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Ace Atkins

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The Innocents

The Innocents The extraordinary new novel in the New York Times bestselling author s acclaimed series about the real Deep South a joy ride into the heart of darkness The Washington Post She was just seventeen a hi

  • Title: The Innocents
  • Author: Ace Atkins
  • ISBN: 9780399173950
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The extraordinary new novel in the New York Times bestselling author s acclaimed series about the real Deep South a joy ride into the heart of darkness The Washington Post She was just seventeen, a high school dropout named Milly Jones, found walking down the middle of the highway, engulfed in flames Even in a tough Mississippi county like Tibbehah, it shatters theThe extraordinary new novel in the New York Times bestselling author s acclaimed series about the real Deep South a joy ride into the heart of darkness The Washington Post She was just seventeen, a high school dropout named Milly Jones, found walking down the middle of the highway, engulfed in flames Even in a tough Mississippi county like Tibbehah, it shatters the community, and it is up to Sheriff Quinn Colson, back on the job after a year away, and his deputy Lillie Virgil, to investigate what happened and why Before long, however, accusations start to fly, national media and federal authorities descend, and what seemed like a senseless act of violence begins to appear like something even disturbing with victims waiting in the shadows.

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    One thought on “The Innocents

    1. Kemper on said:

      I received a free advance copy of this for review from NetGalley.It’s that time of year when Ace Atkins once again takes us on a tour of Tibbehah County, Mississippi, so I hope you’re ready to eat breakfast at Waffle House, shop at the Wal-Mart, kill an afternoon at a fishin’ hole, watch the local high school football team kick some ass, and then head over to the combination truck stop & strip club for a chicken fried steak and some wholesome entertainment.Quinn Colson may not be the s [...]

    2. James Thane on said:

      There's a new sheriff in town, or in Tibbehah County, Mississippi, to be more precise. Ex-Army Ranger, Quinn Colson, who had returned from Afghanistan, been elected sheriff and begun cleaning up the county, has been voted out of office, the victim of a smear campaign conducted by his opponent. Colson's successor is murdered almost immediately upon assuming the office, and this leaves Quinn's trusted deputy, Lillie Virgil, as acting sheriff.Looking for a change, Quinn goes back to Afghanistan to [...]

    3. Liz on said:

      If you go for the southern noir/grit lit thing, then you shouldn’t miss this series by Ace Atkins. It may be referred to as the “Quinn Colson” series but it’s really so much more. This book in particular sees a lot more from acting Tibbehah County Sheriff Lillie Virgil’s perspective and that’s what tipped it into five-star territory for me. As much as they would like it to be, “the world is not a boy’s club” and she doesn’t let much get in her way, even though it costs her in [...]

    4. Faith on said:

      This is the sixth book in the series featuring Quinn Colson, and it's the second one that I have read. Colson is back in Tibbehah County, Mississippi, after his freelance work with the military, and is again working with the acting Sheriff Lillie Virgil. Colson and Virgil make a good team, but it is all the other characters in this book that really give it color and atmosphere. There are gradations of innocence with these people, and most of them can't seem to keep clean no matter what their int [...]

    5. Liz Barnsley on said:

      The Innocents, apparently, is Quinn Colson 6 – it is the first one I have read and has immediately sent me rushing towards the back catalogue -Quinn as a character immediately engaged me, this one set in Tibbehah, Mississippi it also had that small town southern noir feel that I have loved muchly in other novels.Actually Quinn is not Sheriff in this novel – that falls to Lillie Virgil, a strong female role offset with another strong female roll in “Miss Hathcock” playing the good v bad r [...]

    6. Susan Johnson on said:

      You would think after all the mysteries I've read that I could figure out who the bad guy is right away. I didn't in this one but once their identity was revealed it made perfect sense. All the clues were there. I just believed one of the red herrings. Drats, foiled again. This is the sixth Quinn Colson novel but the first one I've read. It was quite easy to follow as a stand alone even though you know you missed some background. The characters are all very vivid and I really didn't like his hig [...]

    7. Meg on said:

      Book 5 in this series brought together all the threads from the previous 4 books. Book 6 offers nowhere near as much closure, and seems to be setting up future stories. The central story was good though and it is always great to catch up with Quinn and the rest of Jericho.

