Miss Tonks Turns to Crime

Marion Chesney M.C. Beaton

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Miss Tonks Turns to Crime

Miss Tonks Turns to Crime Six genteel seniors raise funds for their fashionable Poor Relation hotel by sending spinster Miss Letitia Tonks to rob her selfish sister of a sparkling necklace and tiara But dashing Lord Eston dons

  • Title: Miss Tonks Turns to Crime
  • Author: Marion Chesney M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780312088460
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Six genteel seniors raise funds for their fashionable Poor Relation hotel by sending spinster Miss Letitia Tonks to rob her selfish sister of a sparkling necklace and tiara But dashing Lord Eston dons her highwayman mask instead Letitia s niece Cassandra Blessop cannot forget the kiss he steals as well In London, Cassandra and Letitia pose as incognito Hungarian royaltySix genteel seniors raise funds for their fashionable Poor Relation hotel by sending spinster Miss Letitia Tonks to rob her selfish sister of a sparkling necklace and tiara But dashing Lord Eston dons her highwayman mask instead Letitia s niece Cassandra Blessop cannot forget the kiss he steals as well In London, Cassandra and Letitia pose as incognito Hungarian royalty to expose Bonnard plotting at the rival hotel Tupples.

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      433 Marion Chesney M.C. Beaton
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    One thought on “Miss Tonks Turns to Crime

    1. mark monday on said:

      a mainly charming but very slim trifle let down by an annoyingly rushed, perfunctory climax.spinster turned hotelier turned jewelry thief Miss Tonks: a delight!nobleman turned highway robber turned ardent lover Lord Eston: a delight!debutante turned runaway turned fun-loving spy Cassandra Blessop: a delight!a supporting cast full of wily retirees and gold-diggers and snobs: a delight!smooth but uninteresting prose; a pleasant, shallow, fun story with occasional moments of surprising depth; a pac [...]

    2. Janet on said:

      Ya gotta love the horrible Sir Philip - filthy, obnoxious, dishonest, but with a good heart in there somewhere. Lots of fun.

    3. Mo on said:

      I remember reading a slew of Marion Chesney novels when my children were very young. They were just the right kind of light, mindless entertainment that I needed at the time. I had to read things that were very put-downable books that would not consume me. My free time to read was very limited.Basically, all of the books in any given Marion Chesney series were the same book. She had a formula, and stuck to it. She changed names, places and circumstances, but the basic plots remained identical. T [...]

    4. Christa Schönmann Abbühl on said:

      I should probably only give 3 stars, as the book follows closely the same pattern as the first one. But since I was exactly in the right mood for it, and I get to do with my review what I want, I’ll give it four. So there.I enjoyed the quirky characters and the historical setting. I also thought quite impressive how the writer includes some unpleasant facts about the times, while still keeping it all very light.

    5. Persis Menon on said:

      I am enjoying this series very much. It's not so intense, so I use it as a breather between novel.

    6. Kate on said:

      I think I liked this even more than the first! Miss Tonks attempts at highway robbery, her spirited niece, Cassandra, and the spying and plotting and adventure were just a blast!

    7. Leslie on said:

      This second book in the Poor Relations Hotel was a fun romp. The Kindle edition did suffer a little from typos and I am unsure how historically accurate it is so I am giving this 3 rather than 4 stars.

    8. Lady Delacour on said:

      Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun!Even Davina Porter's narrationwas . Fun!This crime adventure,had just the right amountof romance, along with story!

    9. Gina Boyd on said:

      So now I guess I'm in a binge. Amusing, predictable-but-spirited, comforting. It's like reading milk and cookies.

    10. Heather Eames on said:

      Do not go into this book expecting something akin to M.C. Beaton's other series, this is a completely different genre. I personally would class it more as a farcical romance type of book rather than a crime book. With that in mid, I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. I fell in love with Cassandra and Lord Easton pretty much straight away. I also enjoyed the exploits of the Poor Relation Hotel, and how they dealt with the issues that were thrown their way. The ending was satisfying [...]

