Last Ride to Graceland

Kim Wright

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Last Ride to Graceland

Last Ride to Graceland One woman sets out for Graceland hoping to answer the question Is Elvis Presley her father Blues musician Cory Ainsworth is barely scraping by after her mother s death when she discovers a priceless p

  • Title: Last Ride to Graceland
  • Author: Kim Wright
  • ISBN: 9781501100789
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • One woman sets out for Graceland hoping to answer the question Is Elvis Presley her father Blues musician Cory Ainsworth is barely scraping by after her mother s death when she discovers a priceless piece of rock n roll memorabilia hidden away in a shed out back of the family s coastal South Carolina home Elvis Presley s Stutz Blackhawk, its interior a time capsule ofOne woman sets out for Graceland hoping to answer the question Is Elvis Presley her father Blues musician Cory Ainsworth is barely scraping by after her mother s death when she discovers a priceless piece of rock n roll memorabilia hidden away in a shed out back of the family s coastal South Carolina home Elvis Presley s Stutz Blackhawk, its interior a time capsule of the singer s last day on earth.A backup singer for the King, Cory s mother Honey was at Graceland the day Elvis died She quickly returned home to Beaufort and married her high school sweetheart Yearning to uncover the secrets of her mother s past and possibly her own identity Cory decides to drive the car back to Memphis and turn it over to Elvis s estate, retracing the exact route her mother took thirty seven years earlier As she winds her way through the sprawling deep south with its quaint towns and long stretches of open road, the burning question in Cory s mind who is my father takes a backseat to the truth she learns about her complicated mother, the minister s daughter who spent a lifetime struggling to conceal the consequences of a single year of rebellion.

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      367 Kim Wright
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    One thought on “Last Ride to Graceland

    1. Brina on said:

      Last Ride to Graceland by Kim Wright is the post-1980 group read for the Southern literary trail group for September 2016. It is the story of Cory Beth Ainsworth, a 38 year old who has made a career of singing in bars and living from paycheck to paycheck. One day, while running an errand for her father, Cory Beth discovers a 1973 stutz Blackhawk once belonging to Elvis Presley. Only knowing that her recently deceased mother Laura Berry was once the King's backup singer, Cory Beth decides to take [...]

    2. Diane Barnes on said:

      This book has to go into the category of "much better than I thought it would be." Something about the cover art, (all that pink!), the fact it was only issued in paperback, I don't know, I just had the impression it was going to be a sweet, romancey kind of thing, which I'm not really into.But I was SO wrong. It's a book about a solo road trip taken by a woman who has always thought that Elvis was her father because her mother had been a back-up singer for him, and she came home pregnant and ma [...]

    3. Camie on said:

      Don't let the pink cover discourage you from reading a story you'll most likely enjoy !! Finding out ( after her recent death) that her Mother had a mysterious past as " Honey " a back up singer in Memphis Tennessee, 38 year old Cory Beth Ainsworth a struggling musician decides to set out on what will become a well imagined search for her roots. Following leads found in a shiny black Stutz Blackhawk unearthed from a shed near her families South Carolina home, she traces her mom's trail right to [...]

    4. Jennifer on said:

      Jump in the car -- we are going on a road trip!Corey Ainsworth of Beaufort, SC has always stumbled around through life, and even at the age of 37 she doesn't quite know what she wants to do when she "grows up." There's something that's always been gnawing at the back of her mind though. In her words, she was "a premature baby who weighed nine pounds, nine ounces. Yeah, I know. Impossible. But you have to understand that this particular kind of medical miracle is common in the rural South." Born [...]

    5. Julie on said:

      Last Ride to Graceland by Kim Wright by Kim Wright is a 2016 Gallery Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and an XOXpert, the official street team of XOXO After Dark. “It was like he came along and whispered some dream in everybody’s ear, and somehow we all dreamed it. - Bruce SpringsteenThis is an engrossing story, steeped in whimsical history, featuring the King of rock -n- roll, and the story of Laura “Honey” Berry and her daughter, Cory. The rich atm [...]

    6. Tom Mathews on said:

      Being a member in good standing of the ‘He Man Woman-Haters Club’ I don’t usually stoop to reading that subgenre commonly referred to as chick lit but after corresponding with author Kim Wright and finding her to be delightful and funny, I figured I would go ahead and give her newest book a try, so I ordered a copy. My resolve waivered a bit when it arrived and I found the cover to be pinker than a flamingo’s tutu but Kim assured me that as the author she had no say in any decisions rega [...]

    7. KathyAnne on said:

      Fans of Kim Wright will no doubt want to put this in their to read pile! I fell in love with this author when I read her book The Canterbury Sisters last year so when I got my greedy little hands on this advanced copy I couldn't wait to dive in! And, no I definitely was not disappointed. I will give you a little teaser it's the opening paragraph:"I was a premature baby who weighted nine pounds and nine ounces. Yeah, I know. Impossible. But you have to understand that this particular kind of medi [...]

