Taking the Plunge

Kishan Paul

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Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge Since graduating high school Eve Cambridge has dropped ten dress sizes became an RN and dumped her jerk of a boyfriend all on her own So when her high school crush shows up in her life she does wh

  • Title: Taking the Plunge
  • Author: Kishan Paul
  • ISBN: 1518712460
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since graduating high school, Eve Cambridge has dropped ten dress sizes, became an RN, and dumped her jerk of a boyfriend all on her own So when her high school crush shows up in her life, she does what any normal self reliant woman would do pepper spray him.Since inheriting the family plumbing business, Pete Russo has tried to make the best of a career he never planned fSince graduating high school, Eve Cambridge has dropped ten dress sizes, became an RN, and dumped her jerk of a boyfriend all on her own So when her high school crush shows up in her life, she does what any normal self reliant woman would do pepper spray him.Since inheriting the family plumbing business, Pete Russo has tried to make the best of a career he never planned for He s made his share of mistakes, but he s worked hard to learn from them Now that he s run into Eve, he s not so sure he isn t making another one After all, she did almost blind him.When logic and emotion don t agree, which path should they follow This book is available free on most ebook sites

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    One thought on “Taking the Plunge

    1. Jennifer Lane on said:

      I'm Here to Clean Your Pipes, Ma'amTaking the Plunge by Kishan Paul is surprisingly deep for a novella. It's also sweet and fun.Eve had a crush on Pete in high school. Her crush intensified when Pete stood up for her against the bullies taunting her for being overweight. Pete didn't have it much easier. He dreamed of attending college and pursuing his own life, but his family's poverty and mother's cancer forced him to follow his father into the plumbing/construction business. Pete dealt with hi [...]

    2. Linda Strong on said:

      This is one of the sweetest novellas I've read in a really long time.Eva first meets Pete in high school. She's overweight, red-headed, and teased and bullied relentlessly. She's always had a crush on Pete but he doesn't know she exists until He comes to her defense one day. After having her books repeatedly knocked out of her hands, Pete shows up demanding that the bully pick up her books and apologize.Meanwhile, Pete has his own problems. His mother is dying of cancer, his father has a failin [...]

    3. Sharon Watson-azmier on said:

      This short story by Kishan Paul runs through all the emotions you would expect from a fabulously written book . The story sucks you in from the beginning by showing the two main characters as flawed teenagers with home lives that are not so great. Fast forward eight years when they meet again as adults still flawed but willing to deal with and live life despite the flaws. Pete and Evie are great together , bringing out emotions in each other that neither realize they have or our willing to explo [...]

    4. Aubrey Wynne on said:

      Pete and Eve sucked me in from the beginning. She is the heroine I always dreamed of being and he is the jock from high school that I dreamt of as a teenager. Two aimless souls who think they are content with the lot life has thrown them—until their paths cross again. I loved the history this couple shared and how it somehow bonded them together for the future. They both held a special place in their hearts for the other, though neither of them knew it. This beautifully written story made me s [...]

    5. Kame on said:

      oh wowEvie was the girl everyone picked on in high school. she and her family moved to town when the family hit hard times. She never felt she fit in. One day the most popular boy in school put a stop to the bullying, and she never knew why.Evie is someone I think most readers can relate to. I loved her. I would sit down and chat over a bottle of wine with her. Peter is a plumber, he never intended to be a plumber but he takes pride in his work. Their chemistry together was a delight to read, my [...]

    6. Bobbi on said:

      This story WOWed me. I was drawn into the story and it brought back some bad and good memories. I was able to relate to Eve, Christian, and Pete on so many levels. Eve has a heart of gold even with being protective of her heart and those she holds dear. Christian is very strong even though he doesn’t see it himself. Pete is funny, cocky, and loving even through all that he has been through. Kishan Paul really made this story pop out at me and hold me every step of the way. Can’t wait to read [...]

    7. Luv My Books ♡ on said:

      Taking the Plunge by Kishan Paul is a profound, wonderful novella! I just love the coincidence & beauty of this story as a whole. This isn’t a sugar coated story but it’s a real story with real life issues and paths that cross, then cross again later. The prologue is difficult & sweet and then the story begins eight years later. I really enjoyed Taking the Plunge and loved the writing. Kishan Paul has put this edition out free for her fans and having read all of her books, I’m huge [...]

    8. Barbara Hill on said:

      Taking the Plunge ReviewI was engaged from the first paragraph. The high school crush coming full circle vibe was just genius! The deep emotional turmoil that plagues the characters makes for a very thought provoking story line. I absolutely fell in love with the characters! So down to earth and just very honest and real! I will be adding this to my favorite list! Kudos Mrs. Paul!

    9. Deb Diem on said:

      Taking The Plunge by Kishan Paul is a quick read, perfect for those with limited time for reading. This short story is a fun and fast read. Eve and Pete's story is loaded with lovable characters, humor (I loved the little plungers) and drama. I enjoyed this quick read and look forward to reading more from Kishan Paul in the future. Taking The Plunge is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    10. Debbie Rice on said:

      Beautiful readWow Kishan Paul does not disappoint in this short sweet read it's everything you want sweetest romance between Evie and Pete who knew each other in high school Evie had an incident at school and Pete stood up for her.Its years later and they meet again.This is a wonderful second chance romance I loved it must read.

    11. Kara Lauren on said:

      I loved this story but not just because the main character had red hair! Eve is a great character, her instincts are believeable. The thoughts she has in her head are thoughts most of us have in certain situations. I loved Peter too, he went through so much in the story. It's a beautiful will they? won't they? story!

