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Diffraction Winner of a Galaxy Award for Science Fiction Romance After his unusual reaction to a weapon Commando Varean Donnelly is accused of being a shape shifting alien and imprisoned onboard the Imojenn

  • Title: Diffraction
  • Author: Jess Anastasi
  • ISBN: 9781633758032
  • Page: 264
  • Format: ebook
  • Winner of a 2017 Galaxy Award for Science Fiction Romance After his unusual reaction to a weapon, Commando Varean Donnelly is accused of being a shape shifting alien and imprisoned onboard the Imojenna Sure, he has abilities he keeps hidden from everyone including the gorgeous doc examining him because the government makes sure people as different as him disappear Fo Winner of a 2017 Galaxy Award for Science Fiction Romance After his unusual reaction to a weapon, Commando Varean Donnelly is accused of being a shape shifting alien and imprisoned onboard the Imojenna Sure, he has abilities he keeps hidden from everyone including the gorgeous doc examining him because the government makes sure people as different as him disappear For good.Imojenna doctor Kira Sasaki knows there s something different about the handsome commando the captain s thrown in their brig She doesn t think he s Reidar, although he might have been a victim of their cruel experiments But when Kira learns the stubborn commando s racial make up, she finds herself torn between defending him to Captain Rian Sherron and his crew or urging Varean to escape while he still can.

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      264 Jess Anastasi
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    One thought on “Diffraction

    1. Boundless Book Reviews on said:

      I was really looking forward to reading about Varean, however, I was never fully engaged in the story.  I think since Rian is so much the alpha of this world, that he overshadows every other “hero” Anastasi writes about.  It’s hard to invest in another story; when all I want to know is what is going on with Rian.  At the same time, I really like where Varean’s storyline finally ended up, not so much the path it took to get there.  I don’t think I could be so forgiving if I was in h [...]

    2. Hannah on said:

      ARC REVIEW OMG! My first read of the new year and wow. I love this series, it is best if you read all books in order because the main story arc that continues throughout all the books. Diffraction is no different from the first two books, it has a great emotional connection between all the characters and nice chemistry between the two main characters. There is great external conflict between Varean and various other characters and Varean's internal struggle with himself; what he's been hiding al [...]

    3. Jacque on said:

      Trying to pick my current favorite series is like trying to decided with grandson I love best so just say the Atrophy series by Jess Anastasi is in my top 10 list of must be reads. It has the perfect combination of action, suspense and romance in a continuing story-line. This really is a series you need to read from the beginning. I'd all you're interested in is the romance part then be my guest. However you will lose out on Rian and the alien body snatcher aspect that really is the meat and bon [...]

    4. wrecked_life on said:

      Another amazing, action-packed, and thrilling novel in Atrophy series! I loved it and would recommend it to all book lovers. And if you enjoy sci-fiction then there is no way you won't like this. ;) I already love all the characters from previous books and also loved Varean. He fits right in with misfits of Imojenna.Varean is forced to leave his post and then kept on Imojenna against his will. He has known that he is different but he has no clue why. So he simply couldn't explain why the weapon [...]

    5. Diana Davis on said:

      I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest reviewCompelling read that goes way beyond romanceThere are so many wonderful things about this series and this book, it is hard to know where to begin.I'll begin with the fact Ms. Anastasi overcomes the sub-genre of sci-fi romance and joins Catherine Asaro in the world of woman based space opera with romance in it. Anastasi is creating a long space opera or saga along the lines of a minor Star Wars or Skolian Saga rather than just romanc [...]

    6. Dísir on said:

      Apart from Jess Anastasi's ending note that the long-awaited Rian/Ella story is nowhere in sight, it’s glorious to be back with the Imojenna crew and under the wiles of the volatile major captain, who still very much remains a lynchpin in the building action and the fabulous overarching plot of finding an alien species hell bent on infiltrating the galaxy with their stealthy shape-shifting methods. His mysterious past eludes him as much as it eludes us even each chapter unravels him a little m [...]

    7. Judi Easley on said:

      Well! I'm certainly glad I said yes to reading the third book. it's now 2:30 a.m. and I need to get some sleep. Full review tomorrow Oops, forgot, full review on January 2, 2017 when the book is released!My Review:This is not going to be just a trilogy because the author has added a great twist to the world onboard the Imojenna, Captain Rian Sherron's spaceship. A twist that will most likely have far reaching effects.Ms. Anastasi continues her wonderful space opera with this third love story. Ki [...]

