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J. Scott Savage

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Land Keep

Land Keep Thrilling reads Holly Newton Meridian MagazineFour mythical Elementals Water Land Air and Fire have the power to save two worlds Earth and Farworld from a common enemy the Dark Circle In book on

  • Title: Land Keep
  • Author: J. Scott Savage
  • ISBN: 9781606411643
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thrilling reads Holly Newton, Meridian MagazineFour mythical Elementals Water, Land, Air, and Fire have the power to save two worlds, Earth and Farworld, from a common enemy the Dark Circle In book one, Water Keep, a portal has been opened between the two worlds, allowing Marcus, from Earth, and Kyja, from Farworld, to combine their unique gifts and begin their Thrilling reads Holly Newton, Meridian MagazineFour mythical Elementals Water, Land, Air, and Fire have the power to save two worlds, Earth and Farworld, from a common enemy the Dark Circle In book one, Water Keep, a portal has been opened between the two worlds, allowing Marcus, from Earth, and Kyja, from Farworld, to combine their unique gifts and begin their epic quest to find the Elementals.In book two, Land Keep, Marcus and Kyja travel with Cascade, a Water Elemental, toward Land Keep, the home of the powerful and wise Land Elementals However, their journey may end before it even begins Land Keep is empty, deserted for at least a thousand years, and the rumor is that the creatures who once controlled all land magic are extinct Marcus and Kyja s only hope seems to lie in finding the Augur Well, a legendary Oracle protected by subtle traps and mind bending trials To succeed in their quest, Marcus and Kyja must also avoid the Keepers of the Balance, an order dedicated to redistributing magic to the rich and powerful And they must travel far underground, where Cascade is unable to follow and where they will be unable to leap to the safety of Earth.As the Dark Circle closes around them, Marcus and Kyja are faced with the temptation of what they desire most Sacrifices must be made, and not everyone will survive unscathed.

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    • ☆ Land Keep || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ J. Scott Savage
      100 J. Scott Savage
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Land Keep || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ J. Scott Savage
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    One thought on “Land Keep

    1. Ryelor on said:

      After reading the first installment of the Farworld series, I wasn't sure I would continue with the rest of the series. So, when I saw Land Keep, I had an internal struggle as to whether I should buy it or not, but finally gave in because J. Scott Savage happens to be a really awesome person and I wanted to at least support his work. I put reading it off for a while, but then decided to face the inevitable by reading it. Verdict: I loved it. Land Keep takes the story from Water Keep and gives it [...]

    2. Steven Urbina on said:

      When I read this book I was amazed at Marcus and Kyja. Two kids found a way to get a to land keep which it was imposible to find. They the puzzels like it was nothing Kyja did something heroic to save Marcus. If I were Kyja I really wouldnt sacrafice the things. That why I was amazed at those two kids.

    3. Adam Bouzianis on said:

      The Far World Series, by J. Scott Savage, is a four book series about two kids, Marcus and Kyja, who are destined to save their planets. Kyja's planet, Far World, is a planet led by powerful gods of Water, Land, Fire, and Air. Far World is filled with magical creatures, wizards, witches and people with magical abilities. Marcus lives on Earth where he is a crippled orphan boy with no friends, no family, and basically nobody who likes him. But, on one strange day Marcus gets teleported to Far Wor [...]

    4. Amanda on said:

      So far so goodAfter skeptically reading Water Keep, I have high hopes for the Farworld series. I was nervous about this second installation - would it disappoint? Would continue to feel real? Would it be unbelievable or stagnate? While the opening Interlude had me briefly concerned, I'm overall pleased with installment #2 of Farworld. The apparent, but not apparent, attraction between Marcus and Kyja is annoying. I don't mind the attraction and bond - I mean, something's bound to happen given th [...]

    5. Sheila on said:

      What a fantastic second book in the Farworld series! Landkeep added a new dimension to Farworld and it's characters. I was once again amazed at the unique and wild creatures that J.Scott Savage continues to create in Farworld. The story line is deeper and richer in this second book. There is added tension in the relationship between the two friends, Marcus and Kyja. They both are changing and growing as they mature and learn new things about each other. The best scene in the whole book takes pla [...]

