Dark Elves: Salvation

Jet Mykles

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Dark Elves: Salvation

Dark Elves Salvation Dark Elves Salvation Irin was raised among the raedjour dark elves bred by their goddess for sexual pleasure When Irin was a toddler sorcerers cast a protective spell on her to quell the lustful ur

  • Title: Dark Elves: Salvation
  • Author: Jet Mykles
  • ISBN: 9781596326767
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Elves 3 Salvation Irin was raised among the raedjour dark elves bred by their goddess for sexual pleasure When Irin was a toddler, sorcerers cast a protective spell on her to quell the lustful urges of those around her Under that spell and the watchful eyes of her protectors, Irin has a happy, if unique childhood as a human girl among all raedjour boys But Dark Elves 3 Salvation Irin was raised among the raedjour dark elves bred by their goddess for sexual pleasure When Irin was a toddler, sorcerers cast a protective spell on her to quell the lustful urges of those around her Under that spell and the watchful eyes of her protectors, Irin has a happy, if unique childhood as a human girl among all raedjour boys But she s a woman now, and it s time for the spell to be lifted and for her to find out what it means to be taken and mastered by the raedjour and to find her truemate among them Savous and Radin Apprentice and master They ve been a pair for centuries and have helped to watch over Irin her whole life There s no doubt in either of their minds that one of them will be the first to introduce Irin into the world of sexual pleasures But there s to Irin than anyone knew Will her passion be the destruction of the lifelong bond between two men Or the salvation of an entire race Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be used, pleasuredd be the salvation of an entire race Dark Elves 4 Dissent Marisol and her brother are on the run With nowhere to turn, they take their chances in the Dark Forest Captured by the dark denizens they d been warned about, they are taken into the darkness by these beautifully cruel elves and used for selfish, sexual pleasure No human can withstand the full force of raedjour sexual pleasures for long Jarak and his men are dispatched to rescue Marisol and her brother, but they come too late They save them from death, but now what are they to do with the traumatized humans Life among the raedjour is in upheaval andtraditions of the last four thousand cycles of seasons may not apply And Jarak s and Marisol s attraction only complicates matter Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pleasuredarly to death Publisher s Note The stories in this book contain explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Bondage, domination submission, male male sexual practices, and dubious consent.

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    One thought on “Dark Elves: Salvation

    1. Daisiemae on said:

      Anyone who reads Jet Mykles knows that they are not in for a typical erotic romance. Admittedly this book will not be for everyone. There are m/m/f, f/f/m, m/m and f/m contact in this book. There are some moderate to light BDSM elements to it also, so if this bothers you, best steer clear from this one.This is the continuation of the Dark Elves series. The Raedjour live deep in the dark enchanted forest. They were bred by their goddess for her own sexual pleasures. When she tired of them, they w [...]

    2. Heather on said:

      She's done it again folks! Yup Jet Mykles is an amazing author! I cant believe I have to wait for the next book to come out I LOVE these Dark Elves. The 3rd and 4th stories in this series have a lot more character development than the first book. They really set the stage for future books with rogue elves and upheaval within the Raedjour lands. The sex was steamier in the 1st story than the 2nd, but they were both hot and very romantic! I dont want to wait for the next book. Please dont make me [...]

    3. Mahlet on said:

      I am enjoying the continuation of the Dark Elves series, but Salvation and Dissent (Books 3 & 4) simply cannot compete with Taken (Book 1), so that’s why I rated this a “4”. I read this about a week ago, but I’ve been a review slacker and a little time away from feels like a lifetime :) so I’m just now getting around to this…SALVATION: I loved that this story heavily featured sorcerer Radin, one of my favorite dark elves! If you recall, he’s got an extreme sexual appetite and [...]

    4. Julie (jjmachshev) on said:

      Thank you Daisiemae!! This is such a hot, erotic series by Jet Mykles. "Dark Elves, Salvation" is the next two books in this series and just as hot as the ones before! Salvation - Irin is a human wonder among the Dark Elves. She was rescued as an infant and has been sheltered and hidden; her sexuality dampened by spells to shield her from the Dark Elves sexual magnetism. When the shield is lifted, she turns out to be much more than expected or hoped fora strong mage. Unfortunately, that brings h [...]

    5. Shannon (Giraffe Days) on said:

      Contains mild spoilers.This is the second Dark Elves book, containing stories 3 and 4: Salvation and Dissent. They're more heavily plotted than the stories in the first book, and the world of the elves takes on a darker tone as the mad king Valanth continues to kill off women. One of his sons, the sorcerer Savous, tries to stand up to him but only succeeds in missing the virgin contest of Irin, the human woman who was raised amongst the raedjour. His master Radin wins the honour, but when he dis [...]

    6. Unapologetic_Bookaholic on said:

      Irin is a likable heroine. Raised among the raedjour, with a spell to block her from being sexually conquered by the radejour males, she has never ever known desire. But she does develop strong feelings for 2 radejour men.Savous dislikes the way his father uses his power as "king", but won't visit the goddess Rhae to seal his fate, if so chosen, as his father's successor. Radin believes his father is killing his wives and is sickened at the thought. Then a shocking twist of fate leads to him hav [...]

    7. Rebecca on said:

      Ok, just to confess.I'm such a addict now. I read this book in one day. My poor house, none of my chores got done because I just HAD to read this one - immediately! I like how the storyline was beefed up and the depth of the elves society and future came to the fore. The story of Irin was incredibly touching and the ending - bittersweet. I don't want to ruin it for others but I must admit I did tear up there at the not totally happy ending. Anywho was a great book and I'm so anxious now to see w [...]

    8. Mitabird on said:

      Dark Elves 3: Salvation was great. There were surprising twists and turns that had me wanting more. This story involves Radin, Savous, and Irin. Irin has been with the Dark Elves since she was a small child and Radin and Savous were her protectors for the most part. I liked them together and I was curious to see which one would be her truemate. The story started to get particularly good when something special was revealed about Irin. I was at the edge of my seat waiting to see how it was going t [...]

    9. Brendy on said:

      okay , it does have its dose of hot scenes but , for some reason it wasn´t really I don't know the exact word, but it just didn't keep me there at least in those scenes. I guess I was more interested in all the background story about the Raejha and Savous and it really didn't fit well to discover Radin's death , I was completely team Radin- with someone eles- after meeting him in the second book with Salin and Diana.But I guess it was an okay book . It would be cool to have Radin back somehow, [...]

    10. Angie on said:

      DARK ELVES 3 SALVATION and DARK ELVES 4 DISSENTTwo more exhilarating erotic tales bound in the one book. The second book of the series takes you through the highs and lows of the dark elvan society, and deepens the readers understanding of the culture that Jet Mykles weaves. It introduces two likeable females and another two strong men that exude sexuality. Would most readers walk into those forests alone, oh yes, in a heartbeat.Two fast paced stories full of suspense, drama and sensually erotic [...]

    11. Inara on said:

      I liked this book better than the first one. Maybe because the annoying Diana hadn´t such a prominent role and the plot started to get more interesting. But I´m still not sure I´m interested enough to read the next book in this series.Sigh, I don´t know why I can´t get into these books, all my favorite ingredients are there, the result however is still not to my taste

    12. Lenore on said:

      A smokin' fantasy erotica with all the parts. There is no lack of sex in the first book of this omnibus, and no lack of story in the second. A great book if you are at home; I wouldn't recommend carrying it to the office!

    13. Wendy on said:

      This book was very good. A lot of hotness mixed with a very compelling storyline.

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