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Cindy Brown

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Ivy Get Your Gun

Ivy Get Your Gun It is not easy to combine humor and murder but Cindy Brown does it effortlessly Rhys Bowen New York Times Bestselling Author of Malice at the PalaceThere s a new sheriff in town and she can sing Whe

  • Title: Ivy Get Your Gun
  • Author: Cindy Brown
  • ISBN: 9781635112092
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It is not easy to combine humor and murder, but Cindy Brown does it effortlessly Rhys Bowen, New York Times Bestselling Author of Malice at the PalaceThere s a new sheriff in town and she can sing When Gold Bug Gulch s actor gunslinger Mongo winds up shot for real, actress and part time PI Ivy Meadows goes undercover as the ing nue in the tourist town s melodrama Un It is not easy to combine humor and murder, but Cindy Brown does it effortlessly Rhys Bowen, New York Times Bestselling Author of Malice at the PalaceThere s a new sheriff in town and she can sing When Gold Bug Gulch s actor gunslinger Mongo winds up shot for real, actress and part time PI Ivy Meadows goes undercover as the ing nue in the tourist town s melodrama Unfortunately, she s distracted by a pack of marauding Chihuahuas, a problematic love life, auditions for Annie Get Your Gun, and a personal mission to show people the real Annie Oakley.What s , the no good, yellow bellied varmint who killed Mongo isn t finished with the Gulch or with Ivy Will our heroine prove she can get a man with a gun before the killer gets her Related subjects include cozy mysteries, women sleuths, murder mystery series, whodunit mysteries whodunnit , amateur sleuth books, book club recommendations, humorous murder mysteries, private investigator mystery series.

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    One thought on “Ivy Get Your Gun

    1. Lisa Ks Book Review on said:

      Not everyone can do what author Cindy Brown can do better. Not everyone can do it better then author Cindy Brown can. (Singing along, weren’t you?)IVY GET YOUR GUN was my first book in this series so I was worried that I wouldn’t know everything that was going on. However, author Brown did a great job of making things understandable for new readers.Chapter one of this tale had me both laughing out loud and gasping in shock! Protagonist Ivy Meadows is such a fun character. I enjoyed getting t [...]

    2. Glen on said:

      I won this book in a drawing.A fairly standard cozy. Ivy is a part time PI. When a member of the cast in a wild west themed show is really shot in a fake gunfight, she investigates.Ivy seems a little too disorganized and incompetent to actually solve anything.

    3. Cindy Brown on said:

      I had a great time writing this book! Inspired by a real-life incident in Tombstone, AZ, IVY GET YOUR GUN retains the screwball humor of the other Ivy Meadows mysteries, with the added bonus of a big dollop of "girl power" ala Annie Oakely.

    4. Holly on said:

      *4.5 starsThis is definitely the best one out of the series, so far. I thought it had a strong mystery to it and Ivy is really growing as a character. That's why I like the Ivy Meadows mysteries because of Ivy. She is so relatable. She's making her way through becoming a PI and an actress, balancing between friendships and romance. Plus, she's so likable that you can't help but want her to succeed. I really enjoy these cozies and look forward to more from Ivy.**Thank you to the publisher and Net [...]

    5. Ivonne Rovira on said:

      Struggling actress Ivy Meadows gets hired to look into the accident-plagued Gold Bug Gulch Western Theme Town, where plumbing backups, snake releases, and even an “accidental” killing have plagued the ghost town-turned-tourist attraction. Ivy plays Annie Oakley and some other characters as part of the entertainment, but her real job is to sniff out what’s really going on.While I didn’t enjoy Ivy Get Your Gun, the fourth novel in this series, as much as author Cindy Brown’s first two bo [...]

    6. Mark Baker on said:

      Ivy takes on an undercover job at Gold Bug Gulch, where one of the gun fighters has just been shot and killed. As she gets to know the employees at the tourist trap ghost town, she finds plenty of suspects, but was it an accident or murder? Meanwhile, she also trying to land a part in Annie Get Your Gun for a theater company that might really boost her career and keep her relationship with her new boyfriend on track.Since I’ve loved the first three books in this series, I was expecting to love [...]

    7. Valerie on said:

      A runaway pug named Lassie. A pack of wild chihuahuas. A dead cowpoke actor named Mongo.Welcome to Gold Bug Gulch, Arizona, a Western theme ranch that PI-in-training Ivy Meadows discovers offers more than a real-life dead cowboy. At Gold Bug Gulch (say that three times fast!), Ivy not only takes on finding Lassie, but goes undercover as a tour guide to find out who killed Mongo (he was in a fake duel that turned deadly) and finds herself in the middle of a Hatfield and McCoys-type feud that goes [...]