    11. Susan in NC on said:

      3.5 stars - this was more farcical romp than romance, and a fun, quick, light-hearted read. I'm not sure I read this years ago, but I enjoyed another visit with the eccentric Poor Relations running an eponymous hotel in Regency London - first as a way to force embarrassed relatives to buy them out, but now as a makeshift family proud of their success in trade. Silly but fun way to spend a couple hours when I needed a laugh!

    12. Denise on said:

      Book 2 in the Poor Relation Series. Same cast of characters, new crazy schemes.

    13. Tasha on said:

      Better than the first one! I was hoping Miss Tonks would hook up with someone, but oh well.

    14. Kate McMurry on said:

      This is the second book of the Poor Relation Series. It is recommended to read the books in order, as they feed into each other. Book 1 lets us know how six impoverished "poor relations" of wealthy, aristocratic families find each other and, together, attempt to alleviate the near starvation conditions under which they had been living, on their own, as they strove to keep up appearances among their social peers while living in genteel poverty. In the first book these six friends established the [...]

    15. Vikki Vaught on said:

      My MusingsWhat a delightful romp. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. The characters are engaging and the plot is splendid. Happy ☺reading 📚!

    16. Melanie on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It's no Georgette Heyer (it feels a bit too modern in places), but it's charmingly written and the plot is really delightful. I found myself wishing there were a whole series about Miss Tonks alone.

    17. Maria Thermann on said:

      I don't know why comes up with the author's name as Marion Chesney, the author's name is clearly M C Beaton!M C Beaton's delightful Regency romance series surrounding the antics of the Poor Relations Hotel and its eccentric, impoverished owners, who are literally poor relations of rich aristocrats who couldn't care less about their fate, has the reader chuckle through every page. With wonderful twists and turns the unlikely heroine in this case, Cassandra, a freckle-faced redhead with a mind of [...]

    18. QNPoohBear on said:

      The Poor Relation hotel is in need of money again and poor spinster Miss Tonks is chosen to steal something from her cruel sister's home. Miss Tonks is treated little better than a servant by her sister but is befriended by her sister's outspoken 18 year old daughter, Cassandra. Cassandra's mother tries to push Cassandra of the wealthy Lord Eston, but Cassandra is determined to be a spinster like her aunt and snubs Lord Eston. Miss Tonks, assisted by Lord Eston, accomplishes her task and sets of [...]

    19. Linda on said:

      I really like this Poor Relations series for the characters and the great description of the times, from the clothes to the food and the extreme class awareness.

    20. JayeL on said:

      This was a super quick read - perhaps 5 hours. I am glad I didn't buy it. Still, I really liked the characters. They are well written and the story, while light is entertaining and not especially silly. I kept expecting characters from The Grand Sophy to show up. I have to say that the attitude about light fingeredness is the only thing I might quibble about. The '6 Months Later' scene with Eston and Cassandra was a little weird.

    21. Cynthia Warren on said:

      I enjoyed the first of 'The Poor Relation' series so much ('Lady Fortescue Steps Out') that I couldn't resist trying out the second. It was just as packed with amusing struggles and giggles as the first. Again, I recommend the audible versions of these since they are well voiced, and added to the mental landscape. It can be read independently. It's another fun light-hearted treat featuring the odd group of poor relations who band together and steal from their snotty greedy societal families to k [...]

    22. Marcia on said:

      Another nice easy book to read with a really lovely story. I like the main female characters in these books as they are not too fluffy and they have some gumption. They are almost feminists of their time.

    23. Camilla on said:

      These really do get better with time. This is the third one I've read (I read #3 and #2 out of order) and I enjoy the characters in a way that I couldn't appreciate from the first novel. This is a fun, light-hearted story and I enjoyed my few hours in the world of the Poor Relation.

    24. Patricia Elaine on said:

      Enjoying the series so far. Just finished the second book, and while it is no great literary work, it was an enjoyable read. I will be continuing the series to see what gets stolen and who gets married next.

    25. Rosie Strange on said:

      What a lovely story only if such things can happen in real lifebut it was sad when sir Phillip got whacked over the head and robbed by that scoundrel Berrnatd

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