Dead Of Winter

P.J. Parrish

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Dead Of Winter

Dead Of Winter In Dead of Winter police detective Louis Kincaid investigates a series of gruesome murders and is drawn into the nightmare mind of a killer

  • Title: Dead Of Winter
  • Author: P.J. Parrish
  • ISBN: 9780786011896
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Dead of Winter police detective Louis Kincaid investigates a series of gruesome murders and is drawn into the nightmare mind of a killer.

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    One thought on “Dead Of Winter

    1. Brenda on said:

      Louis Kincaid is hired by the Chief of Police in Loon Lake, Michigan, to fill a vacant position caused by the murder of a cop. If I'd had that job interview, I wouldn't have taken the job. The Chief tends to talk in riddles and uses stories to convey messages. He's also a hardass. There are only eight other officers on the force.Louis's co-workers are eccentric. Ollie believes in magical gems, horoscopes, and readings. Dale is a neat freak and controls the evidence room and all files. Jesse has [...]

    2. Scott Rhee on said:

      At the beginning of the second P.J. Parrish novel in the Louis Kincaid series, “Dead of Winter”, Kincaid has just been hired on as a police detective for a small-town police department. He is hoping that the tourist town of Loon Lake, Michigan will provide him with the relative peace and quiet he needs after his harrowing, near-death experience in Mississippi, as described in the first book, “Dark of the Moon”. As a young black police officer, he thinks a change of scenery to the North w [...]

    3. Loretta Gibson on said:

      Kincaid may have come to Loon Lake looking for a job and to forget his time in Mississippi, but this picture perfect little village has something sinister going on. We know right away that there is a ruthless, coldblooded killer on the prowl, but finding out who that killer is and if Louis will survive the investigation is not so clear. I have come to the conclusion that Louis does not play well with others. He is smart but sometime not smart enough to keep his mouth shut. All said and done Loui [...]

    4. Bibliophile on said:

      Broody young cop makes life difficult for himself in snowy small town Michigan. All his co-workers are deranged (except for Florence the receptionist, who is happy with her novels), which seemed odd. The fact that someone is killing them may have something to do with it, but still. This appears to be the second installment in a series, and if Louis finds a healthier workplace, I may give him a second chance.

    5. Joanne on said:

      I just started reading this author series of Louis Kincaid ,and like it.The stories take place in Michigan small towns. It's crime /detective , easy read.I will read all of them. It's nice when one finds a new author to like and read.

    6. James on said:

      A real who done itI enjoyed this book but it took a long time to get into it. I never thought it would come out like it did. Very clever story.

    7. Sheila on said:

      This was my first read by these authors and I really liked it. I will be seeking out more by these 2 sisters.

    8. Chenise on said:

      First line: "It was just a dull thud, a sound that drifted down to him as he lay in the deepest fathoms of his sleep."It's funny how a decade can make you forget everything that happened in a book you've already read. This was the book that propelled my binge-reading of the Kincaid series, and I'll be forever thankful for it. It's also spurred a re-reading of other books I've read and loved in the past, so this should be interesting coming back to them so many years later.Dead of Winter is a sol [...]

    9. Jill on said:

      Second book in the series, but third for me since I read the last book in the series first. I am totally hooked and will keep going until the end. In this one Louis is back in Michigan, after leaving Mississippi, and still trying to find his place as a police officer on this small, crazy force. Many twists and turns again for his love life and the mystery of who killed the officer he replaced at Loon Lake. Can't wait to see where he goes next.

    10. Abbie on said:

      InjusticeWe know that some people have all the bad luck through no fault of their own and other people are, well, getting away with murder. This is a good series no matter what order I have read the books. Personally I would have liked more closure in this book but there never is closure when injustices prevail, is there?

    11. Carrie Miller on said:

      I read this as a read along with a friend, and come to find out, crime fiction is just not my preferred genre. It's an easy read, the writing is a little prosaic and the plot a little thin and predictable.

    12. Delores on said:

      Another great read in the Louis Kincaid series.highly recommend if you haven't read these books.

    13. Carol Gronli on said:

      This was my second read on this book. I have it in my database and under notes I had written, "Excellent book!". It was still excellent second go round and now I'm onto the rest of the series. Yes, I have all of them on my Kindle. The only problem is #1 is not in Kindle format but it doesn't matter because these women are actually awesome writers! I truly recommend these books.

    14. Douglas Cook on said:

      First paragraphsIt was just a dull thud, a sound that drifted down to him as he lay in the deepest fathoms of his sleep. He struggled up to the surface and opened his eyes with a start. Darkness, and then, emerging from the shadows, a bulky form and a glint of light. He let out a breath. Just the oak bureau and his badge lying on top. The sound had probably come from his dream, and the thought made him relax back into the pillows. But his ears remained alert for foreign sounds amid all the famil [...]

    15. Gerry on said:

      This book is out of style to my normal reading, but increasingly I am trying something new. From the very beginning I found this to be a compelling read and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, there were times I wanted to say to the 'hero' - Louis - that I had seen something at least a chapter ago and why was he being slow BUT it didn't detract from my enjoyment. We got to the obligatory love scene and I wondered why he bothered - for the publisher? - but later it takes on more significance.If I coldly [...]

    16. Pat on said:

      I really enjoyed this. Louis Kincaid moves to Loon Lake to the small town police department to take the place of another officer (Pryce) who was recently gunned down. He is investigating the Pryce murder when another, recently retired, officer is found dead. It now looks like someone is targeting cops.Kincaid is walking a tightrope between a partner given to fits of rage and a really strange police chief he can't quite figure out. As things hot up Kincaid feels increasingly that the Chief is out [...]

