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Robert Graves

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King Jesus

King Jesus King Jesus is one of the most controversial historical novels of all time In it Robert Graves has summoned his superb narrative powers his painstaking scholarship his wit and unsurpassed ability to

  • Title: King Jesus
  • Author: Robert Graves
  • ISBN: 9780374516642
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • King Jesus,is one of the most controversial historical novels of all time In it, Robert Graves has summoned his superb narrative powers, his painstaking scholarship, his wit and unsurpassed ability to recreate the past, to produce a magnificent portrayal of the life of Christ on earth.

    King Jesus King Jesus is a semi historical novel by Robert Graves, first published in .The novel treats Jesus not as the Son of God, but rather as a philosopher with a legitimate claim to the Judaean throne through Herod the Great, as well as the Davidic monarchy and treats numerous Biblical stories in King Jesus A Novel FSG Classics Robert Graves King Jesus A Novel FSG Classics Robert Graves on FREE shipping on qualifying offers King Jesus, long out of print, is one of the most controversial historical novels of all time In it King Jesus From Egypt Kam to Camelot Ralph Ellis King Jesus From Egypt Kam to Camelot Ralph Ellis on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This book resolves the biggest secret and international conspiracy of all time the true origins of Christianity On a quest to confirm that St Paul Saul was Josephus Flavius What does it mean that Jesus is King of kings and Lord of Question What does it mean that Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords Answer The phrase king of kings is used in Scripture six times Once, the title is applied to God the Father Timothy , and twice to the Lord Jesus Revelation . Jesus, King of the Jews In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as the King of the Jews or of the Judeans , both at the beginning of his life and at the end.In the Koine Greek of the New Testament, e.g in John , this is written Basileus ton Ioudaion Both uses of the title lead to dramatic results in the New Testament accounts. Cap King Jesus Ministry Watch cap online for free Supernatural Ministry School Winter The Supernatural Ministry School brings together apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers and leaders of great influence. Does Jesus Reign as King and High Priest Now or in the A Teaching of the Gospels At Jesus birth Luke The angel promised to Mary that her Son Jesus would receive the throne of David, reign over the house of Jacob forever, and His kingdom would have no end.Surely this was promised to Mary because Jesus would do this the first time He came to earth when He was born as Mary s son.Who would think the angel meant Jesus would come to earth WEEK JESUS IS THE KING OF KINGS bibletodaykids Manual.JesusIs Lessonof MAIN POINTS Approaching Jerusalem, Jesus sent some of his friends ahead to find a donkey. Cap El Rey Jess Cuando Oramos Conforme a la Palabra El enemigo tuvo el plan de sembrarles la duda a Adn y Eva Pero los creyentes debemos tenemos la certeza de que tenemos un Pacto con Dios, que toda autoridad se nos dio en la tierra y en el cielo. Jesus King of All Nations Dan Lynch Apostolates Jesus King of All Nations Father Peter Damian Fehlner, O.F.M Conv S.T.D Theologian Spiritual Director wrote that he believed in th e authenticity of the revelations of the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion as revelations directly dictated by Jesus to his Secretary and in the truth of their content He also wrote, that the revelations were a remedy for the imminent

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    One thought on “King Jesus

    1. Sarah (Presto agitato) on said:

      Robert Graves gives this work of historical fiction an intriguing premise. He presents Jesus not as the offspring of a divine being, born of a virgin birth, but as the very mortal son of Mary and Antipater, the eldest son of King Herod the Great. Herod had a nasty tendency to eliminate family members who crossed him without much of a hearing. Antipater fell victim to this paranoia, and was executed just before Herod’s death. Antipater’s death left Jesus as the rightful heir to the terrestria [...]

    2. Ioannis Anastasiadis on said:

      Όπως ο Καζαντζάκης στο ‘Τελευταίο Πειρασμό’ κ ο Σαραμαγκου στο ‘Κατά Ιησουν Ευαγγέλιον’’ έτσι κ ο Robert Graves εξιστορεί το δικό του αφήγημα με επίκεντρο την ζωή και τα έργα του Ιησού Χριστού, βασισμένο σε ενδελεχή ιστορική ερευνά όχι μόνο στα επίσημα κ ανεπίσημα Ευαγγέλια κ [...]

    3. Darwin8u on said:

      For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is givenO four stars of wonder, five stars of night,Stars with royal beauty bright,Westward leading, still proceeding,Guide us to thy perfect light.It was amazing. Lying in bed. The kids all tucked in. Christmas Eve, and I'm reading 'King Jesus'. I finally put this sucker to bed last night at about 1:00 am. Sugar plums weren't dancing in my head rather parables and planets (Ninib, Marduk, Nergal) and Essenes (אִסִּיִים), oh my, floated and dan [...]

