematurely deteriorating crime story and enters high school, it's still a comic book full of sickeningly sappy, co-dependent whiners, really bad poetry and asshole men. Perhaps the high school chapters are only good because the dialogue and characters are at the most the refined essence at that whiny, self-absorbed age. The Xena "parody," while cringe-induci [...]

    7. Rachel Pollock on said:

      I wanted to like this whole series, after reading the first of these Pocket Books. Wow, downhill spiral fast though. I got about 3/4 through and just gave up. Everything that i thought was so intriguing that sucked me into the first one--the interpersonal tensions in the triad of Katchoo, Francine, and David--pretty much disappears really quick in this, in favor of a bunch more Eevil Geenius B.S.I also got really fatigued with constantly reading about how much Francine hates herself for being fa [...]

    8. Vicky on said:

      Ultimate irritation—the panel in which Katchoo (who is a lesbian? I guess it is not clear) looks into David's eyes and says something like, "Do you know why I hate men?" and then, "Because I never met one who was faithful. . .until you." Wtf. At times the Katchoo/David relationship reminds me of Alyssa/Holden from Chasing Amy. I did enjoy the high school flashback stories at the end: Katchoo sort of flirting with Francine her best friend at the window. So classic! Wearing a leather jacket. Thr [...]

    9. on said:

      Talk about cliche! Every book about a lesbian character is about how deep down they really just want a man! Just waiting for the right one to come along ya know! GTFO! This comic is chauvinistic garbage written with the subtlety of a brick to the face.

    10. Bilge B on said:

      İlkinden iyiydi, 'aman tanrım çok harika' diyemem ama güzel okuttu kendini, sıkmadı, boğmadı, tatlı tatlı aktı gitti.Herhangi bir basım hatası çarpmadı gözüme ayrıca.

    11. Vittorio Rainone on said:

      Terry Moore, quando vuole, riesce ad essere conciso, diretto, toccante, interessante. Qui però spesso è incredibilmente ridondante, e le pagine si riempiono di minuziosissime descrizioni scarsamente utili, di poesie di dubbio gusto e di quel femminismo che porta le donne a essere tutte sovrappeso (tranne quelle veramente stupide) e gli uomini in media idioti tutti presi dalle proprie conquiste sessuali. Il risultato finale è un volume che è carino, ma non memorabile, con picco negativo il fl [...]

    12. Rick on said:

      Moore's beautifully written and drawn collection of comics about two women's search for peace and love in the midst of international espionage. SiP is full of power struggles that range from struggles for love to struggles to control the lives of others to the string-pulling of the leaders of all the world's nations. At one time Moore can make the story seem very small and intimate, private and personal and in the next moment make it feel larger than life and epic.

    13. Ruben on said:

      Continuamos con la historia de Francine y Katchoo y sus locuras y enredos con la mafia concretamente con Darcy, que creíamos que se habían solucionado? pues en este tomo nos muestran que solo habíamos leído el inicio en el tomo pasado.

    14. Tara on said:

      big gay polyamory, xena, conspiracies! what's not to love? (that we're currently amid a massive conspiracy or transphobia? well, yes. ASIDE FROM THAT)

    15. Fizzgig76 on said:

      Reprints Strangers in Paradise (2) #1-16 (October 1996-July 1998). Ten years have passed since Francine has seen Katchoo, but a chance meeting at a hotel brings back all the old memories for Francine and reminds her of the past. When Francine, Katchoo, and David broke free of Darcy’s control, things looked like they were shaping up…but Darcy wasn’t finished with her brother, her best operative, or Francine. Katchoo discovered that her relationship with Francine was changing, but also decid [...]

    16. Robert Beveridge on said:

      Terry Moore, Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book 2 (Abstract Studio, 2004)I gave Moore a light smack on the wrist for the ludicrousness of the last third of the first Strangers in Paradise book when I reviewed it a while back; what had previously been a romance comic was all the sudden a spy thriller? I should have known that he was setting it up to be a spy thriller that had romance aspects, which is exactly what happens in Book 2, and it feels much more natural here. Katchoo gets caught up with [...]

