Sleepwalking in Daylight

Elizabeth Flock

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Sleepwalking in Daylight

Sleepwalking in Daylight Once defined by her career and independence stay at home mom Samantha Friedman finds that her days have been reduced to errands car pools and suburban gossip What was an easy decision for Sam years

  • Title: Sleepwalking in Daylight
  • Author: Elizabeth Flock
  • ISBN: 9780778325130
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once defined by her career and independence, stay at home mom Samantha Friedman finds that her days have been reduced to errands, car pools and suburban gossip What was an easy decision for Sam years ago has become a nagging awareness that this life was her choice Now she deals with a husband who shows up for dinner but is too preoccupied for conversation, and a daughtOnce defined by her career and independence, stay at home mom Samantha Friedman finds that her days have been reduced to errands, car pools and suburban gossip What was an easy decision for Sam years ago has become a nagging awareness that this life was her choice Now she deals with a husband who shows up for dinner but is too preoccupied for conversation, and a daughter swathed in black clothing and Goth makeup who won t talk at all.Believing she s an adopted mistake, seventeen year old Cammy has fallen into sex and drugs and pours herself into a journal filled with poetry and pain On parallel paths, mother and daughter indulge in desperate, furtive escapism for Sam, a heady affair with her supposed soul mate, fueled by clandestine coffee dates and the desire to feel something for Cammy, a secretive search for her birth mother punctuated by pills, pot and the need to feel absolutely nothing.

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    One thought on “Sleepwalking in Daylight

    1. Bry on said:

      I think this is the worst book I have read in a long time. It made me feel awful and it made me wonder why (much like in soap operas) people don't just say how they feel about something when it is obvious that NOT saying something has messed their lives up. On top of that, what selfish people! And the author did them no justice what-so-ever by jumping back and forth between characters and moving the story forward with no resolution to any of the problems. Ugh. This book was so grating that I hav [...]

    2. Bekah1964 on said:

      I picked this book up in the airport on my way home from Washington State (way back in October 2009) and have been slowly reading it.It was a REALLY DEPRESSING book. SO SAD. I left feeling helpless, confused, and disturbed (which meant the author did an outstanding job).It was hard to finish, because of the issues developed in the characters and story.I found myself wishing to shake Cammy into realityd especially wanted to smack some sense into her mom, Samantha, because watching their lives unr [...]

    3. Yolanda on said:

      I loved, loved, loved this book. It's not a happy book by any means. And it makes you sad to realize just how fucked up things are and can be. But I still really really liked it.Yes the characters had issues and sometimes I just wanted to tell them to wake up. But you don't walk around telling the people in your life to wake up when they have issues no matter how much you want them to. And everyone in this story had issues. Issues that I could relate to. It's amazing how you want to help someone [...]

    4. Angeld01 on said:

      Not sure what the point of this book was. Unhappy main character. Unhappy Marriage; unhappy daughter. No resolution. Thanks. Was feeling too cheerful and I needed to be taken down a notch for no good reason.

    5. Laurel-Rain on said:

      What would you do if your once spirited and independent life morphed into something gray and routine? What if your once loving daughter seemingly transmogrified into a Goth stranger – someone who is sullen and angry and uncommunicative?This is now Samantha Friedman’s world. And her husband, the man she once couldn’t live without, is going through the motions with her, until she feels…invisible.And then one day, she meets a handsome stranger. They talk, they connect, and there is somethin [...]

    6. Kendra on said:

      I wanted to like this book, but I really, really didn't. For one thing, Flock's writing was incredibly sloppy and had a lot of inconsistencies. (I got hung up on this one right at the start and couldn't let it go: Flock writes that it has been 11 years since Cammy asked why she didn't look like her brothers. Well, that's quite a feat, given that her brothers are 8 years old in the story. Apparently Cammy has some mad future-seein' skillz) Beyond the sloppiness, the book just makes the reader fee [...]

    7. Jasmine on said:

      Oh wow, what an awful book, full of unlikeable characters (seriously, not a single likable character) and bad predictable plot twists. If I could give it less than a star, I would.

    8. Emilie on said:

      This was my first book by this author and while I wasn't blown away by it, I do want to read her other stuff. I like her writing style, if nothing else.The thing with this book is it hit me kind of hard. It's a difficult story to read, and though I have absolutely nothing in common with the main character, Samantha, I could relate to and empathize with her at the same time I wanted to smack some sense into her. **SPOILER-ISH***I'm not one of those "married at all costs" peopleI think if you're i [...]

    9. Andrea on said:

      Elizabeth Flock tells an engaging tale about a mother/wife, Sam, and her teenage daughter, Cammy. The story is written almost as if its in a journal form. We learn all about how Sam is unhappy in her marriage and is struggling to get along with her teenage daughter. We also learn all about Cammy's teenage-angst feelings towards her adopted family and life in general. And at the end, something surprising happens that changes the family's life forever.When I first saw this cover I thought, "How be [...]

