You Never Know

Melinda Harris

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You Never Know

You Never Know Over the past eight years twenty six year old Sam Harper has come to realize a few things her son is the light of her life a pint of Cherry Garcia will cure all that ails you her mother is a biscui

  • Title: You Never Know
  • Author: Melinda Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
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  • Over the past eight years, twenty six year old Sam Harper has come to realize a few things her son is the light of her life, a pint of Cherry Garcia will cure all that ails you, her mother is a biscuit and grave filled genius and nothing, absolutely nothing, ever goes as planned Still stuck in her tiny hometown of Delia, Georgia, Sam has sat idly by and watched as her liOver the past eight years, twenty six year old Sam Harper has come to realize a few things her son is the light of her life, a pint of Cherry Garcia will cure all that ails you, her mother is a biscuit and grave filled genius and nothing, absolutely nothing, ever goes as planned Still stuck in her tiny hometown of Delia, Georgia, Sam has sat idly by and watched as her life went from prom queen and head cheerleader to single mom with meaningless desk job So when Hollywood bad boy, Ethan Grant, shows up to film his new television show the very same actor whose posters wall papered Sam s teenage bedroom Sam welcomes back her excited inner fangirl with open arms And when a chance encounter with Ethan confirms what Sam always knew that behind Ethan s green eyes and smoldering good looks is a perfect gentleman with the kindest of hearts Sam finds herself in a romance worthy of Cinderella status But soon enough, reality seeps back in as the relentless gossip columns and Ethan s busy schedule lead Sam back to a life she s come to know well one full of nothing but broken promises and disappointment Sam begins questioning whether Ethan has what it takes to help lead her back to the confident and vivacious woman she used to be, or if Sam will have to do the unthinkable and actually figure life out on her own.

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    • Best Read [Melinda Harris] ✓ You Never Know || [Historical Fiction Book] PDF ✓
      204 Melinda Harris
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    One thought on “You Never Know

    1. Kristi on said:

      This book is and always will be my favorite! Words cannot express how much I love it and there is no literary male character better than Ethan Grant! I've read it so many times and it gets better and better. I wonder how many times I have to read it before Ethan appears in front of me?! Read it! You will L-O-V-E LOVE it!! Sam and Ethan are pure perfection!!

    2. Nicole on said:

      This isn’t your typical review from me – I’m still a little thrown off by what was possibly the biggest twist I’ve ever experienced in a book before. It took me completely off guard and trust me, I’ve read some pretty mind-blowing books!So, I’m going to start a little backwards here so bear with me. I just finished this a little bit ago and as it settles in with me, I have to admit that I loved the epilogue. It left me happy and giddy and it wrapped things up nicely – but don’t w [...]

    3. Novel Grounds on said:

      4 Stars||This was a really great read.  Melinda sent me a review request for his novel a while ago and I regret how long it took me to read it. Truly this book is Great. I am a big fan of novels that really take you ro a ride and this one DEFINITELY did. So, this book took me a little while to get into. Don't let that dissuade you, because the novel definitely got me hooked.Sam and Ethan's story is a modern day Cinderella story. I loved some of the iconic things twisted into it. It definitely m [...]

    4. Catherine Crook on said:

      The one thing I have enjoyed the most about blogging is getting to meet and know new authors. Working in a bookstore for so many years, you become familiar with the names on the shelves. Blogging has opened up my eyes to this whole world of independent, self-published masterpieces. Melinda Harris' novel, You Never Know is oozing with passion for writing that you don't see in every book you read. It was a plot that I haven't encountered before, and that had me hooked."Over the past eight years, t [...]

    5. Neilliza Swaffar on said:

      *A copy given by author, in return for an honest review.*☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆You Never Know is a fun read that took up most of my morning, I was addicted to the book right from the beginning. And as soon as Hollywood bad-boy became part of the picture, I couldn’t put the book down. The story started with single mom Sam obsessing over her Hollywood crush Ethan Grant, the object of everyone’s affection. Sam made it part of her routine to make it to the shooting almost everyd [...]

    6. Tabby -Shattered Hearts Reviews on said:

      As I stated before, I fell in love with this author awhile back. Melinda Harris wrote a sweet, compelling story. While it’s not your typical, it came to live in a way all of its own. Kind of like a real life Cinderella story. I know I normally stick to books that make me think it can happen in real life, but this one really worked for me!Sam has been infatuated with Ethan since as long as she can remember. As a teenager, she had posters of him hanging on her wall. I mean, who wouldn’t be int [...]