    4. Christopher on said:

      1 Christopherus, unto the church of : peace be with you.2 I write this epistle to you on the occasion of my completion of Robert Graves' scroll King Jesus, being an historical but also novelistic account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.3 Not having read his masterpiece, I, Claudius, or any of his other works, I was a virgin to his style of combining history with imagination; but having read this, I remain unimpressed.4 The problem with King Jesus lies in the way it straddles the supernatural an [...]

    5. Erik Graff on said:

      This is by far my favorite Robert Graves novel--and I like his historical novels very much generally. My original copy was the one published by the Readers Digest Press in hardcover.As once a bit of a scholar of the gospel narratives and ancillary texts, I was struck by the way Graves plausibly weaved together strands of tradition to reconstruct an historical Jesus with a temporal right to the throne of Judaea and, thus, a Jesus who actually constituted enough of a threat to the Empire and templ [...]

    6. Terence on said:

      I didn't plan on reading this book (and the thematically related Eve: A Novel of the First Woman) around Easter but that's how things worked out. Graves always enjoys turning readers' perceptions upside down in his historical novels (I'm afraid my recollection of the Julio-Claudians will be forever colored by I Claudius: From the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Born 10 B.C. Murdered Deified A.D. 54 and its sequel). And his erudition is astounding. You may not accept his interpretations of Gre [...]

    7. Elaine on said:

      King Jesus astonishing and gripping novel is not an easy read, nor is it a one-time only read, but it is well-worth the time put into it. Jesus' birth, growing-up, and ministry are told through the eyes of a 1st century historian Agipus the Decapolitan (who may or may not be imagined.)Not surprisingly, this is, after all Graves the author of The White Goddess, Agipus says that the Jews have never been able to keep their women in perfect subjection, and have therefore never been able to worship J [...]

    8. Brian Fileman on said:

      I first read this as an early edition hard-back in the mid 80's. It is Graves at his best and, at times, most weird. He gives an original and fairly plausible alternative to the generally accepted religious view of Jesus. I doubt the 'true believer' will like it or get past the opening chapter: a recommendation in itself. Although not as instantly readable as 'I Clavdivs' and requiring far more effort from the reader, King Jesus is still a book that deserves a far wider readership than it has re [...]

    9. Fred Kohn on said:

      This is by far the best alt history of Jesus that I have read. It would be great fun to reverse engineer this book. I noticed several borrowings from the Christian deuterocanonical books, some of which Graves acknowledges in his very brief historical note at the end. In that same note he apologizes for not writing a more thorough acknowledgement of his sources, with the excuse that such an acknowledgement would be longer than the book itself!I do have some minor quibbles with the book. It takes [...]

    10. Howard on said:

      The origins of St. Patrick's Day remain a mystery after this one, but I enjoyed reading this quite a lot. Very sympathetic to the traditional villains in the Passion tale, because of Graves' apparent understanding of Jewish customs and traditions, laws and celebrations. This novel is overtly hostile to Christian theology, just as Graves' other historical novels (I, Claudius, Count Belisarius, to name the two I've read) seem written primarily for the purpose of correcting annoying misconceptions [...]

    11. David on said:

      This book stirred up controversy when it was published and it was a fascinating read.

    12. Roberta Amato on said:

      Jesus Rex è la versione dei fatti dei vangeli “secondo Robert Graves”, una rivisitazione mitopoietica della figura di Cristo. Il lavoro di Graves è pervaso della sua convinzione che la religione e il mito registrino la storia della vittoria delle religioni a prevalenza maschile a danno della religione originaria della Dea, (idea ripresa nella Dea Bianca); l’incipit del libro è appunto una citazione di Clemente Alessandrino. Graves coglie l’aspetto più inquietante del Cristianesimo, c [...]

    13. Petar Kalpakchi on said:

      Интересна интерпретация, инак книгата е средна работа

    14. Roger on said:

      There are many ways to describe this fascinating book: dense, evocative, learned, and certainly blasphemous. Robert Graves has written a life of Jesus that takes literally the claim that he was the King of the Jews and David's rightful heir, while at the same time not denying his holiness and power.The story starts with King Herod and his murderous ways, and with Mary being secretly married to Herod Antipater, who leaves her with child before heading to Rome and execution. The child of this unio [...]

