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Bill Thomson

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The Typewriter

The Typewriter Using just nine words the award winning creator of Chalk takes readers on another unforgettable journey When three children discover a typewriter on a carousel they are transported on an adventure o

  • Title: The Typewriter
  • Author: Bill Thomson
  • ISBN: 9781477849750
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Using just nine words, the award winning creator of Chalk takes readers on another unforgettable journey When three children discover a typewriter on a carousel, they are transported on an adventure of their own creation complete with a giant beach ball and a threatening crab Stunning, richly colored artwork is paired with limited text so children can tell their own versUsing just nine words, the award winning creator of Chalk takes readers on another unforgettable journey When three children discover a typewriter on a carousel, they are transported on an adventure of their own creation complete with a giant beach ball and a threatening crab Stunning, richly colored artwork is paired with limited text so children can tell their own version of the story.

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      315 Bill Thomson
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    One thought on “The Typewriter

    1. Cheryl on said:

      The girl, bright and bold, is by far my favorite character. I want to read a chapter book about her now! I also appreciate that these kids are not on too short a leash, like so many over-protected children nowadays.

    2. Karen Gibson on said:

      Although I put this on my Wordless shelf, there are actually 9 words in this very creative book. I think children would love creating their own stories, either by telling them or by writing them.

    3. Nancy Kotkin on said:

      Story: 3 starsIllustrations: 4 starsThree friends discover an old-fashioned typewriter perched on a merry-go-round seat that resembles a bee. When they type the word "Beach," they are magically transported to a beach, where they have an adventure. When they type "The End," they magically return to their snowy hometown.It's not clear to me how three modern-day children know how to use a typewriter, or even know what one is. This almost-wordless picture book doesn't have the same magic as Fossil.

    4. Cassandra Gelvin on said:

      "Oh my god, a typewriter! I've never seen one of those before! This is the best day of my life!"It starts kind of abruptly. There's no title page; on the first page there's just three rows, comic-style, of things that are happening: kids come up on bicycles, see a carousel and see that it's closed, and then this full-page-width strip of the girl's eyes just being amazed. It took me a while to figure out whether that was actually the first page or if it was like a preview of what I was about to s [...]

    5. Vernon Area Public Library KIDS on said:

      On a chilly winter's day, three friends take a bike ride and follow a butterfly to the beach to discover a merry-go-round that's closed for the season. But wait, what's that box on top of the ride-on bumble bee seat? It's a old-fashioned typewriter with a piece of paper attached. First, the kids type "beach" and magically the frozen water melts away into a summer beach! Follow the kids on a fantastical story without words to find out what happens next. Thompson's realistic illustrations capture [...]

    6. Ricki on said:

      This book is very innovative in the way it shares story. Readers will zoom into and out of the scenes on each page and will be pulled right into the book. My son has read this book several times, and I love how he carefully and slowly examines all of the illustrations on the pages. When he gets a bit older, I plan to ask him to tell his own story that connects the illustrations. We can change the story just a bit each night. Thomson creates the story to be interpretive for readers, and I can't w [...]

    7. Linda on said:

      It was time to introduce my old typewriter to my granddaughter when we read this book together. We even practiced writing a few words, and wondered what would happen if we typed "dinosaur" or "wind". In the book, three children find an interesting carousel with a bee carrying a box, and in it--a typewriter. Only nine words are typed, but they take these kids on quite an adventure, including escaping a giant crab. Magical and colorful illustrations fill the pages. Of course we had to read it more [...]

    8. Jason Cantrell on said:

      I received a free copy of this book for a giveaway.This book is basically a series of well-illustrated paintings that told a short story without words. The artistic style is extremely well done, and the story was sort of cute, though ultimately not memorable. I wouldn't have paid the cover price for this book to flip through about thirty pages of pretty pictures.There might be more appeal to kids who can look through it and create their own version of the story in their own words. But this woul [...]

    9. Kifflie on said:

      I was delighted to see that these are the same three kids from Chalk having excellent adventures with a typewriter that they find sitting on top of a merry-go-round. This is some absolutely stunning artwork. The kids come alive on the page.

    10. Paula Hollohan on said:

      Love this book for an elementary (K-4) classroom. You need to read facial expressions, take in the whole illustration to understand the story. I think it will create curiosity and wonder in a classroom. What word would you spell out on this typewriter?

