The Glass House

Ashley Gardner

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The Glass House

The Glass House It s Captain Lacey s duty to unravel the mysteries of Regency England The Glass House is a place where London s high society can indulge their vices When one of its regulars is found floating in the T

  • Title: The Glass House
  • Author: Ashley Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780425199435
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It s Captain Lacey s duty to unravel the mysteries of Regency England The Glass House is a place where London s high society can indulge their vices When one of its regulars is found floating in the Thames, Captain Lacey demands justice, uncovering jealousy and murder while also confronting some secrets of his own.

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    One thought on “The Glass House

    1. Ingela on said:

      Written December 25, 20153.8 Stars - Nothing especially grand or fancy but very enjoyable, moderately exciting, and always well madeBook #3I'm a Captain Lacey fan by now and it was great to listening to a new adventure with these characters stumbling over a new murder case. **tipp tapp, tipp tapp**# (Yesterday 24th Dec.) ~ It's Christmas Eve (the DAY up here) and I'm on my way to big family Christmas Dinner. Listening to the second half of this audiobook this morning was a pretty good preparing [...]

    2. Nidofito on said:

      Three books in and still pretty good. I don’t think it’s a very popular series, but it needs to be. I did find it alarming that many gentleman in Lacey’s company reach boiling point in a blink of an eye. Very short-tempered, these men.

    3. Barb on said:

      If you are reading this review you have likely found Ashley Gardner's first two Captain Lacy mysteries, 'The Hanover Square Affair' and 'A Regimental Murder'. I have read both of those and now this, the third in the series. I enjoyed the previous two books and I did like this one as well but I didn't think it was quite as good as the other two.Captain Gabriel Lacy is semi-retired from the 35th Light Dragoons,unsatisfied and restless without battles to fight he finds himself occupied investigatin [...]

    4. Christina on said:

      While not as good as the last one, this is still a solid installment.This book focused more on the mystery surrounding the death of a young woman than on Captain Lacey's personal life. Though there was progress and plenty of character development to keep me happy. I just felt in this book the focus was more on the mystery than anything else. Not a bad thing.I like the ongoing questions in the series. What is up with Marianne, Lacey's neighbor? Where does she go all the time? Is Lacey ever going [...]

    5. Shelly on said:

      This third book in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series has Gabriel Lacey combatting 19th Century London's high society in the pursuit of justice for the poor and downtrodden. Some interesting forays into the indulgences and vices of Regency London's movers and shakers were informative and a bit shocking. Happily, there were return appearances by some of my favorite minor characters from books 1 and 2; and I was relieved to see Lacey's character with less psychological paralysis than the p [...]

    6. Hafiza on said:

      Series is getting better.I hope Louisa Brandon disappears- she is so annoying.$1.99 on Kindle

    7. Lorena on said:

      Still enjoying the world and the character development in this series.

    8. Sheila on said:

      I am really enjoying getting caught up on this series. The characters are interesting and complex, as are the mysteries. Looking forward to at least 11 more of these!

    9. Denise on said:

      In the third installment of this historical mystery series, Captain Gabriel Lacey investigates the murder of a young woman found floating dead in the Thames. His search for the killer leads him to the notorious Glass House, a place known to cater to every vice imaginable provided one his prepared to pay enormous sums for what one desires. Deftly plotted mystery, engaging characters and an atmospheric setting - so far, I'm enjoying this series a lot. (view spoiler)[And with Lacey poised to leave [...]

    10. Erica on said:

      I don't think some of the things I've written are spoilers, but just in caseI give it a rather solid 3. The reasons for this are,The murder this time was (in my mind) easily seen through. When you start killing off suspects it is easy to ascertain who is the guilty party. I was also displeased at bringing in a (really rather weak) villainess to stand against Mr. Denis. If it is someone that he is scared of, then she should be more imposing than she was. Thirdly the murdered character had such a [...]

    11. D.A. Bale on said:

      I'm still a Lacey fan, but this third in the series was rather thin in plot. When a young woman is fished from the Thames, Lacey is called to identify the body because others fear it is his acquaintance, the young actress Marianne, who lives above his flat. Though Lacey is relieved to discover all is well with Marianne, he is now on the hunt for the murder of the young Mrs. Chapman. New characters enter the scene and beloved familiar rejoin as Lacey's investigation leads him to the horrors of th [...]

    12. Milena Benini on said:

      Uhm. This series is difficult to review. The writing is still decent, the history still well-researched. However, some elements are beginning to seriously bother me. Number one, the relationship of the protagonist, Captain Lacey, with his "arch-enemy" is getting more and more ridiculous. In book one, it was established that the bad-evil guy is bad-evil but would not stoop to procuring a lecher with an innocent miss -- and here Lacey jumps to the conclusion that a brothel with under-age girls mus [...]

    13. Susan on said:

      The Glass House by Ashley Gardner is the third book of the Captain Lacey mystery series set in Regency London. Captain Gabriel Lacey served in the Napoleonic Wars. He's depressed and moody, recovering from war injuries, back in London, just scraping by (the family fortune was squandered by his father's debts). His wealthy and powerful friend Grenville provides help occasionally (when Lacey's pride allows) as they work together to make inquiries and solve crimes. Lacey's former commanding officer [...]

