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Barbara Freethy

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Summer Secrets

Summer Secrets With Summer Secrets bestselling author Barbara Freethy presents her most powerful contemporary novel the story of three unique sisterse secrets that bind them for lifed the summer that will set them

  • Title: Summer Secrets
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9780451410825
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • With Summer Secrets, bestselling author Barbara Freethy presents her most powerful contemporary novel the story of three unique sisterse secrets that bind them for lifed the summer that will set them free Eight years ago, the three McKenna sisters Kate, Ashley, and Caroline had their fifteen minutes of fame Driven by their ambitious father, they won an aroundWith Summer Secrets, bestselling author Barbara Freethy presents her most powerful contemporary novel the story of three unique sisterse secrets that bind them for lifed the summer that will set them free Eight years ago, the three McKenna sisters Kate, Ashley, and Caroline had their fifteen minutes of fame Driven by their ambitious father, they won an around the world sailing race as teenagers But, something happened out on the turbulent sea during a fierce storm they could never forgetNow reporter Tyler Jamison has come to Castleton, a picturesque island off the coast of Washington State, asking questions about the famous McKennas But even as the sisters close ranks against the tenacious reporter, the past threatens to drown them in its wake It will take Caroline s willingness to right a wrong, Ashley s struggle to face her greatest fears, and Kate s attempt to embrace life and love again to finally calm the winds and stop the rain

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      173 Barbara Freethy
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    One thought on “Summer Secrets

    1. Mrs on said:

      the book was to long to drawn out nice story,but little more than half way thru i wanted to end it. done

    2. Glenda on said:

      I purchased Barbara Freethy's "Summer Secrets" in the middle of an insomniac night. I was checking my email on my phone and selected "Summer Secrets" by accident. That's the only reason I read this contemporary romance."Summer Secrets" tells the story of three sisters who eight years earlier won a yacht race around the world. Now a mysterious reporter has come calling and gives the sister the ruse of writing a follow-up about their victory. His real reason for snooping into the sister's lives co [...]

    3. Julie on said:

      I checked out the digital version of this book for free from my local public library and was looking forward to a light read. While the mystery portion of the plot was fairly good, the rest of this book was unbearable. I literally found myself skipping through pages because I just wanted to know how the mystery ended and to finish the book. Although I don't like sappy love stories to begin with, the romance portion of this book was offensive and portrayed women as spineless jellyfish. The sister [...]

    4. Lori Loves Reading on said:

      Another 99 cent Kindle book. The plot was intriguing and the suspense over what really happened during the sailboat race kept me reading. I was really enjoying this book--until the end. When all was revealed, I couldn't believe the loyalty demonstrated by the sisters towards their father. For what really happened, it was too contrived and I was actualy a bit mad and their unfledgling support of the man through the years. To say I was disappointed in the ending would be an understatement, but as [...]

    5. Becky on said:

      Felt that the story was a good one but the characters were kind of weak. The romance between Kate and Tyler is the stuff of moviesaka never happens. I don't mind that if the story carries the day, but a combo of weak characters, okay dialogue and a good story weren't enough to pull this story off. The big "secret" isn't revealed until the very end which is somewhat frustrating. Overall not a horrible read, but I wouldn't go looking for another of this author's books.

    6. Jeri on said:

      Three sisters with a -big- secret, and the mysterious man who comes to town determined to discover all. This kept my interest, and was mildly enjoyable, but I was irritated by the coy manner of story telling -- too many references to the big secret, such as "she sighed, remembered all that they had experienced that summer" and so on )

    7. Pam on said:

      The story started off slowly, and didn't pick up until 3/4 way through. The characters didn't seem real until the last 1/4 of the book. In the first section, they didn't even confess the secrets among their thoughts. There were 4 points of view, which made it hard to follow. I didn't like any of the characters, except Theresa, who seemed to be the most real of any of them. It seems that Freethy was writing the book as a mystery in that she didn't reveal her characters. The real art, I think, wou [...]

    8. Kate on said:

      This was a 700+ page bookd I finished it within 6 days. I couldn't put it down at some points, and I really enjoyed it. Having said that, I ultimately gave it a 4 star rating, but at the end I considered a 3 star. I was not a big fan of exactly how the "secret" came out and thought it was rushed and was hoping for a different reaction from the two main characters. But overall, I did not feel like I was reading 700+ pages and it was a fast, good read.

    9. Courtney Wallace on said:

      I read 1/4 of the book and had to stop. I just can't continue. Basically it's the same old thing over and over. Kate refuses to talk to Tyler. Then she gets lost in his dark blue eyes. Then she talks. But then she resolves not to talk to him. Over and over. If I met a man like Tyler in real life, I would consider threatening him with harassment charges. But noKate just lets him in her house. Ya know, because of his dark blue eyes and her hormones. Sheesh

    10. Laura Ruetz on said:

      I found this book to be an excellent read. It really pulled my attention in with the plot and the pacing and the characters. My only issue, after being glued to the book, eagerly waiting to see what happened, is that the last few pages just wraps everything up in a neat little bow - it tells you it is all resolved, without actually narrating what happened and it felt like such a let down after such a well written and engaging book

    11. Janet on said:

      Another Winner!I have been a Barbara Freethy fan for several years. I always enjoy reading one of her books. They have such "rich" characters and well developed story lines. This one was no different. The McKenna sisters are the stars of this book. The three sisters and their alcoholic father won an around-the-world sailboat race eight years ago. Each sister, and their father have secrets from that stormy long trip. For a true Ms. Freethy fan, this book doesn't disappoint.