    6. Shauna on said:

      This series continues to amaze me.It is truly a great fantasy story!Filled with adventure, friendship, hunger for power, a hint of humor, and twist and turns along the wayd just wait until you read the very last line of the storyOH SO GOOD!I am anxiously ready to read book 3 ~ Far World: Air Keep!PS. Yes I really did read this book in ONE dayIt took me ALL daybut I just couldn't put it down :)

    7. Jennifer on said:

      This series messes with my mind. The characters have a depth to them that makes it hard to figure out who's on which side. Especially at the end, you start wondering if everything you thought about characters is wrong. I'm just glad I already have the next book in the series so I don't have to sit around wondering for a year or more.

    8. Irene on said:

      its okay, not as good as I expected. But I liked the quests, very fantasy-like.

    9. Jayme Swallow on said:

      So I blogged about books one and two at the same time. Check it out. jaymesbookreviews

    10. Alexis on said:

      I was really confused, I forgot most of the first book so while I was reading the second book I had no idea who on earth/ Farworld they were talking about.

    11. Grant on said:

      This s probably a result of the genre, but the danger never quite felt real. The journey is somewhat interesting, but the end is not really in doubt.

    12. Shalyce on said:

      This was another fun family story that held our attention and had everyone asking for more reading each night.

    13. Kat on said:

      Written for keverbloomblogs and teenauthorbootcamp/messhallLand Keep, the second book in J. Scott Savage’s Farworld series, was as good as, if not better, than the first! The characters had some good growth throughout the book and Savage kept tying in the same themes and messages as before with an added emphasis on how important learning and knowledge are. Knowledge really is power and his characters use that to their advantage. It’s another I’d recommend to elementary/junior high level st [...]

    14. Breanna on said:

      Kyja and Marcus continue their search for the elementals. They save the people fromt the harbingers and get the land elementals help. They take down the keepers of balance before they find out that one of Marcus’s parents is from the shadow realm. Marcus gets sent back to earth.The point of view in Land Keep is 3rd person objective. This view helps us feel as if we are another character in the book. This view is important to the way the book is portrayed. It helps us understand how scary thing [...]

    15. Candace Salima on said:

      I just finished reading J. Scott Savage's Farworld Land Keep, book two of the Farworld series.The backliner reads:Four mythical Elementals— Water, Land, Air, and Fire— have the power to save two worlds, Earth and Farworld, from a common enemy: the Dark Circle.In book one, Water Keep, a portal has been opened between the two worlds, allowing Marcus, from Earth, and Kyja, from Farworld, to combine their unique gifts and begin their epic quest to find the Elementals.In book two, Land Keep, Marc [...]

    16. 06erikm on said:

      Farworld: Land Keep 2009by J. Scott savage 369 pagesThis book is targeted towards preteens- teenagers and anyone who likes fantasy. It opens with Marcus, Kyja, and Cascade sailing to a town to try and find the land elementals. Marcus is a disabled boy from earth that discovers he has magic. Kyja is a girl from Farworld, who has no magic. As everyone has magic in farworld, this makes her an outcast. Cascade is a water elemental, and decided to help Marcus and Kyja. They are trying to find the lan [...]

    17. Sylvia on said:

      Wow, this one blew me away. After ready Book 1, Water Keep, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue the series. Marcus was annoying with his "woe is me" and whatnot. Kyja had her annoying moments, but I liked how she overcame her own insecurities. In all honesty, I favored the skyte, Riph Raph. Though his witty remarks were more than insulting they nailed Marcus right on the head. But, as I was saying, this one was better in character development and the twists just kept you on the edge of your se [...]

    18. Aelvana on said:

      Marcus and Kyja have only a few hints from the water elementals about where to find the land elementals, but they're too desperate to pass up any chance. Gathering the help of the four elementals---water, earth, air, and fire---is vital to opening a passageway between worlds, which would allow both Marcus and Kyja to go back to their world of origin with no ill effects. But this time around they've got to deal with the Keepers of the Balance, whose savage devotion to keeping the world in order r [...]

    19. Steven on said:

      I Must say i was expecting more from this book i will release some spoilers but bear with me okay so apparently the girl that can't do magic after she steals someone elses magic is apparently a master wizard and later on in the book shes apparently a master swordsman that can keep up with Farworlds Strongest Warrior that also uses magic to fight so apparently she is better with a sword than the best swordsman in farworlds history She as far as i can tell is the only one that can control the worl [...]

