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Imperium Length hrs and mins Vincent Corinthos has two things going for him he s a top operative of a secret agency tasked with handling paranormal threats and he s half god Normally that s a combo that

  • Title: Imperium
  • Author: Nicholas Olivo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Length 7 hrs and 47 mins Vincent Corinthos has two things going for him he s a top operative of a secret agency tasked with handling paranormal threats, and he s half god Normally that s a combo that leaves him well equipped to handle any problems that come his way Until now Something is snatching Boston s most powerful paranormal entities right off the streets VampiLength 7 hrs and 47 mins Vincent Corinthos has two things going for him he s a top operative of a secret agency tasked with handling paranormal threats, and he s half god Normally that s a combo that leaves him well equipped to handle any problems that come his way Until now Something is snatching Boston s most powerful paranormal entities right off the streets Vampires, lycanthropes, fae, gremlins no one is safe No ransom notes, no bodies, no witnesses Rumors swirl about a secret project that s experimenting on paranormals Then a fellow agent disappears and things get personal Aided by a new partner and a hyperactive gremlin with an appetite for junk food, Vincent must find the missing paranormals before everything he cares about falls under the control of Project Imperium.

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    One thought on “Imperium

    1. ᴥ Irena ᴥ on said:

      2.5Well, Imperium starts promising, I'll give it that. And despite my nitpicks, I did like it. Kind of.Vincent Corinthos is a demigod. He is a member of a secret organisation that polices paranormals - the Caulborn (the ones who are born like that are special). The world is still in the dark about the supernatural community.Corinthos even has his own people in another dimension. He draws his strength from their faith. It's a good concept, but it got a bit annoying when he started relying on that [...]

    2. Mrs. Badass on said:

      4.5/5 Grade AAuthor Requested Review and I am so happy I can give a good one. I'm always scared when I am sent a book from the Author.I am so impressed and completely enamored with this dark urban fantasy novel by Nick Olivo!Urban Fantasy fans stand up and take notice. There is a new voice in town!It's not everyday that I find an original story premise so it's with great pleasure that I review Imperium by Nicholas Olivo.Nicholas Olivo crafted such an awesome novel in Imperium. I was instantly ca [...]

    3. JK on said:

      Well, I just ate this one up. It's hard to find an urban fantasy series with a fresh take on things these days, but Nicholas Olivo definitely pulled it off. Awesomely. I loved the main character, he's just a good guy to the core. It's something that some author's try to create with their characters, but don't typically succeed in. I was impressed with how the magic was handled, especially since Corinthos is a god. You'd think at first that this would mean he'd just be an overpowered badass teari [...]

    4. Hanzel on said: must be a trend, this year I am reading books that are 300+ pages or less, but I am quite surprised, some of them are quite good, like this gem by Mr. Olivo!!Ok, I am truly fond of deities, demons and dragons, unfortunately this one is missing the dragon part(or the author has not yet started), Demigods, some are powerful, some are not, in this case Corinthos is less powerful in our reality than in the reality that he is worshiped as a god, I like the way Mr. Olivo portrayed our prota [...]

    5. Mihir on said:

      Full review originally at Fantasy Book CriticANALYSIS: I was clueless about the book when it was released; however my ignorance was rectified by Bastard. He told me about the book and the blurb hooked me in, I also read the chapter excerpt which ends on quite a pivotal point to grab the reader’s interest. The book is an urban fantasy however it has much more in store for the reader.The book begins with Vincent Corinthos saving his people the Urisk from an attack by the Hobgoblins and Trolls. H [...]

    6. chucklesthescot on said:

      The cover doesn't greatly inspire me but the story inside is really good and well worth looking at.In Boston, Vincent is a part time clerk in a book store and a secret agent with magical powers. In another realm he is a God, where he keeps his people safe from disaster and their prayers replenish his magic. When a fellow agent goes missing while investigating missing supernaturals, Vincent's team-including a tech genius gremlin and an eager newbie with lots of gadgets set out to rescue the missi [...]

    7. Andi on said:

      I really enjoyed this story of Vincent (Vinnie), a half god who works for a paranormal agency fighting the bad guys. The story was a highly original mix of sci-fi and urban fantasy (with a little religion mixed in), with golems, gremlins, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other worlds. Vincent was really likable, and so were his friends and coworkers. I especially loved his new (human) partner, Megan. She proved that you don't have to be a god or paranormal to be a badass. What a great find!$2. [...]