    10. Mary Novaria on said:

      Another cautionary tale for parents and spouses--be present, nurture those you love--because life and relationships can be very fragile. Sometimes when wounded people get together the damage multiplies. These wounded characters are mostly sympathetic, although occasionally aggravating in their self-centeredness and carelessness. Still, it's easy to see how boredom, dissatisfaction and grief can drive wedges and isolate us from things that require vigilance. Told half from a mother's point of vie [...]

    11. Nicolle on said:

      I loved, loved, loved this book! I could not put it down. The characters were very well developed and I related to them on many situations with a teenager. LOL I LOVED the "human factor" in this book. I love books that we as people can relate to on differant levels but all of us can say "yeah, I know." I thought the ending was incredible. I actually was stunned and I was crying in my childrens eye Dr's office. CAUTION READ LAST 15 PAGES IN PRIVATE, you will cry. I was so moved by the ending of t [...]

    12. Haley Koren on said:

      Sleepwalking in Daylight was a book that really made me think about my future and how I want it to be. This book was very sad but for some reason I didn't ever want to put it down. I liked that it was different then most books I have read, it wasn't some sappy romance (even though I am a fan of those too.) It definitely is a tear jerker and it was sort of depressing in a way but like I said before it just made me want my life to be different then the lady in the book. The book started off in the [...]

    13. Samantha on said:

      This book is a scathing indictment of what it is like to raise children as middle-aged woman in a society that does not recognize fully the value of the job they do. Unfortunatley for the main character, Samantha, she allows herself to temporarily believe that she is as underrated as her husband would like her to believe. With all the difficulties inherent in chilraising, complicated by raising an adopted teenager struggling to find where she truly belongs, Samantha goes into a protective shell [...]

    14. Gina on said:

      Book description- Once defined by her career and independence, stay-at-home mom Samantha Friedman realizes her life has become a routine of errands, car pools, and suburban gossip. She deals with a husband who shows up for dinner but is to preoccupied for conversation, an increasingly moody daughter who won't talk at all, and wonders, Is this it?Since finding out she was adopted, seventeen-year-old Cammy Friedman has felt like an outsider. Unwilling to reach out to the parents she once adored, s [...]

    15. Debbie Lester on said:

      My Synopsis:Sleepwalking in Daylight is the story of a mother and a daughter. Samantha Friedman wonders on a daily basis if this is all there is? carpools and soccer games, errands and book club meetings. Is there more to life than living with a husband who is depressed and feels absolutely nothing and a Goth daughter who can't stand her? Sam, uses her relationship with a stranger to help her escape her everyday life. Clandestine meetings at a local coffee house and secret e-mails fill her days [...]

    16. Sarah on said:

      I wanted to choke Samantha at the end of the story. She hadn't learned her lesson and her priorities are all messed up. She doesn't know what she wants; for example, from page 280: "Why do I keep going back and forth? Every time I leave him I resolve to not see him again." (Craig) "This time I think I'll do it. This time I'll break free and I'll throw myself back into my family". No inner dialogue/conflict AT ALL about this at their next oh-so-romantic coffee date! Then just twenty pages later o [...]

    17. Cheryl on said:

      All Samantha Friedman ever wanted was to live a perfect life with the perfect family. Unfortunately what we ask for is not always what we actually receive. Samantha and her husband, Bob tried for a long time to have a child. The doctor told them that they should start thinking about adoption. That was seventeen years ago. Samantha would never trade anything in the world for her adopted daughter, Cammy. By some miracle Samantha was finally able to give birth to Andrew and Jamie. Samantha and Camm [...]

    18. Merredith on said:

      This book alternates between narration of a housewife named Samantha, and her 16 year old daughter Cameron. I find it fitting that i took this book out of the noe valley library, because samantha is what i imagine the quintessential noe valley woman to be like. running around doing errands all day, doing everything for her 3 kids and husband, running in charity runs, pto, and looking "put together". she is very focused on looking "put together" and going to whole foods to serve her family organi [...]

    19. Ladyslott on said:

      I read Emma & Me several years ago and thought it was an amazing story, so I was ready to like this book, but I really, really disliked it.Samantha Friedman is locked in a loveless marriage with her extremely distracted husband. Looking to feel something Samantha begins a flirtation that leads to more. Her teenage daughter Cammy has been looking for happiness in all the wrong places; since learning she was adopted she has made friends with a questionable group, is taking drugs, drinking and [...]