    15. David on said:

      1. It's long.2. The villains in Robert Graves novels are so thoroughly evil. I didn't exactly have a positive impression of King Herod previously, but good god, he's worse than Ming the Merciless.3. The noble characters are similarly true to their good nature. The best stuff is Jesus's life as a child and young man - Graves loves the confrontations with the arrogant elders who feel threatened by an upstart. 4. Favorite quote (p.246) "His queen was a big-buttocked, spikenard-scented, scarlet-cloa [...]

    16. Guy Cabell on said:

      This is a fascinating alternative version of the story of Jesus by the incomparable Robert Graves, who spent a lifetime studying Roman history and literature along with the history and literature of the peoples that the Romans conquered. It attempts to create a much more believable story than that told in the four accepted Gospels, starting with the problem of Pontius Pilate saying that he could find no sin in Jesus when he said he was "King of the Jews" (only the Romans could appoint kings of t [...]

    17. Billie Pritchett on said:

      Robert Graves's King Jesus is not a good book, I don't think. Or better put, I just didn't enjoy it. Now, I've read two other of his books a long time ago, I, Claudius and Claudius the God. Those books were terrific. They embellished the story of the Roman Emperor Claudius, turning him into a great emperor who wanted to do well by Rome but who was undermined by those around him. There's none of that fun in this book.In King Jesus, Graves tells a version of the story where Jesus is the literal so [...]

    18. Andres on said:

      Este libro es una reconstrucción histórica muy interesante de la historia más polémica que se ha contado. Con el conocimiento de un erudito, Graves reelabora los hilos conductores de la historia y contextualiza algunos de los hechos históricos que rodearon al nacimiento de Jesús, y arroja sobre la luz algunas de las teorías más interesantes que se han manejado alrededor de un hito histórico que ha definido la historia de occidente.Es un texto que merece ser leído con atención, aunque [...]

    19. Glenn on said:

      Really fascinating novel that asks the question: 'what if Jesus, rather than being a mystical and magical figure, was actually the secret grandson of Herod and a descendant of King David's, thus the rightful heir to the Jewish throne?' This book sucks you in as much as Graves' other novels 'I, Claudius' and 'Claudius the God', though perhaps a little more dense and trying at times. The ideas are really quite clever and thought provoking. I'd take Graves' logical and entertaining conclusions over [...]

    20. Sylveey on said:

      An outstanding book that is very provocative for those who study religions. As someone who at one point in my life taught Christian doctrine, I found this book to be implying the obvious. Those who see beyond the veneer of modern fantasy believed by the masses to be "the believers" truth. It provides enough source material for one to pillage through and possibly discover other obscurities not readily known. Graves certainly gives you plenty to think about, and this is something I appreciate.

    21. Blair Kauffman on said:

      Found this on the shelves of a used book store in LA and bought it because I remember really likely "I Claudius" by the same author. Unfortunately, while the concept is good -- writing about Jesus from the point of view of a contemporary Roman historian -- this doesn't come close to matching the magic of "I Claudius."

    22. Alberto Delgado on said:

      La recreación de la vida de jesús de nazareth por parte de robert graves no alcanza el nivel de su famosa yo claudio pero no deja de ser interesante leer las hipótesis que plantea sobre lo que pudo ser la vida de el personaje histórico más influyente de los últimos dos milenios se sea creyente o no.

    23. Andrea on said:

      King Jesus is a completely different perspective on the story of the new testament, informed by Graves wide study of pre-christian stories and myths, and his reading of such texts as remain. What emerges is Jesus as sacrificial king, in the tradition of James Fraser and the Golden Bough. Well worth reading, in my opinion, although committed fundamentalist christians had better avoid it.

    24. Greg Olsen on said:

      I can see why some would say this book was controversial. Christians might disapprove of the removal of Jesus's divinity or they might be appalled at the treatment of his miracles. I was let down for another reason: as a novel, the plot was encumbered by the historical pretentiousness which made the reading boring and unrewarding.

    25. Aaron Godinez on said:

      Atrevido pero bastantante interesante. ¿La premisa? Jesús no era ningún Hijo de Dios, sino el heredero legítimo de la Casa de David y la Dinastía Herodiana. Él es presentado como un profeta carismático y notable, pero nada fuera de lo sobrenatural.

    26. Rozonda on said:

      Left me breathless (Graves nearly always does)His very human Jesus, and his fight to overcome the power of the Goddess, too strong even in the patriarchal Israel, combines myth and history in an amazing way. Up there with I, Claudius and Claudius the God.

    27. Fausto on said:

      Tiene un buen principio, pero la lectura se hace muy farragosa cuando interpreta varios aspectos bíblicos o religiosos, como si fuese un estudio religioso. Con la aparición del personaje de Jesús esto se acentúa haciendo la lectura muy difícil y fatigosa.

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