Enlightening Delilah

Marion Chesney

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Enlightening Delilah

Enlightening Delilah The School for MannersIf only Sir Charles Digby hadn t kissed her perhaps Delilah Wraxall would not be in the spiteful habit of declining so many marriage proposals In that one impassioned kiss she

  • Title: Enlightening Delilah
  • Author: Marion Chesney
  • ISBN: 9780517058152
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The School for MannersIf only Sir Charles Digby hadn t kissed her, perhaps Delilah Wraxall would not be in the spiteful habit of declining so many marriage proposals In that one impassioned kiss, she had learned the enchantment of true love and the fury of a woman scorned when Sir Charles vanished without an explanation Now she breaks hearts with glee, wreaking havoc amThe School for MannersIf only Sir Charles Digby hadn t kissed her, perhaps Delilah Wraxall would not be in the spiteful habit of declining so many marriage proposals In that one impassioned kiss, she had learned the enchantment of true love and the fury of a woman scorned when Sir Charles vanished without an explanation Now she breaks hearts with glee, wreaking havoc amongst the surplus of suitors vying for her hand and driving her father to desperate measures The only hope for his flirtatious daughter rests in the capable hands of Amy and Effy Tribble and their reputable School for Manners.But subduing Delilah proves a monumental challenge For as she steps into London s social limelight, she s concocted a plan to pique Sir Charles jealousy And she s already got the Season s most roguish bachelor wrapped around her little finger.

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      398 Marion Chesney
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    One thought on “Enlightening Delilah

    1. Yue on said:

      My last time reading Marion Chesney. How can it be, when I liked the first 2 books so much? I guess she lost her charm (on me). The two spinster sisters, who I found so entertaining and funny in the first 2 books, were annoying in this one. Even more ridiculous and sadly, less funny than before. Effy still behaves like a teenager (she is older than 50) and Amy has wild ideas of the squire wanting to marry her. Delilah starts like a spoilt brat and ends like a spoilt brat. I didn't see much matur [...]

    2. Helene Harrison on said:

      Review - I loved both Delilah and Charles, and the way that they constantly argued, but it was obvious that they were attracted to each other. The Tribble sisters did begin to annoy me, with their constant arguments over love and, in particular, Benjamin Haddon. I preferred this one to Perfecting Fiona but not as much as Refining Felicity. I also loved the general storyline, with the background of Delilah's flirting.Genre? - Historical / RomanceCharacters? - Amy Tribble / Effy Tribble / Benjamin [...]

    3. Terry Southard on said:

      School for Manners #3. Still loving the Tribble sisters. Things turn up a notch in this one, with a disaffected suitor turning ugly to the flirt Delilah. But everything turns out all right in the end, thanks to the down to earth wisdom - and a little bit of trickery - of Amy Tribble.I guess this is the summer of light reading for me. With hubby's health problems, etc. I can't seem to keep my mind on anything deep or challenging. So thank heavens for Marion Chesney (M.C. Beaton) and her fluffy ro [...]

    4. Tasneem on said:

      Hilarious. M.C. Beaton is the author to turn to when you need cheering up. Delihal and Sir Charles are made for each other and the two lovely ladies Effy and Amy do everything they can to promote the match. The School for Manners is a marvellous series. I thought the Travelling Matchmaker was class, but this is just as good.

    5. Hachi on said:

      After finding that Book 2 in the School of Manners series had some redeeming qualities, I decided to move on to Book 3 in the series. I fear that I'm rotting my sense of what constitutes a "good" Regency romance by reading such rubbish, but anyway, on to the review!While still a great improvement over the absolutely painful Book 1, Enlightening Delilah wasn't nearly as enjoyable a read as the charming Perfecting Fiona. I found the initial tension and rekindled romance between Charles and Delilah [...]

    6. Ariel on said:

      Blech. Skip this one. I usually enjoy Chesney and this series in particular. I love the Tribble sisters' quirks and fidgets, but they were not enough to save this book in the series! The main characters were just too unlikeable. At least Delilah grew and changed from a spoiled brat to a caring human being over the course of the book, but she still ended up with an insufferable, arrogant, MISOGYNISTIC man. At one point she decided to not marry and set up her own household, and I was cheering for [...]