    8. HornFan2 (Mike) on said:

      Thanks to netgalley, Ace Atkins and the Penguin Group Putnam for the advance ARC for my honest review. What an awesome book, totally enjoyed the latest Quinn Colson adventure and the Innocents is my favorite read of the year so far. I really like the Quinn Colson character, he's blue collar, tough as nails, an ex-Ranger, ex-sheriff of troubled Tibbehah County, who now works training police in Afghanistan, family oriented and will think of nothing to help his friends. Have to give huge props to A [...]

    9. Lyn on said:

      Very good! I really liked that we got to know the victim a little bit before her death, and that all of the seemingly small characters in the beginning ended up being important in the end. Also, the book didn't just end once we found out who killed Milly (who did that was a surprise, another great thing about the book!). Rather, we find out that there is more to her death than just a sick killer. Initially, it seemed like this alone would be the focus of the next book. Then we got an answer for [...]

    10. Harvey on said:

      4.5Another excellent outing in this series. Tibbedah County sure has some fine characters.Delves into some very contemporary complex issues along with the remnants of the Old South.Less than smooth ending (and how Colson's love live is evolving) keep this from a full 5 star.

    11. Dorothy on said:

      And now for something completely different. At least different from all the literary fiction I've been reading lately. No one could accuse Ace Atkins of writing literary fiction, but his books are well-written and are fast-paced reads. The Innocents, the latest in his Mississippi noir series featuring ex-Army Ranger Quinn Colson, is no exception.I enjoy reading this series, first because it is well-written and carefully plotted, but also because I know from my childhood growing up in the area th [...]

    12. Paul Wilner on said:

      (I got this book from a giveaway).That said, it's a great read. Atkins knows his subject - Southern culture, black and white, the criminal schemes of various lowlives, the complexities of parental disappointments (the father of Quinn Colson, his protagonist is a former stuntman with Burt Reynolds and others, and Atkins name-checks movies like "Hooper'' and Hollywood names like Hal Needham at the same time he depicts just why Quinn has to walk down his own road.) I won't get into all the plot po [...]

    13. Debbie on said:

      Wow, I just sped right through this one. The story was great. Of course, it's Ace Atkins! I thought I knew the killer pretty early, but was I right? Sort of. There are a LOT of bad guys in this story and I mean bad. But what a good story it was, yes I'm saying it again. This is definitely one you won't be able to put down, so don't start it at bedtime. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little mystery with a lot of suspense.Thanks Putnam & Sons and Net Galley for provid [...]

    14. LInda L on said:

      Great book -- why is Atkins trying to copy Robt B Parker when he writes so well himself?? This was my first Quinn Colson book and I loved it. Exciting from start to finish. SO much going on, so many characters, so much drama -- all in a small town in Mississippi where High School football is everyone's favorite pastime. Also got in a good bit of racist stuff, as well as molestation and other crimes. I hope hope hope that there is another Quinn Colson on the way.

    15. Stacy Bearse on said:

      Another fine novel by the prolific Mr. Atkins. The plot swirls around the murder of a young exotic dancer. Circumstantial evidence leads investigators in one direction, until the victim's diary surfaces and turns a small southern town upside down. The author has a perceptive eye for the nuances of life in the rural south.

    16. Judy Collins on said:

      A special thank you to Penguin and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Ace Atkins returns following The Redeemers(2015) to the Deep South with popular dark and gritty Quinn Colson #6 series THE INNOCENTS-highly controversial with an array of violent crimes exposed, in the underbelly of Jericho, Mississippi in Tibbehah County. Does anyone ever escape Mississippi? Working with Lillie Virgil,the first woman sheriff in the state, Quinn Colson and others sort through a web of intri [...]

    17. Diane on said:

      Not a bad read, some very nasty characters doing some very nasty deeds! The pattern with this series (which I don't really care for) is that when something big happens - like a take down, the chapter ends and the next chapter starts up a few days later with barely a recap of what exactly transpired.Quinn Colson is a retired Army Ranger, and recently retired Sheriff of Jericho, Mississippi, but is convinced to come back as a Deputy to help Sheriff Lilli Virgil solve the horrific murder of a cheer [...]

    18. Don Gorman on said:

      (3) Ever since he revitalized and renewed Parker's Spenser series I have been an avid Ace Atkins follower. This book is an octopus. There are at least 8 subplots going on at all times, each one with an incredibly colorful character at its mini-core. Our protagonist, Quinn Colson, is rather dull in comparison to all these other folks but that is necessary to keep things in check. A wild story, some of it easy to figure, some of it not, but all the tentacles coming into play make it a very enjoyab [...]

