The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

Charles L. Grant DavidMann

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The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

The Hour of the Oxrun Dead WELCOME TO OXRUN STATIONOxrun station could be a spooky place especially out by the Windsors right next to the graveyard At night Natalie heard eerie sounds out in the fog among the tombstones un

  • Title: The Hour of the Oxrun Dead
  • Author: Charles L. Grant DavidMann
  • ISBN: 9780812518627
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • WELCOME TO OXRUN STATIONOxrun station could be a spooky place, especially out by the Windsors , right next to the graveyard At night Natalie heard eerie sounds out in the fog, among the tombstones, unnatural sounds made by unearthly things Natalie s husband had been born in Oxrun Station He loved the town, and served it well and in return it killed him Ben s death haWELCOME TO OXRUN STATIONOxrun station could be a spooky place, especially out by the Windsors , right next to the graveyard At night Natalie heard eerie sounds out in the fog, among the tombstones, unnatural sounds made by unearthly things Natalie s husband had been born in Oxrun Station He loved the town, and served it well and in return it killed him Ben s death had left Natalie isolated in a strange town she could not call her own How strange and how deadly Oxrun Station could be, Natalie Windsor was about to learn Once each year an ancient ritual was recreated, an ancient pact reinvoked and Natalie Windsor was this year s sacrifice.

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      235 Charles L. Grant DavidMann
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    One thought on “The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

    1. Kimberly on said:

      This is the first in a series of books set in the fictional town of Oxrun Station. If you are looking for splatter punk, or excessive gore, this is NOT that type of horror. Charles Grant has an incredible style that emphasizes the building of oppressive atmosphere, and developing strong characterization. I will admit that the "climax" was rather brief in relation to the build-up; but I felt that this was perfect for the type of tale that this novel set forth. The mounting dread was almost tangib [...]

    2. Jordan West on said:

      3.5; some aspects of the novel are thoroughly dated, and the ending is abrupt even by Grant's standards, but still well worth reading for the wonderfully eerie and understated atmosphere, which is perhaps comparable in tone and effectiveness to a Val Lewton film.

    3. Christopher Fulbright on said:

      THE HOUR OF THE OXRUN DEAD is an intriguing read, the first book in what would become an ongoing, disconnected series of books set in the fictional town of Oxrun Station. It is very subtle in its horror, with some gripping suspense and main characters you can like. As with all of Charles Grant's gothic horror, the prose weaves a spell of almost surreal gloom. In a few places, in an attempt to weave that spell, the prose gets awkward, with strange analogies that make you stop and have to think ab [...]

    4. Ken McKinley on said:

      You could tell Grant was starting to come into his own with The Hour of the Oxrun Dead.The writing was much better than The Curse. The atmosphere that he sets has a nice slow build up of dread. In The Curse, the female characters were amazingly shallow and annoying. While they were better in this story, the main character still puts herself in stupid situations. Oddly enough, I've read a few other authors whose novels that were written in the 1970s and they had the same type of female characters [...]

    5. Michael on said:

      I'd never heard of Charles L. Grant, until he died in 2006. Shortly after his death, Cemetery Dance ran a tribute issue to him, devoting two or three story slots to unpublished horror tales he'd written, and quite a bit of laudatory essays and personal accounts from his friends and fans. During his life, he'd been known more for his influential horror anthologies in the 80s, which according to many of the authors featured in the Cemetery Dance tribute issue, offered a haven for more subtle horro [...]

    6. Randolph Carter on said:

      Lots of fun in the first Oxrun Station novel. Engaging quirky "normal" suburban characters acting totally insane so we can get a story (just run away from Oxrun Station for heaven's sake). Tell me you don't like Natalie and Marc and I'll prove you have no heart. The payoff turns out to be less menacing, in my opinion, than the buildup, but it is a fun roller coaster ride nonetheless. Kudos for Grant not loading us with a lot of post-climax BS about the protagonists' future life. Quit while you a [...]

    7. Redri9hthand on said:

      This was my first book by Charles Grant and while it was very light on chills, it was an enjoyable story. More than any creepy atmosphere I had expected from reading reviews, the two main characters' relationship was what I found to be most charming. Character driven narrative and romance are not normally what I hope to find when I pick up a book, so this was surprising.It was a nice palate cleanser.

    8. Kyle Blount on said:

      This is the first Grant novel that I read. It was great. Heavy on atmosphere and character development, the novel shies away from cheap scares. I've read a lot of Ramsey Campbell and this style is much more in that school than say Barker or King. I think I've heard it referred as "Quiet Horror". Regardless, much recommend! Will definitely dive into another Charles L. Grant novel soon.

    9. Jon Recluse on said:

      Charles L. Grant proved that a whisper can echo longer than a scream and forever set the bar for quiet, atmospheric horror when he introduced readers to Oxrun Station.

    10. James Adams on said:

      I've been a fan of Charles Grant, and his Oxrun Station stories, for a long while now, but this is the first of the Oxrun novels I've read, and I liked it. A lot.Grant was a leading proponent of the quiet horror movement, the more restrained counter to splatterpunk. He viewed quiet horror as more based in atmosphere and character, as opposed to violence and gore. There can, of course, be a balance between the two schools, but that's an argument for another time. Still, his emphasis was often on [...]

