You Think You Know

Melinda Harris

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You Think You Know

You Think You Know Rose Parker never put much thought into the word necessary Food water and oxygen are necessary Divorcing her ex husband was sad but necessary Leaving a great life behind in Atlanta to move back in w

  • Title: You Think You Know
  • Author: Melinda Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
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  • Rose Parker never put much thought into the word necessary.Food, water and oxygen are necessary.Divorcing her ex husband was sad, but necessary.Leaving a great life behind in Atlanta to move back in with her mother wasn t exactly ideal, but it was necessary.And working at a job that barely pays a single bill is necessary because her boss happens to be better thanRose Parker never put much thought into the word necessary.Food, water and oxygen are necessary.Divorcing her ex husband was sad, but necessary.Leaving a great life behind in Atlanta to move back in with her mother wasn t exactly ideal, but it was necessary.And working at a job that barely pays a single bill is necessary because her boss happens to be better than ice cream on a summer s day.That is how Rose would define necessary at least until she met Nix Taylor.Before Rose realizes what s happening, Nix becomes necessary than the beating heart in her chest But when the strength of their love is tested, they quickly find that necessary or not, the past can still define your future if you let it.Or maybe this time, Rose and Nix have finally found a love worth fighting for.Note The Fangirl Series is a stand alone series You do not have to read You Never Know prior to reading the other books in the series, but there is character crossover.

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    1. Catherine Crook on said:

      Welcome back to the down of Delia, Georgia. Melinda Harris brings you back to your favorite town in Georgia to help Rose find herself after years of being married to a man she just aimed to please. Freshly single, but not quite sure she will ever be ready to mingle - she is focused on her Mom's recovery from her own Deee-VORCE and working at Geoffrey's for David - her savior when moving back to Delia. Enter David's godson, Nix. Strong, silent type. I will admit, he was an odd one. Following her [...]

    2. Neilliza Swaffar on said:

      **Copy gifted by author, in return for an honest review.**☆☆☆☆ 4 Stars ☆☆☆☆Rose have live through life always putting everyone first and herself last. So when she ended up divorcing her husband, she decided to stay with her divorced mom to help her copeeven though she needs to cope herself. Then she works for her friend David, for a pay that she can barely do much with. But works for him anyway because she loves him like a father and he needs her. But when Nix came to her life, e [...]

    3. Donna Parrott on said:

      Rose is a recently divorced woman who moved with with her also divorced mother. She is there to help her mother cope all the while trying to cope herself. She works for this amazing man named David, who has become like a father to her. She works for him for practically nothing because even though he calls her his angel, he is actually her angel. With Davids godson coming to visit him and do some things for him, he collides with Rose. Since then something has snapped in Nix and has made him want [...]

    4. Ali's Books on said:

      First ~ EEEEEK! I read this quite a while ago and just realized I forgot to write a review. So this will be a short one. However, although I read this quite a while ago, I can still remember so many scenes in vivid detail. That's a rare thing! Good job, Mel!!4 Strong Stars ~Nix is just a different sort of hero and I enjoyed that. He's quiet and broody. He's quite mysterious and that's part of his appeal. He's Army and he's tough as nails. He's been through a lot and he's still dealing with a lot [...]

    5. Lyndsey Fairley on said:

      Melinda Harris' book, You Think You Know, had me hooked from page one and I didn't put it down until it was over. I laughed, cried and just fell in love with these two characters. Rose Parker moved back home to live with and help take care of her mother after they both end up going through a divorce. Rose works at a local restaurant named Geoffrey's, for a man named David who loves her like a daughter. When David's godson, Nix Taylor, comes to town for some quiet time, he and Rose have a very em [...]

    6. Lynn Jones on said:

      received:)On 6/27/2016 8:11 PM, Janna Jones wrote:>> You Think you know by Melinda Harris. 5 Stars>> Divorce is such an ugly word. I entered my marriage with forever in > mind. Always and forever. Maybe I would have changed my mind > somewhere down the road. Maybe I would have realized my mistake. Now > no will never know. When your husband comes home and tells you he > does not love you anymore? That hurts. Forced independence has a way > of making you stronger, more [...]

    7. Brandi on said:

      3.5 Fangirl StarsYou Think You Know by Melinda Harris is the third installment in The Fangirl Series. This story focuses on Nix and Rose. Rose is a small town girl who has experienced her fair share of heartache. Cheating father? Check. Ex-husband? Check. Ex-BFF turned BF turned stranger? Check. So, when Rose runs into Nix--literally--the instant attraction catches her off guard. She isn’t ready for the feelings that swirl inside her when this beautiful man helps her after a collision that emb [...]