    19. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) on said:

      Reviewed by GeminiThe Innocents is the second book that I have read by Ace Atkins regarding former Army Ranger Quinn Colson and the town of Jericho, Mississippi. It did not disappoint. The Innocents is a true testament to southern baptists, rednecks, white trash, racists, pedophiles, and crazy people all around. It is so incredibly over the top that I couldn’t put it down. The way that Ace Atkins portrays the citizens of Jericho is comical. They come off to be ignorant, bible-thumping degenera [...]

    20. Zohar - on said:

      The Inno­cents by Ace Atkins is the sixth install­ment in The Ranger series. The series fol­lows Quinn Col­son, an Army Ranger who came back to his home in Mis­sis­sippi and becomes the Sheriff.Milly Jones was found walk­ing down the high­way in Tebbe­hah County engulfed in flames. Quinn Col­son and his deputy, Lil­lie Vir­gil, are try­ing to solve this mystery.Not help­ing law enforce­ment, the crime is being sen­sa­tion­al­ized and gets national attentionThe Inno­cents by A [...]

    21. Cheryl on said:

      More bad happenings in Tibbehah County, MississippiQuinn Colson is back in his sixth adventure in Jericho, Mississippi. He's in between jobs briefly, in between training sessions over in Afghanistan. Questions are also arising about his on/off romantic relationship and his retired stuntman father is coming up with harebrained schemes he wants Quinn involved in. Never a dull momentWhen a young girl is murdered in a particularly heinous way, Quinn finds himself right in the middle of the investiga [...]

    22. Larry on said:

      The sixth Quinn Colson book continues a strong series. The vacuum created by Johnny Stagg's imprisonment is being filled by a new criminal operation based in Nashville, and it promises to be as bad as Stagg's ever was. Quinn, the ex-ranger, is back from training police officers ion Afghanistan, and is now Lillie Virgil's assistant sheriff. As before, Jericho, Mississippi and Tebahah County, both creations of Atkins, seems a real place, though poorer and more corrupt than most. The centerpiece of [...]

    23. Art on said:

      The best book in this series in a long time.Quinn Colson is back in Jericho, Mississippi, after training local police in Afghanistan. He lost the sheriff's election and is now working as a US government consultant.But his gritty backwoods home and all of his unresolved personal issues keep pulling him back. And when sheriff Lillie Virgil offers him a job as a policeman, he finds new reasons to stay for a little longer.Ace Atkins writes a great mystery.

    24. Robert James on said:

      Another great book by this author. Hopefully Mr. Atkins can continue to churn out one Quinn Colson and one Spenser book per year. His characters in the Quinn Colson books are so well developed that it's like revisiting friends every summer.

    25. Ruth Ann on said:

      People just don't like to believe the worst of others sometimes. The secret that stays hidden, that is alluded to by recent high school graduate Milly Jones, is not at all what I expected.

    26. Burt on said:

      I really did not like this book. It was a visceral dislike. I gave it 3 stars because Ace Atkins is a very good writer. I really wanted to like it as I like his work taking up Robert Parker's Spencer books. This is a regional mystery although it really isn't much of a mystery and the region is completely soul-rotting. One of the problems I had was that I had no empathy or sympathy for any of the characters other than the murder victim. By the time I finished this book I wanted to brush my teeth [...]

    27. Tom Tischler on said:

      She was a 17 year old drop out named Milly Jones and she was found walking downthe middle of the highway engulfed in flames. Even in a tough Mississippi county like Tibbehah this shattered the community. It is now up to sheriff Lillie Virgil and her deputy Quinn Colson to investigate what happened and why. Accusations start to fly the national media and the federal authorities descend and what seemed like a senselessact of violence begins to appear like something more disturbing with more victim [...]

    28. Marty Fried on said:

      Another fun read from the great state of Mississippi, with of course, a bit of Tennessee thrown in - perhaps because both those states have a surplus of double letters. All the really dumb, bigoted criminals are still here, along with a biker gang, but as usual, Quinn Colson and now-sheriff Lily Virgil keep things more or less under control. In this story, a teenage girl is discovered walking down the street engulfed in flames. That's a pretty hard act to consider even for the bad guys in this t [...]

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