    17. Catherine on said:

      It has been a week since reading this. This is easily shaping up to be one of my favorite series particularly in its appeal to women and how tailored it is to be a work that represents quality comics that are being made for women. It gets a slightly lower grade because it becomes confusing at parts and since I don’t know what Moore is doing yet with these new elements that he has introduced I remain confused for the time being. I cannot tell if I am missing something or if the future timeline [...]

    18. Jay on said:

      I didn't quite enjoy this volume of the Strangers in Paradise series, but I think this was because there was (understandably) a lot of time jumping because the author wanted to backtrack and give you some insight into how the characters got to where they were for the first volume. As a reader, I can understand why this was done, but I felt that it would have been better left until a bit later on in the series than book two. This may not have been as noticable however if perhaps I was reading the [...]

    19. Crushi on said:

      Loved it. It's really good! I'd even admit that it's very beautiful and made me cry a little. I know nobody reads these things so my manhood can stay in check and I can admit that I like the love story. If you are looking for a really entertaining non-traditional (meaning lesbian-esqe) love story; you love this. The characters are instantly and amazingly likable and memorable. The art, story telling, and dialog is amazing. I'll order the next one right away. Terry Moore is really turning out to [...]

    20. Nicholas Whyte on said:

      nhwvejournal/318030ml[return][return]Read the first one of these last year, and much enjoyed it, as I enjoyed this second volume. Here we get sucked a little into stories of ten-years-on and ten-years-before, as well as the political thriller storyline which passes for the main plot. Not as deep and thought-provoking as some comics that I have read, but sometimes it's enough to read something that is just about interesting people rather than Big Important Issues.

    21. Caroline on said:

      It took a little while for this series to pick up for me, but by the end off this pocket edition, I was totally engrossed in it. I think the drama/soap opera is generally stronger than the humor (though the intrigue/espionage elements don't hold up to much scrutiny, that's not really the point; this IS still a comic book). I particularly loved the "High school" storyline, which fleshes out what we already knew about Katchoo, and adds a lot of depth to Francine, as well.On a shallow note, I love [...]

    22. Melissa on said:

      This Strangers in Paradise volume moves fast, as Francine deals with her feelings for Katchoo and Darcy Parker reappears. Terry Moore's uneven cartooning is starting to grate on me some. the evil Ms. Parker looks more like an annoyed soccer mom than an international crime syndicate most of the time. And don't even get me started on the hair styles and how high up Francine wears her pants but then again, it was the 80s, right?

    23. Jessica~CoinOperatedJoy on said:

      Whoa. Finished this yesterday and now I am already a third of the way through the third one. The story got incredibly intense in this go around. I would write more but I would like to get back to reading I will finish this another time. Yeah's that good.

    24. Greymalkin on said:

      Enjoyed the art and the fact that there are real bodies with all their quirks and curves. But once again the plot lines rather lost me and I still couldn't quite connect with any of the characters. Enjoyable but I don't know that it's really my thing.

    25. Ana on said:

      Pretty good, but er, i need to reread the first volume. I'm a bit confused with the direction that this went in. Also, perhaps i shouldn't have taken so long between starting to read this and finishing it - bit confused by the time i finished it all ;o)

    26. Randall Yelverton on said:

      Another reserved 3 stars. Bad poetry abounds. Silly mafia plot resurfaces. But the human story at the center keeps the mess afloat and keeps me reading. When Moore keeps it simple the story is surprisingly moving.

    27. Richard on said:

      Ouch!The one star rating is the the publisher and not the author. Can't believe that while reading SiP, I noticed that pages 129 to 160 was replaced with pages 97 to 128EOFUpdate: back to SiP even though 30 pages are missing.

    28. Eliz on said:

      The series is definitely picking up steam. Book one was read in about a month but this one was read in about two days. Once I started, I had to keep going to find out where it was going. Unfortunately, my comic store didn't have book three so alas, it is on order.

    29. Kashish on said:

      The arc from the first book continued into this one. A happy ending tied into a potential threesome bow. Don't intend to read more, but the first 2 books are enjoyable enough if you forget all the tropes while reading them.

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