    8. Martha on said:

      TRUE LOVE CAN BE ROCKY……as Rose will find out in this story of a soldier that has lost all his ability to feel and love so he just stays withdrawn from everyone. The seven tours in the military has left Nix cold and empty and it does not help that the women who is telling him how much she loves and wants to be his wife is a cheater. Rose has been devastated by a tragedy in her own life but soon realizes that it was a blessing in disguise. She comes back home to be with her mother who is depr [...]

    9. Jazmine Cabrera on said:

      First off, this is book 3 in her Fangirl Series, and second, I loved it!!! Melinda Harris is an author I plan on reading. Despite the fact that I didn’t read the previous 2 books, I didn’t feel lost.We meet Rose. Beautiful yet “broken” Rose. She only does what is necessary for her well being. Divorcing her husband is a part of those necessary things. While the events after her divorce aren’t so great, she manages to stay at her mother’s house. While she’s there she takes care of he [...]

    10. Krystal gaston on said:

      Melinda Harris. The Fangirl Series Book 3: You think You Know.  Rose and Nix are teo complicated characters. First there is Rose, after a divorce that left her feeling nothing, literally nothing. Not sadness, not regret, not happiness. She feels like she should feel something especially watching her mother go through a divorce and noticing her lack of emotions compared to her mothers.  Then there is Nix (Phoenix) who was in the military and is now helping out his god father by doing odd and en [...]

    11. Julie on said:

      You Think You Know (The Fangirl Series #3) by Melinda Harris I give this book 5 stars. When I first started this book, I was slightly concerned about not knowing what was going on because I have not read the first two books in the series yet. I should not have worried. This book is a stand alone in the series. Melinda Harris starts us off with the story of Rose. She is young and divorced. Her husband realized he was not in love with her and she was let go. After nursing her broken heart, Rose’ [...]

    12. Emily on said:

      “You Think You Know” by Melinda Harris is a sweet, touching story about Rose and Nix. Rose is a twenty eight year old divorcee who has always been more worried about everyone else’s happiness than her own. She poured herself into her marriage and being what she thought was the perfect wife, and completely lost herself along the way. After her marriage falls apart, Rose ends up moving back to her hometown and moving in with her mother, who is devastated by her own divorce. Since she has a m [...]

    13. Melissa Agena on said:

      I fell in love with this book!!! This is the first time in a long time that I related to the main female character in quite some time. I knew exactly what she was going through and needless to say…I cried the entire time. However, the book itself…was absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t put this book down and read it in 4 hours. This was book 4 and I didn’t read the other ones prior to this, but you didn’t have to. I want to now though. The other couples seem like they have amazing storie [...]

    14. Michelle Mulvey on said:

      Rose recently divorced Danny and has moved back home to Delia to help her mother deal with her recent divorce also. One night Rose's car breaks down and a man named David rescues her. She knew right away David would be in her life forever. Her life changes forever the day she goes for a run and literally runs into someone with a pair of huge black eyes. She was knocked out. He waits for her to come to and makes sure she is okay. He tries to carry her back to her car but she declines. She gets in [...]

    15. Amber on said:

      Writing: greatSex: yesViolence: noNarration: first personRating: 4 starsI received this book in exchange forAn honest review. This is the 3rd book in a series but can be read as a standalone. Basically other characters from the first two Books are mentioned. From the start of this book I knew I would probably Like it. The writing is great and I was definitely sucked in from the get go. Rose Parker is a woman who has had one failed marriage and moved back home to helpHer mother deal with the divo [...]

    16. Anna Hirsch on said:

      You think you know by Melissa Harris4 Stars Rose is stuck in a rut since her divorce. She’s surviving. Not fully healed from her divorce, she has to move back to Delia to take care of her mother. Her parents are divorcing and watching her mother in pain is opening all her old wounds. Rose’s days are uneventful. She eats, sleeps and works in a job that barely pays the bills. She does everything necessary to survive. It's as if she pressed pause on her life until she meets Nix Taylor. Nix Tayl [...]

    17. Cara Webb on said:

      So this is one of the most emotional reads I have had so far this year. Nix and Rose have both been through so much in the time they have been alive. Both are in their late 20’s and have been through heck and back. Rose is living at home with her mother who is recently divorced and Nix has just come to town after being in the military for ten years and is having a rough go of things where his PTSD and such is concerned. David, who is Nix’s godfather and a really good friend and boss to Rose, [...]