    12. Cindy Rippentrop on said:

      Love this author. Great short story tho I thought the ending should have been more spelled out. I love this authors characters, her attention to seemingly insignificant yet important detail simply propels her stories to the next level.

    13. Jiyoung on said:

      I liked writing that I am willing to read the author’s other books but it felt like this short story had no ending.

    14. Jackie on said:

      A lovely book taking into account situations that could really happen. A heavy teenager protected from not so nice teens by someone that she re meets as an adult. Makes you feel good that there are s people in the world that are kind . It's a book that everyone should read

    15. Deb Le on said:

      A quick read, this is a short novella but well written. The emotions come across nicely. My only complaint was the ending - you really want to know what happens next

    16. Sarah Justi on said:

      This book was not what i expected! It was a real life of second chances and I loved it!

    17. Sky on said:

      Pete is a good guy with a bad past and Eve is a strong, confident, and successful woman who overcame her childhood insecurities. I feel like this is a story of fate. Eve and Pete were acquaintances in high school, they never really knew each other but in a way, Pete came to Eve’s rescue. How Eve repays him many years later in their adulthood when they bump into each other again for the first time since high school, is very comical. This novella also has a deep sentiment, one of which could be [...]

    18. Cynthia on said:

      The intrigue in this story is outstanding, I feel the name fits this book in so many ways. The author deals with some major issues that will break your heart. This is a story you can relate to and I am sure many of us has had to deal with these issue at some point in our life either with ourselves, our family or our friends. I totally enjoyed this story and look to read more of this story. Eve is overweight when she is young, people make fun of her. One day a hot guy steps in and helps her out. [...]

    19. Liz on said:

      This a short story, with an interesting beginning and mediocre middle and a disastrous end or, really, no ending at all. It just ends after their first date?The beginning starts in high school, where Eve is bullied and Pete is having troubles at home (which aren't all that clear to me) and he stands up for her one day. Then fast forward 8 years later and Eve is checking a property for her uncle and ends up pepper spraying Pete. Right there, that should make for a great story but it falls flat.So [...]

    20. Carolyn Injoy on said:

      Taking the Plunge by Kishan Paul I enjoyed Taking the Plunge by Kishan Paul & gave it five stars. It was entertaining & an enjoyable story to read. Eve & her brother Chris interacted with Pete, a young man Eve had gone to high school with. Eve & Chris saw him at a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. She'd had a previous unfortunate relationship with an addict & wanted to avoid another one. She called her uncle to find out more about him. Uncle Danny made him out to be almost a [...]

    21. Debbie Kolins on said:

      Eve's crush on Pete intensified when Pete stood up for her against the bullies taunting her for being overweight. Pete didn't have it much easier. Move to eight years later and Eve has lost a lot of weight. Pete's also shed unwanted stuff by getting by dealing with a drug addiction. Eve helps her uncle by only to run into Pete the contractor at the unit. They both had a special place in their hearts for each other but, neither one knew it. They do rekindle their relationship. There is some sexua [...]

    22. Jennifer Daniels on said:

      Wow!!!I was not expecting to be sucked right into this novella by Kishan Paul. Taking the Plunge is definitely a page turner. I think this is a book that many people/couples can relate to in many ways. Eve is a nurse who has literally runs smack dab into her (secret) high-school crush. And Pete is that said crush. With both of them having issues with loss, love, drugs and old wounds can they take that plunge together. Or are their issues just to much to deal with. All I know is this has left me [...]

    23. Suzanne on said:

      Play on wordsFantastic story about Eve and Pete, two souls finding each other again after a difficult time in their lives. A fast sweet read, perfect for a lunch hour. Well written. Wishing for more Eve and Pete!

    24. Breanna Eichhorn on said:

      I'm so glad that I picked up this book. I was hooked from the first page. This book is very well written and the characters were very well developed I look forward to reading more books by Kishan Paul. Kishan you have a new fan.

    25. Neena Christianson Martin on said:

      Second ChancesA short touching story about second chances, addiction, and families. They met as teenagers, went their separate ways, and reunited eight years later over pepper spray. It wasn't a conclusive ending, leaving hope that we will again see Evie and Pete.

    26. Llaph | No Frill | No Shill on said:

      This was a very cute little story. I was sad to see it end and wouldn't mind reading more about the couple. The author's writing just flows nicely for me and made for an enjoyable read.

    27. Ann Alton on said:

      SweetVery sweet novella. But I want more Pete and Evie! Their story has just begun. I guess I will have to watch it play out in my own imagination.

    28. Char (1RadReader59) on said:

      Eve Cambride was the new ginger overweight girl being bullied at her new school. It was her senior year and it was awful to be singled out every single day. Just when she thought it was getting better the bully doesn’t go after in class he does after class in the hallways by the lockers. By knocking her books and binder to the ground not once but twice. When out of the blue the football star jock and the guy she had been crushing on Pete Russo comes to her rescue. The bullies are afraid of Pet [...]

    29. Melissa on said:

      My honest review would be a 2.5. As I was getting into "Taking the Plunge" and the story started to take off, it just ended. Boom! Done. Finished. No pick up book 2. It just ENDED! Evie and Pete's story had serous potential to be a great novel. I don't think I would have complained if it was 3 or 4 short stories released at different dates. But to just abruptly end left me irritated. Where does their story go? There is obviously some issues that could lead to some great twists and turns. What ab [...]

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