    7. quinnster on said:

      This one took and unexpectedly dark turn at one point. Not as much humor and kind of sad. I felt sorry for Delilah in a way I didn't with the first two girls. I never came around to Sir Charles and thought Delilah could do better ;)

    8. Rosie Strange on said:

      I find there's story funny both are loud mouth and wicked like if they were not brought up into high society.ad the couple married

    9. Debbe on said:

      I finished this book only because I thought it HAD to get better but truly, didn't happen. First and last for me and this author in any of her incarnations.

    10. Johanna on said:

      A lovely little, easy read with some very funny and endearing characters. Not sure however if I'd pick up more in the series. Think I'll stick with her Agatha Raisin books. Nice wee read to start my holidays though.

    11. cookiemonger on said:

      This series keeps on surprising me. There are some shockingly high stakes in the denouement. If you only read one book in this series, so far I would say that this should be the one.As was dropped in the last book, the difficult girl who is entrusted to the Tribbles is Delilah Wraxall. Her trouble is that she is a terrible flirt and a serial heartbreaker. Supposedly she does it because she was jilted by Sir Charles Digby when she was young. Sir Charles is kind of a jerk. His excuse for what happ [...]

    12. An Odd1 on said:

      "There has been enough whoopsadaisy in this house already" p 130. Murder, mayhem, giggles and guffaws more than a frivolous Regency romance. Senior lead roles are plain-faced and plain-spoken Amy, twittery tiny fan-flourisher Effie, Tribble twins, their wrinkled bodies still surge with yearning hormones, compete for nabob Mr Haddon. Delectable deep-chested Delilah 23, flirted since 17, older neighbor Sir Charles Digby then 28 kissed her and life goodbye for the Napoleonic wars. Her father, squir [...]

    13. Mo on said:

      I remember reading a slew of Marion Chesney novels when my children were very young. They were just the right kind of light, mindless entertainment that I needed at the time. I had to read things that were very put-downable books that would not consume me. My free time to read was very limited.Basically, all of the books in any given Marion Chesney series were the same book. She had a formula, and stuck to it. She changed names, places and circumstances, but the basic plots remained identical. T [...]

    14. Jeannette on said:

      This book was definitely the best of the series so far. Featuring main characters who are actually concerned about the needs of people and the world around them, along with the silly recurring characters of the previous books, it was a much more satisfying romance. Not to mention, these characters have known each other for many years and spend time speaking with each other before they begin falling in love (and of course, playing with each other's hearts because it's a ridiculous romance). While [...]

    15. Charlotte on said:

      A trifle formulaic? Absolutely. But if you are looking for gentle comedy with a touch of Regency romance, this series will do the trick. It is also broadening my Regency lexicon: from demi-rep to Jehu!My only quibble with this series overall thus far is to do with consent. I appreciate that ladies yielding to a initially forceful and/or protested kiss is a romantic trope. It is just one I find a wee bit problematic, and it does happen a few more times than I would like in this book, and in this [...]

    16. QNPoohBear on said:

      I read this after the first in the series but I didn't seem to miss anything that I didn't already know by skipping the second. Once again the Tribbles must come to the rescue of an exasperated parent. Squire Wraxall's daughter Delilah, still unmarried at the advanced age of three and twenty, has become a hardened flirt after being disappointed by Sir Charles Digby when she was 17. The Squire hires Miss Amy and Miss Effy to help give Diana some "town bronze" and cure her of her habit of breaking [...]

    17. Michele on said:

      This is a series of six books and my review for all six of them is the same. It is an enjoyable series about two twin sisters in their 50s who are part of the poor gentry in London. To be able to survive, they start a School for Manners, in which they take young women who are not yet married and try to get them married in a successful manner. The girls have many reasons for not being married: tomboy, clumsy, unrefined, too independent, etc.It is fun following the sisters (who long to be married [...]

