Dirty Little Secrets

Julie Leto

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Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets USA Today bestselling author Julie Leto launches a caliente new series featuring a sexy Latina bounty hunter with an appetite for danger and an insatiable thirst for the man she s hunting down her ex

  • Title: Dirty Little Secrets
  • Author: Julie Leto
  • ISBN: 9781416501626
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • USA Today bestselling author Julie Leto launches a caliente new series featuring a sexy, Latina bounty hunter with an appetite for danger and an insatiable thirst for the man she s hunting down her ex When Marisela Morales sets out to stop her ex boyfriend Francisco Vega from skipping out on bail, she has a secret agenda revenge She hasn t seen Frankie in ten years, anUSA Today bestselling author Julie Leto launches a caliente new series featuring a sexy, Latina bounty hunter with an appetite for danger and an insatiable thirst for the man she s hunting down her ex When Marisela Morales sets out to stop her ex boyfriend Francisco Vega from skipping out on bail, she has a secret agenda revenge She hasn t seen Frankie in ten years, and back then, he broke her heart, choosing his gang over his girl So when she tracks him down in their old haunt, a hot dance club in Tampa, she sets about seducing him into her trap.Frankie has a secret agenda, too, and Marisela soon faces a tough choice continue drifting through her twentysomething life hitting the same town with the same girlfriends every weekend while struggling to find a job and pay the rent or dive headfirst into danger with her ex Frankie operates in a treacherous underworld full of arms dealers, assassins, and sinister agendas a world overrun with people keeping dirty little secrets and only Marisela has the cojones to fight her way to the truth.Sexy, sultry, and action packed, Dirty Little Secrets is a thrilling adventure in manhunting of the most dangerous kind.

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      184 Julie Leto
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    One thought on “Dirty Little Secrets

    1. Jane Stewart on said:

      This felt like going through the motions of a story. Nothing was special or different about it. It didn’t hold my interestORY BRIEF:Marisela used to be in a street gang. Now she works as a part-time bounty hunter. Ian runs an investigation firm. Ian hires Marisela and her former boyfriend Frankie to work for him on a kidnapping case. The father kidnapped his daughter Jessica when she was young and raised her in Puerto Rico. Jessica is now 17. The mother hires Ian to bring Jessica back to the U [...]

    2. Melissa on said:

      Marisela Morales is a woman who knows what she wants, and is willing to push her brains and body to the max to make things happen. Julie Leto has combined a brilliant plot with believable characters in the first book of her Dirty Series, Dirty Little Secrets. Dirty Little Secrets does a fabulous job of playing the right cards, in the right order, to hold a reader’s attention through all the sizzling nuances of the story. Leto has developed a real person with her character, Marisela. Marisela i [...]

    3. Lara on said:

      Well, I guess this is really 3.5 stars. The book is a sexy action story with a down on her luck Cuban-American woman with a hot body she isn't afraid to use and who has serious fighting skills. She ends up in some strange situations where she seems to be continually attacked by one party or another. The hero is her ex, recently returned to town and ready to leave again. They end up together, in more than one way, and find that they care for one another.This is not a love at first sight, or a rem [...]

    4. Michelle on said:

      Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    5. Silver James on said:

      Dirty Little Secrets is the digital re-release of a previous title by New York Times best-selling author, Julie Leto. I've had the paperback original of this book on my TBR shelf forever and I could kick myself for not moving it to the top of the list. Marisela Morales, the heroine of this sexy suspense, is a former Latina gang girl from West Tampa. There are two things she does well--get into and get out of trouble. She finds trouble with a capital T in this first book of the series. Marisela i [...]

    6. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ on said:

      Marisela Morales is former enforcement worker looking to collect her next paycheck but hoping to find her next job. Marisela hoping to keep her feelings to herself especially where Frankie Vega is concerned. Marisela and Frankie have a long history with each other going back to being teenagers in gangs together. Marisela fought her way out of gang life and she's been using her skills to make ends meet. But her days in enforcement ended with her losing her license yet that is not stopping her fro [...]

    7. Julie Ramsey on said:

      Dirty Little SecretsBy Julie LetoMarisela is a tough, take no prisoners kind of girl. She has had a lot of different jobs through her life so far but none that seem to fit who she really is. And she just lost the best paying job she has had. Her next order of business is to stop her ex, Frankie, from jumping bail and she knows just the way to do it. Once she has him secure, she just wants to relax and get some sleep. But someone out there has other plans for Marisela. It seems that Frankie has g [...]

    8. Lizzie on said:

      I enjoyed this book and will probably read the next in the series. I like the idea behind the book. Marisela is an ex gang member turned bond agent who is now looking for a new job. Enter Frankie, an ex boyfriend who is also ex gang and has a few other little secrets. They are both hired for a job which involves recovering a kidnapped child from her father. Marisela feels there is more to the story and wants to get tot the bottom especially since a child is concerned. This book was touted as a r [...]

    9. Brenda on said:

      Dirty Little Secrets is a reissue from 2008, but it's new to me. By the way, doesn't have the new cover, and it's amazing. Marisela Morales is a former bounty hunter trying to get the drop on her former sexy badboy boyfriend who she thinks is going to skip bail. From the first two lines of the story you KNOW it's going to be a sexy read, but it's also full of suspense, kick ass action nd mystery. Frankie, Marisela's ex is an alpha male trying to get out of the dangerous life he's lived since he [...]

    10. Amanda on said:

      I love this series! I like that Marisela has a rough past and makes no apologies for it. I love that even with all the give-and-take with Frankie, their break-up years ago was because he wanted money and the respect of his homeboys more than he wanted Marisela. I've read plenty of romances in which the young couple broke up because of a misunderstanding or because one of them was trying to protect the other from something. There is just something refreshing and human about Marisela and Frankie. [...]

