It Happened One Knife

Jeffrey Cohen

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It Happened One Knife

It Happened One Knife A new Double Feature mystery opens with fun movie facts and trivia Elliot Freed is beyond happy when legendary comics Lillis Townes appear at his refurbished all comedy theater But when insinuations a

  • Title: It Happened One Knife
  • Author: Jeffrey Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780425222560
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • A new Double Feature mystery opens with fun movie facts and trivia Elliot Freed is beyond happy when legendary comics Lillis Townes appear at his refurbished all comedy theater But when insinuations arise that the duo were involved in a decades old Hollywood murder, Elliot sets out to prove the rumors wrong.

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      460 Jeffrey Cohen
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    One thought on “It Happened One Knife

    1. Patricia on said:

      Elliot Freed likes to refer to his theatre as “The State’s Only All-Comedy Movie Theatre”. And it truly is one of a kind as is Elliot. You can even extend that statement to include Elliot’s employees. Things are never really dull in Elliot’s world. The current problem is he has agreed to show Killin’ Time which is anything but a comedy. Anthony Pagliarulo, the theatre’s projectionist/ticket taker, has produced this film and is very proud of that fact. But the film disappears. The p [...]

    2. Patty on said:

      I was one of the very lucky people to win a galley of this marvelous book. Jeffrey Cohen has done it again, made me laugh out loud while puzzling my way through his newest Elliot Freed mystery. This time Elliot gets a chance to meet one of his all-time comedy hero's, one half- of the comedy team of Lillis and Townes. The meeting happens when he get a chance to show one of their best movies, Cracked Ice, at his comedy theatre. Lillis arranges to do an appearance before the showing and from there [...]

    3. Ann Costello on said:

      The second in a series, "Double Feature" mysteries. Elliott Freed owns a theatre in New Jersey which only plays comedies, preferable classic ones. In this installment, he meets his childhood screen idols, Lillis & Townes--think Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. But, or course, someone is killed and someone else is the chief suspect. The solution is not difficult of figure out--the appeal to this series is the humor. Very nicely written and it made me laugh frequently.

    4. Qiana on said:

      I laughed myself silly. Not quite as funny as the first in this series, but still just as fun. I also like having two mysteries going at once. Definitely looking forward to the next whenever it arrives.

    5. Carol Evans on said:

      Good mystery, great characters, and it made me laugh. Just an overall enjoyable read.

    6. Vickie on said:

      I loved SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED (review in link) when I read it in April. It's a fab title (and it's how I like my popcorn), so it immediately drew my attention when I saw it somewhere. Now for the author to grab me to keep reading the series, there has to be more than a pretty title. Jeffrey Cohen did it in spades with IT HAPPENED ONE KNIFE. Poor Elliothe's doing his projectionist a favor and shows Anthony's debut filmen is accused of stealing the film project. Elliot then invites his two her [...]

    7. Nikki on said:

      Jeff Cohen's second Double Feature Mystery, featuring Elliott Freed, the owner of a comedy revival movie theater in New Brunswick, NJ, is very funny. But it also finds the tragedy at the heart of comedy, the dark side to the comedian's need to make us laugh. Harry Lillis and Les Townes (the names will have a special resonance for trivia champs)were comedy film stars in the 50s. When Elliott learns that Lillis is living only a short distance away in an Old Actors' Home, he is thrilled at the chan [...]

    8. Erin on said:

      This was the second Jeffrey Cohen mystery I read (the first was Some Like It Hot Buttered), and I enjoyed it just as much. Cohen's sense of humor and turn of phrase--especially in his narration--cracks me up.Elliot Freed's Comedy Tonight movie theater has just reopened after the renovations made necessary in the end of the first book. He agreed to screen his projectionist's ultra-violent Western, despite the theater's comedy-only theme, but afterward, someone stole the only copy of Anthony's gor [...]

    9. Erin on said:

      This one was the next on the pile of mystery novels from mom's house. Thankfully,Cohen relaxed the continuous onslaught of witty commentary in this Double Feature installment that was so distracting in his first outing. But there were fewer laugh-out-loud lines in this one, so I'm curious to see if Cohen achieves a better balance in future Double Features. (Yeah, I'll probably get more from mom when they come along.) I wasn't sure just how many "mysteries" the owner of a comedy-only movie house [...]

    10. Patti on said:

      I liked this book, but it took awhile for me to get into it. I think it was the same problem that I had when reading Margaret Maron's Death's Half Acre--I've been sick, and just not into anything much--maybe I should have waited to read it.I like Elliot, his relationship with his ex-wife Sharon, his relationships with and puzzlement of his young adult staff, and his absolute devotion to classic comedy movies. Here & there, why Elliot kept pursuing the 50-year-old murder of the wife of one of [...]

    11. Alannah Davis on said:

      Book #2 in the Double Feature Mystery series is just as much fun as the first installment, if not more so. A clever plot with theater owner Elliot Freed hosting a legendary comedy duo - now elderly men - in a special performance before a showing of one of their classic comedy movies at Elliot's theater.My one criticism is that Chapter 1 starts off a little slow, and it's helpful to have read the first book in the series, "Some Like It Hot-Buttered," in order to keep the parade of characters stra [...]