    18. Danielle on said:

      Sometimes things and people in our lives are necessary. And sometimes they are not.Rose Parker is a romantic turned realist. After her fairytale marriage ended, she picks up the pieces of her life by separating them into “necessary” and “not necessary.” Food, shelter, a job; necessary. Divorcing her husband Danny; necessary. Moving home to help with her mother’s recovery; necessary. Finding love again; Not necessary.Nix is picking up the pieces of his own life. Agreeing to help his god [...]

    19. Dana Hopkins on said:

      You think You know by Melinda Harris is book three of the Fangirl Series. Nix and Rose's Story is an emotional roller-coaster of love and heart break between sexy and mysterious Nix Taylor and gorgeous southern girl Rose Parker. When Rose “runs into” Nix while out jogging trails she can't help but notice how devastatingly handsome he is despite her nasty bump and nausea from her fall and so when she isn't completely aware of what she is doing she accidentally kisses him on his neck as he is [...]

    20. Heidi on said:

      You Think You Know Me by Melinda Harris,is book three in the Fangirl Series, and is just beautifully written as the other books in the series are. Rose and Nix are an amazing couple and I just love how well Rose is treated by nix, every guy should treat his lady as well as he did. an amazing couple and I just love how well Rose is treated by nix, every guy should treat his lady as well as he did. From the second to start to this book to the last page you will love every word and every chapter. N [...]

    21. Shannon on said:

      You Think You Know is book 3 in the Fangirl Series . It’s about Rose and Nix. They are two people with scars from their past. Rose is unsure of herself due to her divorce and another failed relationship. Nix is a solider with mental and emotional scars from war and a failed relationship. They both have returned to Delia, Georgia to find peace within themselves. When they met, Rose and Nix are scared of their instant feelings towards each other and wonder if what they feel is worth fighting for [...]

    22. Stefanie Carney on said:

      This is a simple story of how two people fall in love and learn that some people are completely necessary.  There is a small amount of drama but mainly it's just a simple love story that will make you smile. In a world where we are always looking for stimulation, to receive it in the interactions of people and to see how they can change you for the better is refreshing.  The chemistry between Nix and Rosie is palpable.  They are just two people who are jaded because they had their hearts bro [...]

    23. Moriah Venable on said:

      You Think You Know is the third book in the Fangirl series by Melinda Harris and my first book by this author.I was alittle unsure if I would like this book or not but I found I really enjoyed it.Rose Parker moves back to her childhood home with her Mom after her divorce, her Mom is also dealing with divorce from her husband after over thirty years together.Rose is happy with her new life helping at Geoffrey's which is owned by David. She doesn't get paid much but she is content. After a run in [...]

    24. LauraRedmon on said:

      You think you know these Fan Girls and their Men? You haven't seen anything yet,I'm sitting here wondering how in the world Melinda Harris manages to do it Every. Single. Time! When I pick up a Fan Girl book, I can guarantee it won't be put down till the last page is read.First I gotta say How hot is everything Nyx? Especially that name, it really fits him.Author Melissa Harris turned Nyx into every woman's fantasy Book Boyfriend! It takes him a little time for his fixing to get there, (the thin [...]

    25. Kristi on said:

      If you're looking for a fabulous summer read-- or just a fabulous book altogether- look no further! This book has it all! A plot that will make you want to jump inside and switch places with Rose, a guy that you'll want for your own, and a love story that will leave you wanting more--in a story that only Melinda Harris can tell! If you loved Rose in the other Fangirl books-You Never Know, and Sometimes You Know, then you'll fall in love with her all over again in You Think You Know! Rose finally [...]

    26. Michelle Austin on said:

      You Think You Know is the 3rd book in The Fangirl Series and was a great 4 star read.This is Rose and Nix’s story.Rose gets tired of putting others first and decides to divorce her husband and move back in with her mother to start over. Rose is working for her friend David when she meets Nix. They quickly become friends and Nix is always there to make sure she gets home safely. We quickly discover that something has happened to Nix that causes him to pull back from Rose. Rose’s feelings star [...]

    27. Tiffany Archer on said:

      This is a book about a young woman who is going through a divorce at the same time as her mom. She moves back home to help her, all while finding herself. After a literal run in with her bosses godson, Rose tries hard to ignore him. That being said, what woman can ignore a tattooed hottie? He's gruff and strong and a bit brooding, but that just adds to his appeal. Can a broken military man and a recently divorced woman down on men, save each other? Highly recommend!

    28. Lauren Delancey on said:

      This was the best romance book I've read in a long time. It's both beautiful and captivating. The characters captured my heart and I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves a good romance.

    29. Trisha Lindsay on said:

      I loved Nix and Rose's story!! Every man should aspire to treat a woman like Nix treats Rose. I also loved how Rose finally found herself again after her failed marriage and attempted relationship. Great addition to the fangirl series, I look forward to more!

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