    8. Jeanie Jackson on said:

      Loved it. The Ivy Meadows Mystery series is an awesome series. The main character is great and unique and all the primary characters have wonderful hearts. I feel like I know them and love spending time with them. Even most of the secondary characters are strong and well developed. The plot in Ivy Get Your Gun followed several paths and I didn't expect most of them but it was great. I did figure out the murder before the end but not by much and even then I had doubts. I am already anxious for th [...]

    9. Stacy McCain on said:

      IVY GET YOUR GUN by Cindy Brown might be my favorite Ivy Meadows book yet. This time, the story follows Ivy's pursuit of a role as Annie Oakley in the Arizona Theater while she goes undercover in a Western-style park to uncover who is killing off the help. Again, I didn't guess the right villain and I loved the ending. I really enjoy the journey that Brown takes us on with this series - we always find out new things about Ivy and her family and the books are funny and have good mysteries. I also [...]

    10. Jenna on said:

      Setting: Gold Bug Gulch, ArizonaCharactersIvy Meadows - aka Olive Ziegwart, theater actress, P.I narratorMatt - Ivy's significant otherCody - Ivy's brotherArnie & Marge - husband and wife, friends of Ivy'sPlot: Arnie and Marge's pug has escaped his yard and run off with a rogue band of chihuahuas. The pet parents are devastated and ask Ivy, an actress by night, but private investigator by day, to help them find their beloved dog. In the course of her search, Ivy is roped into another investi [...]


      “She’s sassy, she’s spunky, she likes rugelach, she sorts through feral chihuahuas and her own emotional quandaries to track down a murderous miscreant, and she’s happiest when she’s somebody else onstage. Ivy 'Get Your Gun' Meadows is my kind of PI, and I predict a long run for her brand of witty wackiness. And wacky wittiness.” – Too Slim, Bass Player and Joke Slinger for the Grammy Award-Winning Riders In The Sky

    12. JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book) on said:

      Ivy Meadows, an actress and part-time PI who lives in Arizona, is hoping for the lead role in Annie Get Your Gun. But while she's waiting, she receives a frantic call from her fellow actress and friend Marge, who wants to hire her to find Lassie, Marge's pug, who has disappeared into the desert with a pack of Chihuahuas. Knowing the desert is dangerous for small animals, Ivy agrees. But then Marge tells her that Arnie, her husband, has discovered he's a father, and Arnie has invested tons of mon [...]

    13. Daniel on said:

      This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 4.25 of 5We're back in an Ivy Meadows Mystery with Cindy Brown's Ivy Get Your Gun. This time Ivy takes to the road for some out-of-town acting work, but she can't escape the need to solve a mystery.The character of Ivy Meadows (aka Olive Ziegwart) is really growing now that we're in this, her fourth mystery tale. She's out of town, working at the Gold Bug Gulch in Arizona where she's hoping for the role of "Annie" in Annie Get Yo [...]

    14. Cuppa on said:

      Ivy Get Your Gun by Cindy BrownIvy Meadows #4Ivy Meadows (a.k.a. Olive Ziegwart) lives a double life. She splits her time between training to be a private investigator with her Uncle Uncle Bob and auditioning for acting roles in the Arizona theater world. Ivy rises to meet challenges both personal and professional in this mystery series that is both touching and comic. Ivy Get Your Gun, the fourth book in the series, begins with a missing dog and quickly escalates to a suspicious death in a stag [...]

    15. Maryann Forbes on said:

      If you enjoy a good Cozy mystery that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last then I highly recommend Ivy Get Your Gun by Cindy Brown. This is the 4th book in the Ivy Meadows Mysteries series, and may just be the best. I have enjoyed this series since reading the first book,MACDEATH.The story begins with Ivy, part-time actor and part-time Private Investigator, after she auditioned for a major role in the stage production of Annie Get Your Gun, ( loosely based on the life of Annie Oa [...]

    16. Michelle Perry on said:

      Someone finally went and dunnit! Combined my life long loves of musical theater and mystery fiction, that is. This was my first adventure with aspiring actress and fledgling PI Ivy Meadows. It seems an unlikely combination of career choices, but surprisingly it works. Ivy isn’t one of those with-it, millennial career type women, she is just an everyday Jill with a load of to-do’s on her plate and strong sense of family obligation.In this book, she is auditioning for the a big time role, that [...]

    17. Marilyn Watson on said:

      Cindy Brown manages to combine humor and mystery in a delectable little cozy. Ivy, whose real name is Olive, stars in a western- themed play set in Gold Bug Gulch. She is on the trail of a pack of Chihuahuas, who have enticed a pug to join them owned by her friends. Ivy is also trying to figure out who set up a Cowboy for death. But when the murders keep happening, Ivy follows the path of a killer- who will stop at nothing.There are many chuckle, aloud moments, as when our heroine deals with cac [...]

