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Sunao Yoshida Thores Shibamoto Anastasia Moreno

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From the Empire

From the Empire Political turmoil terrorist plots and the relentless desire for personal revenge threaten to escalate the conflict between humans and vampires into a full blown war Special Ops Team AX will use ever

  • Title: From the Empire
  • Author: Sunao Yoshida Thores Shibamoto Anastasia Moreno
  • ISBN: 9781598169539
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Political turmoil, terrorist plots, and the relentless desire for personal revenge threaten to escalate the conflict between humans and vampires into a full blown war Special Ops Team AX will use every brutal weapon on hand including a Crusnik, a vampire that preys upon other vampires to save mankind.Packed with action, emotion, and artistry, this first volume of Rage APolitical turmoil, terrorist plots, and the relentless desire for personal revenge threaten to escalate the conflict between humans and vampires into a full blown war Special Ops Team AX will use every brutal weapon on hand including a Crusnik, a vampire that preys upon other vampires to save mankind.Packed with action, emotion, and artistry, this first volume of Rage Against the Moons contains tales of heroism, sacrifice, and retribution, as the AX agents strive to protect the innocent and keep the peace.

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      429 Sunao Yoshida Thores Shibamoto Anastasia Moreno
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    One thought on “From the Empire

    1. Jael on said:

      First off, the anime is based on the novel, not the other way round.Secondly, I would have given the Chinese version 4 stars. 2 stars for the English, so I gave it an average of 3.Trinity Blood contains quite a lot of politics. A lot may criticise that there's a lot of reference to religion but nobody seems particularly pious. Thank you. In my opinion, that's a +1 for the book. You see, TB isn't about priests religiously catching vampires or the likes. It's about people using the political power [...]

    2. osoi on said:

      Умопомрачительные костюмы и сеттинг. Умолчу, сколько времени я провела в разглядывании иллюстраций и артов. VATICAN AESTHETICS NGHHHЧетыре истории раскиданы во времени и пространстве, но эта эпизодичность только добавляет шика. Много экшна и вжух-вжух, все как доктор прописал. Немно [...]

    3. Brit on said:

      First thing first, it must be know that this book isn't one story that has a beginning, middle, and end. Instead this is four short stories that are interconnected by the main character Able Nightrode and the main antagonist Rosenkreuz Orden. There are other characters that filter through the stories either as minor or main charcters, while there are also other characters that are one offs. So the best way to review this books is to review each story individually. This story overall is a futuris [...]

    4. Pygmy on said:

      Piece of poo. Non-existent characterizations, no atmosphere what-to-speak of, cardboard cut-out Evil Hur-Hur vampires, excessive spouting of Church-related Latin with no sense that anyone is remotely religious, though they may say they are from the Vatican and they say they are priests. I shouldn't be surprised of course, but still. Make me believe!It's hard to even call this a novel. It's more like a collection of short stories/cases that loosely tie together in a vague story arc. Many of the s [...]

    5. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooVampires. Powerful, eternal, virtually indestructible, they are at the highest level of evolution. Aren't they awfully cocky, thinking like that? What if you knew there was something stronger, more powerful, older? What if you were that thing? Well, then you would be AX Special Agent Crusnik. Traveling in the guise of a simple poor priest, which he actually is, Agent Crusnik aids the Vatican in a constant, post-apocalyptic, political battle. Often thro [...]

    6. Augusta Li on said:

      Okay, if you're expecting Hemingway you're probably going to be disappointed. However, if you just want something with a lot of action, I think this book is a good time. It is what it is: a light novel based on an anime series. Rating it on those terms, I found it entertaining. I went into it already familiar with the world and characters, so I don't know if it would be confusing to readers new to Trinity Blood. I didn't expect realism, so I wasn't disappointed at its absence. This book was humo [...]

    7. Alfiana Noni on said:

      Maaf saya baca ebook doang :'')Karena bahasa linggis saya ga gitu bagus, saya cuma manut-manut saja. Misalnya pas perumpamaan si duo vampir yg kalo diterjemahin literal kok aneh bgt ya (makhluk apaan coba bibir kek bulan sabit dsb) D': Tp ya gitu juga banyak hal2 janggal dan terasa dua dimensional. Untung kalimatnya pendek2 jadi alurnya rada mudah dimengerti. Walau protes saya yg paling gede itu kenapa satu volume terasa dikit bgt.

    8. Samuel on said:

      It's interesting I guess But scary!!! I'm prolly gonna get nightmares from this. Gory, but the main character has a personality reminiscent of Rurouni Kenshin Very disturbing though. I don't really like the bits about the Vatican, since it's kind of twisted I don't know I don't really know what I'm writing because I'm woozy from the medicine I just took. I can't see straight Uh oh Did the doctor give me the right prescription? This isn't good. What am I saying Urgh. Please disregard this review [...]

    9. Lizzy Kim on said:

      Este libro prueba por qué no es una buena idea convertir un anime o manga a una novela. La redacción era pobre y simple; vacía, incluso. El texto carecía de descripciones y detalles que le facilitaran al lector el imaginarse lo que estaba sucediendo, algo que las ocasionales ilustraciones ( claramente sacadas de manga) no ayudaron a compensar. La diagramación es un desastre de principio a fin, con cajas de texto que no mantenían una composición heterogénea e ilustraciones que pasaban a e [...]

