The Quiltmaker's Gift

Jeff Brumbeau Gail de Marcken

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The Quiltmaker's Gift

The Quiltmaker s Gift When a generous quiltmaker finally agrees to make a quilt for a greedy king but only under certain conditions she causes him to undergo a change of heart

  • Title: The Quiltmaker's Gift
  • Author: Jeff Brumbeau Gail de Marcken
  • ISBN: 9780439309103
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a generous quiltmaker finally agrees to make a quilt for a greedy king but only under certain conditions, she causes him to undergo a change of heart.

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      450 Jeff Brumbeau Gail de Marcken
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    One thought on “The Quiltmaker's Gift

    1. peiman-mir5 rezakhani on said:

      ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، این داستانِ کوتاه و زیبا، به زبان هایِ مختلف ترجمه شده است و جوایزی نیز دریافت کرده است‎داستان در موردِ پیرزنِ لحاف دوزی است که بالای کوه به تنهایی زندگی میکند و بینظیرترین و زیباترین لحاف ها را میدوزد و هیچگاه آنها را نمیفروشد، بلکه آنها را به فقیر و نداره [...]

    2. Julie on said:

      Best for ages 4 and up. This book is magnificent. Its message is incomparable. An illustrated treasure that every child should own.

    3. Jessica on said:

      A beautiful picture book. The story is sweet and meaningful, and the pictures are fantastic. The end papers feature different classic quilt blocks, and you can find them throughout the book. There are other puzzles and games that you can play with the detailed pictures.

    4. Aleksandra on said:

      This is a story of the victory of selflessness over greed and the power of generosity in transforming people’s hearts. The quilt maker is an old woman who lives at the top of the mountain. She makes quilts unlike any the world has seen. At night she goes down to the city and gives away her quilts to poor or homeless people. There is also a powerful and greedy king in the story, who loves getting presents. He owns a lot of things, but he is never happy. He is still looking for that one thing th [...]

    5. Abby on said:

      This delectable book is a simple, old-fashioned fairy tale exploring themes of greed and joy and generosity. The illustrations are bursting with color, detail, whimsy and charm.It made me laugh; it made me cry; it made me want to be a better person. It's a rare children's book can make me do all of that.

    6. Allison on said:

      Truly an amazing book that I wish I could read with every child in the world that is older than 5-years-old and can therefore feel empathy. My 5-year-old son actually had tears in his eyes when we discussed poverty and how important it is to SEE beyond where we live in an affluent area of California. Beautiful colors and quilt patterns.

    7. Autumn Slaght on said:

      This was my favorite of the two Quiltmaker books when my mother and I used to read them. A beautiful story of how a greedy life was transformed into a giving heart.

    8. Eric on said:

      This is a beautiful book, worth looking at again and again. And the story is lovely, about the joy and pleasure of giving. A good read every time of year.

    9. Malinda Faber on said:

      The Quiltmaker's Gift, an award-winning folklore picture book, tells a modern folktale about a generous quilt-maker and a greedy king. The quilt-maker lives on the outskirts of the kingdom and makes beautiful quilts that she refuses to sell. Instead, the quilt-maker will only give her quilts to the poor and homeless. The greedy king prioritizes acquiring the most beautiful things for himself from all over the world, decides he wants a quilt, and the quilt-maker insists that she will only give hi [...]

    10. Janine Weston on said:

      The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau, with pictures by Gail deMarkenOne summer, when I was a little girl fact, I was just about your ageI spent a tremendous amount of time exploring in my grandmother's attic. It was while I was up there, poking around in the dust and the must, that I found this quilt. [unfold:] I was amazed at how beautiful it wasWhen I asked my grandmother about the quilt, she said she had received it as a gift from her grandmother, who received it as a gift from her grandmot [...]

    11. Diana on said:

      There is a grandmother that lives in a small house in the misty mountains. She creates wonderful quilts that she gives out to the poor on cold nights. Many rich patrons try to buy her quilts, but she does not take their money and only creates her quilts for the poor. The kingdoms greedy king wants everyone to bring him presents throughout the year, not only on his birthday. He had so many presents; his whole castle was filled with them. He commands the old grandmother to gift him one of her quil [...]

    12. Ms. Burris on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a beautifully illustrated story through words and imagery. This is a selfless story about a quilt maker who uses her talent of sewing quilts to give to the poor and needy in her town. The King is a hard hearted, greedy man who wants everything but is never happy. When he learns of the quilt maker's majestic quilts, he believes a quilt is the only thing that will bring him happiness but she refuses to give him a quilt unless he gives away his treasures. He t [...]