    18. Kate Stark on said:

      Chesney doesn't say it directly in these books, but the stories show how unfortunate it is that these characters aren't allowed time to get to know each other before they're married, and that the women aren't allowed to exist as single adults. Even though the ending is happy and the correct couple wind up together, Chesney often includes parts where the heroine is unhappy and anxious about getting married because she has no way of knowing what kind of person the man will turn out to be, and whet [...]

    19. D.D. Chant on said:

      This has one of the funniest scenes ever!!!The only thing is it's supposed to be a romantic scene! Now, I would be the first to admit that, although I love reading romances, I'm not really a romantic person. When the heroes clasp the heroines in their arms and declare themselves besotted, I'm laughing my head off at the way they choose to to go about it! This book is a case in point. The heroine and the hero are in the middle of a smooch fest when, without warning, the hero pulls away, rips off [...]

    20. Mili Fay on said:

      I liked this book, but I think the hero is an incredible jerk--therefore 2 stars. Delilah is delightful, and the sisters as funny as usual.***Spoiler Begins***Delilah almost gets raped. She is traumatised and the "hero" yells at her for breaking off their engagement??? What a selfish, inconsiderate ass. That was the end for me. I really do not like the "hero" and I do not think he deserves Delilah at all.***Spoiler Ends***

    21. Jessica on said:

      This is the first Marion Chesney book I ever read. I was instantly hooked. Here were the best elements of Jane Austen: the fashions, the social mores, the romance, the historical detail of the Regency, but it was all in modern language by a modern author. I think I was fourteen or fifteen at the time, I had never HEARD of Regency romances. I was blown away. It was romantic, it was interesting, but above all, it was FUN. I love Delilah, the hardened flirt, and the Tribble sisters, so much!

    22. Jan Western on said:

      This whole series of six books (The School for Manners) is hilarious! Like a Regency set Sit-Com/Farce. I adore the Tribble twins, mannish Amy and fluffy Effy, what a delight they both are! It's been a while since I've read 'laugh out loud' novels and these really did it for me, often laughing until I actually cried. My favourites of all M. C. Beaton's Regency sets. Averaging 195 pages per book (recent 'Canvas' PB editions) my only wish is that each book was a little longer lasting :-)

    23. Lyndsy on said:

      I really enjoyed this book and I really enjoy the series, but after you've read a couple, you feel like you've read them all. That's not to say that they are exactly the same - they aren't. However, you pretty much always know how the book is going to end. I do like that we get a continuing story about the sisters and we get to see their characters and relationships develop throughout the books.

    24. Pinky on said:

      This third book in the Manners series was quite thrilling comparatively. There was more violence and intrigue than I was expecting! Still, I'm loving this series. The sisters Tribble are just too, too much. Their charge, Delilah, was not as interesting to me as some of the other "troubled" and hard-to-marry-off girls, but there was much to enjoy in this novel.

    25. Annie Burrows on said:

      Delilah had her heart broken by a careless man when she was an impressionable girl, and has turned into a heartbreaker.The Tribble sister's job is to find her a husband this 3rd installment of the "School for Manners".Once again, an engaging heroine, and a hero who needs to learn from the wily sisters before he can find true love.

    26. Lynne Tull on said:

      This is one of the few books/series I would read again. These stories of Marion Chesney started me on my adventureading Regency Romance/Novels/History! I love them all. It must be a "past life" thing:)

    27. Emma Bull on said:

      As much as I love this series of books, I got a touch frustrated with the stubbornness of Sir Charles and Delilah. On, off, on, off it got a little tedious, however, I still couldn't put it down. I do love M. C. Beatons tales of London seasons and regency romance.

    28. Marcia Williams on said:

      FunAnother adorable and fun book by M C Beaton. an easy read. Amy and Effie at work again teach and schooling young girls to ready them for marriage in Victorian England. The girls each have quirks that make them a problem for marriage

    29. Mailis Viiand on said:

      Isn't old-school English light romance something a weary mind sometimes craves? Nice setting with funny people, some warmhearted frills and thrills to appreciate and nothing to take overly seriously. Almost perfect I would say.

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