The Contaxis Baby

Lynne Graham

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The Contaxis Baby

The Contaxis Baby In the gossip rags socialite Lizzie Denton s situation looks pretty ugly Lizzie meets boy Lizzie dumps boy brokenhearted boy dies in horrific car crash Suddenly she s public enemy number one And a

  • Title: The Contaxis Baby
  • Author: Lynne Graham
  • ISBN: 9781426803352
  • Page: 135
  • Format: ebook
  • In the gossip rags, socialite Lizzie Denton s situation looks pretty ugly Lizzie meets boy, Lizzie dumps boy, brokenhearted boy dies in horrific car crash Suddenly she s public enemy number one And a disinherited heiress, to boot No job, no home and only a designer wardrobe to keep her company But the worst part is that the papers got it wrong, and Lizzie promised notIn the gossip rags, socialite Lizzie Denton s situation looks pretty ugly Lizzie meets boy, Lizzie dumps boy, brokenhearted boy dies in horrific car crash Suddenly she s public enemy number one And a disinherited heiress, to boot No job, no home and only a designer wardrobe to keep her company But the worst part is that the papers got it wrong, and Lizzie promised not to tell anyone the truth.Devastated by the death of his half brother, Greek tycoon Sebasten Contaxis decides to punish the woman responsible Lizzie Denton But when he discovers that the stunning woman he can t keep his hands off an inexplicable case of lust at first sight is the same woman he s been seeking, Sebasten alters his scheme After all, one broken heart deserves another, right And revenge is so much sweeter when it s served in bed that is, until Lizzie has some surprising news for him.

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      135 Lynne Graham
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    One thought on “The Contaxis Baby

    1. Alex is The Romance Fox on said:

      I loved this story. had a bit of a twist that I wasn't expectingThe two mc's, Lizzie & Sebastan were beyond adorable.Sebastan, the rich and gorgeous alpha-male, who turned out to have a heart so soft and filled with goldwho would have expected that from him?And Lizzie - you just had to love this woman. Quirky, cute and totally adorable.Loved their chemistry together, their dialogue which was filled with wit.One of my LG favouritesd one of my fav hero/heroine.

    2. Vintage on said:

      Okay, I am going to attribute my recent impatience, intolerance and disdain for the usual ass-hattery of Romanceland heroes (example: review of Evan), something of which has entertained me in the past, to the insane levels of menthol zooming through my system. Approximately 250 cough drops consumed daily raises levels of cynicism and lowers the inherent need to suspend ALL disbelief that is necessary in order to enjoy a Harlequin. That and my self-imposed exile to the guest bedroom to cough has [...]

    3. Jenny on said:

      Rich and popular heiress Lizzie finds out her boyfriend is a cheater and on top of that he dies in horrific car crash. Her father kicks her out so she is jobless penniless and miserable. Sebasten our hero is determined to punish the woman who caused his brother's downfall but he falls hard and fast for Lizzie. Pregnancy leads to marriage and angst ensues. One of the best Harlequin Presents I have ever read. Hero is alpha, sexy, possessive and so jealous of his dead brother and his relationship w [...]

    4. KC 2.0 on said:

      So much fun! I don't remember the last time I laughed so much while reading. Much of the humor ran at Sebasten's expense, but the arrogant billionaire could afford to be taken down a peg. One of my favorite scenes had to be the dinner scene where Sebasten demonstrated his infuriating lack of tact, and Lizzie's fiery response. Gotta love a girl with balls. Hehe. And then there's this dialogue where the author pokes fun at the Greek tycoon cliche:‘You’re taking me to your home there?’ ‘A p [...]

    5. Leona on said:

      A satisfying read by Lynne Graham. This one sucks you in right from the start with a cheating boyfriend and conniving evil stepmother. A heroine who is forced to carry the blame for the boyfriends reckless death.(Believe it or not, we aren't even past page 5 yet!) This is a story about revenge, infidelity and unwanted pregnancy. It's about a hero who tries to be an Asshat, but can't pull it off, because he is basically a decent guy. It's about a heroine that is tougher than she looks and isn't a [...]

    6. Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta on said:

      4.5 stars ?First of all I don't trust a playboy hero that doesn't use condoms with the woman he met 5 seconds ago (even if that woman was the heroine and he did ask her if she was safe, as if pregnancy was the only concern, not that her taking the pill helped at all) BUT I want to believe he really got it bad the moment he saw her (I mean really really bad) because in clear light of day he doesn't trust women one little bit.Also I'm not a fan of heroes that take their flavor of the month to thei [...]

    7. KatieV on said:

      3-3.5 starsIt was good. Some may appreciate the twist on some of the old school themes. Mostly, the hero realizing it's against his honor as a HP Greek Tycoon to seek vengeance against a woman.Wait wut? *mind blown* That's the foundation of that universe.So, the revenge plot was scrapped before it ever got off the ground. Disappointing to me as a revenge junky, but the book was still good enough to hold my interest. There was some insider humor too, such as the hero stating that all Greek Tycoon [...]

    8. Jacqueline on said:

      Another solid story by Lynne Graham. The story sucked me right in. The story developed slightly askew from how you think it's going to. The spoiled socialite heroine, Lizzie, is pretty gutsy and stands up for herself. After she gets unfairly blamed for the suicide of a former boyfriend, everyone turns their backs on her. When her father kicks her out, she just digs in and starts trying to change her life and do for herself. She can't help that that very night she meets Sebasten the dead man's ha [...]

    9. Petunia Wigflip on said:

      I know, I know, everyone rolls their eyes at Harlequins of any sort. I can't blame you for most of that, but I have a weird but impossible-to-kill love for Lynne Graham. It is true that most of her books follow a certain set of guidelines (especially the males' coloring, for some reason - personal preference on the part of the author? If not, her husband may want to dye his hair blackd get some whiskey-colored eyes), but there are times I like a business-minded-but-unbelievably-clueless-in-roman [...]