    8. KJ Van Houten on said:

      First comment: Two thumbs up! What else can you say about a novel that has demi-gods, fae, zombies, vampires, werewolves, demons, gremlins, ghosts, trolls, hobgoblins, crystal soldiers, talking portals, rats, golems, a Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Grim Reaper, and feather-headed beings from another dimension? Oh, and Nazis… Imperium is an urban fantasy presented from the point of view of Vincent Corinthos – a very interesting hero to be sure! Vincent is a demi-god with his own group of fo [...]

    9. Nayan Patel on said:

      Imperium has been on my wishlist ever since I read the review for the book at FBC by Mihir.The blurb of the book was quite exciting and original in that the protagonist Vincent Corinthos (son of Janus and half-god) was not only an agent handling supernatural threats in Boston, but is also a God of the Urisks in an alternate world/universe known only as the "Bright Side". Being their God grants some special powers to Vinnie including quick healing, telepathy and telekinesis. When one of his fello [...]

    10. Tracy on said:

      As far as urban fantasy goes, the world Olivo created and the rules are pretty good. *spoilers follow* The whole thing with him being a god and his super powers being fueled by his followers' prayers and worship was newbut it ended up feeling a bit gimmicky. The plot was a little breakneck paced for my liking. There would be a big physical showdown, then after a paragraph or two of ramp down, the main character was headed into another big fight. Not a lot of time spent on deepening the character [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      I read this book several months ago. After reading it I told a friend about it saying "it wasn't great but it was pretty good and was pretty cheap." Now, a couple months later, I have absolutely zero memory of the plot line or characters even after reading the synopsis. In general, that is not a good sign. But at least it wasn't so bad that it was burned into my memory.

    12. Jeanne Satre on said:

      A book that contains many interesting ideas, but suffers from poor execution. The characters are two-dimensional and their qualities and interactions are often exaggerated. Characters are frequently superlatively emotional, and never subtle. At no point in this book will you feel suspense or surprise.

    13. Kevin on said:

      This book already started in the negative column. I'm not even 5 pages in and it already reads like a kiddie novel. Why does a god have to give verbal commands? (The "to let your followers see you exert power" makes sense, but then he goes with pop culture references, and sneaker fetish.)I already curse my inability to drop a novel once I start it. I don't want to go through this book.Well after further reading (a few chapters in) the book didn't seem so bad. I don't know why it had such an atro [...]

    14. Dunny on said:

      I am hooked! I love a good mystery with my Urban Fantasy and I feel that there is so much more to explore in the Caulborn universe. I will be adding the other books in the series to my collection shortly!

    15. Marion on said:

      It's tough work being a godAn imagination is a horrible thing to waste, but Olivia took mine a journey that went from hilarious to terrifying and then back again. Amazing characters and new worlds described. I'm jumping right into the next one.

    16. Nicole on said:

      This one was kinda blah, there was a lot going on but everything seemed to come together way too easily and predictably.

    17. Larry on said:

      This is a review of the audiobook edition of Imperium by Nicholas Olivo, narrated/performed by Ian McEuen.I rate this a solid 4.5 listening experience and highly recommend it to all fans of the Urban Fantasy genre.Imperium caught me by surprise only 10 minutes into it by how good it was. Original, imaginative, and complex all apply but what really threw me was how polished this inventive urban fantasy was. I have read/listened to many freshman and sophomore entries of the urban fantasy genre and [...]

    18. Daniel Swensen on said:

      I’m not much of an urban fantasy buff by nature. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get into the Harry Dresden series, and have picked up (and put down) a few other titles. Imperium was the first urban fantasy title in a long while that hooked me right away and kept me hooked.To summarize: the protagonist, Vincent Corinthos, is a secret agent assigned to investigate paranormal threats in Boston. But in the fey world of the Bright Side, Vincent is literally a god, with supernatural powers fueled by [...]

    19. Nathan Tullis on said:

      *I received a free copy of this audio book for review via Audiobookreviewer*I chose to read this book for one reason: I looked something like Hercules or Percy Jackson working for a paranormal faction of a Men In Back type agency. I have love for mythology and folklore, so it was a no-brainer to check this one out. It delivered all of those things, plus some humor and a dash of pop culture. I was sucked in immediately.Vincent Corinthos, our main protagonist and demigod, was born with the Caul (y [...]