    8. Petula on said:

      The AF Commando Varean Donnelly has been dragged about the space ship Imojenna after failing a test to prove he is human. He didn't destruct like the shape shifting evil aliens do either. So what is he? Dr. Kira Sasaki doesn't like how the prisoner is being treated and does her best to ensure fair treatment. He will not help himself by cooperating. He is far too stubborn. This is the third book in a series that must be read in order. The stories each have a staring couple that need to solve thei [...]

    9. Ash P Reads on said:

      In continuation of the adventures on aboard the Immojenna, the mysterious soldier who reacts to the stunner but does not turn into an alien is now a prisoner. Kira the ship's Doctor is appalled at the way he is being treated. And even though he may be dangerous, she can't help seeing beneath his veneer of aggression. After many hits and misses, many which endanger his life, she manages to hold them off by asking for time to run tests. Those plans, of course, must be put on hold when things start [...]

    10. Nikki Brooks on said:

      Poor Varean! Because of his reaction to the Reidar stun gun, he has been abducted onto the Imojenna. He has been secured in their makeshift brig and the crew are doing their best to torture him as to why he is apparently human but takes hits from stunner! Kira, the crews doctor, does her best to temper their treatment of him, but with darkness mounting and their continued status as terrorists, there is only so much she can do. Varean knows he isn't Reidar but much of his ancestry is unknown so w [...]

    11. Elaine on said:

      Rating 3.5This is the third novel in this sci-fi series in which Captain Rian Sherron and his crew are striving to remove the threat posed by the shape shifting Reidar who are using their abilities to impersonate key personnel throughout human organisations. Rian has helped developed a weapon which forces the Reidar to reveal themselves but does nothing to true humans. When Commando Varean Donnelly has a weird reaction to the weapon, Rian imprisons him on his spaceship, Imojenna. Doctor Kira Sas [...]

    12. Amy on said:

      I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.I don't think this is the first book in this series. There are a lot of characters and a lot to catch up with. Lots of characters and POV changes. Not quite the story I expected. Ended well and well-written.

    13. Annie Deo on said:

      Well, I suppose my lucky streak with ARCs had to end eventuallyhonestly, this was a struggle to get through. I didn't expect to have as much trouble as I did finishing this one because the synopsis hit my sweet spot - a feisty lady doctor wrangling the bad news commando sounded right up my alley. Plus I like sci-fi romance, which is a sub-genre I don't often get to read, so I was looking forward to this story, but was ultimately quite let down.First, a very petty nitpick, but my god was it annoy [...]

    14. Marlene on said:

      Originally published at Reading RealityThe Atrophy series is still hitting my “I miss Firefly” button, but as the series goes on the linkages both get more obvious and more tenuous at the same time.Let me explain.The universe of the Atrophy series, along with its protagonists, feel very much like the crew of the Serenity, but with some significant differences.Rian Sherron at first seemed like a ringer for Mal Reynolds, but a Reynolds who had gone way, way further into the Dark Side than even [...]

    15. Book Gannet on said:

      3.5 stars.I’m slightly conflicted about this book, because it made me come close to hating every crew member on the Imojenna, except for Kira. Rian gets a pass too because he’s too messed up and distracted with his own issues to be blamed for most of what happens to Varean. And a lot happens to Varean in this book, very little of it good. But in a way this is also a good thing, because I found Varean compelling enough to care about what happened to him.Varean showed up at the end of the last [...]

    16. Alex (HEABookNerd) on said:

      SERIES: Atrophy #3The complexity of the world and events that Jess Anastasi has created is so enjoyable. There were lots of new pieces added with this book and I’m really looking forward to where things will go in the next ones. The start of Diffraction was a bit slow for me, but it picked up and I started to get into it more after about 25%. After that, it’s pretty much non-stop action and Anastasi give the reader lots of emotions to work through with this one. There’s some really good an [...]

    17. Monique Daoust on said:

      When Qaelan Foster, renegade captain Rian Sherron’s cousin, drags in a wounded soldier in Rian’s ship, Qaelan announces that the injured commando, Varean Donnelly, is suspected of being Reidar – an enemy shape-shifter alien. Varean is to be considered dangerous and kept in a makeshift brig until further notice. Doctor Kira Sasaki maintains the soldier should be kept in medbay, as it is obvious he was hurt by the blast from the razar – an energy weapon that exposes Reidars. However, they [...]

    18. Julie on said:

      Until now, I hadn't really noticed Kira. I knew she was the ships doctor but she typically stayed in the background. She's smart and quiet, with a deep seated need to help others, regardless of the rules. And Varean has her breaking all sorts of rules. At the start of the story, her connection with Varean felt a like insta-lust but as they progressed, it morphed into deeper feelings neither would admit to, giving a poignancy to their relationship for most of the story. Varean was interesting. He [...]