    12. Lynda Kelly on said:

      I'd only got 8% into this but knew it wasn't for me. As a rule, if I pack in a book before I reach 10% it's a 1* but I added an extra one here since I hadn't happened upon one mistake by then.It's all too yachty for me and I've no interest whatsoever in sailing or yacht racing so I found I was glazing over and was avoiding picking it up again. It's good to have a change from my regular reading diet of murder 'n' mayhem, I can enjoy books where bodies aren't piling up, honestly, but the storyline [...]

    13. Ann Boytim on said:

      The story of three sisters and their father who eight years ago won a prize for boat racing but ended up losing their boat to a rival. Now the father wants to try and win the boat back but because of what happened when they were sailing none of the girls want to sail again, the father is now a drunk and the oldest daughter Kate has had enough but things from the past are rising up and secrets will be no more.

    14. Cindy on said:

      Barbara Freethy writes wonderful Romantic Suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed entering the world of sailing and ocean racing. Character building was great in this story – so many layers to all of the characters. More than one secret kept the waters muddy, and the ripples from one little lie were far reaching. This is a 5 star read. What are you waiting for?!?!?!

    15. Tricia Agrinsoni on said:

      This is different from books I typically read, and first with this author, Barbara Freethy. I loved the action, adventure, mystery, with romance all thrown together. I read the book in 2 days, because I could not put it down. I am looking forward to reading more novels by Barbara Freethy, especially with summer time getting ready to start!

    16. Victoria Mcvicker on said:

      Cannot believe I actually read this as it's definitely not my type of book = total fluff. But I wanted to check our her writing and plot development which actually wasn't all that bad. Just feel a titch embarrassed to be reading it! all in all, an escapist read. Even if it went on too long.

    17. Isabelle on said:

      The sailing aspect of the plot helps this book stand out from the other summer romance with side of shady past novels. Funny that (view spoiler)[they all turned out to be seeking/hiding different secrets (hide spoiler)]. I identified most with Kate, but I loved Ashley best.

    18. Angela on said:

      I was really into this story for the first half and then I just wanted it to end. It was basically the same scene over and over- Tyler: "tell me what happened during the race" One of the sisters: "nothing happened". I was hoping for something more exciting.

    19. Phyllis Mullins on said:

      I love Barbara Freethy's books and this is one of her best. Kept me guessing about several events right from the start.

    20. Stephanie Track on said:

      Very bland did not really have a climax and was all over the place between characters. Couldn't really connect with them. I feel this could/should have been way more dramatic than it was.

    21. Cassie on said:

      A "mystery" novel with a boring "plot twist" and ending that didn't meet the standards of the hype I was expecting it to be. However, I was a huge fan of the coastal setting and the sailing talk which kept me engaged enough to finish the novel.

    22. Connie on said:

      Loved this book. It was very involved with several characters but it was a story about protecting family at all costs. I think maybe the book could have been just a bit longer to do just a bit more character development but I loved the story, loved the way that letting go of the secrets healed the family and bridged the relationships. It was one I didn't want to put down and found myself reading for longer than my allotted time. Very good read with believable story line and characters.

    23. Jeanette Thomas on said:

      Thoroughly EnjoyableThis book had me wondering for a long time what the mystery was there was so many twists and turns, I do not want to give away the plot. I will say it was a brilliant read and I will be looking for more books by this author, do give her a try its not just a plain simple romance book, it has a really good plot that keeps you hooked.

    24. Kim Pritt on said:

      I liked this book is rare that a book grabs me right from the beginning and this one did. It is the first I've read of Barbara Freethy and I liked her writing. She very quickly built the mystery of the story and had me hooked. The story was interesting and the writing provided perfect visuals in my head as I read about the quaint harbor town, the water, the sail boats, and the characters. It is a story of how secrets and lies can destroy people, relationships, and families and that the truth sha [...]

    25. Gerianne Whitney on said:

      I liked the book, but thought that it started a bit slow. I didn't feel pulled into the book until I was over half way through it. I enjoyed the last part and felt an urgency to finish the book. I'd recommend the book as a comfortable, lazy, summer, beach read. I don't think I need to read more from Barbara Freethy, though.Our book club read it and discussed it last week. It was quite a lively discussion, as several disliked it very much, while quite a few really liked it. I was in the middle gr [...]

    26. Elle on said:

      In the Pacific Northwest, on a large island off the coast of Washington state, lived the McKenna family. Three daughters, Kate, Ashley and Caroline. Eight years earlier they had sailed with their father, Duncan McKenna, in the Winston Around-The-World-Challenge and won the race. Now, eight years later, each girl was still struggling with the secrets that took place during the race. They were unhealthily hiding secrets that were tearing each of them apart inside. A reporter by the name of Tyler J [...]

    27. Kristen on said:

      This is a beautiful contemporary romance about three sisters and the summer that changed everything. We learn about Kate, Ashley and Caroline McKenna and their secrets, their pain, and the sailing race that they raced, eight years ago, and how it changed everything. When Tyler Jamison arrives in their island, their world is upside-down, when they meet this reporter. For the three of them, they suffered heartache and tragedy, concealed their secrets and covered their tracks. But for Kate, we disc [...]

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