    20. Rhonda on said:

      Mother Samantha gets caught up in the day-to-day sameness and wonders if "this is all there is to life". She has a husband who is present in her life, but "absent" from it. Her husband once said "The only constant in our marriage is the edge of the cliff we're hanging on to, killing time until we tire ourselves out and give in to our inevitable collapse."Her adopted teenaged daughter, Cammy, is into drugs, sex, and a Goth lifestyle. Both are unhappy. Both are searching for something more, a mean [...]

    21. Diana on said:

      This was kind of a depressing book. Main story is about a mother, Samantha, and her adoupted daughter, Camerone 16. Samantha and her husband, Bob, have been in a dead relationship for years, but do nothing about it. Besides Cameron,they have their own biological twin boys. Cameron is sure that her parents don't love her and that her biological mother is wonderful and would love her and be the perfect parent. Cameron gets into a variety of drugs, has terrible relationships with males, and does po [...]

    22. Jeanne on said:

      Samantha Friedman is a stay-at-home mom with a killer bod and an awful marriage. And her teen daughter, Cammy, dresses in Goth attire and does drugs. Samantha whines about her dead marriage. She whines about her troubled daughter. But she does nothing about either problem. Instead, she walks around in a haze, wondering where she went wrong. She is sleepwalking in daylight.Cammy is also sleepwalking in daylight. She's struggling with the idea that she's adopted. She wants to find her mother. She [...]

    23. Caitlin Seaman on said:

      This book wasn't exactly what I had anticipated it to be. It was solid, but I can't say that I loved or hated it. Needless to say the books reiterates that you shouldn't judge people because you don't always know what is going on in their personal life. I felt many times that I would have loved to slap Samantha's character or to have had more optimism for Cammy's character. I think what the most challenging issue was the failure of connection between the mother (in this case the adoptive mother, [...]

    24. Staci on said:

      I really, really loved Me and Emma (her first book) so picking up this book to read was a no-brainer. This one is a complete 360 from Me and Emma, no psychological suspense, just straightforward writing about a family falling apart. There were times when I saw myself in Samantha (main character, wife, momt sure who she really is) and could really relate to the emotions that she was experiencing. Young couples fall madly in love, enjoy spending time with each, then they marry, have children, and [...]

    25. Indra on said:

      This was a frustrating book. Worth reading, but frustrating. I could relate much more to Cammy than I could to Samantha, who seemed like one of those annoying people who complains about herself and her life but never does anything to change things because then she'd have to take some responsibility for the choices she makes. Most of us have had the experience of sleepwalking in daylight at one point or another in our lives, and we've all been teenagers, but it's hard for me to have sympathy for [...]

    26. Erin on said:

      Told in alternating chapters, Sleepwalking in Daylight focuses on the lives of Samantha Friedman, an unhappy stay-at-home mom, and her adopted 17-year-old daughter Cammy. In search of her birth mother, Cammy has come to believe she doesn't belong in the Friedman family and turns to goth, sex and drugs. Samantha feels trapped in her marriage to an uncaring husband; her story documents her affair with a married man. Cammy becomes increasingly despondent as Samantha tries harder to connect with her [...]

    27. Melissa on said:

      I loved Me and Emma, so I had high hopes for this book. I liked the premise: Sam is trapped in here life and wondering if this is all their is. She meets a stranger on a train who asks her if she ever wants to walk away from her life. Compelling right? Sounds so, but doesn't wind up being true. Why is Sam unhappy? Because her husband is an idiot. Just a complete jerk. And it doesn't really seem he was every all that great. And her adopted daughter Cammy? Also a complete mess. The novel is told i [...]

    28. Michele on said:

      I was pulled right into this haunting story of a disturbing mother/daughter relationship. This story was told by both the mother, Samantha and the teenage daughter, Cammie. I so wanted to feel sympathy for Cammie but it just was not there for me. Instead, Cammie made me angry and I just wanted her to change her ways. I was equally angry at Samantha. I guess as the mother she was the one to set the tone in the relationship and maybe if she was not so selfish things would be different between mom [...]

    29. Melanie on said:

      Heartbreaking. That is what sums up this novel. I hated the mother in this book. Hated her. I was surprised at such strong emotions for her. And while I was hating her, my heart broke for the daughter. It definitely made me think of my own relationship with my daughter. And though she's not yet 2, I was haunted by how sad their situation was. They seemed to exist on different planets, each wanting to reach out to the other, but never really getting there. The mother is filling voids in her life [...]

    30. Kelly on said:

      MAJOR SPOILER ALERTIf a book has a light pink cover, and a vague name like Sleepwalking in Daylight, and claims to be about a mother daughter relationship, it's setting itself as chick lit and a good beach read. That's why I picked up this book and brought it to the beach. I was really into the book, until, with 25 pages remaining, the 16 year old daughter DIES OF A DRUG OVERDOSE. Then on the very last page, the woman decides to get a divorce. The end. The book was too simply written to have suc [...]

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