    8. JulieDurnell on said:

      This was a great story of a daughter re-tracing her mothers trip from Graceland to hometown Beaufort SC in Elvis' Stutz Blackhawk car, finding more about herself and her mom along the way. I didn't like Cory so much, but loved the car and Elvis lore, the towns she visited and the characters from her mothers year at Graceland as back-up singer!

    9. Tina on said:

      Ladies and Gents, You should never judge a book by its' pink, girlie, screaming of romance cover. You might miss out on a really good, all genders allowed, humorous read. Glad I nominated this one for my book club. I had a feeling there was more than bubble gum under that pink wrapper. More on this story and a male hound named Lucy later. Hey, if Johnny Cash can write a song about a boy named Sue, why not?To be continued

    10. ☕ Kimberly on said:

      Cory Ainsworth knows her mother was a backup singer for Elvis Presley. Her mother was there the day Elvis died, but she quickly returned home to Beaufort and married her high school sweetheart. Cory also knows she could not possibly be her father’s biological daughter. The math just does not add up, although friends and family will tell you Cory was a nine-pound premature baby.The Last Ride to Graceland really takes off when Cory finds Elvis Presley’s Stutz Blackhawk bubble wrapped inside he [...]

    11. Book Haunt on said:

      I just returned a couple of weeks ago from a vacation in Memphis, Tennessee. I went to visit some friends. We spent the weekend seeing some awesome music at the Beale Street Music Festival. I stayed on past the weekend because, as a lifetime Elvis fan I wasn’t going to miss out on a visit to Graceland! I didn’t have a lot of time that day so I didn’t get to see everything there is to see. Let me tell you, there is a heap to see and do. But I am so glad I finally got to see it! Much to my s [...]

    12. ChrisCarroll on said:

      Author Kim Wright has created a fresh and original road trip down memory lane that involves not only the main characters mother but also Elvis. Who could resist a cool book like that?The author take some literary license and a lot of history about Elvis and crafts a delightful story that is told from two points of view – the mothers, from 40 years ago and her daughter’s, from today.When Cory finds a unique and cool car on her parents property that she suspects belongs to none other than Elvi [...]

    13. Dawn on said:

      There was a lot for me to like about this bookI enjoy Southern Fiction, I like reading stories that involve a road trip & I love Elvis. It just happened to be a coincidence that I was reading this book during the 40th anniversary of Elvis's death. I toured Graceland in 1985 and have always wanted to go back. Knowing the author visited Graceland to help her in writing this book, I felt shegave a detailed description of Graceland and the Memphis area. It sounds like Graceland has expanded sinc [...]

    14. Elaine on said:

      A road trip, the Deep South and Elvis Presley. What's not to love about this book? When Cory Beth finds a Stuz Blackhawk, belonging to Elvis, hidden away in her father's shed, it starts her on a journey of discovery. Her mother was a back up singer for Elvis and spent a year at Graceland. Could Elvis be her biological father? This was an entertaining and at times emotional read filled with lots of nostalgia, especially for fans of Elvis. I thought it was cleverly written and the way Kim Wright c [...]

    15. Kim Kaso on said:

      I loved this book. It reminded me of how Elvis-centric the world was, and it made me see him in a whole new way. Who does not love a road trip, & one in one of Elvis's classic cars is so much fun. A cast of wonderful characters, and Southern cuisine, and a dogwith a little mystery and coming-of-age a little later than most is all wonderful. Beautifully written. Highly recommended.

    16. Martie Nees Record on said:

      The narrator begins her story by informing the reader that she was a premature baby who just happened to weigh nine pounds and nine ounces. This sort of laugh out loud humor is found throughout the book. She is now an unreliable woman in her late 30’s who knows that her mother, a preacher’s daughter, was once a backup singer for Elvis Presley. She thinks that Elvis might be her biological father. A year after her mother’s death she goes to Graceland in attempt to learn more about herself i [...]

    17. Joy on said:

      Ill recommend this book forevermore. What an incredible read! From the first page, Wright pulls you in to the narrative with the compelling, authentically Southern voice of blues musician Cory Beth and doesn't let go. Although the richly detailed portrait of Elvis and the mystery swirling around Cory is riveting in itself, the heart of this book is Cory's journey in uncovering the true person of her recently deceased mother--the person she was before marriage, before children. On this day especi [...]

