The Bad Canadian

Leonard Mokos

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The Bad Canadian

The Bad Canadian IN A PLACE OF PEACE DURING A TIME OF WAR THE UNFORGIVEN WILL NOT GO FORGOTTEN Edenville In a rural hamlet where the majority of men are overseas to fight Hitler s Nazi war machine someone is

  • Title: The Bad Canadian
  • Author: Leonard Mokos
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • IN A PLACE OF PEACE, DURING A TIME OF WAR, THE UNFORGIVEN WILL NOT GO FORGOTTEN Edenville, 1940 In a rural hamlet where the majority of men are overseas to fight Hitler s Nazi war machine, someone is killing veterans of the first world war Wartime Special Constable Lame Eddie Sommers, a crippled rich boy and the butt of derision, is doing his best to fill a uniform heIN A PLACE OF PEACE, DURING A TIME OF WAR, THE UNFORGIVEN WILL NOT GO FORGOTTEN Edenville, 1940 In a rural hamlet where the majority of men are overseas to fight Hitler s Nazi war machine, someone is killing veterans of the first world war Wartime Special Constable Lame Eddie Sommers, a crippled rich boy and the butt of derision, is doing his best to fill a uniform he believes in, yet wears too large Inexperienced and out of his depth, he turns to a former detective and veteran of the western front for assistance Involving Marshall Geary might be his biggest mistake Marshall wears a copper mask, as much to hide behind as to conceal his disfigurements He struggles against howling flashbacks and the lingering stench of his own concealed crimes In a town meant for sanctuary, repressed horrors awaken like worms in a collapsing coffin The closer they get to the truth, the nearer everyone is dragged to their limits, their failings and their buried pasts If you love thrillers, don t miss this action packed read

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      431 Leonard Mokos
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    One thought on “The Bad Canadian

    1. Mary D'Alto on said:

      This book so captivated me that I changed my Saturday plans to finish reading it. Really. It is that good. I gritted my teeth as I began this book; war books do not generally suit me. But here I was with this book about war! Well, by the end of the first page I was intrigued. Some time later, I changed my weekend plans and spent an amazing time on an amazing journey with this incredibly real book. I think that's the best way to describe this book. it is real. This is the tale of many deaths, so [...]

    2. Brittany Reads on said:

      This book was very different from anything I’d read before. It’s a war story. It’s a murder mystery, police investigation. It’s a story about a small town. There’s some humor. It takes place in 1940 in a small town in Canada. A lot of men from the town are gone, fighting in the second world war, and a serial killer starts murdering the aging veterans of WWI who are living in the area. The police investigator is pretty overwhelmed, and enlists the help of a WWI veteran Marshall Geary. T [...]

    3. Pedro Bird on said:

      Great book!This is a war novel neatly disguised as a detective story. Leonard G. Mokos brilliantly weaves a tale about a World War l vet who has to face old demons from his past,all the while, trying to solve a murder without getting himself killed in the process.

    4. Alan on said:

      “The Bad Canadian” is many things, including good, but it is not predictable.What goes into the decision to read a book? Some books attract our interest through a familiar author, a favourite topic or genre, the recommendations of friends or reviews, or perhaps being drawn by the title or the cover image.“The Bad Canadian” pulled me in through the last of those, even before I knew what it was about. You read a title like “The Bad Canadian” and think, how can a Canadian be bad? What d [...]

    5. Breakaway Reviewers on said:

      Are there any bad Canadians?Edenville, Eastern Canada, 1940. A sleepy, peaceful town, until a Great War veteran is killed in his own home. He is black, and also happens to be secretly gay, but is well regarded in the community and his death causes shock waves.The town constable, Eddie Sommers, investigates. He is out of his depth and calls on another Veteran, Marshall Geary, to help. Geary is a former detective in Toronto and is ideally placed to assist the process of law. That, however, may hav [...]

    6. Scott Spotson on said:

      The Bad Canadian is written perfectly for a very specific reader. It is a powerful story of war, about its atrocities, about its futility, and it is littered with very specific examples of how men kill, how they are killed, and how they remember exactly what happened during the battles and skirmishes of The Great War, now called World War One. It's almost as though the author has actually fought in The Great War. I'm not sure how he got all this incredible detail; maybe he has interviewed vetera [...]