    10. Roub on said:

      the book was awesome !! i simply adored it, so entertaining !! can't forget that scene where a brunette asked sebastian who was his latest lady and he replied he was still lookingwhen actually he was having an affair with lizzie. lizzie actually got up n threw her glass contents in his face and gasped out "when i find a real man, i'll let you know!" she did not hesitate one minute or bother that there were many people around them. she gave the callous man what he deserved ! dat was the best part [...]

    11. Melanie♥ on said:

      3.5 starsThe first 75% was a solid four star read. The last part was a little less engrossing, but still a very good LG read.

    12. Onu on said:

      This was a very entertaining book. A real page turner. LynnE Graham writes really good, engaging stories. Thanks Roub for recommending this one to one. I didn't like the hero Sebastan much. He was extremely mean to the heroine, Lizzie. I felt like smacking his face a couple of times. I hated the jaunty, smug way he replied to the cameraman parked outside her house that she would be too happy and willing to pick up where they left off. I particularly hate it when men suddenly develop a conscience [...]

    13. Kiki on said:

      Apparently if a guy comes up to me with a proposition I'm to say yes DESPITE my feelings and position.I wonder if polygamy would be acceptable to the Greek tycoons for their females because I personally had to let down more than one guys.Now I can't just tell a guy no just because I'm in a relationship, how do I know they wouldn't go and kill themselves, and their Greek billionaire relatives won't come to me for revenge?And I can't also dump my current relationship because by the HP rules, a) I [...]

    14. StMargarets on said:

      Lots of great reviews that give a run down of the plot, but to jog my own memory, I'll just state that this is the one where the heroine inadvertently makes 400 copies of the hero when she's supposed to copying documents at work. It's also the one:1. Where everyone thinks the heroine was responsible for the hero's half-brother's suicide2. The half brother was having an affair with the heroine's stepmother, but since she is pregnant, the heroine will take the blame.3. The hero is smitten at first [...]

    15. Marajean on said:

      Hero is a jerk to heroine because he thinks she ditched his half brother, causing him to get drunk, crash he car and kill himself.The heroine has been a social pariah since the accident because everyone loved the other guy and think she's just a queen B. Really she found him boinking her stepmother and only agreed to keep it secret because stepmommy is pregnant with her half-sibling.Heroine tries to make a life for herself and hero is there setting her up for a big fall. I loved the heroine set [...]

    16. IamGamz on said:

      Loved this book. It was a fun and exciting read. Loved Lizzie and the way she challenged Sebasten and the way he frustrated the heck of her. I loved the twist, hated the evil stepmother and was really pissed at Lizzie's dad. But the HEA was wonderful and it made me happy.

    17. Tia on said:

      Great book but lets face the facts here, the hero was one of the biggest dicks I've ever read about. Although he had the quickest and sweetest turn around once he was presented with the facts.

    18. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" on said:

      Own in The Arabian Mistress & The Contaxis Baby bundle.

    19. Fatimama on said:

      This is one of my fave HP and the book that made me a Lynne Graham fan. I love love love how Sebastian is such an alpha-hole and I love the obliviousness of Lizzie! Then Sebastian goes very remorseful and trying to get to Lizzie’s good graces once she realized that he approached her initially to get revenge for his dead half-bro (who was a cheating douche)I have this book in all my readers and also in actual paper book format coz I just love re-reading this novel.

    20. Nikki on said:

      I didn't mind the first half of the book but the second half felt very pushed together, like the editor gave up. The point of views clashed way too often. I liked the plot but everything moved slowly in the story. The hero says and does some pretty manipulative things that an 'I'm sorry' didn't cover for me. Heroine should have pushed back alot more after finding out he was using her.

    21. RomLibrary on said:

      office basement episode with hero, is blamed for boyfriends suicide but really cus he was having affair with her step mom

    22. Claire on said:

      Revenge plot gone awry. Hero's stepbrother died and everybody thinks spoilt, rich heroine had caused the suicide when actually the heroine has been the wronged 'un. One night stand. Heroine became penurious had to work at his company while having an affair with him. Pregnancy leads to marriage while issues unsettled. Hero tried to give her space then she left over little misunderstanding --Incredible!! -- when she could have upped-and-left him for bigger issues. Reconciliation but big satisfying [...]

    23. Etty on said:

      LG emang salah satu penulis HQ favoritku. Membaca ini penuh dengan emosi hahaha Sempat geram bagaimana Lizzie dikucilkan semuanya bahkan sama bapaknya sendiri hanya gara2 bekas pacarnya mati ada affair ama ibu tirinya. Cerita ini membuktikan kalo manusia tuh memang hanya bisa melihat yang nyata dan mendengar yang kedengaran aja tanpa tahu bahwa dibalik semua yang kelihatan itu belum tentu sama seperti itu

    24. Calatasde on said:

      Ben Şahsen çok basit buldum konuyu.İçinde duygu hissettim sayılmaz.Nasıl diyeyimOkudum tamam hislerini okudum ama okurken bunları hissetmedim :) Lynne Graham'ın kitaplarını seviyorum ama nedense bu kitabı konu fena olmasa da bu kitabında hayal kırıklığına uğradım.Türkiye'de kitabın adı İntikam alacakken.

    25. Amie Doughty on said:

      Enjoyable, but Graham seems to be obsessed with "golden-eyed" men (or else I've just picked 4 books randomly with that description of the men). I liked that Lizzie wouldn't take crap from Sebasten and his baffled responses to her actions were entertaining. I still have issues with Graham's handling of point of view, but at least this novel gives both perspectives throughout.

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