    18. Katrina Marie on said:

      This review was originally posted on Bookish Things & More 7 Reasons to read Last Ride to Graceland

    19. Cindy on said:

      I can honestly say I really enjoyed this book. I loved that it's centered around Cory, a singer and a woman that wants to find out who her real father is. To add to it, her mother was more mysterious than she ever imagined. A backup singer for Elvis. Cory takes the journey back to Graceland where she thinks it all started, but in the process finds out more than she could ever have imagined. The reversed path her mother took 37 years earlier becomes a very cool story with Elvis memorabilia sprink [...]

    20. Reeca Elliott on said:

      Cory is an wayward adult looking to discover who she is and where she is going. Cory discovers Elvis’ Blackhawk car in her dad’s shed. She decides to drive to Graceland via a circuitous route. What she discovers about herself and her family lead to a great story! I love Cory! She is such a misguided individual with a kind heart. Very few characters touch your soul, Cory touched mine. She is a REAL person and her struggles pull your heart strings. I think it is because she has such a low expe [...]

    21. Marla on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It bounces back and forth between Cory Beth and her mom Honey when Honey was 19 and a backup singer for Elvis. Honey or Laura, has died 7 months earlier and Cory Beth is a 38-year-old singer who is barely making it. Her father calls and asks for her to mail his waders but don't look in the shed. He mentions the shed several times and so does is buddy who relayed the message. So of course Cory Beth looks. What does she find? A car wrapped in bubble wrap that is obvious [...]

    22. Katie Ziegler (Life Between Words) on said:

      This probably deserves more than 3 stars - the writing was great, the story interesting with moments of poignancy. But it took me SO LONG to read! I just never found myself wanting to pick it up! Call it wrong timing. This is at its core a mother-daughter story. After her mother dies, Cory Beth Ainsworth goes in search of her "real" father (believing it to be Elvis, for whom her mother was a backup singer). She takes a road trip to Graceland and on the way she collects a dog and runs into a cast [...]

    23. Tina on said:

      I loved this book!! At first I was a little weary. "oh no! Not another Elvis storyline" But as I started the first page I discovered it was about a southern girl like me! I could so relate to the southern language and humor. Hilarious!! And the main character Cory, stole my heart! Her journey from South Carolina to Graceland is heartwarming and funny. A must read for all those that need a giggle and an uplifting story. I received this book from free. An an honor to do a review.

    24. Judy Collins on said:

      A special thank you to Gallery Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Southern storyteller, Kim Wright returns following her sensational The Canterbury Sisters with a charming, wild ride of fun and self-discovery, LAST RIDE TO GRACELAND.When the only way forward, may be to re-visit the past. Bittersweet,a road trip to find her roots, through the deep south, quaint towns, history, quirky characters, and a journey to the truth of a complex mother, and a father who just mi [...]

    25. Judith Teggelaar on said:

      I liked this book better than I thought I would. I was an Elvis fan, like everyone else, but not a worshipper. The plot had a good premise and the author went from the past to the present very smoothly. The of the story proves that fame and riches cannot bring a person happiness - nor can drugs.

    26. Jackie on said:

      Book InfoPaperback, 352 pagesExpected publication: May 24th 2016 by Gallery BooksISBN 1501100785 (ISBN13: 9781501100789)Edition Language EnglishOther Editions (3)Source:Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksB&NBOOK SYNOPSISLauded for her “astute and engrossing” (People) writing style imbued with “originality galore” (RT Book Reviews), Kim Wright channels the best of Jennifer Weiner and Sarah Pekkanen in this delightful novel of self-discovery on the open road as one woman sets out for Gracelan [...]

    27. Lori L (She Treads Softly) on said:

      Last Ride to Graceland by Kim Wright is a very highly recommended road-trip novel of self-discovery. I loved it.Cory Ainsworth thought she was just going to get her father's hip waders out of the fishing cabin, but she just had to look in the shed, especially after she was repeatedly told not to. What she finds wrapped in bubblewrap is Elvis Presley’s Stutz Blackhawk. While it is shocking, it's not unbelievable since her mother spent a year as a back-up singer for Elvis just before he died. Th [...]

    28. Lorna on said:

      (PureTextuality) Graceland. Probably one of the most famous residences in America. Elvis lived there for years and kept an entourage that resided there, as well. Included in that number was Honey Berry, one of his backup singers, and the daughter of a small town minister. She was there the day Elvis died, and when she left that day, she took a very famous Stutz Blackhawk car with her. She also had one other thing she took with her, the baby that was due in seven months. The character is fictiona [...]

    29. Kris on said:

      I came to this book with low expectations. I bought it because it was on sale, and because the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death was coming up, and that's pretty much a religious holiday for me, when I always try to read something about the King in memoriam. Frankly, I thought this was going to be another book in that irritating genre of southern novels based on either the South Carolina coast or a North Carolina barrier island, featuring a bunch of "sassy" or "kooky" women with ridiculous na [...]

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