    7. Kate Everward on said:

      I tend to stay away from world war II books. But this book was worth it because it takes a different angle. The angle that is in the veteran’s mind and memories. Through one of the main characters we see that the war never ends. It lives forever in the minds and souls of those who experienced it. It seems like you get a different story, a story that has nothing to do with the war, somewhere in Canada in the 1940s. A small town, a murder investigation, a mystery wrapped in a crime story and the [...]

    8. Jasher Drake on said:

      Probably the best book that I have ever read. To be honest I really have never been a big fan of war stories/films but this book absolutely changed my mind. Such an awesome mix of action, mystery, thriller, romance and even a little comedy thrown into the mix. I got so immersed in the world of the story that half the time, I forgot about everything else all together and was just along for the ride. From the knowledge of everything Leonard Mokos wrote about, the believable and unique characters a [...]

    9. Linda Romer on said:

      The Bad Canadian by Leonard Mokos A mesmerizing story about The Great War and the horrific effects it left on the men who served. I shudder at the explicit detailed description of Marshall Geary's memories in the trenches.I enjoyed the writing of Author Leonard Mokos and the melancholy feeling that left me to ponder on all the Veterans of war and what they had to do to survive, and what they have to endure when it's over.I give The Bad Canadian 5 stars for its well written story.I would recommen [...]

    10. L.D Semme on said:

      Allocated this book to review and whilst it is not the sort of book i would usually read, i did find the writing style captivating. Found the plot a little confusing at times and some of the characters difficult to relate to. The flashback scenes were well written and compelling but tended to over shadow the rest of the story in my opinion. Glad i persevered with the novel although i would be unlikely to read others in this genre as it is not an area i particularly enjoy reading

    11. Keith PJ Duggan on said:

      It will soon be 100 years once the of the first war. This book has a a compelling readability and is a well developed mystery story.The descriptions of trench warfare in France are a vividd for some a good way to better understand the horror of this and all war

    12. Nancy on said:

      Interesting psychological mystery. The pages about WW1 were really sad. I wonder about a firing squad scene. I'm watching Midsomer Murders Season 11 Episode One and it has an almost identical scene. I'll have to see if anything else is similar.

    13. Brian O'Hare on said:

      I loved the opening of The Bad Canadian a murder, the initial interrogations by an inexperienced new cop, the calling in of an old war hero for help. We believe that we are about to read a mystery story. And, to a degree, that is what we do. But the Bad Canadian is much more than a mystery story. It is also a war story.War stories normally show something of the blood and pain experienced by the soldiers on the ground, but this is generally incidental to an exciting plot, to a driven romance, to [...]

    14. Suki on said:

      5/5 starsBad Canadian is as much a story about the psychological toll of war as it is a murder mystery. The main character survived WWI with horrific scars, both physical and mental, and really just wants a quiet life. Instead, he's roped into helping investigate a murder by an inexperienced young policeman, one of the few men in town who hasn't shipped out to fight in WWII. All of the suspects/victims are also war vets. Listening to them talk about their wartime experiences triggers painful mem [...]

    15. Ralph Jones on said:

      The Bad Canadian is an excellent and thought provoking book well deserving of 5 stars. It is set at the start of World War 2 with many of the main characters being veterans of the first conflict. Although a murder mystery, the murders are almost incidental to the story of the lead character (Marshall) and his battles with horrific memories, regrets and loss.Although this may sound a recipe for a rather bland and drawn out affair, the reality is far from it. It is all done so superbly well, that [...]

    16. A.P. Martin on said:

      This is a multi faceted book that is very difficult to categorise. Part police investigation, part study of small town life, ultimately it’s a story about war and what war can do to people. The first person perspective really works, in helping the reader get into the damaged mind of war veteran Marshall Geary. We suffer with and through him the agonies of the Western Front and we come to understand how his life is completely shaped by this experience. But in a way, it is the natural humour of [...]

    17. Lilly on said:

      I think that this book was very well written. I recommend this book to just about anyone who is looking for a good book. The books that I usually read are not like this book but I did really enjoy this book

    18. Clay Gainey on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has the feel of a war novel but the intrigue of a crime detective story

    19. Nick on said:

      An incredible novel full of love, loyalty and sadness. A little like a cross between Legends of the Fall and Beauty and the Beast.

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