    19. Harlie Williams on said:

      I honestly don’t know where to start. I haven’t read the other books in the series and I HIGHLY suggest that you do. At times, I was a bit lost when it came to the world building. This series is all about science fiction and otherworlds; plus, its a genre that I typically don’t read. Otherwise, I really liked the book. It was different and took me out of my comfort zone.I liked that this book had a familia atmosphere to it. It seems that most sci/fi books have that but with this series, I [...]

    20. Bookgasms Book Blog on said:

      Oh, but Jess Anastasi, you're killing me here! You give me an inch, then take away a mile! I'm so invested in this world you've made, and here you are spinning me out of control on this wild ride! Since obviously this poor “family” of crew members can't catch a break, we get to rejoin them as they take their exploits to even greater extremes in their fight for the human race. That's right, I said family. That's the one thing I think I love the most about this series. A group of “misfits” [...]

    21. Jessica Gander on said:

      Diffraction is the newest installment in Jess Anastasi's Atrophy series. Varean is a cammando from Captain Admiral Zander's ship who is being held captive by Rian's crew aboard the Imojenna. The crew members believe Varean is either a member of the hidden alien species known as the Reidar or his DNA has been altered by the vicious alien species. Rian had stumbled upon a weapon in the previous book that can be used to temporarily stun any Reidar masquerading as human and force the aliens to take [...]

    22. Shrimalya on said:

      Another great installment in the Atrophy series.I've been hooked onto this series from the first book-Atrophy.I really love the world building and the imagination that the author has put into creating this series and the characters.Though Diffraction didn't surpass my expectations like the previous books did, I loved that it was unique in its own way.Varean is accused of being a Reidar, as he was affected by the Reidar weapon, but not exactly in such a way that they could pinpoint.He is a puzzle [...]

    23. Linda on said:

      The 3rd book in the series, you really need to have read the previous books to follow the story and characters. The central storyline of course is that of the alien shapeshifter Reidar's infiltration of the highest echelon of humankind & the one person who survived their capture, and subsequent brain washing, Rian Sherron's, mission to stop them - with his motley crew of talented outcasts.Unlike the earlier books which were SFR, Diffraction focuses equally if not more on the Rian/Reidar angl [...]

    24. Denise Van plew on said:

      This is my first time in reading this author which also happens to be third one in this series. I was attracted to it anyways by the storyline which looked to be a promising adventure. I probably should have read the others before it and if I had would of been able to give a 5. Ah well still a good adventure thanks to the writing skills of this author and the characters she has used to ensnare me. Varean should be glad he has crossed paths with Doc Kira or he would be singing a different tune. W [...]

    25. Jo(Mixed Book Bag) on said:

      The crew of the Imojenna are still after the Reidar. This time it is Kira and Commando Varean Donnelly who are the featured characters. Varean was introduced in the last book when the Reidar stun weapon sent him to his knees. Now he is a prisoner on the Imojenna and Kira as the ship's doctor treats his injuries. I found the story interesting but slowed down by a lot of internal introspection. While parts were written in a very active voice much was written in the passive and it was a bit of a tu [...]

    26. E on said:

      I thought the premise was good, and I like how the series continues throughout each of the books. The characters are intriguing and each have their own interesting back stories and with each book you find out more about Rian and Ella and the overall battle with the Reidar alongside another couple which in this book was Kira the Imojena's doctor and Varean the Commando of the Swift Brion who has been taken as a prisoner due to his different reaction to the Reidar stunner.There is some great actio [...]

    27. Adria (Musings and Reviews) on said:

      Originally posted on I Smell Sheep Review to come soon.* A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. All conclusions are my own responsibility and I was not compensated for this review.

    28. Aizzia on said:

      I love this series and characters soooooo much. Diffraction was a little slow to start with but it does pick up and while it isn't my fav of the series so far it's still a solid addition and a good escape. What can I sayI love sci-fi romance and Jess does it so well. I can't wait for the next one!!

    29. Julie on said:

      Diffraction by Jess Anastasi is the third novel in her Atrophy sci-fi series. And to be honest, they do need to be read in order.Captain Rian Sherron and his crew are slowly winning the battle against their sworn enemies the Reidar. (Aliens who can shift to look like humans, their goal is to impersonate key personnel throughout human organizations, and take over), Rian has helped developed a weapon which makes the Reidar emerge and show themselves but has no affect on humans. When Varean has a w [...]

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