    7. Ali's Books on said:

      4.5 STARSSo, first I want to share that the author personally gave me a copy of this book as a gift. She had zero expectations of my reviewing it. She even told me twice not to worry about a review. The book was simply meant as a gift. Next, I want to point out that that didn’t persuade my opinion of the book. I just had to write this review because the book is WORTH SHARING!I don’t want to share too much, though, because I want you to be just as surprised as I was!When I first started the b [...]

    8. Hope on said:

      I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! I'm a long time reader and am rarely completely absorbed and surprised by a book but I was by this one. Sometimes words in a book flow very easily and without effort and this author has an undeniable talent for that.This is a story all of us book nerds can relate to - it's about fangirling. Yes, we've all been there! I have been so flustered in the presence of an author I admired that I was tripping over my words and completely incoherent. The main character, Sam, is a tota [...]

    9. Karen Lee on said:

      Have you ever obsessed over an actor? Hung out for hours just to get a glimpse and maybe the chance for a picture? This is how Samantha and her friends spend their extra time. You see, a television show started filming in their small town a little over a year ago, and Ethan Grant, her favorite actor, is starring on the show.Just when Samantha has just about given up on seeing or even talking to the handsome young actor, she meets him at a charity dinner and then again at the set. He is a true ge [...]

    10. Ashley Hampton on said:

      Part of what I love about this book is the pure fantasy of the idea behind the plot - "You Never Know." I enjoyed the story, the characters, and the feeling like I would definitely want to be Sam at most points in the book. If you've read the other reviews, you already know there is a WTF plot twist in the book. I read this book blind and didn't read any reviews, and I am glad I did. I doubt I would've seen this plot twist coming, but it was amazingly crazy to be totally and completely surprised [...]

    11. Alathia Morgan on said:

      I found this nugget of a book at a book signing and I'm so glad that I did. This author took my favorite fantasy of a regular girl falling in love with a movie star and put it in book form. There are some nice twists and turns, which made You Never Know a fun and humorous read. While Sam is waiting on the edges of the movies set, the most that she can hope for each day is that Eric has looked in her direction. Through a chance meeting, they are thrown together and work to make a lasting relation [...]

    12. Trisha Lindsay on said:

      Loved the characters, especially the fangirls!! Ethan Grant is totally worthy of Samantha's obsession, I would fangirl over him any day too :) Alos, loved the little twist at the end that had me yelling "WHAT!!!" Great read!!

    13. Kris Matury on said:

      Very unexpected!This story was just too good to be true. It was really disappointing, until it took an unexpected turn. What a twist it was! It just goes to show that "You Never Know". :) This book is a must read!

    14. Carrie on said:

      I really loved this book! It had a great story line with a twist I wasn't expecting. Only one bother and it's just bc I live here and am not a fan but in the book it says FSU (Tallahassee) is in Jacksonville, Florida and that's a no no. We'd much rather claim UF Gators in Gainesville.

    15. Michelle Sarrault on said:

      I could not say enough good things about this book. I couldn't put it down. Very well written! Melinda, you have outdone yourself. Can't wait for more!

    16. Andrea on said:

      Great bookThis book was fun. It was steamy but not graphic. It hAd shocking parts but worked itself out. The chAracters were fantastic.

    17. Alison Beechner on said:

      I read this one b/c the author is a friend of a friend, I like the genre, and I like the plot genre. I did not, unfortunately, like the book. I couldn't identify with the protagonist at alle just seemed weird and creepy to me. Sometimes I would think I would understand her complete stalkerness, and then she would ruin it by saying stuff like (paraphrased), "it wasn't just a celebrity crush. I'd been in love with him before I met him." I had to skim the whole middle because it was just the blissf [...]

    18. Rachel on said:

      Sigh can I live in You Never Know?I love this book! You Never Know is one of my favorites to re-read again and again. I want to plunk myself down in this Fangirl World and never leave. Ms Harris does mess with your head a bit, but in the best way. The friendship between the friends are the friendships I want to have. Women you can count on that always support you. A super romantic male lead that you want to hold on to! One of my all time favorites! Read You Never Know and then re-read several mo [...]

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