    14. Laura on said:

      An excellent mystery The mysteries in this series have proven to be true mysteries and not painfully obvious halfway through the book. Part of the reason for that, I think, is that there is generally more than one mystery per book, sometimes related, sometimes not. The core mystery in this book was even better than most. It wasn't until the last couple of chapters that I began to suspect that I had figured it out, and even then I wanted to read it all spelled out to be sure.The relationships bet [...]

    15. Marié Meyer on said:

      Action observed in the safety of control The controlled pace of development creates an atmosphere of reminiscent of the Sherlock Holmes world . It is the type of world into which the reader can relax and safely enjoy the machinations of the protagonists without identifying too much with the emotional agonies and ecstasies of the characters. It takes a lot of skill to create believable Regency world to which the reader can retreat with comfort without becoming boredThe success of Captain Lacey's [...]

    16. Shawna Mitchell on said:

      The ability to get out of problems but not unscathed really interests me. It feels more real the fact that he gets into scrapes and has help to get out of them. He is bruised and battered but comes out the victor struggling lol.

    17. M on said:

      Yes, Captain! Love a good fight. More dark characters emerging in Lacy's circle. Thank goodness he has good friends.

    18. catechism on said:

      Okay, I'm done with this series. More Evil Gays, and Lacey's thing with the Brandons has gotten tedious.

    19. Gilberte on said:

      THE STORY: Captain Lacey continues to get involved in murders and mysteries. In this book, the mystery begins with a woman's body floating in the Thames. The story is about different vices that society engages in and who gets killed because of those vices.

    20. Lori McD on said:

      I liked this book in the series a bit better, because Lacey found some measure of happiness, albeit brief. While his quarrel with Brandon escalates to include Louisa Brandon, Lacey seems to find a bit more of himself - he seems to be a bit more settled and able to "move on" with his life.The Glass House is a notorious place where only invited men go to slake their lusts. They choose one vice per night - vices are behind the glass windows. The highest bidder gets to decide whether to participate [...]

    21. Ruby Bibi on said:

      -Absorbing mystery surrounding Captain Gabriel Lacey, in early 18th Century London. He's a retired army officer, wounded in a war with the French. In previous books in the series we saw how he had been married, but his wife left him for a Frenchman and took their daughter as well. He has an ongoing fued with Captain Aloyseus Brandon who was his superior officer and who is married to his closest friend, Louisa. When Captain Brandon was his commanding officer, he sent him on a mission where Lacey [...]

    22. Ginger Heskett on said:

      I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/14339781

    23. Sheila Melo on said:

      Captain Lacey Series Hits Its StrideTHE STORY: Captain Lacey continues to get involved in murders and mysteries. In this book, the mystery begins with a woman's body floating in the Thames. The story is about different vices that society engages in and who gets killed because of those vices.OPINION: This is my favorite of the series so far. The first two books, while interesting, were rather depressing because Lacey himself suffers from depression and he suffers setbacks in both book. Here, ther [...]

    24. Patsyann on said:

      This book was just too short. The entire mystery was told and solved in a very short time. All of Captain Lacey's investigating friends are here. His friend Grenville is always available to help him enter places where he needs to ask questions and investigate the murder. And there is always more then one murder and many suspects.Almost thought that this book would end the Gabriel/Louisa/Colonel Brandon relationship - but the relationship ebbed and then returned stronger as ever by the last page. [...]

    25. P.D.R. Lindsay on said:

      This is one of a series of historical mysteries featuring Captain Gabriel Lacey, cashiered from the cavalry during the Peninsular campaign. It's 1817 and the captain is struggling to make ends meet. He's off to his friend's evening party when a Bow Street runner, his old sergeant, asks him to view a drowned young woman, who might be his neighbour. The story takes off from there in a series of twists and starts leading to the Glass House and some even nastier goings on.The story is well written, [...]

    26. Scot on said:

      Third in the series. The authors do a good job of contrasting the honorable (to the extreme) character of our hero Captain Lacey with the decadent excesses of some of the seamier idle rich among the peerage. Although Lacey's hothead temper repeatedly gets him into trouble, we wouldn't have it any other way -- if I was looking for dull I wouldn't be reading in this genre.This installment in the series expands the depth of character development for a few of the female figures of interest as second [...]

    27. Barbara Rogers on said:

      I'm liking this series better and better with each new book I read. The characters become more fully developed and we learn more about their histories and why they are as they are. I didn't care much for Captain Lacey in the first book and I almost didn't read the 2nd book -- but I am so glad I did. Each successive book shows him learning to deal with his injuries and his melancholia and becoming a more complete person.From the things that are beginning to happen, I can see that a relationship i [...]

    28. Karine Darnessy on said:

      De nouveau un coup de coeur pour ce troisième tome. Notre capitaine est plongé dans une affaire bien compliquée. Une femme a été repêchée dans la tamise, la femme d'un avocat avec pas mal de secrets qui nous serons révélés petit à petit au fil de l'histoire. Comme à son habitude notre Lacey ne peut s'empêcher de mettre toute son âme dans cette enquête quitte a risquer sa vie. Bref , il va encore en prendre plein la tête, le pauvre.On retrouve dans cette histoire quelques personna [...]

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