    13. Dolly on said:

      We recently read The Quiltmaker's Journey by Jeff Brumbeau and we really liked it. It was a wonderful tale about helping others, being less materialistic, and giving without expecting a reward or acknowledgement. The narrative is engaging and dramatic and the illustrations are amazing. We really enjoyed matching the quilts from the endpages to each quilt as it is depicted in the story. We knew that this book continued the story of the Quiltmaker and we were eager to read it. This story has much [...]

    14. Elfdart on said:

      this is anti materialist propaganda!!! i’m just joking (those people bother me), this was a nice little story about a greedy king who demands more and more presents from everyone in his kindgom, but no matter how many presents he has he’s never happy, hence the constant demand for more. then one day he sees a quilt this quiltmaker gave someone as a present and the person seems pretty happy so he demands that the quiltmaker make him a quilt. the quiltmaker refuses to do this however and says [...]

    15. Barbara on said:

      The illustrations of this book far exceed the predictable text. I loved the explosions on color on each page and how the illustrator includes quilt blocks to match the narrative. For example, a Northwind block appears when the Quiltmaker goes into town while it is cold and dark, and Bear Paw illustrates the scene with the bear in the cave. The pictures seem to have an Eastern European flavor, so I was not surprised to find that Gail de Marcken modeled the King on a head she found in a Latvian ch [...]

    16. Penny on said:

      This was such a sweet book about the joys of giving. The artwork is stunning. It made me want to learn to quilt even more. I read this with my three year old book lover. He's been a bit turned off of story time these days thanks to all the television time at his daycare, so finding a book that he grabbed with excitement was unexpected. Though it was a library borrow, I think we need to get a copy!Additionally, there are games online that go with the story, which brings it in to another level of [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      What a treasure. I love this book. Someone read it to my kids recently and they begged to get it. I already had it in my collection, but had never read it. (gulp). I loved it. It will be forever a family favorite, I'm sure. A story of giving and finding happiness in helping others.Gorgeous illustrations and the amateur quilt historian in me appreciates the great attention to detail in the patterns.

    18. Karen on said:

      Jake rates this book 3 stars. Ellie rates it 3 1/2 stars. Mom rates it 5 stars.

    19. Naomi on said:

      What a lovely book about the joy of giving and kindness. <3 Beautiful illustrations, too!

    20. Patricia on said:

      This book jumped into my hand a few years ago at a children's book sale. It is way too beautiful to pass by, and any adult who loves quilts, color, and stunning illustrations will love Jeff Brumbeau's story and Gail de Marcken's beautiful and creative artwork. The story is a good tale, too, and of course has a happy ending. I recently read it again, and enjoyed it as much as the first time.

    21. DebraGolden on said:

      This is a good tale for children about giving and receiving. The king wants more and more, and hes till is not happy. The Quilt maker is always making, and giving, and helping others. She helps the kings heal when he demands a quilt. The illustrations show the excess and tie quilt patterns into the story and are quite marvelous.

    22. Amanda Hughes on said:

      Great moral to the story. It is beautifully illustrated, with themes of selflessness and greed. I would use this book to engage children in a discussion centered around those themes. I really liked the fact that the author included links to online games that go along with the story, as well as information about quilting.

    23. Ashley Adkins on said:

      My mother-in-law bought me this book as a gift. I absolutely love everything about it. The message in this book is something that, in my opinion, has been lost in our society. I read this book with my boys, ages 8 and 9, and it sparked great, meaningful conversation. Highly recommend!

    24. Emma on said:

      A tail about a quilt maker and the quilts she makes. I love that throughout the book you can find the different types of quilts and look for them. In the end it tells you about all the different quilts.

    25. Carol Waters on said:

      In addition to be beautifully developed, this bright colorful book comes with links to puzzles and games, stories from around the globe, and information about quilting. The story is gentle and lovely if predictable, which is as it should be, and the illustrations are brilliant

    26. Sharon on said:

      A wonderful story (for children and adults alike) about a quilt maker who would not give the King one of her beautiful quilts until he did as she asked.

    27. Melissa Butler on said:

      This book is good for children because it helps teach them that giving is very important and it helps teach them a lesson in a cute story.

    28. Pam on said:

      A sweet and powerful picture book about giving to others rather than keeping everything for ourselves.The illustrations are beautiful and tell so much of the story.

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