    10. machinaheart on said:

      I have only begun with this and already have some problems with it (written anime? Ouch!! Also a bad translation, thanks for taking us fans oh so seriously Tokyopop. You are not endearing yourselves as a publisher, not at all. There are things that are absolutely in the area of definite no-gos and publishing a half-hearted translation is definitely one of them.) But I have always been interested in the story of Trinity Blood and the setting and topics are spot on my territory, so much that I sho [...]

    11. Deadwish on said:

      Reseña completa en mi blog:drdeadwish/201Los personajes no son lo más original, pero son bien arquetípicos y por lo tanto funcionan perfectamente. Sin embargo, la versión oscura de Abel, Krusnik, es demasiado parecido a Alucard del manga Hellsing. La parte de la transformación es casi un calco del método de Alucard para liberar sus poderes.En cuanto al estilo, es demasiado simple y poco descriptivo. Los ambientes no llegan a plasmarse en la mente porque no hay detalles para construirlos. L [...]

    12. Josh on said:

      I bought all 3 books that were released in this series from a bargain bin, thinking "Well these look interesting. Why not?" I have several reasons to not I would have given myself.The story is bland. The characters are flat and uninteresting.The story jumps from one "story line" to the next with no real connection between them. Yes, I get that it was intentional, but it made me not care about the stories or characters since only 2 really appear throughout each one.The writing is just awful. Mayb [...]

    13. Maft on said:

      The translation is very poor it suffers from it but it is also fun for a political vampire book.I wouldn't pick this book up expecting excellent writing and if you didn't enjoy the anime then you wont enjoy this book. It does go into a lot more detail in the workings of the world but sadly we were cursed with one of the worst translations that makes the book seem boring and flat.if you like pretty pictures they have them if you like gore its here if politics are your thing with vampires then her [...]

    14. Einna on said:

      I bought four of these Trinity Blood novels, two of the RAM and two of the ROM. I'm a huge Trinity Blood fan and that's why I kept buying them, but I'm not going to anymore because I'm so disappointed with them. The writing is just so bland and terrible. I'm not sure if that's just because of really bad translation, since I came across a lot of obvious and unsightly grammatical/spelling mistakes throughout every book. It felt like there wasn't any thought put into the translations at all, to eve [...]

    15. Carl J Kennedy on said:

      Trinity Blood is a very interesting read, the art work in this series is great also. I like the the way the story unfolds, okay it can be a little confusing and seem inconsistent but if you continue reading it gradually makes sense.One of the basic underlines of the story is that of a pilgrimage of sorts and along the way unexpected things happen and new characters are met as it would happen in life. I also like the way that these unexpected events help strengthen resolves and friendships.Anothe [...]

    16. Enna Isilee on said:

      So far the Trinity Blood novels are more detailed than the manga, and A LOT more detailed than the anime. This is both good and bad. It's good because these stories that I already know and love are so much more intricate than I imagined! There are so many small details that you just can't portray in a visual medium. But it's bad because many of those details are quite gruesome. Even though I'm reading instead of watching I feel like there is more gore, and the bad guys are more evil and sick. DE [...]

    17. V on said:

      FANTASTIC! The world of Trinity Blood is phenomenal. Set in a post apocalyptic society, the Vatican is a world superpower. I don't know how to describe how incredible this series is; you HAVE to read it for yourself! I love the characters, the story, the idea of such a world. I wish I could be an AX agent.Literally the very first sentence of the very first book, you are THROWN into the action! Its VERY easy to get absorbed into these books. You will not be able to put them down and sleep in peac [...]

    18. Carlos on said:

      If you’ve ever enjoyed a good manga for the story instead of the illustrations, these series is for you. Sunao has an amazing ability of making the story come alive out of the page, his descriptions trump any illustrations of a battle scene and more importantly he treats the reader with enough respect so as to make his stories be science fiction as opposed to fantasy. It was an absolute delight to read, even if you haven’t seen the anime or read the manga, or were not even aware this was eve [...]

    19. Brandon on said:

      Okay this first novel was amazing as expected it gives you the details the anime had to leave out as most do. The story great, characters even better really a good novel to get into if your a fan of vampires, not the kind that sparkle in the light lol. It has horror, comedy and mystery put in good taste. I do however recommend this for adults only due to some very graphic situations. But it's got my seal of approval!

    20. ghostlibrarian on said:

      My understanding is that the anime is based on the novels, and not the other way around as some people have written. However, it doesn't really matter that much. I enjoyed the books for what they were, light reading associated with an anime series that I enjoyed. the translation may be partly to blame for the textual problems. However, I found my self wishing there were more books available when I was done with the last book in the series.

    21. Erin on said:

      Loved the details I found in this version, much better then the manga or anime, even if you don't get to see Thors beautiful artwork as much, would recommend that you read this series and the "Reborn On Mars" series too before reading or watching the Trinity Blood manga.

    22. Emily G on said:

      The characterisation was a little odd again at times in this novel but the new stories more than made up for it. Plus we are now getting tantalising hints as to why Abel is on the Terran's side.All in all, I can't wait to read volume 2!

    23. Reg on said:

      Action-packed and hilarious! I didn't expect I'd enjoy it this much! It's been a long while since I've read anything as graphic as this. Father Abel is such a lovable character.

    24. Tori on said:

      Amazing! Though a caution: this is not necessarily like the manga or the anime. (Though the anime was based of these books so its much closer.) Just do not get confused as I did!

    25. Alexander Faria on said:

      Interesante personaje el de abel la novela es como hecha por partes inconexas pero los personajes entretienen

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