    18. Grace Koshida on said:

      Ivy Get Your Gun is the fourth book in the Ivy Meadows mystery series. When Gold Bug Gulch’s actor-gunslinger Mongo winds up shot dead for real, actress and part-time PI Ivy Meadows is asked by her friends Arnie and Marge to investigate. Arnie and his newly found son Nathan have invested heavily in this newest theme park venture. Ivy goes undercover playing several roles (ingenue, saloon girl and Annie Oakley) in the tourist town. But problems escalate as someone is sabotaging the site with po [...]

    19. Lghiggins on said:

      With Ivy Get Your Gun, don’t expect a suspenseful thriller with a philosophical bent. Look for a fun cozy mystery with lots of humor. Ivy Meadows is a medium level actress who also works as an apprentice private investigator in her Uncle Bob’s office. Being a part of both worlds opens up opportunities for the author to explore more diverse plot threads as Ivy engages with people she knows from both arenas. A third dimension is added as Ivy deals with the consequences of a youthful mistake, h [...]

    20. Jennifer Ritter on said:

      Ivy Get Your Gun is the fourth book in the Ivy Meadows mystery series by Cindy Brown. In this installment we find Ivy (aka Olive Ziegwart) called by her older friend Madge and her husband Arnie with an urgent plea to help them find Lassie, their male pug who has taken off with a band of wild chihuahuas.But that is only the beginning! When speaking to Arnie on the phone,o Madge and Ivy hear what sounds like gunshots, then the line is dead. When they rush to Arnie at his latest investment Gold Bug [...]

    21. Jessi on said:

      Ivy is still working on figuring out her life. I missed one of the books in the series but I didn't feel like I missed too much of the story. Still working for her uncle's detective agency but also working as an actress, Ivy is trying out for "Annie Get Your Gun." She is somewhat sidetracked by the appearance of Arnie's son (supposedly). Nathan has borrowed money from Arnie (actually, it was Marge's money) to start a live-action Western town. Add to that, Arnie and Marge's pug, Lassie, has recen [...]

    22. Laura Reading on said:

      Quirky characters and strange situations make for the best cozy mysteries. When Lassie doesn't come home, the fear is he has been abducted or worse. How can Ivy say no when asked to track him down? While trying to understand the circumstances, she finds herself drawn into another serious situation all while auditioning for a role she truly wants but is very nervous about. Can she mix her acting talents and burgeoning P.I. skills to help out friends?Or will it be curtain down for Ivy?You will smi [...]

    23. Jannelies on said:

      After the first book in this series I was very much looking forward on reading how the charachter of Ivy Meadows would develop. Cindy Brown does a nice job here. In this book, we not only learn more about what drives Ivy to be an actress/PI, but we see that she is learning from her 'mistakes' and trying to be a better actress/PI/person. A nice cozy mystery although sometimes it went all so fast I had a little trouble remembering who was who and why people were killed when they were killed. In th [...]

    24. Kay Hudson on said:

      I love this series, and it just keeps getting better. This time Ivy finds herself auditioning for Annie Get Your Gun, going undercover at a Wild West theme park just getting off the ground (if no one else dies), researching Annie Oakley, and tracking a pack of feral chihuahuas across the golf courses of suburban Phoenix. The setting is unusual, the characters are fun, and Ivy is a funny and endearing narrator. This is number four, and I recommend reading them in order.

    25. Ruth Barrineau-brooks on said:

      Cindy Brown has done it again! Who else could take a missing pug and a real death during a pretend duel and create an irresistible mystery that also includes humor while featuring thestubborn, quirky, determined Ivy Meadows? Ivy is at her best here as she takes on a role to kill for -- literally! I've enjoyed every book in this series and highly recommend Ivy Gets Her Gun as well as the series. I was hooked at Macdeath. Want to know more about that title? Start the series today.

    26. Barbara Tobey on said:

      Entertaining and engaging cozy mystery. This is a clever series. I liked this one more than the previous ones due to the subject matter. The research done on Annie Oakley was interesting and refreshing. The murder mystery kept me guessing and until near the end I did not suspect the correct culprit. The publisher provided a copy via NetGalley for my voluntary review. I wonder what will happen next!

    27. Jackie Brady on said:

      I always look forward to recording an Ivy Meadows mystery. This series is super fun and incredibly well written. Though this wasn’t my favorite of the series, I still thoroughly enjoyed the read.

    28. Janice on said:

      Ivy Get Your Gun is a great read when you want to de-stress with your feet up, a cup of tea and a good book. Cindy Brown knows how to walk on the edge of blood and humor. I love this series.

    29. Verity W on said:

      ****Copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review****I don't think this is the strongest in this series so far, but it's still a lot of fun. I'm in awe of the way Cindy Brown keeps finding theatre themes for the titles and mysteries. Ivy is a great character and I like her struggles to balance acting and PI work, although at times I wish she wasn't quite so rubbish at the PI stuff as I do like a bit of competence porn. Still its early days for that. She is a little careless sometimes about [...]

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