    11. Beth on said:

      In this nearly wordless picture book, a group of kids happen upon a typewriter on a carousel and suddenly the words they type become their reality. For readers who enjoyed CHALK and FOSSIL, THE TYPEWRITER is classic Bill Thomson.

    12. Tamsyn on said:

      I loved this visually-stunning and imaginative book. The only reason it doesn't get the 5th star is because the premise is a variation of his previous (fantastic) book, Chalk. Beautifully done once again.

    13. LeeAnn on said:

      So adorable! Received from GoodReads, and I'm so glad I did! This book is so good for sparking kids' imaginations! What if?! Great conversation starter -- would be fun as a writing prompt for my upper elementary kids.

    14. Karen Arendt on said:

      I love the illustrations, so bold and vivid. The story line allows for one's imagination to soar and share the power of a word.

    15. Tracie on said:

      Three kids find a typewriter and discover that the words they type come to life. Imaginative and stunning pictures. It would be fun to have a building program based loosely off this idea.

    16. Gigi on said:

      Another (almost) wordless gem from Bill Thomson! Kids will have fun imagining what words they would type.

    17. Claire Dyer on said:

      Genre: The Typewriter by Bill Thomson is a Fantasy Fiction wordless book. The Typewriter is a make-believe book that includes elements that are impossible in real life, for example, the children come across a typewriter and discover that whatever they type on the typewriter magically appears. The children go on an adventure taking turns typing different words which appear in their make-believe world such as a beach ball, ice cream, and a giant crab. Target Audience : This book would be suited fo [...]

    18. Jim Erekson on said:

      The best thing about this book is Thomson's cinematic skills in framing. He uses angles and the full-bleed spread masterfully, exploiting camera angles, borders, and off-screen imagination to create tension. His understanding of dynamic angles for creating excitement and right angles for resolution was clear. And the hyper-realism of his paintings shows incredible skill as a draftsman. Acrylic paint dries rather fast, so unless he was using some kind of slowing agent, his transparent color work [...]

    19. Steph on said:

      I love wordless books; (well, nine words; can we still call this "wordless? I'll go with yes.)And many wordless books can be a bit confusing but this is a REALLY awesome intro to wordless books. It could also tie into an intro with computers by explaining what a typewriter is! This is a darling book. Yay wordless picture book FUN!

    20. Wanda on said:

      I usually don't have much to say about children's books, and I'm not a particular fan of picture books however I really like this book. The pictures were gorgeously illustrated and told an obvious story about the power of words and imagination. My two-year-old and I really enjoyed this book and it would be a great book to use in the classroom to teach facial expressions and making inferences.

    21. Michelle on said:

      The only words are the ones the children type on the typewriter they find. This book reminds me of the books by David Wiesner, especially "Flotsam". Great illustrations done in acrylic paint and colored pencils, they are so realistic. Also reminds me of Kadir Nelson's work.

    22. Lauren S on said:

      I love Bill Thomson's wordless picture books but this one is by far my favorite. I love the illustrations and how the butterfly is present in this book too! My favorite part is the one where the characters type "ice cream"!

    23. Viviane Elbee on said:

      This book is great for children (preschool to elementary) who like inventing stories from pictures. There are a handful of words, so beginning readers might like it too.

    24. Donna Mork on said:

      Very few words, all done on a typewriter. Each word typed comes true, from ice cream to waves. When a giant crab comes, the girl has to type something to save them.

    25. Deanna on said:

      No wordsThere are no words in this book. While that may work for some we generally are not a fan, especially for bedtime reading.

    26. Emyrose8 on said:

      The facial expressions on these kids are just priceless. Love the creativity!

    27. Tom Franklin on said:

      A wordless book about three children and a magical typewriter.

    28. Patricia Teskera on said:

      1. No awards2. Preschool to 2nd grade3. The story is about three friends biking who come across a typewriter on a closed down carousel. Any words they type come to life. Being it is winter, they begin to create their own beach using the typewriter. But when they type crab, a giant crab begins chasing them. They quickly scramble to type “big wave” to wash the crab away. They finish by typing “The End” and the beach disappears and they return back to bike riding. 4. I enjoyed this book bec [...]

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