The Hunt

Donna Augustine

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The Hunt

The Hunt Living in the Wilds isn t any picnic but I thought I had a handle on things avoid the beasts and I won t get eaten avoid the waterways and the pirates won t kill me and stab every Dark Walker I see

  • Title: The Hunt
  • Author: Donna Augustine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Living in the Wilds isn t any picnic, but I thought I had a handle on things avoid the beasts and I won t get eaten, avoid the waterways and the pirates won t kill me, and stab every Dark Walker I see That was before I found out Tiffy s friends were real and back when I d never heard of the Skinners Now my magic is on the fritz, and people are disappearing Dax doesn tLiving in the Wilds isn t any picnic, but I thought I had a handle on things avoid the beasts and I won t get eaten, avoid the waterways and the pirates won t kill me, and stab every Dark Walker I see That was before I found out Tiffy s friends were real and back when I d never heard of the Skinners Now my magic is on the fritz, and people are disappearing Dax doesn t want me to kill any Dark Walkers, and avoiding the beasts is impossible when I live with one Amidst all this, I ve become the most wanted woman around.

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    • [PDF] Ê Unlimited ↠ The Hunt : by Donna Augustine ✓
      132 Donna Augustine
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    One thought on “The Hunt

    1. Kira on said:

      Well this was a disappointment. Not much happened to further the overarching plot. Some stuff about magic and some other people and creatures in the Wilds was explored, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity. This was about a young girl who was kidnapped and their attempts to get her back. It was all rather boring and anticlimactic.Dax told Dahlia his biggest secret at the end of the last book. I thought it would have made them closer, but Dax was just as closed off as ever, maybe even more so. [...]

    2. Hollie on said:

      ~2.5 stars~I really loved the first book in this series, but sadly I was a bit disappointed with this one. Nothing seemed to happen!! So little of relevance occured in this read that I think when book 3 is released you could easily go from book 1 to book 3 without missing much. Here is my breakdown:The pros:* Offered as a kindleunlimitedThe cons:* I found this book to be exhausting!!!! There were some long and dull spells throughout this plot - it was slow moving* I really liked the characters i [...]

    3. Charlie on said:

      3/5 StarsI enjoyed this one. It has it's faults there's no doubt about it but I enjoy the main character and her thoughts so I'll be interested in seeing how the next book plays out. Shame I have to wait until May for it to be released.

    4. Andjela on said:

      2,3/5Well, this was a disappointment. After introducing us to the post Blood Fever world, riddled with Dark Walkers, strange beasts and survivors of the mysterious illness, a world full of great possibilities for a good story, author decided that it’s a great time to jump aboard the cliché train.Dal becomes just another "oh so special and unique" heroine in the sea of so "oh special and unique" heroines, while more and more starting to act like annoying brat obsessed with a guy. Sure, she sta [...]

    5. Jo Dawson on said:

      The Hunt is the second installment in the Wilds series by Donna Augustine, and what a hunt it is! This novel picks up where The Wilds left off, Dahlia is in the homestead, trying to determine her place in the new world order, concerned about her safety and the well-being of her new family, knowing that she is a target in this post-apocalyptic civilization. In this book Dahlia contends with old enemies and new while she learns to navigate life in the Wilds.What I loved about this book was Dahlia [...]

    6. Dana on said:

      "They didn't get it, how lucky they'd been. The choices they had. It made me sad for them, because it didn't really matter what you had if you were to stupid to realize it."I was really hoping for more, in terms of plot and character development. Donna Augustine hints at all of the things that I wanted and does a great job at furthering the plot, but I still don't see the need for the Rock. It's obviously hindering Dal, but at the same time being a push for certain characters. The big climax was [...]

    7. Debbie on said:

      The Hunt The Wilds Series book #2By Donna Augustine4.5 starsDonna Augustine’s The Wilds series seamlessly picks right up with book two, The Hunt. Her main protagonist Dahlia continues to impress telling the story in first person keeping readers entertained with her age perfect, innocent misconceptions, smiling at the huge heart she tries to hide and gasping at her heroics. We’re introduced to new friends and foes while keeping tabs on all previous characters and waiting on the next calamity. [...]

    8. Mita on said:

      Excellent second book. Dal is still strange and a wonderful heroine to read and rally for. From the very beginning she had been a little badass and in The Hunt she starts to show it in more way than attitude. Dax is still an ass you can't help but secretly crush on and beastly as ever.Tiffy and her invisible friends play a prominent role in Del's developement.The Dark Walkers are more evil than ever and the Wildes are still a tough place to be freeand yet, all together, The Hunt ramps up the int [...]