    12. Elizabeth/Emily on said:

      Just so the reader is aware, I rate cozy mysteries on a different scale than I would on say a non-fiction book, as it is impossible to compare the two! Second in the series, Elliot Freed is a divorced, quirky but likable, owner of the only theatre in New Jersey dedicated to showing screwball comedies along with the latest comedies. Just like the double feature nature of his movie house, there are two mysteries in this book, one from the past and one from the present. There is also a romance betw [...]

    13. VJ on said:

      Started out slow and I wasn't sure I'd like it at all. Technically, this would qualify as a cozy mystery, but it feels "off" for the genre. I think it is because it has a male protagonist written by a man. The cozy genre is mostly populated with women protagonists and women writers. No matter. Once I hit the first witty dialogue two or three chapters in, I was hooked. This book is FUNNY. Witty, droll, sarcastic, ironic: those are adjectives I would use to describe it. There is a good current day [...]

    14. Susy on said:

      The narrator is the owner of a cinema showing just comedies, with an emphasis on old. He meets a comedian from the sixties, part of a successful duo –more Lewis and Martin than Abbott and Costello- and is happy knowing the idol of his youth. But it seems that one of the duo murdered his wife 50 years before, and things begin to get murky as well as dangerous for him. The novel is funny, with much ironic asides and some outrageous characters. The writing is fluent and the plot well knit, I like [...]

    15. Mark Baker on said:

      Comedy Theater owner Elliot Freed is thrilled to meet his film idols Lillis & Townes when he hosts a special screening of their classic CRACKED ICE. But when he learns that Townes may have killed his wife 50 years before, Elliot just has to investigate. I was disappointed with the first in this series, but I really enjoyed this one. The characters were more likable, the plot much stronger, and the laughs were present in droves.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    16. Susan on said:

      Elliot Freed, owner of the only comedy movie theater in New Jersey, goes against his police and shows a violent western student film, directed by his young projectionist. When the film disappears, everyone blames Elliot, who made no secret of disliking the movie. But a brighter note appears in his life when he meets Lillis and Townes, the legendary comic duo of his life--until Lillis mentions, in passing, that Townes had murdered his wife fifty years before. Elliot can't help ignoring the good a [...]

    17. Terri on said:

      Elliott Freed is showing something unusual at his comedy theatre - a splatter western that his projectionist made. The film disappears and Anthony is convinced he took it. Meanwhile, he learns one of his comedy idols lives nearby and he arranges a showing of his film. To his surprise, both of the comedy duo show up. Only he finds a 50 year old murder mystery and can't not investigate.Wlliott is fun. And he stubborness in the face of common sense at times leads to some dangerous adventures. But i [...]

    18. Ellie on said:

      It's the perfect kind of mystery for me: warm, not-too-bloody, focus on character. I loved this family and I loved (as the mother of a son with Aspergers) the inclusion of a boy with Asperger's that was just a part of the story, a member of the family, not the "reason" or focus of the story. That's the beginning of real inclusion!

    19. Kate Marino on said:

      I enjoy Jeffrey Cohen's (Jeff Cohen) books very much. I can never guess the who done it which is amazing. I have had the opportunity to meet Jeff Cohen at Barnes and Noble in East Brunswick. He has a dry sense of humor and makes me laugh. If you get the opportunity to read his books, please do so. He is my favorite author next to Agatha Christie.

    20. Edel on said:

      I really liked this book. The character of Elliot is witty and loveable, you can't help but like his goofy ways I am looking forward to reading the next book in this seriesIt also had an ending I did not see coming which impressed me too

    21. Linda on said:

      I heart Jeffrey Cohen. This is the second in the series and it was just as enjoyable as the first. An old-fashioned mystery story with such wonderful characters and smart dialogue. I found myself laughing out loud a few times. Too bad Elliot can't just paint that egregious green door.

    22. Liz on said:

      I really like this series. The author has a great sense of humor, and I love the old movie information. The problem with this one was my inability to believe that the series protagonist, Elliot Freed, had any reason to investigate.

    23. Julie Johnson on said:

      Fun, funny places, laugh out loud. Very enjoyable,engaging, full of great movie lore cast of characters, intriguing mysterywhat more would you want for a summer read? Great book for the beach or just relaxing. Liked it enough I looked up the sequel. Great fun!

    24. Linda on said:

      Very enjoyable book about a 1950's era comedy team coming back together. Very nice blending of a fictional comedy team and their movies and real movie references. Lots of fun!

    25. Susan on said:

      I love this series. Elliot is a well-rounded individual and his love of old comedies is contagious. I'm sorry that I have only one more book in this series to read.

    26. Karen on said:

      Funny, but I figured out whodunit early on and had trouble with Elliot's motivation for looking into the crime.

    27. Arleen Wolf on said:

      Funny, fun for the summer Some Like It Hot-Buttered and A Night at the Operation complete the trilogy.

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