    17. Sherrill Watson on said:

      I thought this was going to be just another mystery -- but I was wrong!The second book in the Kincaid series, written by a women! Yaaa!Louis Washington Kincaid got the job at Loon Lake, a tiny town in Minnesota, with an eight-man police force, in the snowy wintertime, from Brian Gibraltar. He is paired with Jesse Harrison, a slightly prejudiced not-too-bright policeman.(?) I had to re-read to page 40, not realizing this was a somewhat complicated book. There are several auxiliary characters, Zoe [...]

    18. Michael on said:

      A Super mystery with lots Snow. Can't beat that! My long time friend gave this book to read. He knew that I enjoy a good mystery and according to his view this book was just a super read. When I finished the book I was a bit sad that the main character Detective Louis Kincaid had left me. I'll just have to read more of P.J. Parrish's books to find out what he has been up to. I thought that the author kept all different scenarios that were taking place in a logical order and that made the read a [...]

    19. Sophie on said:

      I've read others in the Louis Kincaid unfulfilled and melancholic cop series and I mostly liked them. This is an older one, perhaps even the first in the series and I mostly liked this one too. But I have finally figured something out. Louis Kimcaid is really complicated and goes way out of his way to make his own life more difficult than it needs to be. Sometimes he just needs to get out of his own way and he might find moments of joy in his life. The novels, ostensibly mysteries and/or police [...]

    20. Jeff on said:

      Hmmm, what did I think? There was stuff I liked - I thought he did a decent job of capturing rural Michigan, the good and the bad. I liked the main plot line too and I thought the main character was an interesting person.On the down side, I didn't like the way the main bad guy was fleshed out. His character started out as a classic hard ass, but there was a feeling that he was a hard ass who expected much and gave much, a la Gibbs from NCIS. Instead, he devolved into an asshole and a sadistic on [...]

    21. Diana Hockley on said:

      Louis Kincaid is a thoroughly engaging hero, one for whom I felt concern from the first moment I "met" him.The plot begins with a bang and escalates from there. Kincaid is bewildered by the personalities he meets when he joins a small town police force in Michigan after a problem at his last job in Mississipi. The police chief, Gibraltar is - quite frankly - a weirdo as is Jesse, Luis partner in the force. The mysterious Zoe, who comes on to Louis and with whom he has a fleeting relationship, ha [...]

    22. paige sisserman on said:

      disappointed--slight spoilersI deleted this book at about 67%. right after the last confrontation with Chief Gibraltar. I couldn't take one more word about the chief. Kincaid is a great character, and wanted to find out how his life went along. I have never disliked a character more then Gibraltar. he is such an egomaniac, that any police department would not have tolerated him. the real problem is; the character is not , in any way, realistic. I enjoy police procedural stories, and I really wan [...]

    23. Barbara Mason on said:

      Dead Of Winter , by P.J. ParrishI love a good mystery and this was a good one. The story of Louis, a young black cop searching for a place that feels like home, hides his own secrets as he uncovers dark hidden secrets in his new Police department. Cops are dying and it's up to Louis to discover why, and who. He comes up against adversity at every turn and time is running out. Great who-done-it with good character building. You don't get bogged down in the back story yet you will come to know the [...]

    24. Sheila on said:

      This book is more my style. Keeps the reader involved right from the beginning. A black policeman is searching for a new job. He had problems in his last job down in southern USA. He applies for a job in a small town and is hired on the spot. The chief of police is a little strange and although the main character is happy to be hired, he wonders if it occurred for the wrong reason. He is replacing another black officer who was murdered and within a short time, other policeman (one retired) also [...]

    25. Tim on said:

      Great mystery with a plot that will keep readers turning pages. Louis Kincaid is a young police officer who starts a new job with the Lake Loon PD and walks into something much bigger than he anticipated. Replacing an officer who had been killed, he asks for, and is given permission to investigate the crime. What he discovers will turn his life upside down.Well written characters and plot. Very reminiscent of the "Prey" novels and Lucas Davenport. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a pag [...]

    26. Jeanne Jenkins on said:

      This was a great read. The beginning of a career of a police man. Moved to a small town. Lots of problems with his fellow officers and of course dead bodies. The bodies were all police men. Who is killing them and why? Louis Kincaid had to figure out who was killing police and if HE was on the list. Lots of twists and turns, and I could not figure out who the bad guys were and who the good guys were. Kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. I must get the next book in the series to see [...]

    27. Candice on said:

      I have only read one of Parrish's book which was the first of the Louis Kincaid series and I have to say this one was mind blowing. I have to say it started off a little slow but that's how the last book was and I feel that's what most authors do. The beginning was slow but it still held my attention. I loved the plot and the twist because I thought I knew what was going to happen until the very end. It was a great read and I can't wait to read the rest of the Louis Kincaid series. I can now saw [...]

    28. Cheryl on said:

      I am still a newbie to the murder/mystery novel which is perhaps why I always sleep so soundly and the sister who gave me this book still sleeps with her light on. Rather enjoyed this As a fighter for social justice I like Louis Kincaid. I am suspicious of the politics of police departments. I enjoyed trying to decipher whodunnit and the real motive I rooted for Louis to solve the mystery, stay alive and get the girl of his dreams. Two outta three ain't bad.p.s. I learned later that P.J. Parrish [...]

    29. Susan on said:

      You know you've found a 'goodie' when everyday life is interrupted often by thoughts of the book you are reading. I finally gave up today and just sat down and finished it. Louis Kincaid is a policeman with a past. He lands a job in Loon Lake, Michigan and he's grateful for the quiet and the solitude. And he's soon looking for a serial cop killer. PJ Parrish crafts an infectious story with fascinating characters and an ambience so real you can truly feel like you are there. I'm off now to find P [...]

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