    9. Vanessa on said:

      Perhaps even more enjoyable than the first? In the sequel, Dal continues to observe and hunt the "Dark Walkers" that only she can see. She also explores her new magical talents with the (sexual-tension filled) help of her savior from the prior book. But luckily, this isn't just a dystopian bildungsroman. The conflict comes in the form of the abduction of a special six-year-old, and the ongoing quest to get her back, and to understand who her invisible friends are . . . . Dal continues to be appe [...]

    10. Lisa on said:

      Nooooo. Literally can't even deal. I have never been so sad that I've had to wait for another instalment before. Literally, I was praying there was a third book into the series, but I have to wait FIVE MONTHS?!To say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement - it was absolutely brilliant. I would 100 percent recommend reading this sequel should you have already read the first book. Man, this book took the series to a whole new level. FYI, team Dax all the way, Rocky and Bookie can go do one [...]

    11. Allie Rashkow on said:

      Wildly AmazingWow, "The Hunt" was even more entertaining than the first in the series. Non-stop action and emotion from start to finish. I loved how we were introduced to not only new characters (some of who I really like*cough* *cough* Rocky) but new places as well. We get to explore more of the Wilds as we delve deeper into its mysteries. Now onto the next installment!

    12. JemimahZafoune on said:

      So you know how sometimes the second book in a series can kind of be a bit dead, like its just a filler in the series before you get to the real action in the next book? Well let me tell you now that The Hunt is definitely not like that at all. Oh no, this second book in The Wilds series is building up the story nicely, it's slowly revealing bits of the mystery which you know is going to build up to one massive reveal. And I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next. I'm loving Dal's in [...]

    13. Molly Smith on said:

      I liked the sequel better, though Dal is still very angsty and impulsive. In YA I have more tolerance for this type of heroine, as when I was this young, I figure I was this angsty and impulsive. However, it was a bit less overt this time. I was intrigued by the Wood Mists and though the plot was fairly obvious, I enjoyed the cluelessness of Dal as Rocky and Dax squared off. The plight of Tiffi was very compelling and though I suspected what had happened, it was nerve rattling while she was miss [...]

    14. Jychelle on said:

      I didn't fly through this one as quickly as the first book. There were parts throughout that just kinda dragged along but overall I liked it. Finally! unffff. Arrrrg. Really? Yes, all emotions this book gave me. The ending of the book made everything worth it and making me want to move on to the 3rd.

    15. Amanda White on said:

      EnjoyableThis was an enjoyable read. Dal is growing on me as a main character - her thought processes and "voice" take some getting used to, but I like how it's different. The story and world were well developed in this book and I found it interesting to read.

    16. Gem Sivad on said:

      Unforgettable.This is my fourth reading of this series. Augustine took the time to develop all of the characters, create a seamless story as Dax and Dal battle the Dark Walkers as they fall in love. Fine writing. Highly recommend!

    17. Alexa Nicole on said:

      Good book if you can get passed the cringeworthy “sexual tension” that isn’t realistic. Love interest is never anything but angry

    18. Kasey Thoreson on said:

      Good read!I was pleasantly surprised! For fantasy fanatics out there, I would recommend! Love the first person point of view and the action.

    19. Mflukie on said:

      I didn’t feel like the story went anywhere with this book. And Dal still drove me crazy.

    20. Shannon Heck on said:

      Good bookI'm starting to like Dal more in this book. The romance is plainly slow but I'm hoping it will be worth the wait!

    21. Brittany Marin on said:

      Better than the first! It's an improvement, but some of the issues I had with the first book still remain.

    22. Lori on said:

      I loved the Hunt. I donfg jnkjw ewhy there are complaints. In tbius book Dal is growing funding hber magic with Dax's help. He finally let Dal in a bit by letting her knoiw weho he really is. The beast within him. You vcome to know a but more about Tif an her secret friends thgt no line thought were real , just a 6 yr olds imagination. Their very real an dispite her warnings to Dal that they were mad at her , which Dal ignored until Tif diussapears then Fdaks on a mad hunt to find her which lead [...]

    23. Donna Taylor on said:

      So many reasons to love this second book in The Wilds series! The Hunt takes off where The Wilds ended. And what an ending we were presented with in that story! While the first book in the series was action packed, it left us with questions about the world as it is now left after the plague wiped out much of the human population. In The Hunt a few of those questions are answered as we learn more about this fascinating world Ms. Augustine has built for her characters to live in. And while we have [...]

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