    20. Bryer B. on said:

      October Farworld: Land Keep J. Scott Savage Marcus and Kyja travel with Cascade, a water elemental, to go and find Land Keep, the home of wise and powerful land elementals. The two kids' journey to Land Keep may come to an end before it even starts. Land Keep is said to be empty. Deserted. No living thing has stepped into Land Keep for over a thousand years. There is a huge chance that the land elementals are all dead. Finding an ancient oracle, Augur Well, may be the only Marcus ans Kyja's only [...]

    21. MaryAnn Demelo on said:

      Farworld: Land KeepBy:J. Scott SavageSummary: Four mythical Elementals Water, Land, Air, and Fire have the power to save two worlds, Earth and Farworld with help form Marcus, a cripple from Earth, and Kyja, from Farworld. They combine their unique gifts and begin their epic quest to find the Elementals. In book two, Land Keep, Marcus and Kyja travel with Cascade, a Water Elemental from book one, Water Kepp,toward Land Keep, the home of the powerful Land Elementals. They find the Land Keep is emp [...]

    22. JacobS on said:

      A cripple named Marcus and a girl named Kyja are trying to save Farworld from the dark circle. They can't do that because they because they are from different worlds and for one of them to be on a different world it puts them in the in between place of both worlds and by being there it makes them sick and tired. To fix this they have to create a drift. To create a drift they need all types of elementals to make one and they are searching for the second of the four with the water elemental found. [...]

    23. Heather on said:

      “Water. Land. Air. Fire. Together, the balance of Farworld they keep.” Kyja and Marcus are on a quest to outdo the Dark Circle by convincing the four elementals of Farworld to work together. In the first book of the Farworld series, Water Keep, Marcus and Kyja were able to get the water elementals to cooperate, but now they have to travel to find the land elementals. Problem is, no one can tell them precisely where they are since they’ve been missing for thousands of years.In this second i [...]

    24. Monica H at the Readathon on said:

      I enjoyed this book more than I did the first one, and I really liked the first one. I thought Mr. Savage's writing improved, and the character development is very good. Marcus and Kyja are such a great team. They and their relationship drive this book and series. I love that they learn to work together. I love that they learn that by working hard and working together they can overcome obstacles, even with their disabilities. I love that they not only use their physical strength in their challen [...]

    25. Kami on said:

      - This adventure was even more thrilling than the first book! I really enjoyed this!- I love the cover! I was a bit confused by it for a while, but after about half way through the book I was like "OH! That's who they are!"- Mr. Z reminds me of an Ed Wynn character. I kept hearing his lispy voice.- Some parts of the story were like reading a video game! My hands were itching for a controller! I was like "I could do that!" I think Farworld should be made into an RPG!- I felt a lot more emotion in [...]

    26. Craig Everett on said:

      In this sequel to Scott Savage's first Farworld book (Water Keep), Marcus and Kyja continue their quest to recruit a member of each of the four elementals in order to save Farworld.There is no lack of action or suspense in this new installment of the series. Moreover, Savage effectively raises the stakes and delivers a suspenseful fantasy thriller that is appropriate for all ages.I particularly like the jumps back and forth from high fantasy Farworld to current-day Earth. It reminds me of all th [...]

    27. Scott on said:

      Land Keep is the second book in the Farworld series by J. Scott Savage. Marcus and Kyja are continuing their quest to gather the elementals together in order to save their worlds. Only when they have all four will they be able to open a drift and come fully into the other worlds. As the title suggests this book details their quest to reach the Land Elementals. I thought this book had picked up the pace a little bit since most of the characters have already been introduced. Another effect of this [...]

    28. Magila on said:

      3.5I might have rounded up on this book, but the overwhelmingly positive reviews gave me pause. For me, this volume began a bit slow, and dragged some in the middle. Sure, there were some interesting events and plot development pieces, but there was also a fair amount of bleh. I appreciated the resolution of this installment's story arch, the series' expansion, and character development. One major criticism is the seemingly adult take on the angst and struggle of the children who are the main ch [...]

    29. Sarah Nokleby on said:

      Oh, I struggled with my review of this! I really enjoyed the first book of the series, Water Keep, and I think Savage has a lot to offer here. But it was overwhelming sometimes, you know? I am reading a book intended for teens, so I like to think I possess a little bit more of an attention span. But this book couldn't keep me riveted, because after awhile you feel like you are slogging through a swamp along with the characters. Only your swamp is a swamp of too much packed into a plot. Too many [...]

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