    20. CathyKeaton on said:

      I received this title as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.There are a lot of impressive things going on this story. The main character, Vincent, is a half-god and he was born with a caul, so these things give him some supernatural abilities. On top of that, he is also a god to group of people who live in another dimension, and they all have supernatural abilities that he can draw upon. Through these worshipers' faith in him, he can move things with his mind, communi [...]

    21. ѦѺ™ on said:

      "Now pardon me for a moment, I have some swooping and saving to do." - Nicholas OlivoVincent Corinthos has three things going for him. he works part-time as a stock clerk for an antique store and deals with paranormal activity as an agent for an organization named Caulborn in the city of Boston. as if these were not enough, he is also a godling to a race of beings called Urisk.i love this debut novel! i have never read anything like this before. from beginning to end, i was definitely entertaine [...]

    22. Brandt Anderson on said:

      This book was better than I thought it would be. No offense meant, but after awhile of reading self-published novels you come to expect a certain level of quality from them. But I didn't really notice any spelling/grammar mistakes. There could be, but weren't noticeable during the first read.The world building is decent. It gets you through the door. But you are only given a peek at that world since it primarily takes place in Boston. I hope this is expanded upon.The main character is alright. T [...]

    23. Heather on said:

      Ever wonder how a half god lives.ry carefully. He lives with a living statue and works for an organization called The Caulborn. This book's main character Vincent Corinthos is Caulborn. He works with others born with a Caul. Among his co workers, there is a gremlin named Gear-stripper, a guardian of the sword Excalibur named Galahan, a voodoo priestess, and a possible living vampire. Gremlins, faeries, golems, and a host of other supernatural creatures enter the scene as Vincent's story unfolds. [...]

    24. Armand on said:

      Capsule Review! Imperium: A Caulborn Novel is an urban fantasy by Nicholas Olivo. The story is about Vincent Corinthos, a demi-god, agent of the supernatural, and dude who works in an antique shop. The author is heavily influenced by Jim "Dresden Files" Butcher and has a gift for working with Gremlins and the strange rules of "godmansship". Overall this is a solid read, although Vincent himself somtimes comes across a bit too starchy and vanilla (what is he, a cake?) and some of the main charact [...]

    25. Cloey.k on said:

      I really liked this book! I liked the story world and the characters too. You never knew who was going to show up – PestilencezombiesratsallyI love it! The story made me laugh, cry, and kept me entertained while turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. I want to be Petra in my next life, just think about this – she is a super model who knows how to cook and eats like a pig but will never gain weight. She also hangs around the house in her sweats and T-shirts, chills with [...]

    26. Yodamom on said:

      Vampires, Gods, Golems, Gremlins, Werewolves, Fae and more, This dark urban fantasy had them all. Not a dull moment to be found.The hero,Vincent Corinthos 1/2 god, needs to be worshipped to remain powerful. His people live in a different world, which he travels to through portal. he answers their prayers and protects them from dangers. Meanwhile on our side he works as kind of detective with a super hot girlfriend that happens to be a golem. His sidekick Gears will make you hisere is too much go [...]

    27. Sherry Ramsey on said:

      I hadn't heard about this book until I saw a friend give it a high recommendation, so I put it on my reading list. It took me a little while to get around to it, but I totally enjoyed it when I did! If you like urban fantasy, myths, gods, supernatural creatures, and secret societies, this book is definitely for you. Despite throwing a lot of elements into the mix, the author does a great job of making it all work together, and keeping it fun and fast-paced. While the threats to the MC are real, [...]

    28. Maryam on said:

      Also reviewed on the blog: gloriousbooks/201I have to say I was impressed with this one. It was a new take to Urban Fantasy which I thoroughly enjoyed!The characters were definitely different. There were plenty of creatures in the book that I've come across before but not often but there were also some completely new ones too. I won't tell to save ruining the story but it was definitely refreshing to read about something other than just werewolves and vampires!I loved the writing too. It was cle [...]

    29. Melissa Rheinlander on said:

      Imperium is the first book in the Calbourn series and I cannot wait to read the rest!! I really enjoyed this book, I even was telling the hubby about it as I was reading! This is a very unique tale of paranormal beings, gods, and humans all mixed into a private agency that keeps the pages turning! The characters are unique and some new ones I had never heard of before (and I am sure you haven't either). Olivo keeps you guessing with where this story will end up and then leaves you wanting more a [...]

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