    11. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      There are many generic copycat mass-market books out there in the world, and this one is a classic example. It had an alright plot but boring characters and a predictable chain of events.

    12. Tobin Elliott on said:

      Most of the time, if I've read a book two or three decades previously, I'll usually remember the gist of the plot and two or three specific scenes. That wasn't the case with this novel. I could remember nothing of it, so reading it again, I was essentially reading it for the first time.The first thing that struck me was the writing. Languid, well-constructed, beautifully written. Very much in the Ray Bradbury vein. That's a huge plus.The second thing is, Grant is prepared to take his time and ma [...]

    13. Isidore on said:

      I thought Grant was a dull writer when I first encountered him in the 1980s. Knowledgable people continue to sing his praises, so I recently decided to take another look. He's still dull.If I may borrow terms applied to his work by two other reviewers, "genteel suburban horror" sums things up quite satisfactorily. No complicated, tormented, edgy characters, just respectable, bland middle class folk. Plotting is straightforward, if sometimes clumsy and rudimentary. The prose is mostly direct and [...]

    14. Russell Coy on said:

      When young widow Natalie looks into the disappearance of some books from the local library, she finds herself targeted by the community's most wealthy and powerful, and uncovers a conspiracy of the supernatural which threatens the freedom of the small town of Oxrun Station, and beyond. With the help of newspaperman Marc, Natalie races to stop the cabal from carrying out it's evil plans before the town falls victim to The Hour of the Oxrun Dead.This book, the first in Grant's legendary series, wa [...]

    15. Chip Howard on said:

      Let's face it, the guy had style. Those staples of horror--the rundown graveyard, the sinister shape in the fog, the strange noises in the night--they're all here in spades, but rather than feeling cliched, author Charles L. Grant has fashioned them into an engaging little novel of paranoia (one of his first, if I'm correct). "Oxrun Dead" isn't startling or brutal or even all that frightening (well, okay, I lied maybe it's a little frightening). What it is is atmospheric--even elegantly so, at t [...]

    16. Nelio Gomes on said:

      Although the introduction to events in the town of Oxrun Station was a little clunky, it did capture my interest, and soon I was contentedly following the life of small town librarian Natalie Windsor. And as events quickly began to point to some sort of sinister conspiracy, and a possible supernatural connection, I was hooked! What could some sort of fraternity rings and missing books at the town library have in common? What was the mysterious killer that lurked in the night? How did the leading [...]

    17. Dave Roberts on said:

      Nicely put together from Centipede Press. Great production values, nice artwork, etc. I enjoyed the novella and the interview more than that the main novel: hence the three stars. Grant is a good writer, and the novella seems to be written later in his career (I haven't confirmed, but it is a more mature piece of writing than the main novel, which was one of his first published). That said, Grant has a good, minimal style, with generally well thought out sentence structure. This is not lazy writ [...]

    18. Debra on said:

      Stephen King recommended book. Noted as "important to the genre we have been discussing" from Danse Macabre, published in 1981.

    19. David on said:

      Rather hard to put down. Lightly supernatural thriller with a touch of a Stepford Wives feeling and Gaslight, also. World Fantasy Award Nominee for Best Novel (1978)

    20. DJMikeG on said:

      This was the first novel I've read by the late, esteemed Mr. Grant. He was a very talented writer. His writing oozes atmosphere. The setup and basically the first two thirds of the book were fantastically creepy and interesting. I wasn't wild about the climax, it felt kind of rushed after all that slow burn and brilliant setup. Still, I guess this was Mr. Grant's first novel and his writing improved hereafter. As a first novel its incredibly impressive. I definitely enjoyed this and look forward [...]

    21. Joanie on said:

      Grant does a great job of building atmosphere and simply creating an interesting and creepy story. I thought the plot really had potential. However, I just couldn't like Natalie, the main character. Every time I really got into the book she did something so amazingly stupid, it interfered with the story for me.I thought the ending was quite abrupt, and I was left with a lot of questions.Despite the problems, I still enjoyed the book. I'll likely try another of the Oxrun books to see how they are [...]

    22. Douglas Castagna on said:

      I have read some SS by grant and wondered how I missed this series of books, mostly reviews were good, so I picked up a copy and was intrigued. A young woman moves to a new place for her husband and fits in really well, then her husband is murdered in a violent and mysterious way. She adjusts and tries to get on with her life and then things start happening. Too little too late. I felt this short novel dragged and I forced myself to get through it. I doubt I will be revisiting Oxrun.

    23. Piajensen13 on said:

      First book I've read from Charles L. Grant. I was entertained throughout the book. It was spooky and I had a few flashes to Pines by Blake Crouch. I felt the ending was a bit rushed and could have used another chapter or two.

    24. Shane on said:

      Very good, once again. A little slow going but still quite atmospheric. Ending was a bit sudden and felt almost like the author got bored and simply wanted to put an end to it as quickly as possible.Wasn't a bad read.

    25. Ryan Miller on said:

      Great traditional horror! Not campy, but still very approachable; easy to jump in and out of.

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