    11. Dakota Storm on said:

      When I read the blurb about this book it sounded very intriguing and unique, and it was. I enjoyed the characters, the action packed plot, the what the hell moments and more. I wasn't as in love with this book as I thought I would be but it was very good. The author captured my attention but in some parts not so much. Marisela is a tough as nails bounty hunter a complete change from her gang years and Frankie well he's bad to the bone that's for sure.ese two characters are amazing together. Grea [...]

    12. Jamie on said:

      I first read Julie Leto at christmas time and found her story of Marisela and Frankie to be an entertaining, light read. This one was the beginning of Marisela working with Titan and I had been interested enough from my Xmas read to want a little more of this type of enjoyable book without the depth or level of concentration some of the other books I'm working on take. Dirty Little Secrets didn't disappoint. There is action, sex, and intrigue in large enough doses to keep me coming back for more [...]

    13. David Teachout on said:

      OK, I only downloaded it because it was free and who doesn't appreciate some mindless reading on occasion? I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Sure there's the cliche romance going on and one wonders why the notion that a strong woman who loses all sense when next to a beautiful man is appealing to people but since men do it all the time, perhaps it's just a form of social equalityrt of. Any way you cut it though the heroine here is a delicious blend of sugar and spice and the action sequence [...]

    14. Stephanie on said:

      If you took a Stephanie Plum book and put it on steroids, this may be what you end up with. The opening of the book may lead you to believe it's going to be a little smutty (which is fine :)!) but the opening bedroom scene isn't an indication of the rest of the book, it really has a good storyline, fast paced action and is easily read. I will definitely read the second Marisela Morales book and hope the third gets published.

    15. Johanna Panko on said:

      I truly like the whole angle of this book, but I'm also a big fan of Janet Evanovich's books too. So I like that Marisela is a bad girl and willing to get her hands dirty to pull off some amazing script. She did great In this book and I look forward to this series. This was my first from this author and I devoured it. Her ending was superior too, I love how she saved Frankie's ass and even turned the boss on a little too. Hot stuff this woman!

    16. Rhonda on said:

      This book has it all. I couldn't put it down. Needless to say, we are eating dinner late tonight. :) Marisela was the heroine of my dreams. She's smart, sassy and can take care of her own. Frankie, her first love, the bad boy hero of my dreams is her partner. This book was just so awesome! I hope that in Dirty Little Lies she ends up with him. I read the opening two paragraphs and I hope I'm misintrepreting. If not, I now offically want to punch Marisela.

    17. Wendy Soliman on said:

      What a discovery! A Latino heroine who's sassy, smart, funny. As a private investigator, teamed with her long-term on/off significant other, you feel the steam curling the digital pages as they play, oh and get into all sorts of danger fighting off the bad guys.That much overused phrased of 'I couldn't put it down' comes into its own on this particular occasion. I'm dashing off to buy the other books in this series.

    18. Yolande on said:

      Fast paced, grab you by the balls fiction. Marisela is a no-nonsense, take no prisoners kind of girl with a shaded past, but a small heart. She personifies the modern-day heroine everyone would like to be. This is a must read for any romantic suspense reader. I would definitely read more of this author's books.

    19. Jenn Cunha on said:

      Ehe story line was okay, but I can definitely feel a Stephanie Plum vibe happening. Instead of Joe and Ranger, Marisela has Frank and Ian. The story was a bit predictable, but fun. I wish they had explained more about the relationship between Frank and Marisela and their historyI felt like a missed something

    20. T. on said:

      I enjoyed the character development in this book. The protagonists were ex-gang members with violent backgrounds, yet their past is what makes them perfect for their career choice. Strong, well drawn characters. Lots of plot twists and unexpected double-crosses make this a fast-paced, fun story to read.

    21. Christine on said:

      I enjoyed this story and especially Marisela. Her and Frankie make a good pair/team/couple/lovers. I like the undercover aspect and cloak and dagger missions. Some strong sexy scenes, though a few more could have been added, for my taste :-)

    22. Robin Taylor on said:

      Dirty Little Secrets begins the Marisela Morales Adventure Series. What a fantastic book! Marisela will be near the top of my lists of favorite heroines. Her and Frankie burn the pages up. The storyline was awesome. Can't wait for Dirty Little Lies.!

    23. Anabananalisa Salomonis on said:

      Trashy, gritty and involving guns and a plot that was simple, sexy and a lil interesting. I was definitely intrested in how it would turn out. Read half like a year ago and then recently finished it. It entertained for a moment.

    24. Lisa on said:

      This is similar to the Stephanie Plum novels, just as entertaining. The only thing I would say is there are a lot of typos, etc. Annoying to me. The story was interesting and the characters were entertaining. I will read more of them! Fun, quick read.

    25. Sarina Rose on said:

      After reading Dirty Little Secrets, Julie Leto became one of my favorite authors. She has a no-nonsense style that smokes of sex, love, adventure, and a strong heroine who can and does take care of herself. Review by Sarina Rostek writing novels as Sadie Carrieri.

    26. Kris on said:

      I like this book because as a Hispanic woman I love to see how the heroine is a strong Hispanic woman that can take care of herself. I like how she also can have her space and let a man in because she wants to and not because she feels helpless. Good Read.

    27. mlady_rebecca on said:

      Bought this one, quite frankly, for the author's name. I'm quite fond of a couple of musicians named Leto, so the name caught my eye. It sounded a bit like Stephanie Plum. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into the book.

    28. Isabel on said:

      Good story, unlike previous reviewers, I did not get a Stephanie Plum vibe. It's nice to have a Latina as the main character in a book. Some one who is trying to learn from her past & improve her future. I can't wait see what the writer has in store for her next. Please bring on the next book.

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